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Anglophobia: A Story Of A Death Eater by noraxslytherin
Chapter 8 : The Trap
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CHPT.8 (The Trap)

It had been a month since I had been found unconscious in the Hogs Head parlor.  From what I heard, the bartender came upstairs where he found me bleeding, close to death itself.  He sent a patronus to Professor Dumbledore, telling him to come fetch me.  And I had spent the remainder of the week in the hospital wing, getting glass removed from my wounds.  It was all a very painful process, not to mention I had to make up all the work that I missed.

Tyler and Augusta had visited me every free break they had.  The first time Tyler saw me lying in bed, he started to outright cry, apologizing for making me feel like the third wheel.  I told him it was nothing, and not to worry, but he kept on blaming himself.  Augusta looked guilty too as she had hugged me.  

When I got back from the hospital wing, the Tom Crew didn’t look twice at me.  It was as if nothing had happened between us.  They pretended I didn’t exist, and once or twice I had started to cry.  I didn’t deserve this treatment.  They were treating me like something rotten when all I had done was drink stupid veritaserum!  When I went to bed, Lucretia and Rebecca would talk in low whispers and when I got up in the middle of the night, they weren’t in bed.  I don’t know where they went every night, and I had no intention of asking.  As far as I was concerned, if I ignored them, they’d ignore me.

There were rumors circulating around the school about how I had landed myself in the hospital wing and what exactly I’d been doing in Hogsmeade.  I imagine the scene must look horrid to other people- a 14 year old girl found bleeding in a private parlor in a dingy bar with no wand.  Not only do I not have a wand right now, but I also do not have money.  The stupid Tom crew stole everything. 

I should write to mother and father and ask for a wand and money, but they’d want to know why.  I expect if I told them the truth, they’d send me howlers.  I think I’ll save myself the embarrassment and lie to them.  Maybe tell them I need a new wardrobe or something.  Everything is so horribly wrong right now, that a little white lie wouldn’t hurt…


“Alright, class dismissed.” Professor Dumbledore’s voice rang out.  I grabbed my parchment and ink and stuffed them in my bag, and started to walk out.  “Miss Ivory, I would like to talk to you.”

I turned around.  “What?”  I realized that sounded rude and coughed.  “I mean, pardon me?”

Dumbledore smiled.  “Please take a seat.”

He motioned for me to sit back down, and I reluctantly did.  He sat down across from me, and studied me with those too blue eyes.  It felt like I was being x-rayed, but I just gazed up at him, unable to look away.

“Miss Ivory, I did not want to endanger your health in the hospital wing by asking you questions which you may not want to answer, but now it has been a week after you were found, and I feel as if you have some explaining to do.” He said quietly.  

“Nothing happened.” I whimpered.  He stared at me, and reached into his robes, pulling them back out carrying my…wand.  “WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?!”

Dumbledore, oblivious to my outburst, did not answer.  “I thought you’d want this back.”

“But- how- where- I…” I was totally speechless.  

“I found young Mr. Riddle with two wands.  It seems he accidentally took yours.” Dumbledore said matter-of-factly.

I stared at my shoes; the black leather was wearing off.  “Professor?  I’m sorry if this might sound offensive, but I honestly don’t want to talk about how I was hurt.  Ever.”  

I got up and looked at him.  Something in his eyes looked sad.  “Alright, then, Ms.Ivory, whatever you wish.  But if you would like to talk about anything, feel free to come talk to me.”

I smiled at him, and before I left I unexpectedly spilled.  “Tom’s a dangerous man, Sir.” 

Before he could ask why, I left, feeling as if I had finally found a father. 


I was sitting down eating lunch in the Great Hall, all by myself, when someone sat next to me.  Out of the corner of my eye I could see it was an older kid.  I continued to eat my bread, pretending not to notice her.  


I turned to face her.  Her hair was a greasy black color and her eyes were a cold black.  She looked brutal faced, as though she’d just punched someone.  She had the pastiest, thinnest face I’d ever seen.  I cleared my throat and replied.


“My name is Eileen Prince.  Who are you?” she asked casually, helping herself to some porridge.

“Belle Ivory.” I replied simply.  

“Oh.  You hang out with Riddle.”  It wasn’t a question.

I shook my head.  “No.”

She looked puzzled as she slurped her porridge.  “I could’ve sworn you talked and walked with him.”

“Not anymore.  He’s an air headed jerk.”  I said confidently.  She smirked.

“Air headed?  He’s the cleverest in the school.”

