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Harry Potter and the Muggle-born Uprising by witowsmp
Chapter 1 : The Tomb
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The excellent JK Rowling owns Harry Potter, not me or zeropolis79.


The basic plot of this chapter is based on the excellent ThunderCats episode ‘The Ghost Warrior’ written by Leonard Starr.


Harry Potter and the Muggle-Born Uprising

More Important than Any Broomstick Two


Written by witowsmp and zeropolis79


Chapter One – The Tomb


July 30th, 2005


It was a dark and gloomy night. There was a big storm in the sky. Heavy rain was falling to the ground. A married couple were struggling to walk through the stormy weather. The man was tall with red hair. He showed signs of not having shaved for days. The woman was a foot smaller than he was with long blonde hair.


The woman was heavily pregnant and was holding onto her husband as they walked. They were on the way to the hospital for a check-up when they made a wrong turn and their car crashed. They found themselves in the middle of nowhere. Their GPS system had no information on where they were, but it pointed out where the nearest village was. The man took the GPS device with them and they made their way. But things didn’t go according to plan as the GPS kept shutting down and giving them wrong directions. It didn’t help that there was a huge storm.


“How much further?” she asked.


“It’s hard to tell. I can barely see anything in this storm,” her husband replied. Suddenly the woman tripped and fell. Her husband helped her up.


“Are you alright?” he asked.


“I’m alright. But I think we should find a bit of shelter. There should be a tree or trees nearby,” she replied. A flash of lightening illuminated a nearby forest. The couple ran into it and found a big heavy tree to sit under. They could no longer feel the rain.


“That’s better,” the man said.


“If you say so,” the woman replied. They were startled by a loud clap of thunder as a bolt of lightning hit the tree they were under. The couple ran away as the tree was destroyed.


The man sat up. “Sophie, where are you?” His wife replied and he went to help her up. Then they turned and looked where the tree was. Exposed to the world was a spiral staircase.


“Stairs,” the man said unnecessarily.


“They were under the tree. I wonder where they go. Maybe we’re lucky. It could be an unlooted tomb,” Sophie said.


“Why should that concern us, Sophie? We Weasleys have never been looters,” the man said.


“No, but these are hard times, Edward,” Sophie answered, rubbing her pregnant belly, “and maybe, there could be a reward from museums for new discoveries.” She began to make her way down the stairs.


“It’s wrong, but we’ll see,” Edward replied, as they walked down the stairs.




They made it to the bottom of the stairs and could see a door with a circular plague on it. There was also a small glow around it.


“A door,” Sophie commented, “with symbols carved in it to keep evil well away.”


“We’re not evil, dear, just poor,” Edward said as he tried to open the door. It wouldn’t open. He charged the door and broke through. The seal fell to the ground and broke in two. Sophie followed him into a big chamber. It was a huge rectangular chamber with four torches at each corner, each one still lit and glowing a light blue flame. There was a bookcase on one side of the room with ancient books on it, all looking as if time was getting to them. A rotting table and chair were at another side of the room, also with rotting papers. A fireplace was in the final side of the room. In the middle of the room was a huge rock slab.


“No treasure in here but old rotting books, but this is strange. The torches are lit,” Edward said.


“I don’t like the feel of this place, love. Please, let’s go,” Sophie pleaded.


“Wait. There might be a treasure chamber under that slab. Help me,” her husband replied. The two pushed the slab a little with all their strength. There was a deep hole underneath. Suddenly, a growling type sound could be heard.


“What is that?” asked Sophie.


“The wind – I hope!” replied Edward.


The growling could still be heard. The two were thrown onto the floor. The slab moved by itself until the hole was completely uncovered. Smoke came out of the hole, and then began to form a shape – a body. The couple looked terrified. It had dark skin, wore leather armour on its legs and arms. Spikes were embedded on its boots, gloves and belt. It wore armour on its shoulders. The armour was actually made of two skulls. There was long black hair flowing down the back of its head and it had yellow eyes. But its face was unusual. It looked partially like a tiger with a sabre tooth sticking out of its mouth.


“It.. it.. he has a sabre tooth!” Edward shouted.


