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'Til Death Do Us Part: The 2nd Installment by LucyintheSkywithDiamonds
Chapter 3 : The Giant Purple Balloon
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*the plot and the OCs are mine the rest belongs to J.K.

"Ok James. No pranks, keep the magic to a minimum, and please try not to upset Petunia or her fiancé," Lily said while she and James were standing on the porch of her house. 

"Well, what if she upsets you?" James asked. 

"Then let me deal with that. I can't just pull my wand out on my sister. My family isn't the same as yours," Lily said. 

"Ok, so no pranks, keep the magic to a low, and don't upset your sister and her boyfriend. And I will do it all because I love you" James said and kissed her on the nose. 

"And I love you. And my parents will too" Lily said and opened the front door. 

"Mom! Dad! We're here," Lily yelled as she and James stepped into her house. 

"Lily dear! We're in the kitchen," Mrs. Evans yelled out. 

Lily and James walked into the kitchen, hand in hand. 

"Lily, how was your day?" Mr. Evans asked as he put down his newspaper. 

"It was great Dad. James and I went shopping in London." 

"Well, you must be James then" Mr. Evans said and stood up. 

"Yes I am. James Potter, sir. It's nice to meet you Mr. Evans," James said and shook his hand. 

"Call me Harold," he said with a smile, the same smile as Lily's. 

"James, it's so nice to finally meet you," Mrs. Evans said and gave him a hug. 

"It’s nice to meet you too, Mrs. Evans," James said. 

"Oh, you're making me feel old. You can call me Camille," she said and James noticed Lily and her mother had the same eyes. 

"So, where's Tuney?" Lily asked and James could tell she was nervous so he grabbed her hand. 

"She's upstairs with Vernon getting him settled" Camille said. 

"Why?" Lily asked. 

"Oh, I must have forgotten to tell you. Vernon staying here until his house is done being built. It will only be for about two weeks. Then he and Petunia will be moving out. I just can't believe that you girls are growing up so fast," Camille said with a smile. 

"Oh, well that's nice" Lily said with fake enthusiasm. 

"James, I think you and Vernon will get on grandly," Camille said while tending to the food. 

Lily and James heard Harold snort from behind his paper. He must not have been a Vernon Dursley fan. 

"Harold" Camille said warningly. 

"What? I'm happy for Petunia, but I'm just not sure about him. Sure he has a job and a house, but the man is 30 years old" Harold said and then went back to reading his paper. 

"30? But Tuney is barely 20" Lily said with shock. 

"Yes, but Petunia loves him and that's all that matters. Right Lily?" her mother questioned. 

Lily looked at James and smiled. 

"Yea it is." 

"James, what are you planning on doing for a career?" Lily's mom asked while they were eating dinner. 

"I'm going to be starting auror training next month," James said and he heard Petunia and Vernon scoff. 

"Sorry, but what is an auror?" Harold asked. 

"Oh, an auror is basically a person that catches bad guys. I always wanted to be one. My dad was Head Auror before he retired." 

"Is it a dangerous job?" Camille asked. 

She seemed very intrigued. 

"Sometimes yes. Right now, we have a dark uprising and it's the aurors' responsibility to catch the guys and keep people protected. It can be dangerous but as long as you have the right training, you'll be confident enough to get the job done. Luckily for me, I'm going to have the best auror around training me. His name is Mad-Eye Moody." 

"What kind of name is Mad-Eye Moody?" Petunia asked. 

"Let's just say Moody isn't exactly dinner talk," James said with a smile. 

Dinner was actually going on without a hitch. James was hitting it off great with Lily's parents. Of course, Petunia and Vernon kept on giving him dirty looks, but he couldn't care less. 

"So Tuney, did you set a date for the wedding yet?" Lily asked, trying to get some kind of conversation going with her sister. 

"Well, Vernon and I decided that we are going to have a private wedding in the Caribbean. We can only afford so many tickets so Mum, Dad, and Vernon's sister Marge, will be attending" Petunia said coldly. 

"Oh. Well that sounds nice," Lily said and her eyes started to sting. 

James grabbed her hand under the table. 

"Well, Lily dear. On the phone you said you had news for us. What was it?" Camille asked, trying to change the subject. 

"Ok. Mom, Dad, James and I are getting married!" Lily exclaimed and finally showed her family the ring. 

"Oh Lily dear, that is fabulous" Camille said and got up and embraced Lily. 

"Both of my girls are growing up so fast. Lily I'm so proud of you and James, welcome to the family," Harold said and hugged Lily and shook James's hand. 

Petunia and Vernon stared daggers at Lily and James. 

"Lily, your ring is beautiful. It must have cost you a fortune," Camille said while examining Lily's hand. 

"I had to save up for a little bit, but Lily deserves the best." 

He glanced over at Vernon who was turning purple and Petunia was looking at her own ring, which was substantially smaller than Lily's. James thought it was funny because Vernon was 30 years old and had a "real" job, while James was an 18-year-old who's barely out of school. 

"Vernon, Lily is very good in charms and potions. She could help you with your problem," James said. 

"What problem?" Vernon asked nastily and squinted his already small eyes. 

"Well, I don't think it's natural for someone to turn that shade of purple. Unless you're a metamorphmagus, but I would guess against that" James said and heard Harold snort again. 

He could tell that he and Harold were going to get on well. 

"James" Lily said in the same tone her mother said earlier. 

"Lily when is your wedding going to be?" her mother asked. 

"We're thinking next summer. And of course, everyone's invited. And Vernon, your sister Marge could come too, if she wants" Lily said. 

"Actually Vernon's family has no clue that my sister is a freak, and we plan to keep it that way. And I should have known you were going to marry another freak. I always thought it would have been that disgusting Snape boy, but you proved me wrong. The one you're with now, seems almost worst. Now if you'll excuse us, we have important things to do" Petunia snarled and she and Vernon left the kitchen. 

"What till she hears that I want her to be my maid of honor" Lily said, almost immune to Petunia's rants by now. 

"Personally I'm offended. I can't believe she likes Snape more than me. No wonder she's marrying the giant purple balloon. Your sister has horrible taste."

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'Til Death Do Us Part: The 2nd Installment: The Giant Purple Balloon


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