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Letters of Love by ginnyweasley_potter
Chapter 3 : V is for Verses(the Final Battle)
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Chapter 3- V is for versus (The Final Battle)

The battle was in full swing. Fred was dead, they all knew it, and that put a damper on their spirits, but every time Ginny got tired, or felt like falling down or almost gave in to a curse, she looked at her left hand, where Harry would always be with her. I love you, and nothing will ever change that, not Voldemort, not war, not anything, not even the end of the world could stop me loving you. Those were the words running over in her head, over, and over, nothing would break through them, and it made a shield around her, when she looked down at it for the tenth time since she had seen Hagrid come back with Harry’s body, and Harry disappear under his cloak, she realized that no curses were hitting her anymore, they were reflecting off her, as if hitting an invisible shield, and she knew it was because of him, he was with her. She was battling alongside Hermione and Luna against Bellatrix Lestrange and her mum saw this, and came running over, screaming words no one would ever think to hear her say “Not my daughter you bitch!”

The two older witches fought, both with lethal curses, finally Bella went down, then, everyone stopped, they saw Harry walk over to Voldemort, Harry told Tom what had happened that night, in no uncertain terms, and that he was going to die, that all of his horocruxes were gone(many people shuddered at this, but the younger ones just looked perplexed, with the exception of Hermione) “I guess we know what they were doing” Ginny though, looking at Hermione, who looked much older now that all battle was done. Ginny watched as the love of her life and Voldemort each threw a single curse at one another, Voldemort’s wand (the Elder wand) turned to Harry, and the green curse that had come out of it bounced back at its caster, Tom Marvalo Riddle, the most evil wizard of all time, had just been killed by a boy, just barely a man.

Everyone threw themselves at Harry, first Ron and Hermione were by his side, then Ginny and the rest of the Weasleys, along with Neville and Luna. Everyone was extremely happy, but in the case of the Weasleys, and Ron and Hermione, there was a damper, though they didn’t show it, much.

Everyone made there way into the Great Hall, and sat down at the tables, surrounded by friends, Neville had Gryffindor’s sword sitting by his plate, and he had become extremely popular. Harry was being shuffled around from person to person, family to family, and he looked quite tired of it. The only family he didn’t make his way to was the Weasleys, and they understood, Ginny knew better than any of them, he was there when Fred died, he saw it happen, and now he was blaming himself for not being able to stop it, along with still being alive. Harry went to look at the bodies, lined up there. He saw to many familiar faces, to many people dead. He saw the last marauder, and his wife, “Where will Teddy go?” He wondered silently, thinking that Lupin had made him his godfather. He saw the Creevey brothers, he saw Parvati Patil, the one person he did not even go over to, was Fred, he avoided him, and he knew where Fred was, because that was the place surrounded by the most people, all of them having brilliant red hair, save a brown, bushy haired teenager, and a silver blonde woman. He would get to them later. Right now he just wanted to sit.

He made his way through the tables, and found himself sitting by Luna Lovegood, who suggested that he put his cloak on, to get some peace and quiet. He did as she suggested, best idea anyone had had all night, well, possibly, time was so hard to tell. He found Ron and Hermione, then they went up to the Headmaster’s office, unsure of who’s it would be next, for the previous headmaster had been slaughtered by Nagini hours earlier, or at least, they thought it had been hours. They held the conversation that explained everything with Dumbledore’s portrait, and then went back down to the Great Hall, where, in place of mourning family’s now there was a party. NO one who had been at the battle felt like a party, but it seemed like there was reason to, and George had insisted, so, Mcgonagal could not resist,

“If he feels like partying, the rest of us should try to make it seem like we do to, after all, he just lost his twin” She thought, before whipping up some decorations.

Harry parted from the two and went to find Ginny, who he ran into at the punch bowl.

“Ginny, hey,” Harry said, trying to look at her left hand, though she had anticipated this and tucked it under her right.

“Hey Harry, I got your letter, and I must say, it was a brave move, Bill was about ready to kill you when…” Ginny said, dragging it out.

“When what?” Harry said, still trying to catch if the ring was on her hand or not.

“When he saw the ring, Harry, how could you not know how I feel about you? I tried to put everything into your damn birthday present!” Ginny said, laughing.

“Well, I am just about as thick as Ron and Hermione, I guess,” He replied laughing as well, then kissed her, with all his passion, love, everything that he had felt in the past two days were in there.

“I……., wow……, Harry, that said it better than your letter, but, now that the war is over, I think we should do things right, so my parents don’t freak,” Ginny said, giggling a little at the thought.

“Yeah, I just couldn’t think of another way, Ron nearly killed me, though.” He said, holding his hand out, and Ginny put the ring in it, after looking at it one more time.

“You will see this again, Gin,” Harry said, noticing her glance at the ring.

“Now will I?” Ginny said playfully.

“Oh, yes, I happen to know a devilishly handsome man that would give anything to put this ring on your hand,” Harry said, playing along.

“Oh, where is he?” Ginny said.

“Right here,” Harry replied, dropping the game, and leaning in to kiss her.

Ginny pulled back, however, and decided to ask him, so she wouldn’t need to later, about the horocruxes. Harry spent some time explaining, and stopped at the beginning of the battle, when he, Ron, Hermione, Draco, and Crabbe, were in the Room of Requirement.

“Speaking of the RoR, guess who finally caved in there,” Harry said with a devilish glint in his eye.

“Was it Ron or Hermione?” Ginny asked, knowing who he was talking about.

“Hermione, he said that we should get the house elves out, and she had already found out he loved her, so I guess she just couldn’t hold back any longer,”

“Those two are insane,” Ginny said, giggling quietly.

“Who’s insane?” Ron asked, coming over with Hermione.

“Ron, we’re talking about insanity, there is only two people now alive that would fit that category, and they go by, umm… what was that? Roonil Waslib, and the brightest witch of her age?” Ginny played with her brother.

“Harry, you told her already?” Hermione asked, obviously a little annoyed.

“Of course, Hermione, I don’t keep anything from my girlfriend,”

“Oh, so she’s just your girlfriend now, what happened to the ring you gave her?” Ron said.

“Well, I would need to be alive for the wedding, so we are going to slow down now that the war’s over, Ron,” Harry said. “Now, Ginny, would you like to dance?”

“But Harry, there’s no music,” Ginny said.

“Oh, but why do we need music?”

“Fine, point taken,” Ginny said, letting Harry lead her away, though they weren’t seen for a while, dancing or otherwise.

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