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Time Again by merlinsaprentice1
Chapter 24 : Chapter Twenty four
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Disclaimer these characters are just borrowed from JK Rowlin

Chapter twenty four

Hermione’s birthday surprise

Thursday morning a rather tired Harry dragged himself out of bed and checked his watch, seven am, time to get himself ready. He wanted today to be something special for Hermione’s birthday, the day she became an adult in their world.

Harry found that Hermione was right behind him as he walked to the bathroom, thoughts from the day before flitted through his mind as he watched her walk toward him, “we can share,” she said as she walked past him into the bathroom, having wondered if she had read hiss mind he decided that sharing a bath with her seemed like one of the better ideas they had that week, even if she had read his thoughts.

An hour later Harry and Hermione finally left the bathroom, Harry to cook the breakfast Hermione to get her self dressed, there was very little moaning this morning about there being no shower.

Breakfast was ready when she joined him in the kitchen, “Harry I love it here in this place, do you think if we asked Dumbledore we could come again soon?” Hermione asked as she sat down to her bacon, sausage, eggs, and beans with fresh cut bread lightly toasted.

“Well I had plans to take you over to that Muggle amusement park today, but maybe you would prefer a walk around the village, talk to the locals, get to know them better.”

After breakfast and putting on their coats they left the cottage, and started for the village, it was not long before they met up with O’Keefe who appeared as soon as they passed the first cottage, Hermione wondered if the little fellow actually lived anywhere as he always seemed to pop up in the most unexpected places.

“So Harry, did you give any thought to settling here yet?” Hugh asked as they finished saying hello.

Hermione gave Harry a nudge ‘It would be nice to have a place here, a place where we could escape too. I mean I always wondered where Dumbledore went in the holidays, now I’m sure if we needed to find him in the middle of the summer break I’d bet he’d be down at the pub with O’Keefe and the others’.

“Never gave it a thought, though it might be a nice idea.” Harry replied

“Well every one who comes here seems to think about staying, thought you might be the same,” Hugh said as he looked over toward the village tavern.

Hugh invited them to the pub even as Hermione was talking to Harry in their own special way which surprised them both, it was only a little after nine in the morning, it was much too early for drinking as far as Harry and Hermione were concerned. Declining the offer Harry mentioned that they were going to take their first full tour of the village, maybe get to meet some of the locals, the women especially as up to yet they had only met on the night of the party and there had been so many folk there they had not really had a chance to get to know anyone.

Hugh directed them toward the post office “It’s where most of the women meet and do their gossiping.”

“Well you can believe me, Hermione is all woman,” Harry said laughing. He laughed even harder as both Hermione and Hugh turned red in the face.

“Harry Potter, you should not talk about your wife like that,” Hermione said as she saw the funny part, after all it had been her idea to share a bath earlier, and to show Harry just how much of a woman she was.

“Well I’m off to see if Mcallwee is ready to open up,” Hugh said as they passed the gate to the pub.

It did not take the young couple long to find the village post office, less than a hundred yards from the pub, the lane ended at the village green on the opposite side was the only shop, outside of which were set three small trestle tables around which were sat what appeared to be the entire female population of the village.

Within seconds of their arrival Hermione was invited to join the rest of the women, while Harry being of the male variety was totally ignored after the initial hellos were said. While Hermione joined in with the conversations of the village women, Harry decided to take a look around the small shop, it seemed they sold just about everything that could possibly be needed by a witch or wizard, from potions to potatoes, Harry marvelled at the amount of stuff crammed into the small space.

Over on the right he found a small Muggle postal service working alongside an owl service, just to the left of the small counter there was a notice board, pieces of paper were pinned to it in a haphazard way, Harry began to read the notes, for sale adds were offering all sorts of things for sale, from some ancient comet 5 broom to a well used gas oven that apparently the door had fallen off.

It was toward the bottom of the board that Harry saw what he assumed was one of the newer adds, reading the note he had an idea, it would be the perfect present for his wife’s seventeenth birthday. Taking the note from the board he asked for directions from the old man who had appeared to be asleep but who was obviously keeping an eye on him.

Outside Harry found Hermione busy chatting with the others, ‘Just off for a walk love, back in about half an hour,’ he thought as he strolled away toward his destination.

Harry found Hermione waiting for him when he returned nearly three quarters of an hour later, it seemed she had been brought up to date with who was who, and who did what in the village, Seamus Finnegan it turned out came to visit his grandparents, his mother having grown up in the village. Hermione was ready for a cup of tea and a break from all the gossip, though she did admit that it was nice to have been accepted into the village as though she had lived there for years.

Harry took her hand and began to walk back the way he had just come from, ‘Aren’t we going to the cottage, I really could do with a cuppa,’ she thought to him as he led her further away from the place she could put her feet up and relax.

‘I have something to show you, it wont take long it’s just along the lane here’ Harry thought as he almost dragged her along.

