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The Black Death by SiriusGal
Chapter 3 : Bad Day
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Disclaimer: JK Rowling is the marvelous creator, not me. (Except for Rebecca and others you don't recognize).

Chapter 3: Bad Day

There are many different meanings of being sick. One can be sick with worry, with self-pity, with longing. One can be homesick, or lovesick. The Black Death, even though it’s an epidemic I’ve completely made up, seems to cause all sorts of problems in my life. Like my personal favorite, jealousy.

I knew I was going to have a bad day when I woke up this morning. It was rainy out, and it made me feel gloomy. Now don’t get me wrong; I love rain. I like the way the air smells after it rains, all fresh and wonderful. But in the morning, it just makes me want to go back to sleep. So, point one for the Black Death.

Then when I finally rolled out of bed ten minutes later I realized that my ‘monthly visitor’ had decided to pay me a visit; lovely. I then proceeded to brush my teeth with such vigor that when Lily Evans came into the bathroom to do her hair, she asked me if something was wrong. I hate been obvious. Two more points for the Black Death.

Do I seem a little grumpy to you? Sorry, but I’m having a BAD day.

Now when I went to breakfast I sat down to eat with Remus, as he had invited me. Then the Marauders come up and sat with us. James and Sirius start talking about Quidditch (as is their usual) and Peter listened so intently you could swear his life depended on what they had to say.

So as Remus and I ignored them and talked about the impossible assignment we received from Muggle Studies yesterday, Miss Popular walks over.

Now, as I have said, I’m the complete opposite of popular. I just…get by. But, Sadie Miller (a.k.a. Miss Popular) is my total and complete opposite. I for one, when a crush of mine comes within a 100 foot radius, I get all nervous. This girl, if she didn’t have a guy within a 100 foot radius, then she would get nervous. I’m sure she’s a nice, considerate girl and all (yeah, right!), but come on. Guys aren’t all that important.

All right, all right. I take it back. They are.

So this is when I finally realize what the Black Death can do. Luckily I haven’t yet experienced the drooling and giggling, I’m starting to become jealous. I’ll have to add it to my list of symptoms.

Here it goes:

Sadie, with her posse Annabel and Lorraine close behind, comes up to our table. Her hips are swinging like it’s her job, the look on her face making me want to pin a cat tail to her in-your-face backside.

(Okay, I understand I may sound rather rude. But really, I hate how people act so fake.)

Sadie comes up and sits down next to Sirius, who’s sitting next to me. She squeezes her skinny, model body between us. Sirius is grinning like he’s just won a trophy and I’m fuming like I just…well, didn’t get a trophy.

“Hey, Sirius,” Sadie says through her perfectly glossed lips. “We have Transfiguration together today.”

“Yeah,” Sirius takes a breath, and when he does, takes a chance at checking her out. “Don’t remind me.”

Sadie is obviously pleased that he checked her out, as she replies, “Promise you’ll sit with me today, okay?”

“Yeah, I promise.” Sirius replies.

Okay, PAUSE! Doesn’t Sirius see how fake she is? She’s totally asking for it! Okay, so what if she’s got perfect teeth, perfect lips, perfect eyes, and a perfect body? Alright, fine, she’s gorgeous.

And jealousy takes the wheel.

Resume the action:

This is when Sadie takes to giggling. Ew. It’s not as high pitched and embarrassing as one who has developed a serious case of the Black Death. Luckily for Sadie (and probably her reputation) she still in the mild stages. Nope, her giggling is low and flirty. Sirius grins; I roll my eyes.

“So Sadie, I hear Will’s been promoted to Captain,” Remus says. Sirius and Sadie turn their gazes away from eachother to look at Remus.

“Oh…really?” Sadie asks, obviously not particularly interested.

Just so you know, Will Harper is Sadie’s ex-boyfriend. She had actually broke up with him because he caught her flirting dangerously with Sirius and got incredibly jealous. Personally, I think anyone would have a death wish to touch anything that belonged to Will. He’s big, tall, and scary. And after what happened; he’s rather vengeful of Sirius.

“Yeah…” Remus says, obviously at a loss for what to continue with.

“Well, I’ll catch you in Transfiguration, Sadie,” Sirius says, glaring at Remus.

“Okay, see you later,” Sadie gives Sirius a flirty smile before leaving with her friends. When she’s far enough away, Sirius turns to Remus, glaring.

“What was that for?” he demands. “We were busy. Why did you butt in like that?”

“I just thought you should remember, Sirius,” Remus answers. “Her boyfriend is out to get you.”

“Actually, it’s ex-boyfriend,” Sirius says, standing up. “And besides, I can handle him anyway.” And with that he stalks off, girls giggling and drooling in his wake.

I turn to Remus who’s staring after Sirius, his brow furrowed. “Well, he got very…well…”

“Intense?” Remus answers for me. “Yeah, no kidding.”

I can’t help it; I have to know. “Why?”

“Sirius…well…he doesn’t like it when I butt in when he’s “busy”.” Remus sighs. “He’s been crushing on Sadie for ages, even though he won’t admit it.” Remus shakes his head.

“So, it’s true then?” I ask. “Her ex is really out to get Sirius?”

“I don’t know; probably,” Remus shrugs, smiling.

I smile. The mischievous Remus has finally come to the surface. That’s why the Marauders are so famous for their amazing tricks; when Remus has an idea, he goes with it. “Then what was your real reason, Mr. Lupin?”

Remus’ face becomes serious. “There’s something about her.” He says. “I don’t think she’s good for Sirius.”

I second that.

“I don’t understand. I never knew you really cared.”

“Of course I do,” Remus seems slightly taken aback. But he leans forward, smiling. “But don’t tell the guys, they’d never let me down if they knew I had a soft side.”

“How cute.” I grin at him.

“What’s cute?” James asks his mouth full of eggs.

“Nothing,” Remus and I say in unison. We smile at eachother, and embarrassed, I feel my stomach do flip-flops. Does this mean I’m cured of the Black Death?

But our ‘moment’ doesn’t get overlooked by James. “Are you coming to Hogsmeade with us, Huntington? Sirius, Peter, and I usually spend hours in the joke shop. But Remus always says the best tricks are ones we don’t buy, but make up on our own. Don’t you, Remus?” James nudges Remus in the arm.

“Yup.” Remus is avoiding my gaze.

“So you’ll probably be able to spend the whole time with him.” James wiggles his eyebrows at me.

I blush, but say. “Sure, why not?”

Maybe I’m not having such a bad day after all. 

A/N: I am so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so to the one thousandth power sorry for the long update. It's been ages! I've had writers block and homework is impossibly loaded. Sorry, once again. I do want to thank everyone's who has been reading and reviewing. You've been great! ~SiriusGal

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