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Populars by The Phantom
Chapter 2 : Marauders Return
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#*#*#*#*#*#*#Flashback, 5 years ago…#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#

It was the first of September and the beginning of Teddy Lupin’s first year of Hogwarts. From what his godfather, Harry Potter, had told him, Hogwarts was the best part of his life.

Teddy was as eager as every first year student on the train was. Hogwarts was going to be amazing. Hogwarts was going to be awesome. Hogwarts was going to be—

“Move out of the way, squirt!” shouted a large Slytherin as he shoved Teddy out of the way into an already occupied train compartment.

So much for Hogwarts being amazing. School hadn’t even started yet and he was already attacked by the school bully.

“Um, excuse me? Are you lost?” asked an irresistible voice which seemed to float silkily through one ear and out the other. “Oh, hi Teddy!”

Teddy looked back at the source of the musical voice and felt as though he was struck by lightening. Basically, that’s always how he felt whenever he took a look at the ravishing Victoire Weasley.

At eleven years old, everyone knew that little Victoire Weasley was too extremely pretty for her age. I guess being part Veela does have its advantages.

“Victoire.” Teddy greeted back, a little breathless at the sight of the blonde haired beauty before him.

They’ve known each other since birth. He sees her all the time whenever he visits Fleur and Bill, and when the family visits the Potter mansion. Even if he’s seen her everyday, he’ll still gaze upon her as if they first met. What’s this lovesick term called? Love at first sight?

Teddy shook the thought from his head, what a ridiculous thing to think about. This is Victoire we’re talking about.

“What’s up?” the angel asked, her voice as mesmerizing as that of a Siren.

“….well,” Teddy, as always in her presence, was lost for words. “You s-see I…umm...I’m…ehhh.”

The more he continued to stutter, the more curious looks Victoire threw at him.

“Ah! Lupin! We found you!!”

Teddy instantly felt relief for he was relieved from the difficult task of answering Victoire’s question. He turned around as saw his friends that he met over the summer: Johnny Burns, Mason Valmont, and Lucas Jennings.

Each boy being from families of the rich and powerful, they all were forced to go to exclusive parties to mingle. Lucky for them, they all found each other to hang out with.

“Come on guys, let’s go.” Teddy urged once he saw his friends gaping at Victoire with the same shock he too faces whenever seeing her.

It took a moment for his buddies to break out of their hypnotic dazes before filing out to find an empty compartment.

“Bye Teddy!” Victoire said as he turned to leave.

“Victoire.” He said in the same ‘good-bye’ tone. She smiled at him, but he turned his back before he could make more of a fool of himself. Catching up with his friends, he couldn’t help thinking that anymore repeats of that will make him known as the anti-social, taciturn freak of Hogwarts. He definitely needed to change.

“Ted, who was that?” Johnny asked with interest as they were scanning for an empty compartment.

“Just a girl I’ve known for a long time.”

“That’s not just a girl, she seems different.” Lucas sounded dreamy for a moment.

Teddy rolled his eyes. And they call themselves men.

“Hey guys, check this out.” Mason, or Ace (his nickname), interjected. “The numbers of the compartments are kinda messed up.”

“How so?” Johnny questioned.

“Look,” Ace was pointing at the numbers. “It starts with compartment 698, 699, 700, and now look! The next one is compartment 0000. After that, it continues in regular numerical order.”

“How strange.” Lucas observed.

Scrutinizing the number panel of compartment 0000, Teddy noticed that someone, probably from long ago, due to the fading, drew sloppy smiley faces within each “0”.

“Well, is it empty?” asked Teddy with curiosity.

“Yeah,” Mason answered. “Let’s go in.”

As the group of four huddled into the mysterious compartment, they expected something unpredictable of unusual to happen. But no, the inside looked just like any other compartment on the train would.

“Maybe the numbering was screwed up.” Johnny suggested as he plopped down on a seat.

“I don’t know,” Teddy added. “There’s something about this compartment that doesn’t seem normal.”

“Whatever, a compartment is a compartment.” Lucas concluded as they huddled together and talked for much of the duration of the train ride.

