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.You.Don't.Know.Us. by 33hesta333
Chapter 2 : Fights and old friends.
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I woke up to the sound of talking in the morning. I looked up, and saw Potter, a ginger boy and a girl looking down at us. I was confused at first, wondering where we were, but then realised we must have fallen asleep last night. Seth was still asleep, with his arm protectively around me.


"What?" I asked, annoyed at them being so nosy.


"Are you alright?" The girl asked, sounding slightly concerned.


"Yes... Why wouldn't we be?"


The ginger boy answered. "Just that you’re sleeping outside... but it doesn't matter. I'm Ron, and this is Hermione by the way."


"Ok... What do you want? Even I know that Gryffindors don't talk to Slytherins."


“Nothing.”Harry thought for a second, then said. "What's with your style anyway?"


I raised an eyebrow. "What about our style?"


"Well it’s a bit..." He paused for a second, then said. "You've both got black hair-"


"So've you."


"And you’re wearing black and you've both got black nail's, lip piercings-"


"Please continue. I didn't know any of this." 


"Well I mean...Why don't you just look, well, normal?"


I stood up, and Potter backed away slightly. "Do I LOOK normal? Do you really think we ARE normal?! Why pretend to be something we're not? You don't know us. And don't even bother trying to know us. No one will ever understand us, we will never trust ANYONE."


Seth had woken up, and was now also on his feet next to me. "What do they want anyway?"


Hermione was shyly looking at Seth, and blushed when he looked at her. I scoffed. "Don't even bother trying to flirt with my brother, he isn't interested in mudbloods like you."


"Wha-I wasn't!" Hermione stammered. Ron looked furious. "Come on, we're going to the hall."


The three of them walked off. We followed them closely, smirking.


Potter span round as we got up the steps. "Why are you following us?!"


Seth's smirk grew. "Aww what's this, Potter doesn't want to be seen with- Oh I'm not allowed to say who we are. I'm sure he would want to be seen with us even less if he knew."


"Knew what?" Potter growled.


"Oh don't worry yourself about that."


Potter suddenly seemed to realise something, and strode over to me. Grabbing my right wrist, he pulled my sleeve up. He was obviously looking for the dark mark, shame he got the wrong arm...


"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Get the fuck off my sister!" Seth roared, stepping forwards, and punching Harry in the face. He staggered backwards, glaring at us both. I leaned forwards, and whispered into his ear, barely audibly, "Don't mess with us Potter."


We had quite a large crowd around us by now. I saw Dumbledore walking towards us quickly, trying to get through the crowd. Potter had walked over to Seth, and was quietly speaking, very close to his face. "I don't know who you are, or why you're here, but I will find out, and trust me, you'll regret it."


I laughed. "You think we're scared of you Potter? While your running away from lil' Voldie?"


Potter turned to me. "What the hell is your problem?! Can't you just TRY to be nice?!"


"You think we're nice potter? You don't survive in this life by being nice. Don't mess with us Potter, YOU will be the one regretting it."


"Enough." Albus Dumbledore's voice boomed from behind me.


"What?" I innocently turned round and smiled at him. "Is there a problem?"


"What is going on here?"


Seth answered before I could speak. "Potter was harassing my sister."


Dumbledore raised an eyebrow at Harry, who immediately denied it. I just turned around, smirked at the crowd, and strutted through, Seth right behind me.


We walked into the hall, everyone watching us. I sat down by a Blonde boy on the Slytherin table. Seth sat opposite me, and a boy with black hair, going across his face similar to Seth's sat on my other side.


The blonde boy introduced himself as Draco Malfoy, and the other boy as Blaise Zabini. I smirked at Seth across the table.


About 5 minutes into breakfast, Snape walked over to us, and handed us a piece of paper each, muttering something about timetables. I looked down at it, and saw that we had defence against the dark arts first. I smiled slightly looking up and Seth, he had also seen it.



I entered the defence against the dark arts classroom, and was about to sit down next to Seth, when a fat lady walked in, announcing that she would be unable to teach us today, and that a teacher who used to teach them had been arranged to teach us.


As she left, someone shouted out "good riddance Umbridge!"


I looked around, as a man walked into the room. Me and Seth both gasped. "Remus?!"


He looked equally shocked, and froze looking at us. "What are you two doing here?" He asked slightly threateningly.


"Coming to school here, what does it look like?"


"If your here to cause trouble you may as well just leave now." He glared at us.


I smiled sweetly at him. "Now when have we ever caused trouble?"


"When have you not is more the point." Lupin growled under his breath. He raised his voice that that everybody could hear. "Today we will be learning the correct way to cast a patronus. I know this is only your fifth year, and it will be unlikely that many of you will succeed, however it is a very useful spell to know."


Once he'd finished explaining the incantation and wand movement, he said he would call us up one by one. "I will start with people who I know can produce one, and you can watch their demonstrations. Harry, if you would?"


