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Harry Potter and the Final Countdown by Lopie
Chapter 27 : The Storm Before the Calm
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Chapter Twenty-Seven
The Storm Before the Calm

“It’s all clear now Harry.” Jen said as she walked up to him.

“Okay.” Harry said while lost in thought. “Go ahead back. I’ll meet you all there.”

Jen nodded. “Be careful Harry.” She said.

“Too late for that.” Harry said sadly. “I already screwed this up.”

Jen sighed. “We’ll see you at the manor.” She said as she turned and left.

Harry had been sitting on the balcony for a while now. He kept replaying the day over and over in his head. He just couldn’t figure out how he’d miss something that seemed so important. Now he had the results to prove Voldemort was a better strategist than he was. He was caught completely unaware of this happening. He never would have thought this could happen. A tear fell from his eyes as the day played through in his head once more.


Ten Hours Earlier


His class was going well. He never thought they’d pick up how to make use the charms and transfigurations he’d been teaching so quickly. They seemed to be possessed by Harry’s will to achieve. This pleased him more than he could let them know just yet.

As soon as he heard it he silently cursed himself. He had become relaxed lately. He saw life going so well and forgot to keep himself prepared for anything. He was still training but he just wasn’t worrying as much anymore. I should have realized that my life was going too well, He thought to himself, I must have gone mad thinking it would be okay.

“Harry!” Tonks voice came from the mirror in his pocket.

Harry pulled the mirror out quickly. “Tonks.” He said in a hurried tone. “What’s going on?”

“We’re going to need you four at the Ministry quickly.” Tonks said. “There’s an all out war breaking out here.”

“We’ll be there immediately.” Harry said as he tossed the mirror to Ron, who was watching him carefully. “Call Kei, Jen, and Rena. Tell them to meet me here in three minutes or less.”

“Okay Harry.” Ron said.

Harry wasted no time apparating to the shrieking shack to collect any weapon and items that could help him as well as all the potions and bezoars he had in his stores. With only seconds to spare he appeared in the classroom again with Kei, Jen, and Rena looking at him as if waiting for orders.

“Ron, mirror.” Harry said and caught it as it was thrown to him. “Everybody here, I want you all prepared for anything today. We’re going to leave you lot in charge of protecting the school while we’re gone.” Then he turned to his team. “Guys, we’re headed to the Ministry.” He said as he handed them each a bag. “Sorry for ruining your privacy, but I can get there quicker than you. Now, grab the weapons you think you’ll need and get ready. We’re going to portkey where the aurors were last time. Kei, you ready for this?”

“I know what to do.” Kei said.

“Good.” Harry said with a nod. Then he touched a parchment with his wand. “Portus” They all grabbed the parchment quickly and were immediately whisked away into a battle.

Harry found the letter from the Minister and handed it to Kingsley as Jen made a metal wall in front of the six of them. “Scrimgeour said to give this to you when this happened.” Harry told him.

Kingsley read the letter and nodded to Harry. “All right. You’re in charge Harry.” He said. “What do we do?”

“Call everyone together if they aren’t evacuating anyone.” Harry said.

“No one’s been evacuated Harry.” Tonks said quickly.

“Then call everyone in!” Harry said hurriedly. “Kei, Jen, Rena, we’ll keep these walls going for now. Take a shot if you’ve got a clear one, but don’t try to take on a war on your own.”

“Got it.” They said in unison and all four kept transfiguring walls and taking quick shots at the death eaters when they could. Within five minutes all the aurors were gathered together.

“Jen, Rena, keep up the walls.” Harry told them. Then he turned to the aurors. “Tonks, Get Darvion and a group of others to evacuate everyone.” He told her as he handed her a stack of envelopes. “Two for every portkey.”

“I’m not going to listen to some brat who thinks he’s in charge.” Darvion spat.

Harry aimed his wand at Darvion. “Next time I speak to you, I’m going to kill you. If you have any doubt then I beg you to speak again. I don’t have time for you so shut up and do what I told you to.” He said and anger flared in his eyes.