Teddy, Johnny, Lucas, and Mason all met during the Fairy Share gala; a benefit for the conservation of fairy energy from their magic dust.

It was a party that everyone who’s anyone gets invited to. Obviously, the boys all were invited.

Since Teddy lives under the guardianship of his godfather Harry Potter (yes, the Harry Potter), legendary hero turned famous auror who is also famed public speaker, he definitely lives a lifestyle of the rich and the famous and is also invited to the countless social events that crave his godfather as their guest of honor.

Like Teddy, Johnny Burns has always lived a life of luxury. His father and mother both being extremely well known models and beauty icons of both the wizarding and real world have supplied him with his irresistibly handsome features, his endless job offers as the poster boy for many fashion campaigns, his bottomless bank account, and his invites to important parties.

Lucas Jennings leads a privileged life due to the fact that his mother is the famous actress in the new hit TV show Witches With Riches (a show about a group of witches who are trophy wives who deal with the drama of everyday life). Also, his father is a celebrated director who has made countless classic movies winning many awards.

Lastly, Mason Valmont, or just Ace, has his large fortune supplied by the many generations of his renowned family. Basically, that’s as much as he’s going to tell us.

“Oh wait, wasn’t that Victoire girl at the Fairy Share gala?” Ace asked.

“Of course, you didn’t see her?” Teddy answered. “You’ll be seeing a lot of her, she lives in the same world as we do.”

“Ooh, me likey.” Johnny smirked. “When we’re older, I’m going to marry that girl.”

Teddy felt his hands grip tighten. “Shut up, man.”

“Dude, it’s not like you have any game with her,” Johnny commented, sounding a little strange coming from an eleven year old. “If we didn’t save your ass back there, she would’ve taken you for a mute.”

“I was talking!” Teddy argued fiercely.

“Stammering doesn’t count!” Johnny fired back.

“Guys! Time out!” Lucas was in between them. “Keep the peace, alright?”

“He started it.” Teddy said under his breath.

“Well, it’s not my fault you were stuttering like an idiot in front of the pretty girl.” Johnny pointed out rather victoriously.

“Hey! I doubt you’d be sane if she was talking to you!” said Teddy. “All I need is a little confidence boost—”

Teddy was interrupted because right when he said those words, a tiny hidden door on the floor of the compartment had unlocked itself and opened. The four boys looked incredulously at one another and then peered down to investigate the contents of the hidden door.

Bravely, Teddy reached his hand inside and found a piece of parchment. He held it up curiously for the others to see.

“Well Lupin, read it out loud.” Johnny demanded with interest.

Clearing his throat, Teddy began to read the messy scrawl inscribed on the paper:

Dear Comrades and Future Successors,

We would like to welcome you to our compartment, or now your compartment. We bid you welcome and congratulations on finding this well hidden letter.

It wasn’t that well hidden, Moony!

Shut up, Padfoot, let him finish!

The four boys were confused, was the letter actually arguing with itself? They urged Teddy to read on.

We heard your wish from the great above and it is our job to help you achieve it!

Ah Moony, now you’re just sounding sappy.

Wormtail! Let the man finish the damn letter so we can get a move on!


The boys looked up. “The great above”?! What the ruddy hell did that mean?

We all feel that you fellow students are the rightful successors of our legacy and you would make us proud.

It will also definitely give you the confidence boost you want.

Prongs, don’t embarrass the poor kid!

Teddy blushed. A letter was making him feel embarrassment, nothing was normal about today.

Once again (and I hope without interruption!) that you can live out what we’ve started ever since our first years. Basically, your job description is to—

Pull the greatest pranks!

Piss off the teachers!

Become the object of every females’ fantasy…….

…….….what? Don’t deny it!

Padfoot, please don’t scare the potential leaders of Hogwarts with your talks intercourse.

Ha ha. Moony, why do you have to sound so formal when talking about sex? You sound like my mother.

Why would your mother talk to you formally about sex?

Shut up, Wormtail!

This was by far the most unusual letter ever written in the history of mankind. Or at least the strangest letter these boys have read.

Mates, can I get to the point without your sidetracking?!

Sorry Moony. Go on.

