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Boys and Girls by ruisselle
Chapter 2 : Ch. 2 - First Day Fun
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Author’s Note: Ack! I’m terribly sorry this took so long to write & get out; school , ballet, and piano are taking over my life! >=[

Disclaimer: The idea of Hogwarts, a few characters, and many last names belong to JK Rowling. I do not claim credit for anything but the storyline and my own, original characters.




Ch. 2 | First Day Fun


James was the first to be awake the next morning, a combination of excitement and a lump in the middle of his pillow making it impossible for him to sleep any longer. As soon as he managed to figure out where he was and why red and gold curtains hung above his head, he sat straight up and proceeded to make his way to Leo’s bed and rip the hangings away.

“First day of classes!” he yelled in the exposed ear and jumped on the bed, bouncing up and down and starting to sing the Hogwarts school song.

“Mate, what do you think you’re doing?” somebody asked from across the room.

James stopped mid-verse and turned to look at the source of the voice. Leo sat, gazing blearily at him, from the bed on the other side of the room. James turned back at the figure in the bed, and was greeted by the angry, dark eyes of the boy from the past night.

James gulped.

“Oh, er – terribly sorry – thought you were my friend Leo – “ James said with wide eyes as he began to inch his way off the boy’s bed.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing? My brothers are going to hear about this, let me tell you. They’ll come and curse your head off for this, you know. Just wait until they hear – “ and with one last glare, he jumped out of bed and ran out of the dormitory.

James looked concerned for a moment, but his expression cleared as he remembered what he had been so excited about in the first place.

“Eh, it doesn’t matter. But classes! Come on, we can get dressed then go to breakfast.”

“Are you sure he’s not serious?” Colin asked worriedly as they pulled the robes over their shoulders.


The foursome became desperately lost on their way down to breakfast. Luckily, Neil managed to spot an older student and get directions, which they could only follow because of Leo’s skill at navigating.


They arrived in the Great Hall at the same time as the majority of the school, having spent their early start in the wrong end of the school. They claimed a spot near the middle of the table and began loading their plates with all manners of delicious breakfast foods.


When the time for passing out schedules came, an older student came up behind them.


“Let’s see, Leo Scamander, James Potter, Neil Lynch, and Colin Creevy?” his voice asked genially and the boys jumped in their seats before turning around.


“Hey, you’re the guy that gave us directions here!” Colin exclaimed in recognition.


“Yeah, I’m head boy Garrett Smith. You lads made it all right, then?”


Neil grinned at him, “Only because Leo, here, is the only one who knows his rights and lefts really well.”


“So you’re Scamander, then?” Smith asked, turning to Leo, “Here’s your schedule. I’d assume you’re related to the one and only Newt Scamander?”


Leo nodded, wincing, “You probably have some weird vendetta against my great-grandfather who was responsible for about four years of homework, am I right?”


Smith grinned, “Something like that. Which one of you is the Lynch?”


All fingers pointed at Neil.


“Your dad’s the seeker then? I’m all for Ireland. I play beater for Gryffindor. Do you play Quidditch?” he asked eagerly.


“Yeah, but I’m better as a chaser,” Neil said nonchalantly, “You should talk to my sister about being a beater. She’s vicious,” he pointed to Àine who was sitting with the Everard girl again. James skirted his eyes around her before turning his attention back to Smith.


“We need to talk some time. But right now I’m supposed to be handing out schedules,” Smith said, cringing, “Where’s the famous Potter kid? Right, this is your schedule. You know, you look a bit like Harry Potter.”


James was prepared to roll his eyes when their aggressive peer came running up to Smith, breathless.


“Oh, Garrett, have you – “ he spotted the four boys behind the head boy and sneered, “Oh, good, you’ve already found them. What’re you going to do to them?”


Smith raised his eyebrows, “These are the boys who woke you up this morning? Have you actually talked to them, Nolan? I think they’re pretty cool. I’m sure it was all in good humor.”


Nolan gaped wordlessly.


“You like them? They nearly killed me this morning!”


“Whoa, wait – you’re one of his brothers?” Neil asked, turning to Smith.


“The eldest of the six Smiths,” Garrett confirmed, his chin jerking up proudly, “and this here is my littlest brother, Nolan. I guess you’ve met each other,” he added, smirking slightly.


“Met?” Colin spluttered, “More like attacked!”


Garrett Smith laughed.


“Well try not to get into any muggle-style fighting, at the very least. I doubt you’ll be able to do much wand damage for a while, thankfully. Have fun with your first day,” Smith chortled, slapping a hand on his brother’s shoulder before taking his leave.


Nolan glared at them.


“You think you got off easy? Garrett’s always been soft. You won’t know what hit you when David or Anthony finds you,” he spat before stalking away.


James stared after him with an almost pitying expression.


“Cheerful sort of bloke, don’t you think?”




A prefect escorted the first year Gryffindors to their first class; Transfiguration, with the Slytherins. Despite the outcome of the last war, the legendary rivalry between the two houses still existed, if only just to make things interesting.


By the end of the class it would be apparent whether or not the Slytherins and Gryfindors would get along, and the tension between the students was high. James was highly uncomfortable with the silence and deemed it an appropriate time to let out a large belch.


Young boys’ laughter echoed around the room, some good natured, others nasty and mocking.


“EEEEWWWWW!” all the girls squealed, as if on cue, except for one.


“That was pathetic,” a high voice laughed.


James stopped mid-laugh and looked for the source of the voice.