Two hundred yards along the lane just before it went off sharply to the left, Harry stopped at an old garden gate, the paint was peeling and it sounded as though it had not been opened for a long time as Harry pushed at it.

Once inside the walled garden they were faced with an over grown path leading to a rather ancient looking thatched cottage, it was obviously a much bigger one than the one they were staying in.

Dragging Hermione behind him Harry made his way to the front door, a quick Alohomora had the old door lock open, Harry pushed the door open and it promptly fell off its hinges, “It’s been a while since it was opened,” He said as he led the way inside.

Once inside the empty cottage did not seem to bad, “Lets take a look around love,” Harry told her as he opened a door, “I found the kitchen,” he called as he went over and opened the curtains then the windows, ‘the place needs some paint’ he thought as he looked at the peeling wall paper. Trying the taps Harry found that there was water though the colour was a little on the brown side, he left the tap running to run off the water in the storage tank.

Harry met Hermione back in the small entrance hall, “So what do you think?” he asked as he joined her.

“It could be a nice place, it’s got three bedrooms, and I found a small study and a parlour as well as the living room, the bathroom looks like something from a history book, but yeah it could be a nice place, so why are we here?” Hermione replied.

“Well you best start planning a new bathroom then, because its yours, I just bought it you for your birthday,” Harry said grinning, and passing her a bunch of keys and the deeds to the house.

“Seriously, really, for us?” she asked as she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him before rushing off into the living room and opening the windows.
They spent the rest of the day there, Harry conjured them cups of tea and sandwiches as Hermione spent her time conjuring temporary pieces of furniture, changing things around until she had worked out exactly how she wanted their house to look. She had never had any say in how Potter House looked.

With this totally empty house she was able to do all the things she had wanted in a home of their own. She conjured various types of furniture until she decided on having an old world feel to the entire house apart from the bathroom and kitchen; she wanted both of those rooms to look and feel modern and bright.

Harry was about as happy as he had been for quite some time, seeing Hermione so happy and having so much fun planning her house gave him a warm feeling all over, making Hermione happy was something he really did enjoy just for the sake of it.

It was around seven in the evening when they finally left the house, Harry repaired the door and cleared the path as they left, Hermione repaired the garden gate, making it look almost new.

Back at the cottage they sat comfortably on the sofa talking about where they would buy the things for the house. Hermione made plans to visit on as many weekends as they could, she wanted to do all the decorating herself though Harry insisted she let him help out as well.

“This just has to be the best birthday I ever had,” she declared as she relaxed against Harry’s chest, thoughts of rewarding her thoughtful husband were on her mind as she listened to his heart beat.

At nine that evening Harry lay on the sofa his head in Hermione’s lap, she was absentmindedly stroking her hand through his hair the feeling was making him drowsy, he was feeling contented with his life, and they still had three days left to enjoy being alone.

“I think we should go to bed before you get tired,” Hermione said with a glint in her eye.

Smiling Harry answered “I thought we went to bed to sleep Mrs Potter.”

“Well if that’s what you want to do,” she replied with a cheeky laugh.

“Did you maybe have something else in mind?” Harry chuckled as he leant up to kiss her.

“I just thought I might show you what happens for being a good boy,” Hermione said almost giggling.

“Well if I’ve been a good boy, maybe I should go off to bed right now, just to see what happens,” he laughed kissing her again.

“Come on then Mr Potter, I’ll let you carry me too bed and maybe I might just let you ravish me,” Hermione whispered her lips still touching his “on second thoughts though I think I’ll just ravish you.”

Harry carried Hermione into the bed room and placed her gently on the bed, the kissing continued while they stripped each other of their clothing, looking at his naked wife Harry gave a low whistle “you really are a very sexy woman,” he said.

Hermione pulled him down to her, her breast pressing against his chest as she kissed him “And you my love are one heck of a lover,” she said as their passions began to rise “and you’re not bad looking your self.”

They spent their last three days either at their new house or in bed, only occasionally going into the kitchen to have something to eat, ‘I should have bought us a house sooner if I had known what it could lead too’ Harry thought as she pulled him into the bedroom once again.

By the time they were ready to go back to Hogwarts Hermione had made several sheets of notes about the type of furniture and the shades of paint they would need to buy for the house, she had also decided that it might be a good idea to let Ginny and Neville use it for a holiday, get Nev away from that grandmother of his she had declared when Harry raised his eyebrow.

Hermione told their friends about the house as they ate lunch on their first day back at Hogwarts, Ron offered to make some of the furniture promising that it would just be normal furniture no flying spells or anything like that.

When Hermione told Ginny and Neville her idea of them being able to use the place for a holiday, Ginny began to help Hermione with the planning and organising of the decorating, Neville was informed he would be helping Harry on the weekends that they all visited to carry out the refurbishment of their house.

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Time Again: Chapter Twenty four


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