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Along Came Sirius by HPsmartone32
Chapter 2 : Chapter Two: And They're Off
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Chapter Two: And They’re Off…

“Here you are Miss Moore, you’re robes and badge. Welcome to the Department of Mysteries!” said a tall man as he handed Adara a brown sack.

“Thank you!” Adara gasped taking the sack, “When do I start?”

“Well,” said the man as he led Adara down a hallway, “When your schedule permits beep we would love to have you beep back. Any day is good for beep us!”

“Sir, what is beep that beeping noise?” Adara asked.

“Oh it’s beep nothing. You get beep used to it,” the man waved his hand.

“Are you
beep sure? It seems that it means beep something…”

“Adara, wake up!
beep” the tall man turned to look at her.


“Wake up, you’ll be late!”

Beep, beep, beep.


Adara awoke with a start, “What!”

“Your bloody alarm has been going off for fifteen minutes!” Christine told her.

“Wha—What time is it?” Adara sat up and rubbed her eyes.

“Seven-thirty,” Christine said.

“Oh, no! I’m going to be late!” Adara jumped out of bed and began throwing robes onto her bed looking for her kilt.

“Hold your Hippogriffs, we’ll be fine,” Christine laughed as she leisurely brushed her hair.

“Is everyone else already down there?” Adara asked as she buttoned her shirt and threw on her school robes. She ran the brush through her almost waist-length hair a few times then bundled it into a ponytail.

“They just left a few minutes ago, about ten minutes after your alarm went off and woke the whole dorm.”

Adara sighed, “Let’s go!” she said grabbing her bag and walking briskly over to the door.

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” Christine followed her.

When they entered the Hall, Professor Flitwick, the Head of the Ravenclaw house, had already finished clearing the seventh years and was halfway through the sixth years. Adara and Christine sat down between Jayden and David.

Adara kissed Jayden hello, then began to pile food onto her plate. She had finished her toast and was eating eggs talking about what classes they were hoping to take when Flitwick reached her.

“Miss Moore, Miss Moore,” the short professor shook his head, “I was so proud of your O.W.L. results, so proud.” Flitwick had always had a soft spot for Adara, and Elle told her that he had always been really nice to her, too.

“Thank you, Professor Flitwick.”

“So you are most certainly cleared for the classes you wanted, Potions, Charms, Transfiguration, Defense Against Dark Arts, Runes, and Astronomy, correct? Yes, yes. Here you are.” Flitwick handed Adara her schedule.

“Thank you, Professor,” Adara said as she took her schedule. Looking down at it, she saw that today she had Double Potions first, free, lunch, Defense Against the Dark Arts, then Transfiguration.

“Not bad,” she said,  “What classes did you get, Jay?”

Jayden wanted to work in Muggle-Wizard relations, “History of Magic first, then free followed by Herbology this morning, ugh, then after lunch, I have Defense with you, then I’m done!”

“Only one class with you?” Adara asked.

“We’re both taking Charms, right?”  Jayden said comparing schedules.

“So that’s two. Not bad.” Adara sighed. She then compared schedules with her other friends.

She had Potions with Laila and Xeno, but that wasn’t so great because they were inseparable when they were together. Then she had Charms with everyone but Xeno, who wasn’t taking that class; She would have to brave Transfiguration alone, Defense Against the Dark Arts was with Jayden and Christine, Runes with Christine and David, and then Astronomy with Xeno.

Not too bad. She thought and she shoveled down the rest of her eggs and headed to the dungeons with Xeno and Laila for double potions with Slughorn.

“Oho! So here are my 6th year N.E.W.T. students!” Slughorn threw open the door to let the class in. There were about fourteen students, from all Houses. Adara noticed that there were five Gryffindors, the three of them were the only Ravenclaws, four Sytherins, then two Hufflepuffs.

Everyone filed into the room and Adara noticed a really nice smell, like new parchment or her mothers perfume... Laila and Xeno sat together on one of the many tables for two, Laila looked at Adara apologetically. Adara shrugged and smiled, telling Laila she was fine, and took one of the two seats behind them.

“Find your seats, find your seats,” Slughorn told them, “Mr. Black, I think both Mr. Potter and I would very much like it if you stopped trying to push him off his stool and instead found an empty one.”

