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Not Just a Sidekick by Anony_Mouse
Chapter 3 : Uncle Ron's Revelation
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A/N: So, in case you don't know, I'm probably leaving HPFF. It's just started to eat up my life. I love all of you, dearly, it's just not going to work out. :-(

However, I still had this written chapter on my computer. It's not nearly as good as the others and the style in slightly different, because I wrote this in July and the others last February, but, hey, at least I'm updating. I have no idea whether I will finish this or not, but if I do, just to warn you, it might be a bit different than you're expecting. :-)

And by the way, wasn't Deathly Hallows GOOD?

Hope you enjoy this chapter, everyone!




It’s Adeline.

It’s not as if I have anything against little kids, because I don’t. I love them. Seriously. Cross my heart and hope to die (didn’t I say as much in the last chapter?). But when I see Adeline, I can’t help freaking out a bit. I mean, it’s pretty late by this time, and I’m already angry. The famous Weasley temper. Why in the world did I have to inherit it?

I yell at her.

Adeline blinks at me in surprise. She looks a lot like Fleur, she does-probably the only Weasley child in the history of the world with blonde hair (even her brother has red hair!). No, Hermione and Harry’s child will have dark hair, most likely…but they’re not Weasley’s, so why in the world would they count?

“You shouldn’t yell at me,” she informs me, her blue-only-trait-of-the-Weasley’s-eyes blinking at me. “I haven’t done anything wrong.”

“Yeah, well, I’m in a kind of bad mood,” I mutter.

Adeline nods thoughtfully. “So am I.”

At that moment, I would have given anything to be Adeline’s age; just a little boy, whose only fear was spiders and sometimes his twin brothers. There. I’ve admitted it. Fred and George used to scare me. But since we both know there are far worse things I have admitted, kindly keep that to yourself, will you?

Thank you.

I look at Adeline. “So,” I say finally, “what’s eating you?”

Adeline sighs, dramatically. “I spilled butterbeer all over my dress.”

I stare at her, waiting for the problem, until I finally realize this is the problem.

“I wasn’t supposed to be near it in the first place,” Adeline continues, “and Mama got mad. So she sent me outside while she calmed down and that’s why I’m here.”

I nod. “Well, I suppose that does make sense.”

I still must look upset though, because Adeline is looking at me with utmost concern; almost as though I’m her beloved uncle or something (kindly forget that I am. I’m too upset to come up with a better comparison, right now).

“Uncle Ron,” she says in a small voice, “what’s wrong?”

I bite my lip and sigh. Great. How in the world am I supposed to explain this to a little girl, not even half my age let-alone height? See, this is why I’m not marrying Hermione! If I was Harry, I’m sure I’d know exactly what to do…

But then again, if I was Harry, I wouldn’t be upset in the first place, since I’d have my perfect woman of my dreams.

Genius, Ron.

“I’m just-not really looking forward to the wedding,” I stammer finally, as Adeline looks at me in confusion. “I mean, that is, I’m not looking forward to it at all.”

Adeline looks at me. As ridiculous as I know it is, I can’t help squirming. It’s almost as though that little girl is looking directly into my soul.

But what she says though, surprises even me.

“Mama and Daddy said you weren’t too happy at their wedding, either.”

This stuns me. I mean, yeah, of course I was happy for Bill and Fleur and all, but that was also the night Hermione danced with Harry at the wedding. And yeah, the night my sister ran out crying, sobbing like no tomorrow. And the night I became invisible to them-just a sidekick throughout their whole damn horcrux hunt. That was the night I caught them snogging outside the party…outside the party just like Adeline and me, as a matter of fact. This makes me feel even more uncomfortable.

“I was happy for them,” I assure her, “but not someone else.”

Adeline is all eyes and ears. “What?”

“It’s complicated,” I edge. Adeline rolls her eyes.

“I’m smart.”

“Well,” I try again, “you know how in your stories, the prince and princess always end up together?”

She nods her head. It’s just as if I’ve told her that Quidditch is played on brooms. Duh, Uncle Ron. I’m willing to bet that’s what she’s thinking.

“I know,” she answers, “so what?”


And then it comes out. I don’t even know what provokes me to say
it, but at any rate, I do, and just in the course of that, my entire life changes forever.

Well, perhaps that’s an exaggeration. But it’s still significant, all right?

“Well, sometimes there’s more to the story than meets the eye. Sometimes the knight is in love with the princess, too.”

And then as I’m recovering, Adeline does something even more amazing. She looks at me and shakes her head.

“Oh,” she says easily, “Mama and Daddy thought so.”

I stare at her, taking all of this in, questions coming from every angle. Does everyone else know about my crush or does Adeline even know what I’m talking about? And if everyone knows, does Hermione know, too? Harry, even? Would it be pointless if I were to stop the wedding, and confessed my feelings to Hermione? What if I…?

Still, as the thoughts go round in round in circles in my head, all I can stammer out is, “What?”

Adeline rolls her eyes again. She’s a smart girl. I don’t know how her parents were able to have such a smart one, in the midst of the war and all. Well, perhaps I’m underestimating veelas…I mean, Adeline’s only quarter veela, not half like her mother.

Maybe there’s a huge difference.

“You’re in love with Aunt Hermione.” Adeline says this easily, not realizing how much the “aunt” makes my heart hurt. “Everyone knows that.”

And now I’m finding myself rethinking everything that happened throughout all the years, wondering if “everyone” does indeed know. If my secret was not a secret after all. Even if…

But Adeline meanwhile, is surveying the room, oblivious to it all, her blue eyes finally finding me again. “It’s been a while,” she informs me, “do you think Mama has calmed down now?”

I stare at her in surprise, stunned by her ability to move on. Her dress and Uncle Ron might be important to her, but Adeline also has common sense. She’s worried about her mother, too. I doubt she’d be here, sulking on the eve of her best friend’s wedding; she’d need to cool off for a while, but then she’d waltz back in, a smile on her face.

Maybe, I find myself realizing, that’s what I need to be doing, too.

“You know what,” I say to her, suddenly the adult again, “why don’t we find out?”

Adeline grins and takes my hand, chattering all the way. Smart girl, that Adeline. I hope my kids are half as smart.

That’s right-you heard me right. I didn’t lie, this time.

kids. I’m determined to have them.

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