“He is in charge.” Kingsley said. “Tonks, pick quickly. What will the rest of us do Harry?”

“We’re going to fight.” Harry said. “Basically, we’ll be the decoys and try to fight them off at the same time. The main thing is to make sure everyone is out of the Ministry quickly. After that we can fight them off or retreat if things get to rough for us. But we have to protect everyone in there.”

“You heard him.” Tonks said as she handed out the last of the envelopes. “Get to saving the Ministry employees. We’ll handle things here.”

“Kei, Rena, stay with Tonks.” Harry said. “Jen and I will take a half the aurors to the back of the battlefield and work our way towards you.”

“Why?” Tonks asked.

“A divided front is harder to deal with.” Harry said. “Tonks, take your cues from Kei. We will too. Kingsley, you’re coming with us. Get a well rounded group and get ready.”

Kingsley barked orders for only seconds before standing next to Harry with a large group behind him. “We’re ready.” He said with a firm tone.

“Good.” Harry said. “Before we split up. Everyone! Do not be afraid to fight violently. They’ll kill you if they have a chance. Don’t give them one.”

“Got it.” Kei said.

“I’ll be damned if I’m breaking a nail to avoid death.” Rena said with a smile. “I’ll handle them good enough.”

“Good.” Harry said before turning back to Kingsley. “Now.” Harry and Jen apparated immediately after Harry said that.

Harry apparated to the outside edge of the group of death eaters and knew he’d been right instantly. “Jen, tell me if Kei changes the plans. I’ve got some business to attend to.” He said.

“Wait, where are you going?” Jen asked.

“Voldemort’s here.” Harry said. “I’m going to try to end this quickly.”

“Wait, you might need some help!” Jen exclaimed.

“No, you’re needed here.” Harry said. “Pass on Kei’s plans to Kingsley and the others. This is my fight.”

“Be careful.” Jen said.

“Always.” Harry said and ran from the immediate fight, something he’d never done before, to face the most imminent threat, the one thing he was always known for.

Harry found him not forty yards from the rear of the battle with his most trusted death eaters. Harry walked to the group of people stopping only feet from them as his trenchcoat blew gently in the breeze. He looked calmly at Voldemort as if he were no more than a petty criminal instead of the most powerful dark wizard the world had ever known with his own wand held comfortably in his hand and his arms hanging relaxed at his sides.

“I see you still don’t like the front lines of battle.” Harry said.

“The same could be said of you Potter.” Voldemort spat.

“On the contrary,” Harry told him. “I believe this is the most dangerous place to be.”

“You would be right about that Potter.” Voldemort said evilly as he aimed his wand at Harry. “Avada Kedavra!

Harry quickly transfigured a metal wall out of a stone on ground and twisted to the side as the sheer force of the spell attempted to flatten him with his own shield. “You didn’t think I’d let you get out of this that easy did you?” He asked.

“Macnair, kill the boy.” Voldemort said with a smile.

Harry pointed his wand at Macnair and a bright purple light exploded from his wand as Harry flicked his wand comfortably. “So, that was your plan?” Harry asked as Macnair coughed up blood and fell backwards. “Use them to weaken me so you can kill me easy? Try a better plan.”

“Help the others.” Voldemort said to those around him. “They will need your assistance now. I can handle one child easily enough.”

Harry laughed as those surrounding Voldemort left. “You sure you can handle me?” He asked. “I have been rather troublesome for you in the past.”

Voldemort sneered. “I need only hit you with one spell.” He said. “Avada Kedavra!

Harry apparated just as the spell was going to hit him, appearing five feet to the left with his wand aimed at Voldemort. “Viscus Exitus!” He yelled quickly.

Voldemort jumped to the side and took aim again. “Sectumsempra!” He snarled.

