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Harry Potter and the Final Countdown by Lopie
Chapter 32 : Overture or Obituary
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Chapter Thirty-Two
Overture or Obituary?


The-Boy-Who-Lived dies after defeat of You-know-who
Vicious battle leads to a bittersweet end.

The battle that was waged yesterday in an undisclosed location brought the war to a final, though very tragic, end. The Minister of Magic, Rufus Scrimgeour, spoke of the horrifying and glorious end today.

Harry Potter led the attack against you-know-who after the secret location of the Ministry of Magic officials as well as the hiding Hogwarts student body and staff was found yesterday. The attack lasted for hours before the battle was ended.

Official reports have yet to be completely released. The only released information currently is that through a tragic set of events Harry Potter lost his life fighting against Voldemort, but that the-boy-who-lived managed to defeat Voldemort before his death occurred.

Many believe this a day of celebration, but what of our fallen hero? I ask you today, as you are toasting in celebration that you remember the-boy-who-lived today, since his actions show that he thought of all of our safety to the very end of his life.

I wish to offer my condolences to those close to Mr. Potter today. Though they cannot but be hurt by their loss, I wish it known that I will not celebrate this day as it seems to be the worst one as Mr. Potter, who fought so valiantly throughout his short life, was one of the bravest heroes this world has ever known. He should be missed by all.


The week following Harry’s death passed slowly for all who cared for him. After news spread through the wizarding world the loss was felt by many, but numbed by the news that before he’d passed on he’d miraculously managed to defeat Voldemort. The most notable changes among those close to Harry, however, were often seen in Severus Snape and Albus Dumbledore.

Dumbledore seemed to be a man broken in a way none expected. Tears often filled his eyes at the memory of the years he’d seen Harry sitting at the Gryffindor table talking with his friends happily or in the hushed tones that normally meant he’d figured something out that was happening around him. What shocked every student who’d seen him closely was the fact that the constant twinkle they’d known to be waiting in his eyes as he talked to the students over the years was now vacant when they spoke to him then.

Snape, surprising the students more than any would admit, openly declared his animosity to any student who managed to speak ill of Harry. Blaise Zabini, Goyle, Crabbe, Millicent Bulstrode, and Pansy Parkinson were dropping their house to negative numbers quicker than any could expect, and were often seen in detention with Snape. The vicious attack on Slytherin house by their house head was even more shocking.

He took a strong stance upon returning to the school that anyone heard using inappropriate terms for muggle born witches and wizards would be brought before the board of governors to defend their actions and Snape warned them all that he would be recommending expulsion. The next plan of action was a new class that all wizard born students had to attend to show them all why the thoughts that he had pretended to adhere to for so long were corrupt. The only students allowed out of the class were only allowed to leave by passing a test devised by Snape with full marks. Only ten students had managed to pass that test of the hundred who had taken it. All of this was agreed to by Dumbledore as well as the Minister of Magic himself.

It was as this was all being set in motion that Remus Lupin went to see Snape for the first time without the thought that he had helped betray his friends to Voldemort. Remus remembered his promise to Harry well, and meant this as a time of change. He planned to speak to Snape to tell him that he held no ill will against him and inform him of Harry’s funeral.

“Hello Severus.” Remus said as he entered the man’s office.

“Lupin.” Snape said with a slight nod before returning to grading the students papers.

“I hear you’ve been busy with Slytherin house.” Remus said calmly.

“Come to gloat?” Snape asked.

“Not at all.” Remus said and gestured to the chair opposite Snape. “May I?”

“If you wish.” Snape said and looked up as Remus sat down. “How may I help you?”

“I came to ask you something.” Remus said.

“Then ask your question.” Snape said quickly, in a clipped tone.

“Why did Harry call you family?” Remus asked. “No one told me anything was different between the two of you. I thought you still held the same animosity towards him as before.”

Snape nodded. “I do not know why he called me family.” Was his reply. “Our animosity towards each other this last year was the necessary act we both played. I could not show that I was on good terms with Potter or it would have destroyed my chances as a spy. For the same reason he could not show that he saw the truth of my character.”

“What do you mean Severus?” Remus asked with a confused look.

