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One word by strangegirl6125
Chapter 1 : Help from a friend.
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"I don't need help from filthy little Mudbloods like her!"

*****One summer later...*****

"Lily, are you ok?" Her best friend, Caroline Jolin, had entered the common room at eleven o' clock to find Lily staring into the fire. She had been doing this a lot lately and Caroline started growing worried.

"What? Yeah, I'm fine." Lily said, jerking out of her trance.

"Ok..." Caroline turned around to leave.

"How could he?" She could see the pain in Lily's eyes.

Caroline sighed deeply and sat next to Lily on the couch. She needed to be tough now and talk some sense into this girl. After all, Caroline thought. She didn't know what I did.

"I mean, why? I knew him forever...or at least I thought." Caroline was startled by this.
"Lily, what else did he do?" She asked in shock. 

Lily stared at her in disbelief. "He called me a-"

"Yes I know," Caroline said, cutting her off. "But what else?"
"Well, nothing."

"Did he apologize?"


“Then, I don't get it. Why are you mad?” Caroline was confused. She doesn't know. She honestly doesn't know.
“Caroline, you are so...naive!”

Her face turned red as she stood up. Me, naive? She has no idea. Time to get get tough. Caroline thought. They were meant for each other. Lily was not going to be with James if it was the last thing she did. Caroline would not allow her to be unhappy simply to spite Snape. But on top of everything, she hated to be called naive.

“Enlighten me.” She said through her teeth.

“He called me a Mudblood!”

Caroline's jaw dropped and she threw her hands up. That's it? Lost friendship and happyness over a word?

“Bloody hell! That's what you're mad about?!”


“God, Lily!”

“Hey, what are you on about?” Lily yelled, also standing up.

“Lily Cassandra Evans, it was one bloody word!”

“But it was-”

“I know what it was! Had it not occurred to you that since Potter was torturing him, he was embarrassed that he had to have you stand up for him?”

“But I was-”

Caroline started pacing back and forth. Lily needed everything explained. She should have been in Ravenclaw.  “Men like to think that they are tough and you sticking up for him sure didn't make him feel like that. It was a mistake, Lily.”

“Severus calls-” Lily tried to say, but Caroline interrupted again. Now was time for her to know what she should have already known a long time ago.

“Snape has to pretend he's 'friends' with the Slytherins so he can fit in and not be picked on all seven years by them. Haven't you noticed that? I have. I've known that since you told me about him and how he acted when he was younger. How you guys would hang out. Did he call you names then? It's for his own survival here. Remember my brother, Sam? He was nice to me before we came here, but when we were here, he was a complete asshole to me and the other Gryffindors just like any other Slytherin. Then he left last year and he was kind again. It's obvious isn't it? So it's not because he hates you. Hell, he could even love you for all we know.” 

Caroline emphasised the word 'love'. Hey, I'm not telling Snape's secret. It was his own fault; He should learn Occlumency if he doesn't want secrets told. And anyway, I never said that he did love her. Mum should have never taught me Legitmancy in the first place. She thought grinning to herself,  but then quickly became sober again. Lily stood there speechless as Caroline turned around to face her.

“People make mistakes, Lily. The important thing is do you forgive them?” And with that, Caroline walked out of the common room. After standing there, Lily dipped her quill into the ink bottle and began to write.


Tap tap. Tap tap.

Ugh, Severus thought, pulling his pillow over his head. Is someone going to get that owl?


“Alright, I'll get it.” Severus said, opening his eyes.  “Bloody bird.” He muttered.
He yanked open the curtains off his poster bed, walked over to the window, took the letter off the owl and read the receiver's name.

                                                              Severus Snape

Severus stared at it, then began to open it gingerly. No doubt this was a trick from Potter. Nevertheless, he started reading the letter.

Dear Severus,

Please come down to the Black Lake. I have something for you.
Lots of love,
Lily Evans

It was as if an electric shock went through him. This was Lily's writing; he could tell by the 'G'. “Lots of love...” He whispered. Him?  He ran out of the common room and down to the lake.

Lily waited, she didn't know if he was going to come. She highly doubted that he would even come. Lily sat there for a while until she felt someone by her. She looked to her left and jumped. Severus was sitting there. “How long were you there?”

“I just got here. It was murder trying to get out of the common room. Some people were still awake.” His glinting obsidian eyes were making Lily feel like something she didn't know what and his hair didn't even look greasy. On the contrary, it looked soft and handsome. And the small risk he took just too see her made her feel overwhelmed. "I wanted to tell you something.”

“What?” Severus said.

“I forgive you.” Lily whispered as she leaned over and kissed him.


Twenty minutes later, the two of them lay naked beneath the moonlight, her heart beating in time with his.

One word might not mean that much. Lily thought happily.  But a kiss can last a lifetime.


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