Adara looked over and saw that Mr. Black, the guy she had ran into at King’s Cross, was trying to push another black-haired boy she recognized as the Potter boy off his stool next to the Gryffindor prefect, Remus Lupin.

“Fine,” he mumbled and looked around, he spotted the empty seat next to Adara and made his way over.

“Clara?” he asked in a whisper as he sat down.

“Adara,” she corrected, “Sirius?”

“Yup.” He nodded, “Glad to see you made it to the train in time.”

Adara smiled then bent over to take out her potions book, a quill, and some parchment to take notes on. When it was all out she glanced back over at Sirius and saw that he had his head in his right hand and was staring at the front of the room, his long-ish black hair falling over grey eyes.

“So, anyone know what this potion is?” Professor Slughorn asked. It was then that Adara noticed that there were three potions at the front of the room. That’s where the smell is coming from!
She craned her neck and recognized the potion, but before she could put her hand in the air, one of the two Gryffindor girls, who had vivid red hair, raised hers, “Of course you can, Miss Evans,” Slughorn laughed.

Having never had classes with the Gryffindors, Adara was used to answering most of the questions herself. “It’s Amortentia, the most powerful love potion in the world.”

“It is, it is,” Slughorn told the class, “It can be recognized by three things, anyone know what they are?”

This time, Adara beat the Gryffindor as she thrust her hand in the air, “It’s distinctive sheen, the steam that rises in spirals, and the smell it emits smells different to everyone, it smells like whatever would attract the person.” She answered when Slughorn called on her. The red-head spun around to look at her competition and Adara smiled at her, she also noticed that this Evans girl had bright green eyes that eyed Adara suspiciously.

“She’s not to happy with you,” muttered a voice. Adara looked over at Sirius, who was smiling.

“How d’you know?” she whispered.

“My mate – James Potter, the one that stole my stool – has received that look many times.” He answered knowingly. Adara looked at the back of Evans head and decided that she was going to beat her in this class.

After going through the names of the rest of the potions, they were set on the task of making a Strengthening Solution.

“Stir counter-clockwise eight times, add two drops of Pomegranate juice, let shimmer for –”

“Do you always talk to yourself like this?” Sirius interrupted, “because I do find it quite odd.”

“What?” she asked, looking up through loose strands of hair that had wiggled out of her ponytail.

“If you mutter like that all the time, I should be warned. You know, so next time I can bring ear-plugs or something.” Sirius shrugged, stirring his potion, which was too dark a blue.

“I’m not muttering,” Adara told him, stirring one last rotation then checking the time, “And no one’s making you sit here.”

“You were too, and I think we’d both look pretty stupid sitting at different tables alone.”

“That doesn’t bother me, I know I’m not stupid so what do I care if I look it or not?” Adara retorted. Sirius was starting to bug her. He hadn’t taken any notes and had doodled the whole time that Slughorn was talking. Didn’t he know that this was N.E.W.T. level?

“Well, aren’t you a feisty one.” Sirius smiled; Adara rolled her eyes, “And what makes you think I’m stupid?”

“I never said you were stupid.”

“You implied it.”

“Well, fine. Your potion is way too dark and you didn’t take any notes the whole class.”

“I don’t need to take notes, I have it all here,” he tapped his head with his stirring stick, “And I like my potions a little dark, thank you. Makes it stronger.”

“Suit yourself.” Adara told him and added two more drops of Pomegranate juice.

When the bell signaling the end of the double period was over, everyone corked a sample of their potion and set it on the professor’s desk. Adara noticed that both she and Evans had managed the perfect purple that the book described.

“A foot on the uses of Strengthening Draught on my desk Thursday.” Slughorn told the class.

Adara collected her things and was about ready to go, “See you later, Adara.” Sirius waved and left with Remus and Potter before she could say anything.

“Ready to go, Addie?” Laila asked.

“Yeah, where are you headed?” Adara asked, “I have a free period.”

“Herbology,” Xeno and Laila said.

“Oh, yeah,” she sighed, “Tell Jayden I’ll meet him in the Great Hall for lunch.”

“Will do,” Xeno said.

“See you,” they waved and parted ways, Adara started walking towards to West side of the castle, wanted to take a nice hot shower in her dorm before lunch.


After lunch she said goodbye to the rest and walked with Jayden and Christine to Defense Against Dark Arts.