Snape sighed. “You assume me still to be the ignorant boy I was as a child.” He replied with a heavy sigh. “I am not the foolish boy who looked to the dark arts any longer. I have paid for my mistakes with my years of being forced to play the role given to me. I have changed Remus, whether you believe that or not. What you do not understand can be explained very simply.”

“And how is that?” Remus asked, clearly feeling he was missing something important.

“When all others but Albus saw the worst in me, even you, Harry looked at me and saw that I fought for redemption.” Snape told him. “The boy offered me a third chance at life. The only other person to do something like that was Albus himself, and even he did not cause himself to suffer as Potter did to make that choice. Even after he knew the truth of who gave Voldemort the prophecy he still forgave me for what happened. A more noble gesture could never be found, and I found myself in his debt then. No longer was the debt I owed James as important, because the debt I owe to Mr. Potter is greater than that.”

Remus merely nodded at this and stood. “I understand Snape.” He said. “You should be at Harry’s manor this weekend. I’ll take you to the cemetery myself. Since you’re family you should be there with the rest of us.”

Snape looked at Remus shocked. “What?” He asked.

Remus smiled sadly. “Harry said you were family and he asked me to remember it.” He said. “Harry’s funeral is on Saturday. Kei, Jen, and Rena are making a special mausoleum for him in honor of him being a guardian now. I think he’d want you to be there.”

Snape looked saddened for a moment before he nodded again. “At what time should I arrive?”

“We’ll bury him at noon, when the sun is high.” Remus said. “It seems fitting.”

“It does at that.” Snape said softly. “I will be there Remus.”

“Good.” Remus said with a short nod. “I’ll leave you to your work Severus. Good day.”

“Good day.” Snape said as he turned his attention back to his work.


“What are you two doing?” Kei asked.

“We’re listening to the song Harry used to listen to when we trained.” Takeshi said. “He said it was his favorite Japanese song.”

Kei listened to the words for a minute before smiling. “That does sound like him.”

All the words that you ever spoken gently to me
Can't keep me warm and safe any longer
I can't keep this anger inside of me anymore
I'm dedicated to an never ending fight of hate

Because someday we all return to heaven someday I know
That I'll speak with you again, this is not goodbye


Redemption.... Redemption...


Ryo nodded. “He always said he understood the song well.” He said. “Why didn’t he seem scared at the end Kei?”

“For the same reason you won’t be Ryo.” Kei answered with a sad smile. “He is gone from us, but his parents and godfather were waiting for him. When we go, he’ll be waiting for us beside Mom and Dad. Then we’ll join in their adventures as they will join in ours.”

Takeshi nodded. “He told us so we would know, didn’t he?” He asked his older brother.

Kei nodded. “That’s right Takeshi. He wanted us to know that death wasn’t simply the end.”

Takeshi smiled sadly. “Kei, do you think Dad will help him in his new adventure? The one they told him he had?”

Kei nodded. “I’m sure if Father can help Harry that he will.” He replied. “Father seemed to approve very highly of Harry.”

“I’ll still miss him.” Ryo said softly. “He was a great friend.”

“He was that and more.” Kei said. “A great friend, a strong ally, and a good brother.”

“Yeah.” Ryo and Takeshi agreed.


Tonks stared at the glass in her hands as the song repeated. It seemed a common tone in the house. Most of the people in the manor seemed to just sit while music played these days. No one bothered to talk most times because there was so little to say.

Tonks was hit almost as hard by Harry’s death as Ginny because she’d come to love Harry so much like the little brother she’d always wanted in her life, and he always played the role without even trying it. Now she missed him more than she could explain and she knew that no matter how hard she tried she’d never see him walk through the door with a smile and ask her why she was so down or say life was not quite as serious as she made it.

Remus tried to help her as well as he could but he always seemed depressed when it didn’t work. She tried to take this well but it just didn’t work. She just kept seeing that peaceful smile she’d never seen Harry have before and knew that she wouldn’t have her little brother return to her to talk about his adventures again.

“How are you today?” Remus asked sadly as he walked into the room.

Tonks jumped slightly at his voice before she motioned toward her glass as she refilled it. “Pissed.” She said softly. “You?”