Harry apparated again, this time behind Voldemort. “Avada Kedavra!” He yelled quickly, and shook his head at himself as Voldemort jumped away. “Damn, I should’ve just use a silent spell I guess.”

Voldemort cackled at Harry’s bravery. “And to think I thought you a damn fool follower of Dumbledore’s beliefs.” He said. “You are nothing like your precious headmaster. You grow more like me every time we meet.”

Harry had a sarcastic grin at the comment and tapped his scar with his wand. “You’ve got a bit of me, I’ve got a bit of you.” He said. “I guess we’re even.”

“Ah, that explains the wands.” Voldemort said knowingly.

“I guess it does at that.” Harry said. “Now, where were we? Oh yes. Sectumsempra! Avada Kedavra!

Voldemort dodged the spells nimbly before turning back to Harry. “Still not smart enough to learn your enemy are you boy?” He asked Harry tauntingly.

“What would I want to learn?” Harry asked. “Did you have a troubled youth? Would you like to bond Voldemort? I’m not much for all that. I’d rather kill you and get to the celebration party.”

“But who will be there to celebrate with you when this is done?” Voldemort asked. “You have lost and you don’t even realize it yet Potter.”

“What are you talking about?” Harry asked as anger flared up in him.

“All those you care about will be dead before the sun sets.” Voldemort told him. “I’d wager most of them are now. You are only the last of the students I will have to kill.”

Harry’s anger flooded in him quickly before he let the sadness that this could be true take over him. “Then try.” Harry said softly.

Avada Kedavra!” Voldemort yelled again.

Harry dodged the spell easily and had Gryffindor’s wand in his hand before Voldemort could blink. “Shiyash Ti!

Voldemort dodged with shock in his eyes. “That was parseltongue! Where did you learn that?” He demanded.

“What’s wrong?” Harry asked. “Can’t see into my head anymore?”

“I will steal that secret from you before I kill you boy!” Voldemort spat before sending a spell Harry never saw.

Harry’s reaction was to apparate away as that was he felt was the right thing to do. As the area where Harry once stood exploded he saw that it was a good idea. “You’re never going to steal my knowledge if you blow me up.” He said, now baiting Voldemort into attacking angrily. He was praying for one mistake.

Viscus Exitus!” Voldemort wailed in fury.

Harry sidestepped the spell and aimed three of his own before apparating away from Voldemort’s next spell. “Come on now. I thought you were better than this.” Harry said with a cocky grin on his face. “The dark lord himself can’t land one spell on little Harry Potter?” He added brightly. “I expected better.”

Avada Kedavra!” Voldemort yelled in a rage Harry never expected. He quickly erected a steel wall and apparated twenty feet from where he was. Then he heard it.

Harry! Help!

Harry looked around and saw no one, then his eyes widened as he realized what had happened. Just then Voldemort saw him and another curse came his way. He dodged it quickly before he cursed under his breath. “Sorry, Voldemort.” He said. “Much as I wish I could finish this now, something more important came up. Lunch and all. I’m sure you understand. I’ll leave you with this to think about though.” He finished and cast the blinding light spell and the slashing curse before apparating away.

Harry appeared next to Jen and immediately sent out ten spells before turning to her. “I hope this was important.” Harry said.

“Kei said they are taking a beating on their end and need some help.” Jen said. “He asked for reinforcements. Now our side is weak. We need you here now.”

Harry sighed and put his wand away and instantly held Slytherin’s in it’s place. “Just as well. I wasn’t getting anywhere with Voldemort anyway.” He said. “But I think he’s attacked the school. So lets do this as quick as we can. Kill them quick so we can get back to our other job.”

“Okay.” Jen said with a nod. Then she smiled. “Never a dull day for guardians huh?”

Harry shook his head. “Never.” He said before he jumped from behind the safety of what could only have been an obsolete obstacle thrown extremely hard and cast seven spells before ducking for cover once more. “This isn’t going to work.”

“What do you mean?” Jen asked. “They haven’t finished evacuating yet. It has to work.”

