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Its a Marauder Wolrd by Naruto1
Chapter 1 : What's Hogwarts?
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A/N: My first Harry Potter fanfic ever, hope you like it. Read and Review PLEASE

There was only a few days left before summer break ended. Lily was dreading going back to school, not that she was a bad student. She'd been getting strait A's for years.

She wasn't having a very good summer. There were no girls her age that lived near. In fact, the only people her age were that wierd Potter kid and the greasy haired Snape kid. Both of them had always struck her as odd, like they were hiding something. To make it even worse, Potter was always pranking her. All summer she'd been trying to cook up prank worthy of revenge.

I hope something... magical happens, she thought. Some thing to make this summer different, something I'll remember allmy life.

her thoughts were interupted by a loud tapping noise. She opened her window and in flew what seemed like a ball of feathers.

How peculiar, she thought. She examined theball of feathers and it turned out to be a snowy, white owl.A letter fell to the ground and the owl left faster than it had came in.

What on earth is a Hogwarts? This has got to be his dumbest prank this summer. I wonder how he trained the owl, she pondered.

"Lily, your father Petunia and I are going to the opera. We didn't think that you would want to come so you'll be staying at the Potters. Bring your toothbrush, you might be sleeping over." She heard her mom shout.

Oh well , she thought. At least she'd be able to ask him about the letter. She shoved the letter in her pocket, bid her parents goodbye and made her way across the street to Potter's house.

"Hello Lily-Flower (Lily rolled her eyes at this)," James greeted her. "Come right in."

"Is this you're idea of a joke, Potter," she said, shoving the letter in his face.

His face changed from a mocking grin to a look of complete shock. "L-L-L-Lily you're a wizard too?" he stammered.

"Ha Ha very funny Potter."


His mom appeared with a loud SNAP.

Whoa, that was cool. Maybe he wasn't kidding she thought.

"Oh hello Lily. This might shock you quite a bit but you are a witch. We've had our suspicions for a while now."

Lily stared at her for a few seconds before falling unconcious.

"Oh dear, she must have fainted from the shock. I don't blame her, poor girl. James could you put her on the couch untill she wakes up."

Several minutes later Lily was still out cold on the sofa. James was talking to himself about the terrible things he could do to wake her up.

"I coulddouse her with ice cold water or I could stick my armpit under her nose-"


" He he he. Ok, tomorrow we're gonna take you to diagon alley so you can exchange money and get supplies"

"So this isn't some dumb prank?"

"No, but if it were it would be the best prank ever. Oh and did I ever tell youyour really heavy-"



The rest of her stay at the Potter's consisted of a monkey, a house elf, and a lot of wipped cream. With the ocasional bucket of water here and there.

later the next day"Mom, Dad, guess what! Im a witch! There's this school called Hogwarts and I can do magic and and--"

"We know sweetie, a funny man named Albus Dumbledore stopped by when you were out shopping. He's the principal er headmaster of your school. He dropped of a ticket to the Hogwarts express, here you can hold on to it.

Hmm, there's no such thing as platfom 9 and 3 quarters.

The chapters won't be so boring I promise I wrote this while I was oly half-awake.
In upcoming chapters there will be different points of view instead of third person.

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Its a Marauder Wolrd: What's Hogwarts?


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