Remus sat next to her and sighed. “He wouldn’t want you to do this to yourself.” He told her. “He didn’t want this.”

“But he’s not here to tell me about it though is he?” Tonks retorted.

“You can’t do this to yourself.” Remus said. “It doesn’t stop the pain.”

“How would you know?” Tonks asked angrily.

“Cause I tried it myself seventeen years ago.” Remus replied. He stood up and hugged her tightly. “Mourn his death, that’s okay. Don’t try to drink it away Tonks. It will never work. I love you, and I need you now. Please don’t let me do this myself anymore.” And with that he walked away.

Tears began streaming down Tonks’ face as the door closed. She put her glass down and held her face in her hands. What am I doing? She asked herself. I’ve got to pull myself together. Remus needs me. With that thought her ears caught the part of the song that always reminded her most of Harry.

I feel so enslaved
I really Tried
I did my time

I am the one who chose my path
I am the one who couldn't last
I feel the life pulled from me
I feel the anger changing me

“I’m so sorry I couldn’t protect you Harry.” Tonks said sadly as the tears continued falling down her face. “I promise I’ll keep everyone else safe for you. I promise.”


“What’s wrong Jen?” Rena asked nervously as she walked in.

Jen looked up with her eyes still red and puffy from crying. “What are we going to do now?” She asked.

“We’re going to do what we do best.” Rena answered. “We’re going to listen to what Harry said and trust that he knows what he’s talking about.”

“But how do we stand a chance without him?” Jen asked. “We were always strong before because Harry always seemed to know what to do and what to say. Now who do we turn to?” She added in a broken voice.

You and me
We have no faces
Soon our lives they’ll be erased
Do you think they will remember?
Or will we just be replaced
Oh I wish that I could see,
How I wish that I could fly
All the things that hang above me
To a place where I can cry

So what can it be?
No one hears me call,
Echoes back at me
No ones there.


“Each other.” Rena said as she sat next to Jen and put an arm around her shoulders. “None of us are alone. We’ve all got each other. We’ll get through this.”

“I don’t think I can handle this anymore.” Jen said. “Who’s next? Who do we lose now?”

Rena shook her head. “We’ve got no reason to lose anymore. The dark times  have passed.”

Jen shook her head. “Not yet.” She said. “The death eaters aren’t done. They just didn’t know Harry was dying. If they had they wouldn’t have stopped. Now they’ll have a reason behind their fight. A great good and a great evil cancelled each other out. What if they use Voldemort as a martyr for their cause?”

Rena smiled. “Harry was a martyr in a way.” She said. “And he was always more powerful than Voldemort. Just look at what he did. Even as he was dying he was strong enough to kill Voldemort. Who else could do that?”

“No one.” Jen said.

Rena nodded. “Damn straight.” She said. “That’s our fearless leader for you.”

Jen laughed softly. “He was always the brave one wasn’t he?”

“Had no choice but to be really.” Rena said with a sad smile. “Now its up to us. There’s a whole house just falling apart with only Kei and I to try to help everyone.”

“Just let me listen to this song and I’ll try to help you.” Jen said.

“Okay, but take a shower first.” Rena said with a slight smile. “You won’t help anyone if you look like you’ve been run through the ringer yourself. Pero andale chica, the rest are worse than you.”

“Okay.” Jen answered before turning her attention back to the song.


“Hermione?” Ron asked after her as he opened the door slightly.

“Come in Ron.” Hermione answered softly.

Ron came in and sat next to her. “I still can’t believe it.” He said as he closed his eyes and fought against the tears. “I keep expecting he’ll come back and say something thick like ‘What are you lot so upset for?’ and have us all cheered up in a flash.”

Hermione nodded. “I know.” She said. “I miss him so much. He’s been there to help me through so much and now I keep feeling like he’d be able to help if only he wasn’t the reason I felt this way.”

“I wish I could’ve helped him.” Ron said. “Maybe if I’d been closer I could have helped. I might’ve even been able to save him.”

“He wouldn’t have let you.” Hermione said. “You know how Harry is. He’d have shot you across the yard before he let you help.”

“But he was my friend!” Ron yelled as the tears finally escaped his eyes. “I should have been beside him! I should have helped him whether he wanted it or not! I should have been there.” With that his head fell. “Why couldn’t I help him when he really needed it?”