Potter stood up, and walked up to the front. "Expecto Patronum!" a silver stag burst out, but I could tell it wasn't very strong. I laughed, which Lupin noticed with a scowl. "Would you like a go Zara? Think you can do better?"


I scoffed. "Of course I can." I strutted up to the front, and pulled out my wand. I quickly muttered the incantation, and a pearly white wolf burst from my wand. I saw a swish of Seth's wand, and his almost identical wolf joined mine. They both held their heads low, and shoulders arched and tense. Their bodies and faces were streaked with scars.


"Well, I have to admit they do appear strong, however they would seem...damaged?"


I gave him a fake smile. "You don't have to think of a happy memory to conjure one."




"No you don't. You have to think of a memory with extreme emotion. It can also be fear, sadness or pain. Just most people don't have memory's strong enough of those."


"Yet you do. I don't doubt that. Draco, would you please come up to the front and attempt to conjure one up."


The lesson continued, while me and Seth sat totally bored. After about 15 minutes, Lupin stopped, and got everyone to sit down.


"Right, we will now try defeating some Bogart’s, just to remind you of how to do it. Remember to say "Redikulus." With that he told us to get in a line. Potter was first, then Seth, then me.


Potter's turned into a dementor, which he quickly defeated. Seth stepped forwards. I knew what to expect, and so wasn't surprised when it changed into 2 figures, hooded. One was taller, and pointing a wand at the other, who was on her knees. Seth just stood there shaking, and the figure on the floor was hit with a curse, and started writhing in agony. I muttered quietly, "It's not real, I'm here. I'm fine."


"But it is real isn't it. The past is real, the future is real!" I could hear the fear in his voice.


Lupin quickly reminded Seth. "Redikulus! Quickly." His voice sounded slightly worried.


Seth quietly croaked the incantation, but not before the figure that was impersonating me fell backwards dead. The hood fell off, showing my lifeless white face, coated in bruises and blood.


I closed my eyes quickly, shaking slightly, and when I opened them, I saw the Bogart start moulding into my fear. This wasn't good. Seth had obviously also realised, and was just saying "Lupin" when it finished changing.


Lupin stepped forwards, and the Bogart quickly changed into a full moon, but not before everyone saw the dark mark rising over what looked like a filthy metal trapdoor, covered in moss, and rusting away at the edges.



The rest of the lesson trailed away in boredom. At the end, as everyone was packing their things away, Lupin called out "Would Zara, Seth, Harry, Ron and Hermione stay back for a quick word please?"


Once everyone had walked out, leaving just the six of us, Lupin sent me and Seth a warning look, then spoke. "I don't want ANY fighting between any of you." Noticing Harry glaring at me, He added "Sirius would not be pleased Harry."


"How do you and Sirius know them?!" Harry asked glaring at me.


Lupin glanced at Seth, then said "We met a few years ago."


"And they're not deatheaters?" Harry asked with distrust.


"Don't make the same mistakes as your godfather Potter." Seth said, glaring at him.


"What did he do?" Harry asked defensively.


Lupin answered. "He tried to lead them along the right path. Then something happened. I'd gone out for an hour, and when I got back Sirius was yelling at Zara, Seth was looking ready to punch him, and Zara was just stood there silent."


Seth interrupted him. "To speed it up, Sirius started interfering in things he had no right to know."


Lupin looked at Harry. "I'll speak to you three later, I would like to talk to Seth and Zara for a bit."


Once Harry and his friends had left, Lupin looked at us for a second then asked. "What was it that you were arguing about with Sirius? He wouldn't tell me."


"At least he didn't totally betray us then." I muttered under my breath.


"And you don't need to know what he saw." Seth added.


Lupin raised an eyebrow. "So it's something he saw then?"


I turned to Seth furiously. "You idiot!"


"I don't understand either of you. You have a chance to be good, to have a normal life, but you do the opposite. You're both so insecure and scared of everything, yet you do everything alone, with so much confidence that you’re always right. You were so close to Sirius, yet you leave over an argument, and don't even try to sort it out-" I tried to interrupt him, but he held up his hand to stop me, then continued. "Can you just try to trust us, we can help you. Sirius will forgive you for whatever it was."


"He won't. And even if he did, would we forgive him?!" Seth spat.


"You're both making a massive mistake here! Who's going to help you if someone finds out what you did? Me and Sirius can't if you don't tell us the whole truth now! And you’d get to see Sirius again-"


"I hate Sirius Black." I said slowly, emphasizing each word.


"You don't mean that-" Lupin said.


"I do." I said quietly, before turning round, and slamming the door open. Harry, Ron and Hermione stumbled in, obviously they had been leaning against the door listening in.


I glared at the both. "Potter can't you just leave us alone?!" I stormed past him, followed by Seth.

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