Piercing blue eyes stared out from under a mop of reddish-brown hair and a smirk was worn on the girl’s mouth.


“Sorry?” James asked.


“Even I could do better than that,” she said.


Neil laughed, stretching his arms over his head.


“You hear that, James? The girl thinks she can belch louder than you!”


“You want to bet?” she challenged.


James still stared, eyebrows furrowed. He was busy racking his brain for a time that Lily had burped and not gotten in trouble for it. Nothing came.


“Why would you want to do that?” he asked blankly.


A prim voice interrupted the crazy (in James’ view) girl before she could speak, “Honestly, why would anyone belch in the first place?”


Rebecca Vector, the girl that had sat with Everard, looked disgusted. She had already found a flock of girls as nasty and proper looking as her to fan around her like an entourage. All the other girls immediately wiped any other expression off their face to replace it with a look of disgust that mimicked Vector’s and James started to bite back a retort when he was interrupted by a loud slamming of the door.


The old woman who stood at the front of the room looked mildly displeased.


“Really, must they put me with the first year Gryffindors and Slytherins every year? I’m getting much too old for this,” she muttered.


The class looked at each other uneasily.


“Well, what are you are dawdling around for? Quills and parchment out, please. We are going to take a few notes on transfiguration. But first we need to set some rules for my class. Transfiguration is one of the hardest classes you will ever take here at Hogwarts, and I don’t doubt that you will all need to put in an effort to pass this class. Bad behavior will not be tolerated, something you two houses especially ought to take note of, and anyone fooling around will not be let off easily…”


James’ head started to droop and he found himself tracing the same dent in the desk for ten minutes when he vaguely heard someone calling his name.


“James Potter? James Potter? Are you with us, Mr. Potter?” the teacher’s voice cut into his thoughts.


James started and looked up guiltily. Somewhere to his right he heard Leo sniggering.


“Oh, er, yes, Professor.”


The teacher stared at him for a moment then shook her head.


“You’re going to be keeping me on my toes as much as your father and grandfather did, aren’t you?” she sighed.


“Er, no?” James guessed.


She sighed again and looked like she was trying to keep from rolling her eyes. She waved a hand in his direction and went on to the next names of the roll call. James looked around the room and met the eyes of the girl who had challenged him earlier.


She gave him a small, shy smile and raised her hand.


“I’m here, Professor McGonagall,” she said, turning to the front.


“Thank you for joining us, Miss Smith,” Professor McGonagall said dryly.


Leo nudged James’ side.


“Another Smith! Do you reckon she’s related to that Nolan bloke?”


James looked surprised. He hadn’t made the connection as quickly as Leo.


“I dunno! But she’s staring at me and its kinda creepy.”


“I think she fancies you, James,” Neil whispered, leaning over to join in their conversation.


“Ewwww!” Colin squealed.


“BOYS! I’m thinking that you four shouldn’t be sitting together. Mr. Scamander, you stay there; Mr. Creevy, here next to Mr. Smith. You can sit next to Mr. Bulstrode, Mr. Lynch, and I want Mr. Potter here in front with Miss Smith.”


The boys gaped.


“Sometime within the next semester, boys,” Professor McGonagall said impatiently.


The class stifled laughter as the three re-locaters collected their books and shuffled to their new seats. Colin gulped as he scooted as far away from Nolan Smith as possible and Neil felt a feeling of despair wash over him as he looked at the giant, troll-like Slytherin called Bulstrode. But the one who felt he had it the worst was James as he grimaced in response to the Smith girl’s smile. He heard a giggle escape someone who sat behind him and he whirled around to face the offender.


“Something funny?” he found himself saying before registering who was in front of him. It made him even angrier to see Fiona Everard struggling to keep her composure while turning pink from keeping her laughter in. She took a moment to swallow her laughter completely before speaking.


“Oh, no, not at all, Mr. Potter,” she said primly.


James made a face at her before turning around and sinking down in his seat sullenly.





James and Neil made quick friends with Professor Carmichael, who started their first Potions year off by having them all brew a Mytriska Potion - a potion that caused the color of your nose hair to change. He had kept the Slug Club running once Slughorn had retired (for good) and invited James, Neil, and Leo to the first meeting of the year.


At dinner that night, a house-elf (house-elves had been given a public position in the school due to a program called S.P.E.W.) hurried over to the Gryffindor table and handed James, Neil, and Leo each an official looking scroll.


Professor Edward Charmichael invites you,

Leo Scamander, to the first official Slug Club

meeting of this Hogwarts year. Bring yourself

and a friend; refreshments will be served!

 I hope to see you there!

Where: Auxiliary Dungeon

When: September 14; 8:00pm,” Leo read out loud.


“Well, that ought to be interesting,” Neil decided, leaning on the table, “Who’re we going to invite? Girls?” he scoffed.


“I’ll bring Colin, or he wouldn’t be able to go,” Leo offered.


Colin flushed slightly.


“Hey, Colin’s plenty special!” James declared loyally.


“I wasn’t saying he’s not,” Leo defended.


“Well either way, it’s not like we have anything better to do,” Neil interrupted quickly, “So we’re going, right?”




Author's Note: Urgh, I was losing interest in what was happening by the end, so it’s a bit of an abrupt ending that is pretty pointless. Oh well, I’ll probably end up editing this later. What did you want to see? The next chapter (I’m thinking) is going to be the Slug Club party… I’ll have to come up with something interesting for that. Suggestions? Reviews would be wonderful. ^^

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