“We did Ron.” Hermione said. “Just not as much as we wish we could.”

“And because of that we’ll never see our best friend again.” Ron said is the most depressed tone Hermione ever heard from him.

“I know.” Hermione said, sounding equally broken.

“I’m going to get stronger.” Ron said in a determined voice. “I’m going to remember what Harry taught me, I’m going to learn everything I can from the aurors at the academy, and I’m going to ask Kei, Jen, and Rena to help me with everything they can. We won’t lose another friend Hermione. I won’t let it happen again.”

“Me neither.” Hermione said. “I’ll do whatever I can to learn to cure the effects of every spell I can.”

“I hope he’s all right on that new adventure of his.” Ron said sadly.

“Me too.” Hermione replied.

Now the day has come,
We are forsaken,
There's no time anymore.
Life will pass us by,
We are forsaken,
We're the last of our kind.


Ginny had not spoken to anyone aside from Dobby and Tinky since the day Harry died. She immediately locked herself in Harry’s private study, which seemed anything but a study, and refused any visitors. Since then she’d poured out her heart day after day in tears as she continuously moved through Harry’s collection of music.

Let me wake up in your arms
Hear you say it's not alright
Let me be so dead and gone
So far away from life
Close my eyes
Hold me tight
And bury me deep inside your heart

She didn’t know what to do anymore. She kept feeling that a huge part of her was missing and she didn’t know how to find it. As time passed it didn’t seem to get better but tear her apart even more. She looked to her wand again and continued to cry.

All I ever wanted was you, my love
You're all I ever wanted is you, my love
You're all I ever wanted, just you

She knew what she was planning on doing. She made no imaginative belief that Harry would be happy about it. The rest of her family wouldn’t either but she didn’t care anymore.

Let me never see the sun
And never see you smile
Let us be so dead and so gone
So far away from life
Just close my eyes
Hold me tight
And bury me deep inside your heart

Ginny missed him so much. She’d just picked up her wand when something happened she never expected. Bill unlocked and opened the door. He didn’t bother to knock, just walked in and sat across from her and gave her a very knowing look.

“What are you thinking about doing Gin?” Bill asked calmly.

“I miss him so much Bill.” Ginny said softly, unable to fight the tears back even though she hated her brothers to see her cry. “Its not fair that it had to end like this.”

“So you think Harry will welcome you with open arms?” Bill asked. “Doing this to yourself? From what you and Ron told he’d be right pissed off about the whole idea. That’s not to mention all the things Fred and George say.”

“I don’t care if he’s angry!” Ginny yelled. “He’s never stayed angry with me for long!”

“But this is a lot different than just making a simple mistake.” Bill said with the strangely calm tone he had. “I think this would take him a long time to get over.”

“I can’t take it anymore Bill.” Ginny told him in a defeated voice. “I feel so alone, so empty. What am I supposed to do?! I can’t take it anymore Bill! I just don’t want to be alone anymore.”

Bill did something then that Ginny never expected. He stood and walked the few steps to her, plucked her wand from her hand, pulled her up, and hugged her tightly. “Then let us help you Gin. We’re all here for you. Let us help, even if we just give you a shoulder to cry on. We all love you Ginny, and we’re here for you.”

Ginny, unable to fight it all as weakly as she was any longer, hugged Bill and wept loudly. “It hurts so much Bill! I want him back! I love him Bill, why did he have to die?!”

“I don’t know Ginny, I really don’t.” Bill said. “But I wish he hadn’t.”

That's the way it's always been
My heart stops beating only for you Baby
Only for your loving

All I ever wanted was you, my love
You're all I ever wanted is you, my love
You're all I ever wanted, you, my love
You're all I ever wanted, you, my love


The aftermath of war
Harry Potter to be buried in the
Cemetery of Heroes
Many to receive Order of Merlin

Today it was announced that Harry Potter would be buried in the Cemetery of Heroes, an honor granted to the bravest of men. The funeral for Mr. Potter will be held the coming Sunday at three in the afternoon and all are welcome to attend, as was told to us by the Minister of Magic.