“I already have two essays!” Jayden said.

“That bites,” Adara said looking up at her boyfriend, he had his arm around her shoulders, “I have a foot for potions.”

They reached the classroom and the door was open. Walking in, they found seats in a row of four in the back row. Christine sat next to the wall and Adara sat on the other side of Jayden.

“What d’you think we’ll learn this year?” Jayden asked.

“I heard we have to do nonverbal spells,” Christine said.

“Ugh. Mum says those are really hard,” Adara told them.

“My brother told me that for some teachers if you just whisper really quietly, they never –” Christine was interrupted by a loud bang. Looking around the room, Adara saw four boys run into the almost full classroom, breathing hard. They stopped close to Christine, Jayden and Adara’s seats, making their voices able to be heard over the rest of the class.

“I think we lost ‘em!” said a short, fat one.

“Ha, ha! That was great!” said another one, turning so that Adara could make out his face. Potter.

“Seriously!” said another tall black-haired one that Adara knew to be Sirius.

“Padfoot, what wasn’t funny back in first year, and it’s still not,” Remus told him, “Now let’s sit down before the professor gets here.”

“Hey, there’s three up there!” called the fat one and the boys sprinted to the front of the room. Adara watched as the three of the last four seats were filled. How it happened, Adara didn’t know, she would’ve bet that the fat one would have lost, but no.

“PRONGS!” came a yell from the front of the room, Sirius was standing over a chair. Everyone else fell silent, “I had to move in potions.”

“Well, run faster then. Honestly Padfoot, Wormtail beat you.” said… Potter, maybe?

“He had a head start,” Sirius mumbled, barely audible as the class had resumed talking. The door to the classroom closed, making the class fall silent again.

“Good afternoon, class,” said Professor Beck. Professor Beck was an old man, but he was one of the best spellcasters Adara had ever seen, “now, Mr. Black, if you would be so kind as to find a seat? Or do you perhaps need a loud accompanying noise to make you move, perhaps I could crash my desk against the wall?”

“Maybe some other time, Professor,” Sirius smiled as he walked to the last empty seat in the room, “If I didn’t know better, I’d say you’re following me.” He whispered in Adara’s ear as he sat down.

Adara pulled away and looked at Sirius. She opened her mouth to retort but Jayden beat her to it, “Leave my girlfriend alone, Black.”

Sirius raised his eyebrows at Jayden, “Didn’t know that she was yours, Boot,” He said smugly.

“Got a problem?” Jayden asked, getting more and more angry.

“Not at all,” Sirius grinned.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Exactly what I said.”

“Which is –”

“Jay, drop it. It’s fine. Really.” Adara cut in, putting a hand on his shoulder, “I need to take notes.”

“Fine.” Jayden said, still glaring at still-smiling Sirius.

Adara leaned closer to Jayden, “Thanks,” she whispered then kissed him on the cheek.

“Alright, now that we are all seated,” he looked at Sirius, who waved, “as many of you may have heard, this year in the majority of your classes, you will be required to learn and do nonverbal spells.” The room echoed with the classes groans, “to your apparent displeasure, this will be one of those classes!” more groans “can anyone tell me what the advantages of using a nonverbal spell are?”

A few hands were in the air, and Adara recognized that one belonged to the Evans girl.

“Miss Moore?”

Ha, she thought. “Your advisory has no warning about what kind of magic you’re about to perform, which gives you a split-second advantage.” She quoted.

“Very good! Ten points to Ravenclaw,” Beck said, Evans spun around and spotted Adara, who smiled sarcastically. Evans scowled.

“She really doesn’t like you,” Sirius whispered.

Adara pretended not to hear him.

“As nonverbal spells take a lot of concentration and mind power, some of you will have to practice them more than others. So that I can see what you can do, let’s divide into pairs and practice,” the professor went on, “Since there are desks of four, you will be paired with the person next to you. Go ahead, one partner will try to curse the other silently, while the other tries to protect themselves nonverbally.” Professor Beck told them.

Adara glanced at Jayden – he looked livid. She knew that she had been assigned to work with Sirius, and that Jayden did not like it. Personally, she didn’t mind Sirius that much, but she really didn’t want Jayden to be angry.

“Jay, I have to, the Professor said. You know I don’t want to,” Adara told him.

