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Ron and Hermione-Their Love comes True by Andrew
Chapter 1 : Ron and Hermione-Their Love comes True
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Ron ran as fast as he could. He was late for potions. Potions, taught by Professor Severus Snape, was Ron’s worst and least favorite subject. And Snape was his least favorite teacher at Hogwarts. Ron was almost to the dungeons when he heard, “WEASLEY!!!! YOU ARE LATE! Get in the dungeons now! And detention tonight! You and Miss Granger will be doing plenty of work for me.” “ Hermione? What did she do?” asked Ron. “It’s none of your buisness, Weasley. Now get in there, NOW!” Ron ran as fast as his long legs would carry. He had run right into a trap set by Snape. He has been late for a while but Snape only knocked points off and wasn’t looking for him. Ron felt like a wad of spitballs after that incident. Ron finally reached potions to find Hermione crying and the Slytherins laughing at her. Ron thought to sit next to Harry, but Snape would probably hurt him if he did, so he sat next to Seamus Finnagin. Snape entered the class looking furious. Ron knew what was coming. “ I’ve had it up to here with your lateness Weasley!.” Putting his hand over his head. “ You also get fifty points off of Gryffindor! Now to work with you all!” Not only had Snape embarrassed him in the hall but also he humiliated him in front of the class. “ Nice going Weasley.” Whispered Seamus Finnagin. “ That makes one-hundred points off Gryffindor adding Hermione’s.” “Ten points from Gryffindor, Mr.Finnagin.” Snape said. Everyone, even the Slytherins, finished the Potions class in silence. After Potions, Ron got with Harry and asked him, “What did Hermione do?” Harry answered, “She doesn’t want me to say but she has always liked you and she was making an illegal love potion for you to drink to like her back.” Ron went gitty, “She could have just told me she liked me, you know I like her, too.” Harry gave a No I didn’t know look to Ron. They went back to the Dormitories.

Ron was do to Snape’s classroom that night with Hermione. Ron went alone because he couldn’t find Hermione. Ron was some feet away from Snape’s Dungeon when Hermione showed up. “Hi, Ron” She said. “Hi” Ron replied. They entered together. Snape was waiting. “Take a seat. You both will be doing five Wiggenwield potions.” Ron and Hermione sat together. Snape didn’t separate them. Ron was happy with that, and so was Hermione. They started getting their ingredients out. Then an owl flew in the dungeon through the crack in Snape’s door. It threw the letter at Snape and left. Snape, after scanning the letter, said, “I need to go for about an hours time. You both shall stay here. I will be putting a locking charm on the door.” Snape left. Ron and Hermione started mixing until Ron said, “Hermione, you could have said you liked me. You didn’t need a love potion.” Hermione replied, “Who told you!? And…you like…me, too?” “Yes.” Said Ron. He looked into her eyes for a full fifteen seconds then made-out with her for two minutes. She smiled when they broke and said, “I love you, Ron.” “And I love you, Hermione.” Then Ron and Hermione made-out on the floor until Snape came back and found them. “AHHH! You two. It’s…late. Come back tomorrow night.” Ron and Hermione left. They made their way up the staircases to the common room. Nearly Headless Nick came around and said, “Hello Ron and Hermione. Out of Detention?” “Yes Nick, How are you?” said Hermione. “I’m just excellent. I finally am going on the Headless hunt!” “Wow! That’s what you’ve always wanted.” Said Ron. “Yes it is. Well off to bed then. Bye!” “Bye!” said Ron and Hermione in unison. They got to the common room faster this time. Harry was waiting for them. “How did detention go?” thinking their answer was going to be bad. Hermione, staring at Ron, said, “It was excellent.” ‘Yah” agreed Ron. “Well, I’m off to bed.” Said Harry, “You coming Ron.” “No” said Ron. “ Okay then.” And Harry went off to bed. Ron and Hermione settled on the couch in the common room gazing at the fire.

The next morning, when the students came down for breakfast, they found Ron and Hermione on the couch, asleep. “Wake up, lovebirds!” yelled Seamus and Dean. Ron and Hermione woke up. They weren’t embarrassed at all. They just followed they Gryffindors down to breakfast, hand in hand. Then Harry awoke. Harry came down to breakfast to see Ron and Hermione kissing. When they finally stopped Harry said jokingly to Ron, "that looks like a delicious breakfast Ron." But he didn't hear him. They were now feeding each other, looking lovingly at each other. Then Harry said still jokingly, "If you two start talking baby-talk, I'm gonna be sick." "Well Harry," said Hermione, "lets hope one day you feel this way with someone." "Yeah" said Ron "and then we can make fun of you." They all laughed at this, then Harry started eating and Ron and Hermione continued feeding each other. They truly were in love.

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Ron and Hermione-Their Love comes True: Ron and Hermione-Their Love comes True


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