Also reported today was the mass honors of Order of Merlin first class today. Ten unnamed students received their medals privately today at the families requests for anonymity. A ceremony will be held next week in which Albus Dumbledore and Harry Potter will both receive their second Order of Merlin first class with Remus Lupin accepting for Mr. Potter. With those two great men Molly, Arthur, William, Charles, Percival, Frederick, George, Ronald and Ginerva Weasley, Hermione Granger, Kei, Ryo, and Takeshi Mori, Jennifer Richardson, Lorena Barrero, Nymphadora Tonks, Severus Snape, Minerva McGonagall, Filius Flitwick, Eileen Pithman, and Remus Lupin will also receive Order of Merlin first class. Many aurors are also receiving awards at another ceremony held later in the month.

This is the largest number of people ever to receive the Order of Merlin in history. In fact, more people will receive this award next week than there are currently in history. This monumental act is being granted by the Minister due to their active parts in the war against you-know-who in the last battle.

We will keep you informed on this story as it develops. Please view the special edition Daily Prophet Monday for a full report of the funeral of Harry Potter for those that cannot attend.


“Why do the papers say he will be buried tomorrow Remus?” Eileen asked him as they stood in front of the mausoleum waiting for all the others to arrive.

“To help Harry.” Remus said. “I told Scrimgeour I had a fear that people might start a search for the grave of Harry Potter, and he offered this. He’ll be granted an honorary tomb in the Cemetery of Heroes, though only those close to him will know, and he will still be able to rest with his family and friends.”

“It was very kind of the Minister to do that.” Eileen said.

Remus smiled. “He was rather fond of Harry.” He told her. “Harry always did have that way with people.”

“Very much like James.” Eileen said with a soft smile. “I was amazed that Lily was not as fascinated by him as all the rest of the school seemed to be.”

“She merely did not find his antics as funny as most.” Snape told Eileen. “She saw them as torturous and cruel. Some would agree.”

“But they weren’t all that way Severus.” Eileen said. “It wasn’t just a few they picked on. Anyone was as likely to be the butt of their jokes. You just seemed like the most likely target to them I assume.”

“I am grateful that Potter didn’t inherit that talent of his father’s.” Snape said. “I’d hate to think I respected someone so much like the man who tortured me throughout my school years.”

“He was very much like James, Severus.” Remus said. “It was just that his plans were more serious than James. He put stopping Voldemort above all else in his life. I wished many times that he would make a joke or two, just to keep himself from the breakdown I always worried would come.”

“Even I noticed that about him Remus.” Snape said seriously. “He always was a very mature child. Even at the age of eleven I could see the seriousness in his eyes.”

Kei, Jen, and Rena walked up to them then. “Everyone’s here guys.” Kei told them. “We’re ready to start when you are.”

“I suppose we should start now.” Remus said and the others nodded. Remus nodded sadly to Tonks as he turned around. “Everyone, I’m glad you are all here. Being a part of this family that has come today is the reason Harry had to continue as he did. He loved and respected everyone you see in some way or another. Kei, Jen, and Rena wish to follow something they found in the book of the guardians now, so I believe it is up to them now.” He finished and went to stand by Tonks and wrap one arm around her, allowing her his shoulder while she cried.

Kei, Jen, and Rena, each carrying boxes, walked into the mausoleum and placed the boxes on the three pedestals they placed in there, one at either side of Harry and one near his head. Then they walked out and placed a charm over the mausoleum. Then Kei turned to face everyone.

“We didn’t know Harry as long as you all did.” Kei said. “But we loved him the same as you. We did this today to show him the pride we had in him as our friend, our brother, and our leader. I hope that he continues his next adventure as strongly as he went about this one.”

“To have a hero as a friend is a daunting thing.” Rena said. “None of us expected Harry to be as he was. If he was egotistical or something we might feel differently. Instead, he was always sweet, honest, trustworthy, and noble. I’ve lost one of the best friends I’ve ever had. But I won’t cry for him. He wouldn’t want that now. He’d want us to be strong and keep going as we always have, so that when we see him after our times come we have great stories and memories to share with him. That’s what I’ll wait for. That’s when I’ll cry. When he can tell me it makes no sense to cry for him anymore. It’s all I can do.”

