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Seven Deadly Sins by Fields Of Innocence09
Chapter 2 : Gluttony
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A/N: Hey there, this chapter has now been edited because people have told me my grammar is not so hot and also that i should use more of the gluttony aspect. I have fixed these up with help from my beta Jyyl94!
I hope you enjoy and please tell me if you like it!
Thankyou to Iriki for this gorgeous chapter image!!

                                                       Chapter 2: Gluttony

Nothing tastes better than fine red wine along with a roasted meal. Food is one thing that I would surely miss if I were dead. It brings warmth, it fulfills hunger and it’s something that the poor can barely afford. Really I don’t give a damn about the poor. They can just beg by the roadside, but I won't change my mind about them.

If I had a chance to share my food with them, I would gladly pass and eat it in front of their faces, making sure I emphasized how enjoyable it tastes. Cruel, you say? I thought you would have realized by now that the world is just that - cruel. You don’t get by in the world if you don’t play their game. Nice guys always seem to finish last.

I sit at the head of the table in the dining room of the Malfoy Manor and study the faces of the weak ones surrounding me. None of them are poor in the economic sense but they sure are poor in their knowledge and power. Sometimes I almost feel sorry for them, and then I laugh at myself for thinking such a horrid thing. Why would I feel sorry for them when no one feels sorry for me?

I grew up in an orphanage surrounded by filthy muggles because my mother had died and my stupid muggle father abandoned us. No one pities the orphan. Maybe I was a bitter and twisted child who tortured the other children and sworn them to secrecy, but was I really not worthy of their pity?

"Don’t give him the attention he craves’," they always said. 

Well look at me now; I’m getting all the attention in the world!

I’ve never had any real friends in my life either. Never wanted them, anyway. Everyone was too busy trying to please me and tried their hardest not to anger me that they didn’t even bother to get close. People are pathetic. But then again you get those desperate ones like Bellatrix Lestrange, who would do ANYTHING just to be close to you, just to be your most trusted servant and because she sucks up so much I’m going to give her a chance to prove herself. I will give her one of my most important items to keep safe in her possession; she would rather die than fail to obey my orders.

“So, my Lord, what is next on the agenda?” Peter Pettigrew questions me pitifully.

“You dare question our Lord!” Severus Snape raises his voice, glaring at Peter and putting him in his place.

“S-so deeply s-sorry, my Lord,” he apologizes pathetically.

“Why, he should be killed, don’t you agree master?” Severus looks at me to gain my approval and I smirk softly.

“But we have no sense to be killing him just yet. The Potter kid is likely to be born soon and we must find out if it is a boy, we need Pettigrew for this, he is their secret keeper. And if it is a boy, we cannot take any chances. He must be eliminated.”

“But do you honestly think that the prophecy is true, my Lord?” Lucius Malfoy asks, avoiding my eyes as he dares to speak.

Again the fear was reeking off him smelling so sweet as always, I took relish in that just like victory. I may have even sensed a bit of anger in the tone of his voice which sweetened the whole situation even more.

“You foolish man, Malfoy! It doesn’t matter if I think the prophecy is true or not, this is a threat to everything I have ever worked on building!” I become impatient and notice a few people flinch at my temper.

“Oh of course, do forgive me,” Lucius bows his head, his eyebrows arching into an irritated expression.

I ignore this, directing my gaze towards his wife who somehow looks guilty and troubled. She runs her slim fingers through Lucius’ platinum locks as a nervous habit under the weight of my stare, but he backs away as if his hair would catch a light and burn. Evidently defeated she folds her arms and crosses gazes with me. She doesn’t look as beautiful as she did the other night but if no one had been in the room, I would’ve had my way with her again. Maybe just to piss off Malfoy even more.

Suddenly Regulus Black and Fenrir Greyback burst into the room with two other barely conscious men. I can tell they are muggles straight away and I feel suddenly revolted.

Their clothes are grey and shabby while their hair as well as facial hair is greasy to the point where you could literally see the oil. By the looks of their scrawny figures I also assumed they hadn’t eaten a proper meal in months. Oh, how unfortunate for them.