“Addie, you work with Christine, I’ll partner with Black,” Jayden suggested.

“No, I don’t want him dead,” Adara tried to lighten the mood, “I’ll be fine.”


“Jay, it’s just nonverbal spells.”

“Oh, Adara!” Sirius called.

“Addie.” Jay put a hand on her shoulder.

“Jay, just go with Christine. Please don’t make a big deal of this.” Adara begged. Jay looked over Adara’s shoulder at Sirius then back at Adara. He nodded and turned to go with Christine.

Adara let out a breath she didn’t know she had been holding.

“Ready, Adara?” Sirius asked his grey eyes twinkling.

“Let’s just get this over with.” Adara sighed.


“How was it?” Christine asked after class.

“Man, that was bad, he sucks at nonverbal spells.” Adara laughed.

“I don’t like him,” Jayden said.

“Jay, you just met him today, he was just playing you,” Adara explained.

“He’s always pulling pranks and blowing things up,” Jay said.

“I know, but, well, he’s nice to me.”

“He fancies you.”

“I only met him yesterday.” Adara told him as she swung her bag onto her shoulder.

“Yesterday?” Jay asked as they exited the classroom.

“I fell on my way to the train and he helped me up!” Adara sighed, “Don’t you trust me?”

“Of course, Addie,” Jay said quickly, “I’m sorry. I just… don’t want you to go.” He admitted.

“I don’t plan to go anywhere but Transfiguration class,” Adara reassured him, “But if I don’t go now, I’m going to be late and McGonagall will kick my arse.”

“Alright.” Jayden said and kissed Adara.

After a few seconds she pulled away, “I have to go now. See you after class!”

Adara sprinted down the corridor and into the classroom, as she entered McGonagall looked up from her desk, “Cutting it close, aren’t we Miss Moore?” she asked over her spectacles.

“Sorry, Professor.”

“Yes, take your seat, then.”

Adara took a seat next to a Hufflepuff that she knew from Care of Magical Creatures the year before and took out her book and notes. The class was going fine until two boys at the front of the room fell out of their seats, laughing.

“Potter! Black! Is something wrong?” McGonagall said.

“No, Professor, I’m sorry, it’s just…” Sirius looked at James and they started laughing again.

“If you two are going to act like baboons,” McGonagall began, “I’m going to have to separate you. Miss Moore, will you please switch seats with Mr. Potter?”

“Professor, I… I,” Adara shook her head a stuttered, “Are you sure?”

“Quite sure, Miss Moore. Unless you have a problem switching seats with Mr. Potter?”

“No m’am,” Adara sighed. She gathered her stuff and walked gloomily over to her new seat. She sat down between Remus Lupin and Sirius Black.

“Hi Adara, I don’t think we’ve properly met, I’m Remus.”

“Hello, aren’t you a Gryffindor prefect?”

“Yeah, and you’re Ravenclaw, right?”

“Yes, nice to meet you.” She told him as she pulled out her parchment and continued to take notes.

She felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to face Sirius, “You know, we can communicate verbally now that we’re out of Defense Against the Dark Arts.”

“I know,” she told him, “But I need to take notes, as you should be doing.”

“You don’t like me, do you?” Sirius asked.

“I like you just fine.”


“Yes, I just don’t want a row with my boyfriend.”

“And he told you to be snobby towards me?”

“No,” she whispered as McGonagall looked up to check that everyone was copying the board, “He just doesn’t like you.”

“Well, does that mean that we can’t be friends?”

“I don’t know.”

“Come on,” Sirius sighed, “We are in practically all the same classes, you have to talk to someone.”

“I have other friends, you know.” She snapped.

“Right, right. Fine. Don’t be nice to me,” he sighed dramatically, “I’ll just sit here. All alone. Not talking.”

Adara rolled her eyes and continued taking notes. She looked over at Remus and saw that he was half-laughing.

What did I do to deserve this day?
She thought.

A/N: New chapter! Yay! Thanks to all that reviewed. And also those who added this story to their favorites, I think there were like 19 of you, yet only 5 reveiws? That kinda makes me sad. I really appreciate if you review, even if it's just "Hey, this is good." or "This really sucks." (preferably the first, =]) but yeah, i really like that you guys like this story! PLEASE REVIEW!

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