“None of us can tell any of the others how it feels today.” Jen told them all. “We all lost something different to us, though we all lost the same person. But all of us can help each other to show that we aren’t the only ones suffering. We’ll never have to suffer alone. That’s the gift Harry gave to all of us. To those who have very little family, he gave us a large one. To those with a large family, he managed to make it a little larger. Just remember that as long as he isn’t forgotten he’s never really gone.”

Kei nodded and closed his eyes a moment and took a deep breath. “I can’t offer much to Harry now, but I will never forget him. He will be in my memory for as long as I have it. I will remember him with everything I do. I hope that you all will do the same.” He said before all three walked back to stand beside Rena’s parents, Anna, Ryo, Takeshi, and Brianna.

“I can’t deal with it at times.” Ginny told them all. “Sometimes it feels like its too much to handle. If not for Bill I might not have. But he was right. Harry doesn’t want us to join him just yet. I’m going to be the best auror I can be to show Harry that he didn’t waste his time teaching me.”

Brianna moved away from Kei and walked to Ginny and put a hand on her shoulder. “I’ll be right there with you Gin.” She said firmly. “Harry always said we’d end up partners. I won’t let you down, or him either.”

Ginny smiled sadly. “Thank you.” She said.

Brianna nodded. “Anytime.” She told Ginny.

“I’m with you too Gin.” Ron said firmly. “We can’t let him down.”

Hermione sniffed once and wiped the tears from her eyes. “I won’t forget Harry. Never.” She said. “I always remember the way he was smiling and laughing on Valentine’s day. It was the happiest I ever saw him.”

“Of course he was happy.” Snape said quickly. “Anyone would tell you he was happy when he was around all of you.”

“He’s right.” Eileen said. “He always had a smile when he was around all of you.”

“Yes, they are right about that.” Remus said. “He loved everyone he could. I’m going to do what I can to help him with his wishes and goals.”

“So will I.” Tonks said thickly, still crying. “I won’t ever forget him.”

They went on this way for hours, telling stories, trading condolences, and just being there for each of them. After some time they all made their way back to the manor. None of them spoke about the unorthodox funeral. They merely at dinner in silence, all lost in their memories of Harry.


The group from the funeral the day before were once again gathered in a  cemetery. This time for the honorary burial. None spoke but their grief seemed almost worse than the day before. After nearly thirty minutes of waiting Rufus Scrimgeour took the stage.

“Nearly two weeks ago we lost a great man.” Scrimgeour said. “I’ve not come to speak on his behalf because, while I did know him, I did not know him as well as I’d have liked. I believed that he would be here longer and that I’d have time to know him better in the future. Take the advice of a foolish minister; never put things off if you have the opportunity not to. I feel I have lost a great honor in not making a good friend of Harry.

“Instead I introduce someone who did know him well.” Scrimgeour continued. “Only one person has the strength at this time to speak of Harry to you all, so I will announce him now. The man who Harry often called his role model, mentor, and friend. Albus Dumbledore, if you’ll please come forward.”

Albus made his way slowly to the front, seeming far older than he ever had before. People were shocked at this display. With a brief nod at the Minister he turned to face the crowd with sorrow filled eyes.

“Hello everyone.” Albus began. “I wish we were all here under happier circumstances. I have known Harry for many years now, and I have never met a more perfect description of a Gryffindor. Though his time was short for this world he lived a life more full than many here today can say, with very few exceptions.

“Harry, while having no family of his own, found those that he could love as such and have them return the love to him. I am honored to have been counted among those people. Many will say in the coming time that Harry was great because of his defeat of Voldemort, but I will not agree with this belief.

“Harry was a great boy and greater man because of his ability to love so strongly, as well as his near inability to hate.” Albus continued. “In that way he was greater than even myself. He was a wizard of defining character and nobility. Even his last words assured those that love him that it was not the end because his life here had been extinguished.

“This is why you see me before you all today in such a saddened state.” Albus told them all openly. “Not that Harry has gone, for I know he is not merely gone but adventuring on in his next life, but because he was too young for this adventure and for many years I had always thought I would have been waiting for him to join the adventures instead of Harry waiting on me. I fear that I have betrayed him by not being there to prepare him.

