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Ron and Hermione:It was never going to be easy by Littowitch
Chapter 1 : A baby causes Problems
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“Alright mate?” said Ron, as Harry opened the front door.

 “Come in” said Harry, taking Ron’s bag off him, he threw it in the cupboard under the stairs, no longer my room he thought smiling, Harry went through this routine too often.

 “Thanks” replied Ron, making his way into the living room and plonking down next to his sister; who leaned in and hugged him.

 “What was it about this time?” asked Ginny, pushing Ron's hair back off his eyes.

“She thought I was eyeing up Malfoy’s wife at the Ministry party”

 “You weren’t were you?” enquired Ginny

 “No, I mean she is attractive you can’t deny that but I wasn’t looking her in that way” said Ron, slumping down further into the couch

 “You said this to Hermione?” asked Ginny

 “Yeah!”  said Ron

 “Well that doesn’t sound like Hermione” said Harry, coming into the living room with cups of tea.

 “Well that is because she isn’t herself, she’s past the four month mark she was bound to get moody and unpredictable” said Ginny, taking two from him and handing one to her brother

 “You didn’t” stated Harry, sipping his tea and then wrinkling his nose at it, honey? this must be Ginny's.

 “Yeah that was because I could just pick a bat and beat a bludger at someone” said Ginny, smiling. She passed her cup to Harry and he put hers on the table between them.“I’ll just go check on James” she said, struggling to get into a position where it was easy for her to stand.

 The young red-haired woman stood up holding her stomach protectively.

 “Two kids in two years, are you sure you guys are ready for that?” said Ron

 “I wasn’t ready to fight Voldemort, but I did it anyway” said Harry, leaning back in his chair and sighing slightly.

 “Yeah mate but this is my sister not the most evil wizard to ever live”

 “We had this conversation when I married her”

 “I know but…”

 “Look Ron, we’re not talking about my marriage but more of your’s and Hermione’s lack of” said Harry, sitting up and glared at him.

 “What!” exclaimed Ron, standing up

“Shh…keep your voice down, James is sleeping” hissed Harry, picking up the cup which Ron had knocked to the ground.

 “Sorry Harry”

 “It’s alright, but look you and Hermione need to work out your problems. It’s fine with you kipping here and everything but Ron you’ve got a baby on the way so say sorry even though you did nothing wrong, she can’t hate you for admitting you’re wrong”

 “Yeah alright”


 “Hermione, you look stunning” said Harry, walking up to his friend and kissing her on the cheek

 “Hem hem what about me?” joked Ginny

 “Gorgeous” said Harry, kissing Ginny on her forehead, “Now Molly sent me in here to tell you that they are ready for you”

 “Ohh I’m so nervous” said Hermione, shaking slightly, “What if me and Ron aren’t meant to be together?”

 “You are sweetie; don’t think about that, just think you are marrying, one of the 8 best men in the world”

 “Best 8 men?” asked Hermione, feeling confused

 “Yeah, Ron, Percy, Bill, Charlie, George, Harry, Dad and Fred God rest his soul”

 Hermione and Ginny laughed.

 “Ready now?” asked Ginny, handing Hermione her bouquet

 “As I’ll ever be”

 “Got the rings mate?” asked Ron, as he and Harry stood at the altar

 “Ohh shit left them in the house” said Harry

 “WHAT!” hissed Ron

 “Just kidding” said Harry smiling and holding the two rings in the air.

 Ron playfully punched him on the arm, “Don’t kid about anything today”

 “Okay I won’t, Look isn’t that Hermione and Malfoy running out the back”

 Ron quickly turned and Harry fell about laughing, “Ohh you are too easy man”

 “Stop it will you” said Ron

 “Yeah alright, but that’s only cause Hermione is about to come up the aisle” said Harry, tapping Ron on the shoulder.

 “Yeah yeah” said Ron, hitting Harry's hand away

 “No Ron I’m serious look” said Harry pointing down the aisle

 “I’m not an idiot I won’t fall for your tricks three times”

 “Urgh… it’s the only way you’ll see…Levicorpus” said Harry, and Ron was immediately turned upside down and looking down the aisle,

 “Well what do you know she is just down the aisle”.


 “This can’t be good” sighed Harry, looking out the sitting room window

 Opening his eyes at the sound of his best friend’s voice, “What can’t be good”

 “Take a look” said Harry, gesturing towards the curtains

 Ron got up and peered out the window.

 On the lawn was Hermione, dropping bags on it. Going back to the car to get more boxes or another bag.

 “Hermione!” shouted Ron, pulling on his jeans, “What the hell are you doing”

 She didn’t answer him, but kept bringing more stuff out their car.

 “Stop it you madwoman” shouted Ron, striding across the lawn

 “Ohh very charming Ronald” said Hermione, with an unfamiliar coldness in her voice

 “Look, can’t we talk about this” said Ron, picking up a pair of his boxers that had fallen from one of the bags

 “No we can’t Ron, you’ll have to come by to get the rest of your crap”

 “Hermione wait!” shouted Ron, as she climbed into their car

Running up to he tried to open the door, but she locked it.

 She started the engine up and drove away. Ron turned back at the house, Ginny, James and Harry who had all been at the window turned away quickly.

 Ron walked back towards the house, picking up his belonging as he went. Defeated and alone again.

 Once inside, Ginny handed James to Harry and hugged her big brother, “Don’t worry you can stay here as long as you want”

 Ron buried his head into his sister’s shoulder and through his muffled sobs he replied thanks.


 “Blimey Ginny, look at the size of you” said Ron, from behind the counter of his and his brother’s shop.

 “I know, I’ve had that said to me about a thousand times” snapped Ginny

 Ron looked taken back, Harry stepped forward, “She is a week overdue”

 “Yeah I know my baby is due this week too” sighed Ron, who began checking papers again.

 “Cheer up a little, would you Ron” said Fred’s Portrait.

 “Shut it”

 “Okay, everyone lets start again” said Harry, who turned around then smiled and said, “Hey Ron, how are you”

 “Nice try Harry, but I really wish I could start again with Hermione”

“She’ll come round mate” said Harry, patting Ron’s shoulder, “Ginny, where’s James”

 “Ohh great, you lost our baby” said Ginny

 “I think I found him Ginny” said Fred’s portrait, “Eww, smells just like his uncle George”

 “Hey at least mine didn’t linger for twenty minutes” said George, emerging from the back room.

 “I do hope, my little front man is doing the shop justice” said George, picking up James and handing him back to Ginny

 “Not really” snapped Ginny


 “Well he is looking there all glum, look couples split up all the time, face it Ron you and Hermione are over”

 “I know”

 Suddenly a silver patronus Otter, came through the doorway, Hermione’s voice spoke very quickly, “Ron I’m having our baby, just to let you know”

 “Hey congrats  Ronnie” called Fred’s portrait, all the Weasleys and Potters began apparating, “Well I guess it’s just me on my own again”

 “I’m all alone there’s no one here beside me, my troubles have all gone…”

 “Shut up Fred” said George, popping back to put the closed sign up.
Fred Weasley left his portrait in a huff.

A/N: I hope you enjoyed the first chapter. Please review and tell me what you think about it

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