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For Every Single Reason by BlacksBaby07
Chapter 4 : It just had to be him.
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Chapter 4: It just had to be him


Rose woke with a jolt as Lyla jumped up on her and purred for her attention. She shielded her eyes from the morning sun that was now leaking through the scarlet curtains.  

 “Oh Lyla, why do you have to do this every morning?” she asked playfully as she scratched her cat behind its ears. She had that dream many of times before; even though it really wasn’t a dream but more like a memory, a memory her mind just didn’t want her to forget for some reason.

 “You ok, sleepy head?” Hailey’s voice filled the room; Rose looked up to see her friend on her own bed smiling at her.

 “Yeah… just had a dream, that’s all,” replied Rose. She rubbed her eyes and pushed Lyla gently out of the way so she could get out of bed.  

 “Well, hurry up I was just about to wake you. Serena already went down to breakfast and we get to find out who the new Transfiguration Professor will be today.” 

 Rose looked up at Hailey to see if she was joking but by the looks of it she was being serious.  Had she really been that out of it last night? “Wait wasn’t he here last night?” 

 ”No, weren’t you paying any attention at all? Professor McGonagall said that he was still on his honeymoon and would not be here until today,” exclaimed Serena who was shaking her curly locks in disbelief. “I thought you of all people would have listened to what Miss Uptight would have to say.”  

 “Sorry, I had my mind on other things,” Rose impatiently said, turning around to face Hailey. Rose saw a guilty look in her now olive green eyes.  

 “Look… about that, Serena and I… we did not mean to make you angry, we just wanted to point some things out to you, you know… “

 Rose held up her hand and Hailey fell silent, “It’s ok, you don’t need to explain, lets just forget about it.” She did not want to start on that topic again right no, or ever for that matter, she continued brushing her hair until realization swept over her.  

 “Wait… didn’t you just say he was coming back from his honeymoon?” 

 “Yeah,” Hailey said looking back up at her, “Why do you know whom it is?” 

 “Oh my… come on lets hurry,” exclaimed Rose, who gave up on her frizzy hair and pulled it into a messy ponytail. She swiftly ran out of the dorm and down the stairs, she heard Hailey mentioning she had some great anti-frizz potion she could use but she did not reply.

She ran though Hailey was trailing after her but didn’t pay any attention. Without comprehending how fast she was actually running, she ran full blast into a tall figure.

 “Well, if you were that excited to see me Weasley, I could have just met you at your common room,” said the low voice of Scorpius, who gently pushed her off of him. Rose could feel her cheeks burn red; out of all the people in the world it just had to be him, she thought.

 “The day I would be that excited to see you is the day the Chudly Cannons actually get a decent seeker,” Rose snapped and heard Hailey giggling behind her.

“I guess I’ll be waiting for a while then. No worries, I’m a fairly patient person,” he replied smirking down at her.

 Rose rolled her eyes and forced herself to look away from his ridiculous smirk, “That’s unfortunate.”

 Scorpius opened his mouth to say something but Mira appeared at his side and had almost the same smirk plastered to her annoying, small face.


“The only unfortunate thing here, Weasley, is that nest of frizz you call hair,” she said as a snort of laughter went through her upturned elfish nose.

 “And I believe that this conversation does not include you, so how about you just but out for once in your life,” Rose said coolly, she did not want to deal with these two this early in the morning. 

“Well, all I wanted to do was give you some help. That’s not the only thing you need help on but it’s a start,” replied Mira who flipped her long, dark mahogany hair, “and you can tell your mudblood friend to get her head out of the air, maybe then she’ll actually do well on something.”

Rose withdrew her wand and before she knew it Hailey was standing right beside her with her own wand in Mira’s face.

“Would you like me to fix that nose of yours Mira? Unless you like looking like Father Christmas’s helpers that is,” Hailey snarled, ready to hex Mira to Jupiter.  

 “Now... now ladies,” Scorpius finally said, putting himself between the girls trying to act stern but looked completely amused, “there’s no need for this. Mira, be a dear and leave, please? Thank you.”