“If you feel sadness on this day, feel it for those here.” Albus said as a solitary tear escaped his eye. “For his surrogate family, as well as his friends, for we are the ones who have lost on that tragic day. We lost a star that once shone so bright as to lead us out of the dark even when we had no faith ourselves. We lost one who gave everything, even his very life, to protect those still living from the darkness. With his last breaths he protected us and still managed to give us comfort. That was his way.

“Today we bury not a hero, but the hero of heroes. But even that cannot truly explain it. On that day, those who loved him lost a friend, a  brother, a future husband, a son, and even a grandson. On that day, we lost the one who gave us so much hope. On that day we lost a part of ourselves that we can never hope to regain.

“So feel saddened for those who have lost all that one this day, for Harry is not saddened. He is with friends past, family gone, and he has the love that we share for him. He shall be waiting for us all to join him. Of that I have no doubt. I only hope that when we do that he will be as proud of us as we are of him.” Dumbledore finished and walked back to his seat and sat slowly.

None spoke for a long moment. Words no longer seemed important. The words that Dumbledore gave them all seemed to express emotions that no one could handle. Those close to Harry were in a fit of tears as Dumbledore himself was close to. Even the reporters and those who never knew him had tears in their eyes or streaming down their faces at the words of Dumbledore. Thus the funeral ended in silence save the tears of those who all now felt the loss of now legendary hero, Harry James Potter.


“Come on, its time to go I think.”

“Huh?” He asked.

“You’ve rested long enough son, don’t you think its time to begin what is needed?”

“What are you talking about?” He didn’t understand what was going on.

“You’ve let it go too long. It’s time we were on our way.”

“We don’t like it here anymore. It’s time to begin again.”

“But begin what?” He asked curiously.

“The next adventure.”

He opened his eyes. “What?”

Sirius smiled. “The next adventure. We told you that you weren’t finished just yet.”

“But I don’t have a wand.” He told them. “Or any weapon really.”

“Seems to me you have three.” Said a slightly arrogant voice to his left. “And that’s not counting that fine sword of yours.”

“Salazar?” Harry asked looking at him closely. “You’re here too?”

“Of course I am!” Salazar exclaimed. “Damn fool boy, where would I go?”

Harry laughed. “Same as always.” He said. “What is this next adventure? I have friends to wait for still.”

“Don’t worry Harry, we’ll know when you need to get them. We’ll show you the way back to them when it’s time.” Sirius said.

“It’s been so long since I’ve seen you up close.” Lily said. “You’ve grown into quite the young man.”

“Mum!” Harry said and rushed to hug her.

“Just like a son of mine.” James said with a shake of his head and a grin. “Never remember the man who gave his life to help your Mum and you escape, just the one who held you last.”

“Dad!” Harry exclaimed and rushed to hug him as well.

Sirius laughed. “Now that all the pleasantries are done, we should start this adventure up.”

“What are we doing?” Harry asked curiously.

“That will depend on you Harry.” Salazar said. “Time here moves as fast or as slow as you want it to. Get to know your family, then look to what is happening since your passing. I’ll come back then and you can tell me of what your plan is.”

“But how will I know?” Harry asked.

Salazar only smiled. “You are a Guardian.” He answered. “I believe the answer will be simple in time. Farewell for now Harry.”

“Goodbye Salazar.” Harry said before he turned to his family. “I had this weird dream.”

Lily smiled. “I can’t wait to hear all about it.” She said.

“Me neither.” James said and gave his son a pat on the back.

Sirius seemed to get comfortable. “Let’s hear this dream then Harry.”

Harry could only smile. “It all started liked this…”

A/N Update: Harry Potter and the Heart of Eternity is up. Currently WIP but coming along quickly now that my computer is of the new variety.

A/N: Okay, now that that's all out of the way. I'm taking a short break to catch up on some of my favorite fanfics as well as those who've been kind enough to read mine. Also, I need to get a head start on my next story for you all. Right now I'm thinking its going to be called Harry Potter and the Heart of Eternity, which is going to be the final story of this set. Not really sure though. I have to work out some of the details. Keep an eye out cause the sequel will come if you just give me a chance to get it going right. Please review everyone. Thanks for reading.

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