“These are the men who claimed to have witnessed an encounter between Albus Dumbledore and another member from the Order,” Greyback said through clenched teeth, licking his lips as he looked at the frightened men.

“May I eat them?” He grinned wickedly, exposing his grey teeth which had lost their colour after consuming too much human flesh, even out of his werewolf state.

I screwed up my nose, in honest fact he disgusted me when he talked like that. But he is a good servant who always gets the job done so I can’t really complain.

“Maybe you can have one of them once I am through, don’t get your hopes up though.”

Greyback nods silently but I can see the gleam of excitement in his expression. Most likely his hopes will be let down.

“Now tie them from the ceiling and make sure they are in the centre of the table, our meal should be cooked shortly,” I demand before stretching my arms to scratch my soft dark hair.

“You mean we’re going to eat with them just dangling there?” Black spoke up, looking worried.

“Yes. Do you have an issue with that?” My mouth twisted into an evil smile which caused him to gulp nervously.

“No, no, my Lord, ” He nodded his head once and took a seat at the table as everyone watched Greyback levitate the two men up to the ceiling where they were tied.

“Now, I’m ready for my meal!” I click my fingers and a feast magically appears in front of my eyes.

Cheerfully, I take servings of chicken, mashed potato, and vegetables and place them on my plate before digging my golden fork into a small piece of chicken. I look up at the two unfortunate men with a smirk and place it into my mouth. And as we talked about before, I made my enjoyment dramatically obvious. My, how that chicken was delicious, and they didn’t even receive a crumb.

“Now what did my good old friend Albus have to say?” I state casually as the men are just hanging there, faces the colour of tomatoes. I suspect all of the blood had rushed to their heads by now.

“H-he mentioned something to his friend about the Order of the Pixies or something like that,” One man explains uncertainly.
I roll my eyes at the stupidity of the muggle.

“I suspect you are referring to the Order of the Phoenix, are you not?”

“Oh yes, that’s the one! Well, he was talking to this other woman near where me and Bob here were sitting and…wait a minute. Why should I tell you?! You’ve hung us upside down and you eat that food in front of us when it’s obvious we’re starving! Why should we do you any favours?” He narrows his eyes as if he was the one in charge here.

I suddenly find myself laugh out loud. This guy was obviously very foolish. He obviously underestimated my power.

The other man referred to as ‘Bob’ seemed to catch onto this and nudges the other man nervously.

“I think you said the wrong thing, Damian.”

“Oh, I think Bob’s onto something! How dare you question me?! You are in no position to do that. I could kill you in an instant, you stupid muggle! But no, that would be too easy; perhaps I will torture you first!” My dark eyes glimmer with loathing as I draw my wand threateningly.

“But that’s against the law. You could go to jail for that if they catch you!”

“Shut your mouth Damian!!” Bob’s eyes were now widened anxiously.

“They’ve tried many times to catch me and the result in even bothering to try is death. Trust me; I am not one to be messed with. So you will finish what you were going to say and maybe if you’re lucky I will give you one small piece of chicken…to share between the two of you.”

“Alright,” Damian sniffs. “Well the old man was talking to a friend of his and he mentioned that the Order of the Phoenix was located in Edinburgh, Scotland. That’s all I know, I swear!”

“I’m sorry, that amount of information just doesn’t satisfy me. I want to know the exact address. Why should I make my servants explore all of Edinburgh just to find out there is no headquarters there?”

“I swear that’s all we know! I beg of you, please don’t hurt me!” Damian begs, and I notice a drop of water slide down one of his dirty cheeks, he is crying. And to state the complete obvious, I wasn’t touched or moved by this gesture at all, it only increased my hatred for the pathetic muggles.

“Why do I get the impression that you’re lying?” I smirk, knowing very well that they weren’t, but I decide to play with his emotions for a little while. It’s not everyday you get to drive a muggle absolutely insane. I think I will quite enjoy it.

“I’m not lying!! I told you we’re not!” Damian pleads, his voice now trembling and I was sure he would start sobbing at any moment.