“Sabre tooth?” Sophie replied, seeming to recognise it, “It’s him! From the legends – Heinzl! The one who ravaged England a millennium ago!”


“We’ve released his ghost!” Edward shouted. He helped Sophie up. Heinzl raised his arm and Sophie went flying and landed on the ground. Edward checked her but she was dead. “Sophie!” he cried. He ran out of the door followed by the ghost. Edward continued to run up the stairs. Heinzl smashed his way through the door and stopped, allowing the widower to escape. He noticed the broken seal on the door.


“The seal placed on this door by the Founders to prevent me from escaping – broken by those fools!” he said laughing. He went up the stairs and into the forest. The storm was still raging away.


“Ha! Ha! I’m free after all these centuries. But I feel so weak,” he said, walking through the forest. He seemed to walk through the woods for hours until he came to a clearing.


“What’s that?” He could see a huge castle. “That has got to be Hogwarts, but it’s grown since I saw it last. But that means magic and the Elder Wand!”


Using his strength, he ran from the Forbidden Forest to the castle and walked through the closed and locked door.




Heinzl looked overwhelmed as he saw Hogwarts. Everything was different. He knew he wasn’t going to find what he was looking for without help. He walked up the Great Staircase and saw paintings in deep sleep. He had never seen anything like it.


Then he could hear footsteps. He rendered himself invisible and noticed a cat. It was dust covered with yellow eyes which looked like lamps and was very thin. The cat seemed to stare right at him. It hissed then ran off.


Moments later, heavier footsteps could be heard.


“What is it, my sweet?” a male voice could be heard. Around the corner came a rheumatic and hunchbacked man carrying a lamp. He was wheezing and shuffling. He was looking around.


“I wonder if any students have decided to pay us a visit,” the man said. Heinzl thought this man would be the caretaker or someone who keeps the place clean. He sent a mind probe into the man’s mind with such precision that the man never knew Heinzl had been in his mind.


The man was identified as a squib named Argus Filch, current caretaker of Hogwarts. The headteacher was a man called Albus Dumbledore whose office was on the third floor. The year was 2005 – Heinzl never realised he was entombed for that long. Finally, from Filch’s mind, he pulled up a complete map of Hogwarts which included secret passages. He released the man from the mind probe then walked away.


Heinzl made his way to the third floor to the point indicated on Filch’s plan and saw a gargoyle statue. He reached to an ear on the statue and twisted it. The gargoyle moved to reveal a staircase. Heinzl walked up the stairs and through the door at the top.


He was in Dumbledore’s office. He looked in awe at all the magical instruments that filled the room. He was equally interested in the bookcase. Then he saw a familiar item in a glass case. It was a sword with the words GODRIC GRYFFINDOR engraved on the blade. Then he saw a strange looking hat. It looked very familiar to him. Heinzl raised his hand and it glowed. Then he walked to the living chambers. Dumbledore was fast asleep in his bed. He looked at Dumbledore’s desk and saw a very familiar wand. There was also a ring which had a familiar look to it, but there was a deep crack in it. He grabbed it and put it on. He picked up the wand then cast a spell at the glass case. Suddenly, the sword vanished and reappeared in Heinzl’s hand. He attached it to his belt, and then left the room.


With the help of Filch’s knowledge of the floor plan, Heinzl made it to the Hogwarts ward chamber. It was a large room with four crystals in each corner of the room. They were connected via beams of energy to a giant sphere floating in the centre of the chamber. He went to the middle of the room and raised his hands and touched the sphere. The castle shook as Heinzl absorbed the energy in the sphere.


Dumbledore woke up suddenly as the vibrations almost threw him out of his bed. He checked his ward detectors but found nothing wrong. He theorised the storm must be getting more and more violent. In his sleepy state, he never noticed the Sword of Gryffindor and his wand were missing.


Heinzl finished absorbing the energy. The energy beams looked a lot weaker and appeared as if they barely had the energy to support the crystals and the sphere. He now looked more solid.


“At last, my resurrection is at hand! But first, the final vengeance on the purebloods!” he shouted just as he disappeared.




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Harry Potter and the Muggle-born Uprising: The Tomb


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