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Time Again by merlinsaprentice1
Chapter 26 : Chapter twenty six
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Disclaimer these characters are just borrowed from JK Rowlins

Chapter twenty six.

Fight forgotten.

Poppy Pomfrey asked Ginny to take Hermione out of the room until called for, “I’ll get him through this if I can,” she told them as Ginny led Hermione out of the door.

Taking hold of the wood and gripping it tight Poppy counted to three, then she cast a shrinking charm on the wood, as it rapidly reduced in size she began the cleaning spell that would extract all the bits of foreign material from the gaping hole In Harry’s chest. She had nodded at the other healer as she pulled the now very small piece of wood away from her patient; the wood seemed to have travelled through him at an angle and had somehow missed damaging both his heart and his lungs. It had even somehow managed to push between all the other vital parts and had caused no irreparable damage; though having a three inch hole right through him and bleeding profusely was not exactly good, it was not as bad as it might have been. Removing the wood might well have been fatal, Poppy let out a breath she hadn’t realised she was holding in.

Harry was losing a lot of blood as the local healer told Poppy he was having a problem with two ribs that had been shattered at the entry point.

“You just concentrate on doing the deep healing and I’ll see to the rest,” she told him as she finished healing his ribs at the front.

It took them about an hour and the amount of blood loss had Poppy worried, she had removed broken brooms from students before now, but compared to the wood that had pierced Harry a broom was nothing more than a large thorn, she was finally beginning to heal the large three inch hole in his chest, his ribs and sternum quite visible still. She decided that the blood loss was getting too severe and she felt Harry might be the first patient she ever lost, she had to fight with her emotions as she continued to try to save the life of the young man she had come to love and respect. Taking a decision she would not normally have done, she hurriedly turned to Dumbledore, who along with Dig and Glanry were standing by the door watching her work.

“Albus get some of that blood replenishment potion into him you’ll have to do it while we still work on him or we are going to lose him,” Poppy commanded still waving her wand over Harrys now almost healed chest.

Just a few minutes later she was helping to repair Harry’s back, the bone damage seemed to be more severe there, but Poppy was the best and she new exactly what she was doing.

Hogwarts a school, filled with hundreds of young witches and wizards prone to accidents that Muggle’s could never even dream of, had to have the best healer there was, and Poppy Pomfrey was just that, she was the best healer in Europe, and Albus often thanked the stars that she loved children far more than she wanted fame or money.

Albus with the help of Glanry had propped Harry’s head up as much as he dared, and was forcing the potion slowly into his mouth, watching carefully to see if he swallowed, a small smile appeared on his face for the first time since the floo call, Harry was swallowing the potion, now all he had to do was get enough inside him to make it useful.

Both the local healer and Poppy stood up from their bent positions at the same time, they, like the bed were covered in blood “How’s it going with the potion,” she asked looking at Albus.

“He must have swallowed near half a goblet,” Albus told her in reply.

“Well he’s going to need every drop of that bottle of potion you can get in him if he is to pull through this one. That was one hell of a hole in the poor boy. How did he manage to hurt himself this time?” she wanted to know.

“Horse riding accident, a simple fall from his horse, all those things, Dragons, Death Eaters, Dementors, and even Voldemort, all tried to kill him and a simple tree branch may have done what they couldn’t,” Albus said sadly.

Outside Hermione had been frantic “Oh what the hell have I done to my Harry,” she kept repeating even though Ginny tried to tell her it was just an accident.

“Ginny, I should have listened to him, he tried to tell me, tried to save me from my self, now look where my thirst for knowledge has got us, half my soul and the love of my life might die in there, and it’s all my fault. All he wanted was for me to be a little wiser, take things a little easier, he said I might not have any children if I kept it up, but I had to learn, I had to know more. Oh Ginny, how will I live if he dies, I can’t live without him, he’s my soul-mate, he’s the other half of me, he’s my entire life, my reason for being,” Hermione cried on her friends shoulder.

Ginny was more scared than she had ever been, she loved Harry and Hermione more than she loved her own brothers, they had both been the best thing that had ever happened to her. Harry had even saved her life in her first year at Hogwarts, and then unknown to anyone else he had helped her to get over the nightmares that had followed. She along with Hedwig was the only one who knew he had visited her on several nights just to sit with her and to teach her how to clear her mind and control her thoughts so that she could get some sleep. Now she was scared that Harry was in the room next to them dying, she was trying to be strong for him and Hermione, Hermione needed her best friend now more than she ever had before, but it did not make the dread feeling go away.

Ginny suddenly got angry with herself and Hermione “HARRY IS NOT GOING TO DIE, you hear me, now you pull your self together, he needs you now, and you can’t let him down, we have to be positive for him, make him want to live, to fight to live, if you give up on him he’ll know.”

Hermione knew Ginny was right, but she was wracked with feelings of guilt, if not for her selfishness they would have been happy, they would have gone down for breakfast, they would have gone to class together and Harry would not have been out riding in his angry and hurt frame of mind, she just kept repeating it to her self until Poppy Pomfrey walked from the room, she was still covered in Harry’s blood.