“He’s telling the truth, that’s all we know. You trust me, don’t you?” Bob finally spoke, coming in to the rescue of his stupid friend.

“I don’t trust anybody, only myself. When you become as powerful as someone like myself, you can’t rely on anybody, not even the people who matter the most, they will all kick you while you’re down. Best not to trust anyone I say,” I pick up some mashed potato with my fork and shove it into my mouth with enjoyment as I hear someone clear their throat from the other end of the table.

I look up and notice that it was Bella who had made this gesture and her eyes told me straight away that she was hurt by what I said and that I could trust her.
Really, I don’t care about her opinion on what I had just said, it was true.

The two men, still dangling from the roof, watch me with jealousy as I enjoy my food, but they don’t dare speak for a while until Damian ruins the silence once again.

“I understand your little speech about trust, sir. But we are the most trustworthy guys you could ever meet!”

“Oh do shut up, I’m sick and tired of your whining!” I stand up, wand in hand and without really thinking it through I scream, “Crucio!” at the two of them.

As they scream in excruciating pain my eyes glimmer with triumph and I sit back down, realizing I had finished my meal.
I eventually stopped torturing the men and pointed my wand at my plate instead which, in result filled up with more food.

The two men stayed silent as well as the whole table. Everything seemed to be awkward and I noticed by the way everyone was sitting that they were uncomfortable and afraid that I might somehow unleash my unpredictable rage on them.

“Now, tell me the exact address,” I state calmly, a smirk still playing across my lips as the muggles look at me in complete fright.
Before they speak I silence them once again “Alright, fine, I believe you, honestly I just wanted to see your reactions. One of you may go.”

“One of us?” Damian asked dumbly.

“Yes, you heard me.”

“What happens to the other one?”

“Hmm,” I ponder thoughtfully, “I think I’ll just give you to the wolf.” I smile sickly and I hear Greyback mutter something in delight.

“This one here may live.” I point to Bob, who begins to thank me over ecstatically, but I ignore this and direct my gaze towards the frightened Damian.

“I hope you cherish the last couple of days of your life. Full moon is in two days and for being so annoying you will experience the most painful death there is to witness. Werewolves aren’t kind; they don’t hold back their aggression. I hope you do enjoy yourself as he tears apart your limbs one at a time,” I laugh horribly and Damian begins to howl in grief.

“Untie them, Greyback,” I order and he does as I command with a wicked grin on his face. “I’m taking this one to my cell now,” He spoke gruffly before grabbing onto Damian so he could drag him out.

“Very well,” I nod then divert my attention towards Snape, but I am lightly interrupted.

“May I please have some food, I’m starving!” Bob asks sheepishly and I just smile.

“No you may not; this food is only for the worthy.”

Bob lowers his head in shame for asking such a question which could have possibly ended his freedom and I decide I can’t stand to look at him anymore. People who expect so much from me, sicken me. People who ask for anything in return for nothing, I simply can’t stand.
When will they ever learn, I will not share!

I slowly direct my gaze towards Snape with plans to get this fool out of here.
“Severus, take the lucky one out of here. Then I want you to find this headquarters in Edinburgh and once you have, contact me immediately.”

“Certainly.” Snape nods before standing up, dragging the muggle named Bob by the shirt and trailing out of the room, his black robes flowing behind him as the wind catches it.

“My Lord, why must you always send Snape? I am loyal aren’t I?” Bellatrix protests and I unmistakably see a glint of jealousy in her eyes. She was no where near as attractive as her sister Narcissa but she does have common interests to mine, which makes her special.

“Of course you are Bellatrix. I have other plans for you, do not spite, you will receive a fair share of duties of even more importance.”

She smiles in response and thanks me continuously; I just wave it off with boredom. Now that was what I called desperate.

For the rest of the night we gorged ourselves full of food until we couldn’t possibly fit in anymore, we acted like a pack of large animals eating to survive, a bunch of fat men, who didn’t care what would result in such overindulgence, such gluttony. We acted as selfish rich people without a care for the starving homeless people of the world.
Because quite frankly, that’s just who we are. That’s just who I am. 

Thanks for reading my fellow earthlings! =]
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