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'Til Death Do Us Part: The 2nd Installment by LucyintheSkywithDiamonds
Chapter 2 : Introductions
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*the plot and OCs are mine, the rest belongs to J.K.

"Is everyone here?" Dumbledore asked the members of the Order of the Phoenix. 

Everyone's eyes shifted around the room and there were some answers flung around.
"Well, to the new members I would like to say welcome. This is your first official Order of the Phoenix meeting. All of the veteran members and I would like to thank you all for joining. It was a very brave and noble thing to do. Now I think a quick introduction is in due," Dumbledore said in that wise and calm voice of his. 

"I believe most of you know of Head Auror, Alastor Moody," Dumbledore said and gestured to Moody. 

"Bloody hell it's Mad-Eye" Sirius whispered to himself. 

He, James, and Shay were excited to work with him because they all wanted to be aurors. 

"This is Edgar Bones," Dumbledore said and a tall, thin man with dark hair that was balding stood. 

"You all know Minerva McGonagall" McGonagall gave a nod and her former students got excited to see their former professor. She couldn't give them detention any longer. 

"Dedalus Diggle." A man wearing a violet suit stood and bowed with his matching top hat. 

"Frank and Alice Longbottom" the new members recognized the couple who were former students at Hogwarts two years ahead of the rest. Frank had been in Gryffindor. Alice was a Hufflepuff. 

"Sturgis Podemore" the short toe-headed wizard stood and he was also recognized as a former Hogwarts student. He was a Ravenclaw three years a head. 

"You all know Rubeus Hagrid" Hagrid stood; his head almost went through the ceiling. He gave everyone a wave and they waved back, excited to see an old friend. 

"And then we have Elphias Dodge, one of my oldest friends." A man with graying hair stood and tipped his bowlers hat. 

"We do have some members abroad. Such as Emmeline Vance, Stacie Donaldson, and my younger brother, Alberforth. Some may not even meet all of the Order members, as it is not necessary at the time," Dumbledore said and Shay's stomach twisted. 

She hadn't thought of Emmeline in a while. And when she thought of Emmeline, she thought of Damien. He would have loved to know that he was going to be an uncle in about two months. 

"Now, there is no need to introduce our new members since the people I introduced helped me pick you all out" Dumbledore said and surprised all the new members.
They thought this was the Headmaster's lone decision. 

"Now on to business. For the next three weeks, our new members will be training three times a week. Before any of you go on missions, I want you to be prepared. You are going to experience many things you never encountered at Hogwarts. And that's why I have gathered the greatest group of wizards and witches of our age to train you all. Now if any of you have questions, now is the time to ask" Dumbledore said.
Shay's hand rose in the air immediately. 

"Yes Shay" Dumbledore said and gave a nod. 

"Professor," Shay started but was then cut off. 

"Shay, I am no longer your professor. You may call me Albus," Dumbledore said with a smile. 

"Oh ok. Al-Al-bus" Shay said, having a hard time calling Dumbledore that. 

"When am I going to be able to help the Order?" 

"When every one else helps" Dumbledore said. 

"But I'm eight months pregnant. I can't even see my feet right now," Shay said. 

"While you aren't working with Marlene, you will be a base agent. When we go on missions, not everyone will be on the field. We will always have a group of people at Headquarters with their own assignments. You will have four months of constant base agent duty then after the four months, you will be able to go on the field. But you are none the less important" Dumbledore said, trying to make her feel better. 

Shay gave a nod and Sirius smiled to himself, knowing she would be safe for a period of time. 

"Now if that's all, then let's eat." 

"And that's how the bastard took a chunk out of my nose" Mad-Eye said at the dinner table, finishing his story. 

Everyone looked a little sick after the story was told and didn't really feel like finishing their dinner. 

"So you two will be joining me" Mad-Eye went on, not paying attention to anyone else. 

James and Sirius nodded their heads, a little intimidated by Mad-Eye. 

"Wasn't there supposed to be three Albus?" Mad-Eye asked. 

"I was supposed to start auror training, but I have to wait a while now," Shay said and Mad-Eye's mad eye went to her, even though he was looking at Dumbledore. 

"I could tell you if it's a boy or girl," Mad-Eye said and Sirius nearly spit his butter beer everywhere. 

"Um…no I can wait" Shay said, feeling scared and a little violated. 

