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Time Again by merlinsaprentice1
Chapter 23 : Chapter Twenty three
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Disclaimer JK Rowlins owns Harry and friends; I just sit here and wish I did.

Time again chapter Twenty three

It was around eleven the following day when Hermione woke, dressing in her house coat quietly she left the bedroom, and after a quick bath, and a quick moan because there was no shower, she started on breakfast, it was not long before the cottage was filled with the aroma of freshly cooked bacon, and the sound of sizzling sausages filled the little kitchen.

Harry woke when his nose told him breakfast was ready, he too moaned about the lack of a shower as he filled the bath, both hot and cold taps on full. A quick wave of his hand set the temperature of the bath too just how he liked it. Lying soaking in the water and thinking of Hermione gave Harry ideas for later.

It was almost midday when Harry sat back in his chair and held his stomach, if you keep feeding me up like this I am never going to be able to fit in that chair Ron made for me.
Hermione smiled at his odd compliment, then took the dishes and with a quick wandless spell she set the dishes to washing themselves.

Harry had slipped his shoes on by the time she came back in to the living room, a grumpy house elf was still telling Harry off for letting Hermione do the dishes “Look Dobby I promise I will do them in future, I’ll also cook breakfast if it makes you happy,” Harry was saying.

‘Dobby is going to drive me crazy if he keeps this up’ he complained to a grinning Hermione.

‘Fancy a walk down to the beach, you can wear that sexy bikini’ he thought as she pulled her shoes on.

‘You want to see a bikini at this time of year, you best put it on your self’ she laughed.

‘Yes well on second thoughts, maybe a jumper might be better’ Harry said picturing her in the little red bikini he had only seen once.

They left the cottage hand in hand and that’s how they walked down to the beach, several brave people were attempting to ride surf on various inflatable mattresses just a hundred yards or so to the right so they turned left and made their way slowly across the sand.

Harry suddenly stated “You really do love me don’t you,”

Hermione looked at him wondering where this statement had come from, “Yes Harry, I really do love you, I love you more today than I did this time last week, and I loved you more last week, a thousand times more than the day when we first kissed.”

They walked a few more yards when he spoke again “I was trying to think of some words that would express my love for you, all I could think of is, you are my yesterday, today, and tomorrow, you’re my bread and butter, and my strawberry cream cake, I mean you mean everything to me Hermione, you’re my food and drink, light and dark, sun and moon.”

Hermione wondered what he had been thinking about when he spoke again “See there just aren’t the words that say enough, those three little words ‘I love you’, hold a whole world of meaning in them.”

“Is my man becoming a romanticist?” she asked turning to give him a kiss.

Harry thought about how much she must have loved him in this life and in his other life, she had always looked after him, tried to keep him safe, given her time freely too him, everything she had ever done since she was eleven years old, she had done with him in mind. He was determined in this life he would make up for all the heart ache he must have caused her in the other time when he chose Ginny and not her; she had been left with Ron.
She had not had a lot of choice, she loved Harry and she had given up so much for him, her teens and her early twenties; she had never gone to dances or dressed in girly clothes. She had given her entire life to him and he had left her for another. A tear fell down his cheek and he held her tight, holding her for all he was worth. He knew then he would never let her go again and he would never let her down, she was now, and would always remain the centre of his universe.

Hermione wondered what was troubling her husband as he held on to her as though afraid she would disappear if he let go, she felt the dampness of tears on her cheek as he held his cheek against hers, he had no reason to worry she would love him more and more until she couldn’t possibly love him more.

They both enjoyed their walk along the beach, she with her head resting against his shoulder, while he had his arm wrapped around her shoulders, he stroked her arm gently as they walked and she found it soothing away her concerns. What ever had been troubling him; he had obviously thought it through and had made some decision about it.

They had walked for about a mile when they saw it, a Muggle resort; they could see the Ferris wheel and the big dipper, from where they stood. Harry made his mind up that on the Thursday morning he would take Hermione for a day in a Muggle resort.

Very slowly they strolled back along the beach; the last thing they expected was the voice of O’Keefe.

“Nice here if you like water,” their new little friend said before appearing in front of them, “but you two should get a move on, the tide has turned and this beach will be a mighty wet place to be in around thirty minutes.”

Both Harry and Hermione looked at the waters edge, then together they thanked O’Keefe.
“We would have been ok though, Hermione could have taken us to the cottage at anytime.” Harry informed him.

Satisfied his new friends were in no danger O’Keefe walked with them along the beach, toward the cottage.

“So Mrs Potter is it true that when Harry fought that dragon, it was you who went into the tent and made him face it,” O’Keefe asked as they neared the path up to the top of the cliffs.

“What?” Hermione and Harry asked at the same time.

O’Keefe looked at the two surprised faces before replying “Seamus said that Harry fought a Horntail in the triwizard cup, and that when his nerves got the better of him, you went into the tent, and made Harry go out and face the beast, and he went rather than face your anger.” he looked at her then at Harry “Seamus said you have a temper so bad you turned some fellow into a pure white ferret, just by looking at him, Seamus said even the professors dare not upset you. Told us all about how you turned an entire family into red heads with a single thought.” According to O’Keefe Hermione made the wicked witch of the north seem like a fairy godmother when she lost her temper.