“Really?  Because he sure seems stupid.” I said angrily.  

She looked taken aback.  “How so?”

I sighed and looked at her shabby robes, with the Slytherin crest shining out and a nice Prefect badge next to it.  She followed my stare and blushed.  Well, almost blushed.  Her thin, pasty face grew a bit red.

“I don’t know.  Doesn’t he seem strange to you?” I asked her, looking away, embarrassed.  

“Well, obviously.  Everyone knows Tom’s strange.  But he’s also smart, gorgeous, and skilled.  So who cares if he’s strange, really?” She responded, now helping herself to a blueberry muffin.

“Yeah, but I think he likes the dark arts.” I said slowly.  She stopped mid-chew, swallowed, and stared at me with wide eyes.

“You don’t mean he used any unforgivable curses?!”  Her voice sounded weird.

Before I could begin to answer her, someone sat down across from me.  It was Tom.  Eileen gasped, stood up, knocking her porridge bowl to the floor, and ran from the Great Hall, leaving me with a shocked face.

“Now, now little Belle, you shouldn’t be spilling secrets everywhere.  After all, who’ll have to clean them up?  You don’t want certain incidents to repeat, do you?” Tom growled a twisted look in his eyes.  I got up slowly, feeling numb and walked away as fast as I could.  

He had just threatened me, and if he found out what I told Dumbledore…I dreaded what would happen.  


“Belle!  Wake up, please, please!  Belle, please wake up!  Belle!!!!” 

I felt myself being shaken awake and opened my eyes to see Lucretia standing there, tears pouring down her face.  I looked at the clock besides me and saw it was 3 in the morning.  

“What do you want?  It’s a Saturday, and normal people sleep late on a Saturday.” I sneered.  She started to bawl, getting my covers wet.

“Oh, it’s horrible!  Becky, I can’t find her!  She- she- she, oh Belle, she’s dead!” Lucretia started to cry as my head felt heavy.

“What?  No, no, that can’t be right.” I murmured, feeling cold.  Despite Rebecca being a total jerk, I had felt somewhat attached to her.

“BELLE, IM NOT LYING!” She yelled her eyes red and puffy.  “Come on!  I’ll show you!”

Without thinking, I got up, and prepared to change out of my sleeping gown which was far to revealing and short to wear outside of the dorm.

“What are you doing?!  THIS IS AN EMERGENCY!” She screamed at me.  I glared at her.

“I’m not going anywhere in my sleeping gown.” But she pulled me forcefully and pointed her wand at me.

“Yes you are.  NOW!” She said, her tears not stopping.  

She grabbed my arm and forced me out the door, down the stairs, and out the common room door.  My skin was covered with goose bumps and the hair on the back of my neck stood up.  I felt nervous and freezing.  We continued to walk, Lucretia sniffling.

“Where i-is she?” I said, shivering.

“Be quiet!” She whispered, and jabbed her wand hard into my arm.  I felt a bruise beginning to start, but I didn’t talk.  Soon we walked into a dark classroom.

I gasped when I saw what was ahead of me.  Rebecca was lying on the floor, her skin pale, her eyes shut tight.  Her robes were hanging limply onto her dead body.  I felt myself start to shake.  “Oh my god, oh my god…”

I turned around suddenly when I heard laughing.  Receiving a shock, I saw Tom smiling.  

“TOM?!  YOU KILLED HER?!” I screamed, beginning to cry.  It was true I hated Rebecca, but no one deserved death.

“No Belle, you killed her.” Tom smirked.  I lunged at him, but he stepped out and I heard the lock click.

“TOM!  TOM!  PLEASE!” I began to sob louder than I ever have.  “TOM!  WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?!” 

“I don’t want you running your mouth, now do I?” Tom laughed from behind the door.  

Then I heard him and Lucretia walking away, their steps echoing inside the dark classroom.  I sat on the cold ground and hugged myself and began to rock back and forth, crying hard.  Now I’d get expelled for sure.  Everyone, of course, will think I killed Rebecca and there was nothing I could do about it.  But most of all I dreaded what Dumbledore would say.  

“Oh God, please help me!  Please God!” I sobbed, my teeth chattering.  “I’ll do anything; anything, just let people believe me!”

I heard someone pound on the door.  Had my prayers been answered already?

“Belle!  Are you in there?!  Belle, open the door!  Its Eileen Prince… and Professor Dumbledore!”  

A/N: hey, thanks for reading this!  :] i'd LOVE it if you left a review and tell me what you thinks gonna happen.  entertain me.  :D

xx nora

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