 Mira opened her mouth to say something but instead she gave Scorpius a death glare and said, “You know my father won’t like the way you’re treating me Scorpius…”

 “And I’m officially scared by that bit of information, Mira. Now go send him an owl, I just can’t wait to hear what your daddy dearest has to say,” Scorpius said sarcastically, Mira merely made a whining noise and stormed off.

Scorpius watched Mira walk into the Great Hall and turned back around facing Rose.

“You’re welcome,” he said.

“I believe I didn’t say ‘thank you’ so if you would excuse me,” Rose said swiftly, and he stepped to the side and gestured towards the door.

“Always a pleasure, Weasley,” he said, giving a small bow.

Rose rushed passed him as Hailey turned to give Scorpius an apologetic look before following Rose through the doors of the Great Hall.

The smell of freshly made breakfast filled the air of the Great Hall as Rose walked into the room. The majority of the students were eating and having conversations amongst themselves.  She tried to look over at the staff table to see any sign of the new Professor but had no such luck.  She and Hailey walked to the Gryffindor table, which wasn’t really the “Gryffindor table” anymore because everyone sat where they wanted to, but even still the majority of the house sat there.  Rose and Hailey took a seat next to Serena who raised a quizzical eyebrow at Hailey who nodded. Serena smiled apologetically towards Rose who smiled back.  She sat down on the long bench and grabbed some bacon and placed it on her plate and noticed Serena writing what seemed like book from all the parchment scattered around her.

“Is that for Richard?” Rose asked. Richard was Serena’s long distance boyfriend she had met two years before on a trip to Bulgaria.

Serena looked up and nodded, a faint blush grew on her cheeks as a smile spread across her face, she was obviously thinking about him.

“You two are still dating?” Hailey asked completely stunned.

“Why, yes we are Hails. Why wouldn’t we still be dating?”

“Well… it’s been two years… and well he just lives so far way I mean how do you do it?”

Serena looked up from her letter and stared at Hailey with disbelief, “Hailey, when I like a guy, I try to keep him instead of pushing him away or denying my feelings for him and then going out with guys only to be disappointed in all of them because no matter what, they’re nothing like that certain person you have feelings for.” 

Hailey had a confused look on her face as though trying to figure out a difficult math problem, but then suddenly turned a vivid shade of pink and rolled her eyes at Serena, and went back to nibbling on her toast.

Rose opened her mouth to ask Hailey what Serena was talking about but as if fate was once again against her knowing what was going on with her best friend, her cousin Lily came storming towards her followed by her small friend Quincy Thomas.

“I can’t believe that git of a brother I have. Who does he think he is?  Saying I’m too “dainty” to try out for the Quidditch team. He knows bloody well that I’m just as good as the rest of the team. Heck, I’m even better than Albus!” Lily said loudly, slamming her hands on the table, her eyes angry with rage.

“Relax Lil; you know James just likes to joke around. You know he doesn’t really mean it,” Rose said softly trying to calm her down.

But before Lily could disagree, Hailey interrupted, “And besides I think Albus is a great Quidditch player.”

“Of course you do…” muttered Serena.

Lily let out a heavy sigh and sat down at the table. She grabbed up a piece of bacon and began to chew it aggressively.

“Don’t worry about it, Lily,” Rose began, “James just likes to get under people’s skin and you’re his little sister so he is definitely going to do it to you.”

“Whatever…,” replied Lily who continued to chew on her bacon. Rose watched her for a few seconds and went back to eating her own bacon and toast.  She was about to start a conversation when she heard Lily let out a loud gasp.

“Look…LOOK!” She yelled frantically pointing towards the staff table; Rose turned her head to see what she was talking about.

Her jaw dropped, standing at the staff table shaking hands with Professor McGonagall, with his light blue hair and tall skinny yet built figure was Teddy Lupin.

Once Professor McGonagall was done greeting Teddy she turned her attention towards the rest of the Great Hall and cleared her throat a few times before the room became silent.