The next few minutes the air was filled with expletives as Hermione alternated between descriptions of what she was going to do to Seamus Finnegan, and the various names that might fit him. Harry walked just a little behind his rather angry wife, holding O’Keefe back a little as well.

“I just would not like to be Seamus when we get back,” Harry said as several large rocks shattered as Hermione passed them.

O’Keefe eyed the rocks as they shattered then looked up at Harry and nodded his head toward the next rock that burst asunder “Oh boy, poor Seamus,” he said shaking his head.

“Oh Hermione’s all right at the moment, this is nothing too when she really gets going.” Harry laughed.

‘I heard that Harry Potter’’ Hermione’s thought burst into his head.

‘Are you angry at me now?’ Harry asked warily, an idea flashing through his mind.

‘No of course not, just don’t go making me seem worse, no wonder that poor girl ran away last night’ Hermione thought a little calmer.

‘Hermione calm down a minute, this could be important, did you here me or O’Keefe talking, sound wise I mean?’ Harry asked her.

After a rather long pause she answered him ‘No, I heard the conversation in my head’

‘That’s a new development, tell you what, can you concentrate on me while I talk to O’Keefe, I wont mention you and I’ll try not to think about you, see what happens’ Harry told her before turning to his small companion.

“Fancy a cup of tea O’Keefe? Whats your first name by the way?” Harry asked as they approached the cottage.

“I would love a cup of tea, as for my name, well I don’t usually tell that to people, it doesn’t quite fit the image of a person like me,” O’Keefe answered.

“Come on, I wont laugh, and if it’s that bad I wont call it you in public,” Harry cajoled him.

“Well no laughing now,” O’Keefe said quietly “Its Hubert,”

“Yes well you were right, it definitely doesn’t fit you,” Harry said with a smile as he opened the cottage door.

‘We can always call him Hugh, I always liked that’ Harry heard Hermione think.

“So O’Keefe, how about we call you Hugh, so much better than O’Keefe eh?” Harry said smiling.

“Hugh. Hmm, not bad, ok Mr Potter, Hugh it is.” O’Keefe agreed.

“Harry, and Hermione, Not Mr or Mrs Potter, Ok,” Harry said as he offered the little one a seat.

That morning at Hogwarts, Ron, Neville, and Seamus had been enjoying breakfast with Ginny when the post arrived, a strange brown owl dropped a letter to Seamus, having read the letter from the girl who had run from Hermione the night before, a very pale Seamus pushed his unfinished breakfast away across the table.

“Something wrong,” Neville asked the little Irish man when he saw him turn pale.

Seamus handed Ron the letter, “So Harry and Hermione are over in Ireland for her birthday then,” Ron said as he passed the letter on to Neville.

“Neville read the letter then asked “So what has the Potter’s being at this place got to do with you?” he asked Seamus, “And why would someone send you a letter to tell you?”

Seamus paled a little more “Well I might have been there for the odd week end, and I might have told a few stories about Harry and Hermione, and I may have exaggerated just a tiny jot,” he gulped “I’m dead aren’t I?” he asked looking at his dorm mates.

“If you have been telling stories about Hermione that warrant someone warning you they are there, well lets just say, as soon as Hermione sees you I for one am off, fast as my legs will carry me,” Neville laughed.

Hugh O’Keefe appeared outside the pub in the village, his head held a little higher than normal, the great Harry Potter had become his friend, and the awesome Hermione, greatest witch of the millennium had allowed him to call her by her first name. He was the only one in the village who had been afforded such a huge privilege.
Ordering a drink O’Keefe turned to his fellow customers and began to tell the tale of how Hermione had walked across the beach holding back the tide and destroying vast areas of the cliff side. Exaggeration it seemed was not only restricted to Seamus Finnegan in this isolated little community of magical people.

Harry cooked the evening meal, slightly burning some of the vegetables as he cooked the muggle way, Hermione lounged in comfort in front of the fire reading a romantic novel about some English soldier and a French girl during the second world war.

Harry started afresh peeling and chopping vegetables ‘Do you fancy popping down to the pub later’ he asked as he finished filling the pan he was using.

‘I think I would rather have a quiet night tonight, just you me and maybe a little music’ she replied.

‘And where do we get the music from?’ he wondered as he walked in from the kitchen with a plate of food in each hand. ‘I thought we could eat in front of the fire’ he said passing her the plate and kissing her cheek.

“Dobby, come on over here and sit down,” Harry told the little elf who was sitting quietly in a corner, having handed a plate to Dobby Harry went back to the kitchen to fetch his own meal.

‘Well you could serenade me with all the romantic songs you know’ Hermione replied a huge grin on her face.

‘Its one way of spoiling a perfect day, I suppose’ Harry chuckled as he joined her in front of the fire, ‘we could go to bed and make sweet music together’

‘Corny Harry, that is really corny’ Hermione laughed as they all tucked in to their food. Plates balanced in their laps.

They spent the rest of the evening and the whole of the next day in the bedroom only leaving the room for essentials.

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