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Scarlet Lady by cutie_katie
Chapter 3 : Where do I start with a guy like Padfoot?
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The next morning, Brooke awoke to the sound of the other four girls already awake and preparing for the day ahead. Sarah was brushing her hair, Mary was examining her appearance in the mirror, Alice was in the bathroom and Lily was pinning a shining golden prefect badge to her school robes.

"Morning, sleepy," said Sarah to Brooke, as she put her hairbrush back on her bedside table.

"What time is it?" Brooke asked with a yawn.

"Time you should be up and ready for breakfast," joked Lily as she moved across the room to make her bed.

With this reminder, Brooke got up and washed and dressed quickly. Within the next fifteen minutes, Alice and Mary had already gone down to breakfast, leaving Brooke, Lily and Sarah to follow in their wake.

"What subjects are you taking this year Lily?" Sarah asked the green-eyes beauty.

"Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, Potions, Transfiguration, Defence Against the Dark Arts and Charms," recited Lily, ticking the subjects on her hands as she said each of them.

"What about you, Brooke," continued Sarah.

"Defence Against The Dark Arts too, as well as Transfiguration and Potions, and also Muggle Studies, Divination, and Astronomy."

"Great! Hopefully we will be in some of the same classes together! What are you taking Sarah?" Said Lily, smiling at her new friend Brooke.

"Erm, Transfiguration, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Charms, Divination, Astronomy and Herbology. Pretty much the same as you two, but not Potions! I hate it, I always seem to get some part of the ingredients wrong somehow!"

The girls placed themselves down at the Gryffindor table and bean to eat. After their breakfast, the lower years went of to their lessons, leaving the rest of the students to wait for their Head of House to hand out the new timetables. Professor McGonagall walked towards the three girls.

"Miss Evans, heres your timetable. All you grades from you O.W.L's are outstanding, allowing you to persue with which ever subjects you have decided to continue with." She passed lily a sheet of parchment, and dismissed her from the table. Lily rushed of to her first lesson, wanting to make a good impression by not being late.

After several more Gryffindor's had been given thier timetables, Professor McGonagall approached Sarah.

"Miss Roberts, your exam results from the previous year are fine, however the only subject in which you won't be able to take is Potions. Will this be a problem?"

"Are you kidding? No Potions? That's fantastic!" beamed Sarah, then realised who she had just addressed.

"Um, I mean, no Professor McGonagall, its not a problem," finished Sarah, more meekly.

"Then you are free to go to your first lesson," concluded Professor McGonagall, with a cold smile. As Sarah sauntered out of the Hall, Professor McGonagall then turned to Brooke.

"I understand that you are a very advanced witch for your age. As this is the case then you also will be free to choose your subjects to commence with, minus any bother."

"Yes Professor," said Brooke. Professor McGonagall gave a peice of parchment to Brooke, which at first appeared to be blank. However, after two seconds, a series of lessons, with various teachers and rooms spread across the page, forming a timetable in front of Brooke's eyes.

"I see that your first lesson is Charms, so hurry along now." With that final word, Professor McGonagall gave Brooke a smile, much friendler than the one she honoured Sarah with, and turned away to offer another student a differently inked out timetable.

Brooke walked out of the Hall, examining the day ahead.

"So second I have a free period, great," said Brooke, speaking to herself, as she was not aware that anybody was there.

"I hear i'ts always quiet up the Astronomy Tower, why not join me there at your free period?" Said a voice behind Brooke, which startled her. As she whipped round, she met Sirius Black, a smirk on his face. Well, thought Brooke, two could play at his flirting games.

"Oh yeah? And what did you have in mind?" Brooke asked, taking a step towards Sirius.

"A chance for us to..." he eyed Brooke up and down "...get to know each other more." He also took a step forwards.

"Are you sure that's all you wanted to do? I don't think you're telling me the truth, now, Mr. Black," finished Brooke, taking yet another step towards Sirius, so that now they were barely a foot apart.

"Is that so?" Asked Sirius with a twinkle in his eyes. Brooke raised an eyebrow.

"Sorry to disappoint, but I don't come running the first time a guy looks my way. See you around." And with those last words, Brooke turned and walked away, a secret smile playing on her lips as Sirius looked after her with a cheeky grin.

"Maybe another time Brooke?" He said hopefully after her.

"Bye, Sirius!" Brooke called over her shoulder as she turned around the corner for the next corridor.


Brooke's first Charms lesson went very well, having already studied Advanced Shield Charms at home. After the lesson Brooke had her free period, so she went up to the common room to see if she could find Sarah or Lily. Thankfully, Sarah was on her own in Gryffindor tower, sat in a tired looking armchair by the fire, surrounded by parchment with many crossings out.

"Hi Sarah. Homework?" Said Brooke, indicating to all the peices of parchment.

"Yeah, but this is OK because its only Herbology. Still, there's too much of it and it's only from first lesson!"

"Tell me about it! I have to write a nine inch essay on how to practise and peform a shield charm correctly!" Brooke sunk herself into the opposite armchair and began to ponder het meeting with Sirius Black.

"Sarah?" Brooke asked, deciding she would try to find out more about the guy.


"What can you tell me about Sirius Black?" Brooke questioned, watching Sarah, who looked up from her work with an understanding smile on her face.

"Where do I start with a guy like Padfoot?" Said Sarah, emphasising the word Padfoot whilst rolling her eyes.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, the famous Sirius Black, everybody know him. Well at least all the girls do, including the first years! Probably most girls fancy him like crazy, I mean who wouldn't if you're into looks in a guy? Personally it's what's inside that counts, but each to their own as I say!"

"I didn't realize he was that popular," said Brooke, he thoughts spiralling.

"He is. We know it, everone knows it, he himself knows it, and put him together with those other wretched Marauders then you're definetely asking for trouble!"

"Marauders?" Questioned Brooke as this new term.

"Oh yeah, I keep forgetting you're new, it feels like i've known you for ages! Well, the Marauders are Sirius, James Potter, Peter Pettigrew and Remus Lupin." Her voice softened when she stated the last of the names.

"I met them on the train! They were OK then."

"OK? Well, I can see Remus being more than OK, but James ans Sirius? Nah, never! And Peter will do anything they tell him, he's such a wimp. James once told him to eat all of his left over Bertie Botts Beans that he didnt like, it wasn't a pretty sight!"

Whilst Brooke found all of ths news interesting, she wanted to find out more on Sirius.

"So, er, is Sirius seeing anybody at the moment?" Asked Brooke as a casual question, yet she waited with baited breath for the answer. However, at this Sarah laughed.

"Yeah, people tend to stop counting after seven!" Giggled Sarah.

"What?!" Exclaimed Brooke in amazement.

"No, i'm just kidding! But seriously, I think that his record is four girlfriends at one time. He kept it up for about two weeks then they all found out! It was quite funny actually," said Sarah, thinking about the day it happened.

Brooke got lost in her thoughts. So, Brooke was just going to be the next of a very long string of girls, was she? Theres no chance in hell that I will lower myself to his standards Brooke thought. It looked like he could be as flirty as he wanted just to get his leg over. When it came to women, Sirius sounded like a real playboy, and Brooke would definitely not become just another dizzy girl.

"If you want my advice" said Sarah, bringing herself back down to earth, "keep well away from him when it comes to romance. It'll just end in tears."

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