“May I have everybody’s attention please?” she asked as the last group of talkers finished their conversation, “I would like to introduce to you, our new Transfiguration Professor, Professor T.R Lupin!”

The Great Hall exploded with applause; Lily and Rose of course, were clapping the hardest.  Teddy looked over at them and gave them a big smile and a small wave.  Rose saw a group of girls giggling and looking up at him, one even gave him a flirtatious smile, obviously not knowing he was eight years older then her and was wearing a gold thing around his finger called a wedding ring.

“Wow, good thing I got an ‘E’ in Transfiguration, now that’s something worth going to class for,” Hailey said seductively.

“Ugh Hails, he’s, like, practically my cousin, for goodness sakes!” exclaimed Rose, disgusted. “I wonder if James, Albus, Fred and Hugo know.”

Lily looked around the room for any sign of them, “Well, they seemed to have left already but they’re in for a big surprise when they find out! I can’t believe he didn’t tell us!”

The group got their new schedules. Serena and Rose had almost identical schedules but Hailey did not score well enough in Potions or Defense Against the Dark Arts to be in the same classes with them.

“Damn… this sucks now I don’t have all the same classes with you guys any more,” Hailey moaned sadly.

“Don’t worry Hails, we’re still going to see each other all the time,” Rose said patting her on the back.

“Yeah well… I guess so… I need to get to my first class let’s see that’s...,” she paused to check her classes, “double Charms, whoopee,” she said, sulking off towards the Charms corridor.

Rose watched her leave and then looked at her own schedule:


 Monday: Double Potions, Transfiguration, Lunch/Free period and Muggle Studies.


Rose let out a heavy sigh, double potions with Slytherins, of course what a wonderful way to start off a Monday, she thought to herself. Not that she thought all Slytherins were bad but there were still those select few. Before she followed Serena off to Potions, she turned around to look at the staff table.  Almost all of the Professors had gone to their classrooms including Teddy. Rose decided she would talk to him before Transfiguration and took off for the dungeons. 

The dungeons were cold and damp with a faint smell of mold, how the Slytherins could live in the dungeons always amazed Rose. The inside of Professor Snoitop’s classroom was much like the rest of the dungeon, cold dark with just very faint light.  Rose sat her bag on the desk next to Serena who was busy copying ingredients from the black board. Rose noticed Mira and her friend Jasmine look in her general direction and start giggling. She sent the two of them a nasty glare and sat down at her seat.  She saw Albus walk in and head over to her, “Did Hailey pass her O.L.W.’s for this class?” he asked when he was beside her.

“No, she got pretty close though,” Rose, said sadly.

“Oh well… that sucks,” sighed Albus who didn’t say anymore and just walked away to sit with his friend Tristain Mccoy.

Right before the bell rang, Scorpius walked in. Rose let out a sigh of frustration and continued to write down the directions and ingredients from the board. She was trying to pretend as if he wasn’t there, which really wasn’t that hard since she did it all the time. Yet, to Rose’s disappointment he took a seat right next to her.

“Why, hello, Weasley. Long time, no see,” Scorpius grinned at her.

“No, I think it has been too short if you ask me,” snapped back Rose.

“Why always with the negative attitude Rosie?”

“Why do you care about my negativity, Malfoy? And DON’T call me that…”

“I’m sorry, Weasley, if your pessimistic point of view on life doesn’t like my optimistic point of view on life, and what if I don’t feel like not calling you that?”

“How about you both just shut up?” interrupted Serena.

Rose ignored her and gripped the edge of the table with her fingertips. She closed her eyes tightly and let out a slow breath then stared back at Scorpius.

“There’s a lot of things my ‘pessimistic’ view doesn’t like about you, there’s just too big of a list to start out with,” she calmly replied.

Scorpius made a gesture of stabbing a knife through his chest, “You just hurt its feelings, what a mean little Rosie….”

“Well then maybe it needs a reality check, AND STOP CALLING-“

“Ahem,” echoed Professor Snoitop, “Now if we could all just settle down…” He made a gesture towards Rose and Scorpius, “We can begin.”