“You can come in now and you can help clean him up, be very careful with him, no jolting him or moving him if you can avoid it,” Poppy told the two girls as she started to use a cleaning charm on her self.

“While I go clean up I want you to watch for any sign of infection, live wood can harbour all kinds, if he begins to sweat or shiver or changes in any way, one of you come fetch me straight away, he hasn’t the strength to fight an infection and recover from all the damage, and keep an eye out for any blood loss.”

“How is he, will he make it?” Ginny asked.

“Its to soon to know yet, give him a few hours and see if the blood replenishing works, that was a huge hole the boy had,” Poppy replied. “I’m just off for a shower; I’ll use my old room if that’s ok, I’ll stay till we know one way or the other.”

“Harry’s going to be ok, I won’t let him die,” Hermione said as she rushed in to the room to be by his side.

Hermione and Ginny stood either side of Harry’s bed, each holding his hand and willing him to get well, both young women were shedding tears as they watched Harry struggle to breathe.

“Hermione, I love you and Harry almost as much as I love my mum and dad, I’m scared Hermione, I’m scared of what life would be like with out him in it, I don’t want him to die.” Ginny suddenly said as her self control finally collapsed and her tears fell even harder.

“Harry’s going to live Gin, he’s going to live and get well, and we are going to have a large family, and, and you and Nev will be godparents to our first born.” Hermione said, some of the fire and determination Harry loved about her pushing through her fears.

Dig placed two chairs for the women to sit in before he and Glanry went down to the kitchen to tell the rest of the staff how Harry had lived through the operation to remove the wood, it was just a matter of waiting now to see if he had the strength to over come the trauma.

Glanry called for Dobby and told the little elf what had happened then asked him to visit both Sirius and the Weasleys, and let them know, “Oh and you might like to tell that nice Mr Lupin as well,” he finished.

A small popping sound indicated Dobby’s departure as he went to carry out his task, ‘It is not a pleasant task to bear such news to ‘Mr Harry Potter sir’s friends’ the elf thought as he walked up to the back door of the Burrow and knocked.

Hour after hour Hermione, and Ginny, sat holding Harry’s hands and talking to him, telling him to fight, to live and to come back to them, and watching for any sign of fever or shivers.

It was fourteen long agonising hours later when Harry still deathly pale finally stirred ‘Hermione’

‘I’m here Harry love, I’m so sorry Harry, I love you so much, I’m so, so sorry, my darling, I never meant it’
Hermione told him.

‘Did I get hit by a train, sheesh my chest hurts, and I could do with a drink’ he moaned trying to open his eyes.

‘Poppy says all your insides will be swollen and bruised, so don’t try to move about sweetheart, just lie still I’ll get you some water’, Hermione thought to him as relief spread through her.

Harry eventually managed to open one eye; he just did not have the strength to open them both.

Tears ran down her face as Hermione was standing by his bed holding his hand in hers, their fingers were interlaced and Harry knew why he had fought so hard to live, he loved Hermione so much he could taste it as it made his chest fill with a surge of emotion.

‘How long have I been here?’

‘I’m not sure twelve maybe fourteen hours, Harry you do know I love you, I never meant those things I said, I don’t want to lose you, I don’t ever want you to leave me alone’
Hermione told him as she gently squeezed his hand.

Harry felt his other hand being stroked and he slowly painfully turned his head a little to look and see Ginny sitting there with tear stains on her face, he gave her hand a little squeeze and tried to smile at her.

‘Tell Ginny I said hi. Have you eaten anything today?’ he asked as he squeezed her hand in return.

Hermione hesitated in answering and he knew she had not left his side all day, ‘You two go get something to eat, I want to be a father in the near future you know’ Harry said as he drifted off to sleep.

“Harry says hi, I think he’s going to be ok Gin, he’s sleeping now, normal sleep, the state he’s in and he’s worried about us, he wants us go get something to eat,” Hermione said the relief showing in her voice.

Ginny and Hermione entered the kitchen to find it full of solemn looking people, all of their eyes turned to the two girls as they walked to the table.

“Harry is sleeping now, he came to a few minutes ago, wanted to know if he had been hit by a train, I think he’s going to be alright,” Hermione said before she collapsed in a heap on the floor.

Mrs Weasley was by her side in an instant “This poor girl, she looks half starved,” she said as she cast an enervate charm on Hermione.

“She is, she’s been over working like she always does, only this time she took it way too far,” Ginny said as she sank onto a chair.

Hermione woke to find everyone looking down at her, “Sorry I just…” she trailed off as they all said they knew how she felt.

Sirius and Remus helped her up and sat her in a chair at the table, Remus fetched a glass of milk and made her drink it while he and Sirius sat one either side of her holding her up.

Cook had taken one look at Hermione and called Erin over, “We need a ‘special’ making, like the one’s we made for Mistress Lily, you know the things we will need, now off you go and hurry up,” she told the little elf as she started to pull down some pans.