"You're a Calhoun right?" Sturgis Podemore asked. 

"Yes" Shay said and she felt like she was being interrogated. 

"Your brother and I were very good friends. Same year and house. He was a good man," Sturgis said. 

"One of the best I knew" Mad-Eye said, having to get his two cents in. 

"Thank you" Shay said hesitantly. 

Damien was the last person she wanted to talk about. Not when all her emotions were unbalanced. The only person that realized it was Dumbledore. 

"Lily and James, did you two set a date for the wedding yet?" 

"Well, we're figuring next summer" Lily said and James nodded with his mouth full of potatoes. 

"You two are engaged? You can't be more than 17" Edgar Bones said. 

"18 actually. And yea we're young but I don't think that really matters" Lily said. 

"I remember when you two were in my class your first year. Quite a hilarious thing to watch. Some things have changed since then" McGonagall said with a smile. 

"We really were a handful, weren't we?" Remus asked. 

"Yes, you four boys definitely made the past seven years…interesting. I have taught most of the people at this table and I remember all of you walking through the doors your first year and being sorted. I have watched you all become your own person, a great person. Just like I knew you would" McGonagall finished. 

"Aw, Minnie. You're being to kind," Sirius said with a smile. 

"Sirius!" Shay said and hit him. "Don't be rude." 

"Hey, just because you can't call your old professor by their first name doesn't mean I can't. I've been calling her Minnie for years," Sirius explained. 

"That is true. I just cannot give him a detention anymore. I honestly don't know whose going to clean the castle next year." 

"I'm sure you'll be able to find someone to do it. Isn't that what Slytherin is for?" James asked casually. 

McGonagall didn't say anything but everyone saw the smile that played across her face for a second. They definitely weren't in school anymore. 

"So, if I have a girl you want me to name it Marlene?" Shay asked and raised an eyebrow. 

"Yes, of course" Marlene said as if it was the most obvious things. 

She was having a little fun with Shay during their training. 

"And you want me to name my boy what?" Shay asked carefully. 

"Alawishus. It's perfect. Alawishus Black. It just rolls of the tongue" Marlene said and Shay snorted. 

"That's actually better than what Sirius wants to name the baby. Sirius is set on naming the baby Gaylord. Gaylord Black. I really hope he's kidding. I don't want my child to hate me before it takes it's first breath" Shay said and shook her head.
Marlene was laughing. 

"Is that even a real name?" Marlene asked through her laughter. 

"Yea. Remus's grandfather's name was Gaylord. I think that's were he got it from. That's all we ever heard about in third year. Gaylord this, and Gaylord that" Shay said with a smile. 

"I think you're way better off with Alawishus." 

Marlene and Shay settled down a little and started working on the wandless magic. Shay was amazed and almost envious at Marlene's ability to do it with ease. Within a minute Marlene shut the door, turned the lights on and off, and conjured up two cups of tea. On the other hand, Shay made a piece of parchment move a centimeter, made a vase fall over, and made the lights flicker. 

"I really don't know why Dumbledore thinks I can do this. I mean I got the whole mind trap and thought reading thing down. But I can barely do anything with out a wand and I haven't shown any signs of being a seeress" Shay said with frustration. 

"Shay, when has Dumbledore ever been wrong?" Marlene asked. 

"I don't know, never." 

"Exactly. So maybe it's you" Marlene said. 

"What do you mean me?" Shay asked defensively. 

"Shay, I've known you for 13 years now. When you don't want to do something, you don't do it. And I know that you don't want to be able to do this" Marlene said and her ice blue eyes pierced Shay's green and blue ones. 

"What do you expect Marlene. If I can do this then it means that what Dumbledore said was true. It will mean that Voldemort will be after me and the ones I love. That includes you. That includes everyone. I could possibly be responsible for people's deaths. You have no clue how that feels" Shay said a little shaken. 

"You don't think I know how that feels? Shay I can do wandless magic. There aren't that many of us. We are one of Voldemort's targets. I have the McKinnon name in a world of dark wizards. You don't think I'm scared too? But I deal with it. I do all I can, while I can. This war could be over tomorrow. My life could be over tomorrow. But I'm ok with that because I know I did everything I could, while I could. Now are you in this or not?" Marlene asked a little harsher than she wanted to. 

"I don't know."

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