Rose sank into her chair and fell silent; she could hear Scorpius sniggering next to her.

“So, most of you are extremely lucky to have made it into my N.E.W.T. Potions class. This is a much more advanced course than your O.W.L level Potions class. Since it’s only the first day of class we will start off with a somewhat easy potion to make but it is very complicated if done wrong and always seems to have better effects if a boy and a girl work on the potion together. So, I will pair a boy and a girl up and you two will work together to complete this very complicated…ahem easy… potion. The potion we will be making is the Draught of Peace.” the Professor read down his list of names and started to call off random people.

“Corner and Potter.”

Serena picked up her things and moved to the back of the classroom where Albus was sitting.

“Mccoy and Zabini.”

“Thomas and Smith.”

He kept listing off the pairs until soon it was down to Rose and another Gryfindor girl named Chloe, a Gryfindor boy named Zach, and Scorpius.

“Malfoy and Weasley,” exclaimed the professor, “and Gardner and Donner.”

Rose let out a frustrated sigh, this has just been my day, she thought to herself. Scorpius sat his books down next to her and looked down at her angry scrunched up face. His blonde hair draping gracefully above his eyes seemed to make his light gray eyes stand out more.

“Well, this should be fun,” he said, now smirking at her.

“Let’s just get this over with…,” Rose muttered as she began to chop up frog legs. Scorpius began to pour Latoca Acid into the cauldron.

Fifty-five minutes passed and the potions had to be finished in ten minutes. Everyone around Rose and Scorpius was getting frustrated with their potions already. Mira kept giving Rose the death glare every time she asked Scorpius to pass her something.  She and Scorpius weren’t saying much to each other and Rose made it clear to stay at least 6 inches away from her.  Finally after Rose began stirring the cauldron, Scorpius said something.

“You’re stirring it wrong.”

“I am not,” she snapped back.

“Yes, you are,” he impatiently said. “It’s 40 times counter-clockwise not 40 times clockwise.”

“I know perfectly well what I’m doing Malfoy.”

“Yeah, if you want us to get a P on this potion I think you know exactly what you are doing,” he rolled his eyes and tried to grab the stirrer but when he touched her hand she pulled it back fiercely. 

“I told you not to touch me!” she yelled and caused the spoon to fling out of the cauldron causing some of the potion to splatter on Jasmine’s robes.

“Now look what you made me do!” she said angrily, she could feel her face go blood red.

“Me? You’re the one causing it to splatter on everyone Weasley! If you would have just done it right-“

“Don’t tell me what I should have done Malfoy,” replied Rose who threw out her wand but before she could say any hexes, Professor Snoitop stormed up to them.

“What do you two think your doing disrupting my class like this?” He asked, trying to keep his voice calm.

“Well, Professor,” Scorpius started to say, “Rose wasn’t exactly doing the potion right so I-“

“Yes I was-,“ Rose argued back.

“No, you weren’t.”

“Now that’s quite enough from the both of you, I do not tolerate this childish behaviour from my N.E.W.T students, especially from you two.  You both will serve detention with me tonight at 8 o’clock sharp, no excuses,” he turned around to the rest of the class and addressed them, “Every one will you please sample your potions and leave them on my desk. I want you all to write me a 2-page essay on the uses of frog eggs. Class dismissed, and I will see you two,” he narrowed his eyes towards Rose and Scorpius, “In detention.”

Rose muttered, “Yes, sir,” to Snoitop and grabbed her things and left the classroom, too angry to look into Scorpius’s haunting crystal eyes.

A/N This was a extreamly fun but hard chapter to write I wanted to add so much but if i added all the stuff I wanted to it probably would of been 8,000 words long, I hope you all enjoyed the Albus part, isnt he so sweet? haha well please review I'm once again sorry for the wait, at least i already have 5 written and 6&7 all planned out =] HUGE HUGE THANKS to my great Beta, whitney aka slytherin princess for doing such a great job editing.

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