Mrs Weasley joined cook at the stove “Can I help at all cook?” she asked with a smile.

“I’m making a special elf recipe, it will have Mistress Hermione back on her feet before the day is over,” cook declared.

“Well I don’t mind if you only want me to peel some thing, I just need to have something to do,” Mrs Weasley told the cook.

Cook was surprised by Mrs Weasley who usually tried to do her job for her, “Ok I’ll teach you the recipe if you promise to keep it secret then you can help see that Mistress Hermione doesn’t get her self in such a state again,” cook said as Erin came back into the kitchen with an armful of herbs and shrubs.

“Why does everyone call you cook, I mean I know it’s your job it’s what you do, but they don’t call Erin, maid, or Glanry, Butler, what name can I call you?” Mrs Weasley asked.

Cook look up at Mrs Weasley and gave a huge grin, “I much prefer being called cook, you see my elfish name was a big joke to Master James and his friends, some sort of Muggle name for some one who is not all there up here,” she said pointing at her temple.

“Oh I see, are you going to tell me, I won’t laugh,” Mrs Weasley said smiling at the face cook was pulling.

“Skrewie,” was all cook said.

“‘Skrewie’ I don’t see anything funny with that, but then I’m not a Muggle, and James and the gang always were jokers,” Mrs Weasley said thoughtfully she rather liked the name, it seemed more friendly somehow.

Cook made some very special broth showing Mrs Weasley how to make it as she worked. They served a helping to Hermione Who sat glancing at the door every few seconds, she desperately wanted to be with Harry, but she knew she now had to get fit again so she could take care of him.

Cook stood glaring at Hermione; “You Mistress will take all that broth, now come on, I’m not moving till that bowl is empty,” she almost seemed to scowl.

Cook had seen Harry’s mum in similar conditions as Hermione, they were a lot alike, both were desperate to fill their heads with knowledge while ignoring the parts of the body that kept the head in place and working, and she knew that Hermione’s body had reached a stage where she did not actually feel hungry anymore.

With each spoonful of broth Hermione ate, a little more colour returned to her face, the dark rings under her eyes began to fade; Hermione was beginning to feel she could once more face the world.
After her third bowl Hermione looked more herself, she was still thin as a rake, but she no longer had the signs of tiredness that had coloured her features earlier.

Ginny only managed one bowl and was feeling just about as fit as she ever had in her entire life. She offered a spoonful of the green broth to her mother who having swallowed it, felt it working as it seemed to radiate through her entire body.

“Now that’s the sort of food I should be serving those boys of mine,” she said to Ginny as she licked her lips.

“Don’t forget, it’s a very special recipe, it should only be used when needed, or it will lose its potency,” cook told the beaming Mrs Weasley.

Six hours later Hermione woke with a crick in her neck, for a second she wondered why she was sleeping in a chair, then it all came flooding back to her, she opened her eyes to find herself looking into the green eyes of her husband, the man she loved above all things ‘and that includes knowledge’ she told her self.

“Harry, you’re awake, how long have you been awake, you should have woken me,” she said rapidly.

Ginny sitting the other side of the bed woke as she heard Hermione talking, she was so pleased to see Harry was awake, she started to cry again.

“Sorry Harry,” she sniffed “It’s, I was just so scared.”

“Hi Gin,” Harry said a little hoarsely, “thanks for sitting with me.”

Hermione poured him a glass of water, and held it for him as he took a sip, “Easy sweetheart,” she told him as he tried to take a little more.

“Is Goldie ok, I think she tripped, I was pushing her to hard?” Harry asked after sipping the water.

“Yes love, Goldie is fine, she went back to the stable, Dig found her out side, that’s how they knew you had to have fallen off,” Hermione answered

“She must have jumped the hedge on her own if she went back to the stable, looks like I owe her one, Oh and I did not fall off, I think I went into orbit,” Harry joked but as he tried to laugh he found it way to painful.

Harry asked the girls if they could help him sit up but they both refused, instead Hermione called for Glanry, “Could you ask Madam Pomfrey if Harry is allowed to sit up yet, please,” she said to the head house elf when he appeared.

Glanry returned just a few seconds after vanishing “Madam says that he can sit up for fifteen minutes, but he is to lie back down if he gets any pain or difficulty in breathing.”

The two girls looked at Harry for a minute before coming to a silent agreement on how to sit him up, together they each placed an arm around his back, they then slipped the other arm under his thighs and together they lifted him moving him back against his pillows as they did so.

Hermione could not resist kissing him after Ginny gave him a quick peck on the cheek and left them saying she was off to the kitchen for a cup of tea.

Very gently she leant over him and kissed him, she tried to fill the kiss with all the love she could, along with an apology for being stupid.

Ginny watched from behind the partially closed door, as Harry moving a little gingerly wrapped his arms around Hermione and held her close, she smiled and said to herself as she walked away “Fight forgotten.”

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