Thank you…so, future successors! It gives us great pleasure to introduce ourselves: We are known as The Marauders.

Live by our traditional maxim: I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

(You have to tap this parchment with your wand while saying this!)

When you’re finished, you say: Mischief managed!

(You have to tap this parch—

I think they get the point, Wormtail!

They were curious to what secrets this parchment had if they followed these Marauders’ instructions.

By following the rules, this will then be transformed into a map—

Moony! You spoiled the surprise for them!!

They were going to find out anyway, Prongs! Anyway, use this map as an instrument to assist you in your pranking days!

Trust us, fellows! Pranking is your key to popularity and confidence! It’s what got us famous! You should actually be thanking us for honoring you to be the future Marauders—

Padfoot, no boasting!

The letter was almost at an end, which was depressing for Teddy for he was beginning to find this very amusing.

Anyway, fellow comrades, I hope that you can live out the title Marauder as instructed, remind the professors that we will never be forgotten, and to get what you want in return. Don’t be hesitant, a Marauder’s life is fabulous!

You just sounded like a total girl.

Shut up!

We bid you good bye, for now, and we hope that you can perpetuate the existence of the Marauders honorably!

Yours Faithfully,


Padfoot: Sirius Black
Prongs: James Potter
Wormtail: Peter Pettigrew
Moony: Remus—

Teddy’s eyes widened. He reread that last word, but could hardly believe it.

“Go on, Teddy,” Lucas encouraged. “What’s the last word?”

All this time, a part of him had always been here?! All that wondering of how he lived his life, how his life at Hogwarts was, and all this time, he was actually popular?! Would Teddy follow in the footsteps of him? It’s what he would’ve wanted.


All of the boys collectively gasped. Teddy never talked much about his father, due to the fact that he didn’t know him. He died and fought bravely during the war at Hogwarts, a battle hero, he was acclaimed as. Also, he was a werewolf, which affected Teddy in his life because he was only half werewolf.

“So,” Teddy looked around at each of the guys’ faces for approval. “What’s our first prank of the year to show that the Marauders have finally returned to Hogwarts once again?”

Each boy grinned, this was going to be fun. A prank to announce their return.

For the rest of the train ride, each of them tried to think of pranks clever and worthy enough of the Marauders. It was a hard task, but boys have pretty creative minds so they’ll think of something.

Before they knew it, they already arrived at Hogwarts. With nervous and excited feelings creeping up their spines, they exited their newly appointed compartment to get off the train.

“Hey Teddy!” that alluring voice made his pulse quicken, as it always did. Bravely, he turned around to face her, determined to not make an idiot of himself, as he did so previously.

Surrounding Victoire Weasley were four other girls who were also insanely pretty to be eleven years old. The boys recognized these other girls from the parties they’ve been to, they were in the same crowd as well.

He looked into her icy blue eyes, which seemed to be challenging him. After the letter from the previous Marauders (and the encouraging words from his father), Teddy actually did feel confidence. He was ready to take that challenge.

“Later, Weasley.” He grinned mischievously at her before turning his back and leading his friends out of the train.

He did not see the look of amused fascination in her eyes that left her wondering how did one simple train ride turn a shy boy confident? Regardless, her friends giggle girlishly.

When the boys exited out of train, the boys said their words of praise of facing the beautiful Victoire without babbling like an idiot.

They quickly boarded the boats that would lead them across the smooth and glassy lake and to their new home for the year. Once they spotted the majestic castle, they smiled at their new kingdom that they would potentially rule.

“The start of our lives at Hogwarts.” Lucas sighed, breathlessly and dazed.

Teddy signaled for the guys to huddle in together while grabbing the piece of parchment from his pocket and tapping it with his wand.

“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good…

Dear Readers Whom I Praise,
I’m glad that you like this new story! It was just an idea that struck me and I thought that it would be fascinating. Anyway, here’s a new chapter which explains the whole Marauder confusion from the first chapter. Did you enjoy it? I hope you did! This chapter proves that even if the Marauders are dead (let us bow our heads for a moment of silence), their legacy lives on!

Read, review, & stay tuned!

Your Obedient Servant,
The Phantom

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