Harry shook his head. “We need them closer together.” He said. “Can you get to Kei like you got to me?”

“I can try.” Jen said.

“Tell him to lure them into the main hall.” Harry told her. “It’ll be tighter in there, easier to hit them that way.”

“Okay, but distract them will you?” Jen asked as she threw another of the obsolete obstacles in front of her.

Harry nodded and apparated next to Kingsley and fired three quick slashing curses before throwing down an obsolete obstacle and nodding to the group of aurors. “Anyone hurt?”

“Nothing too serious.” Kingsley said. “Worst is a broken arm.”

Harry handed him three potions. “Give them to the three most hurt.” He said. When Kingsley did he turned back to Harry expectantly. “Count to five and just send as many curses their way as possible. Don’t even worry about accuracy. Just give me enough distraction to let me hit them unexpected.”

Kingsley just nodded. “1.” He said and Harry apparated far from Kingsley and Jen at the same time. He watched as Kingsley’s group started sending spells wildly and took to action.

Using only silent spells he lashed out quickly with both of the founders’ wands. He managed to take down fifteen death eaters before they realized the ploy and turned their attention to him. With the first wave of spells Harry apparated next to Jen again. “Good enough?” He asked curiously.

“Kei’s got his people backing up now.” Jen told him. “But they’ve taken a heavy beating. Our side is going to have to put up a hell of a fight to get them out of this safely.”

“Then I guess its time for guerilla warfare.” Harry said with a grin. “You ready?”

Jen pulled out Ravenclaw’s wand and nodded. “Lets do it. Someone’s got to save the day here.” She said seriously.

“Might as well be us.” Harry said with a nod.

Harry’s newest tactic in fighting was chaotic at best. If he made the smallest mistake he could easily splinch himself beyond recognition. That didn’t stop him from doing it, only made him err more on the side of perfection. Harry apparated ten feet from a the rear line, fired of six spells, and was off to an entirely different area before the death eaters could blink. The downside to this was severe loss of accuracy as he only tended to his one or two of the people he aimed at. The upside was that the death eaters became so confused they didn’t know where to aim and left them open to attack from the other aurors so more death eaters fell. As the death eaters started moving away from Harry and the rest Jen called him back.

“What is it?” Harry asked as he appeared next to her.

“Kei has a problem.” Jen said. “The Minister won’t leave and Percy has sworn that he’ll stand next to the Minister to the death.”

“Great!” Harry exclaimed. “What the hell are they thinking?”

“The Minister said he was an auror first and won’t let others fight while he hides.” Jen told him.

“And Percy has that hard headed Weasley nature about him.” Harry replied with a sigh. “If he gets hurt Mrs. Weasley will kill me.”

Jen smiled. “The death eaters might do it if we aren’t careful though.” She said. “So leave that as a backup option if he gets hurt.”

Harry laughed. “Good idea.” Harry said. “Get to Kingsley. Tell them to close in on the death eaters but to try not to hit me while in the crossfire.”

“Got it.” Jen said and apparated away.

Harry continued his tactics for a few minutes more until Harry noticed he was dodging more spells coming from the aurors than the death eaters. With that known he moved back beside Jen and continued to fight as strong as he could. His mind kept returning to Voldemort’s words that there was an attack that would destroy all those he loved. Considering the only places that could be was the Ministry and Hogwarts Harry knew what that meant. It took everything in him not to abandon this fight and apparate to Hogwarts. The only thing keeping him from doing this was his need to save those on the other side of the mass of death eaters that was slowly thinning out in front of them.

In what seemed an excruciatingly long battle to Harry he finally saw the aurors in front of them and realized it was over. Harry wasted no time in heading over to Kei before he froze. Laying on the ground about ten feet to Kei’s left was Tonks. Harry rushed to her quickly.

“What happened?” Harry asked.

“I don’t know Harry.” Kei said softly. “Things happened too quick. I couldn’t see it all. I kept drawing blanks. I’m sorry.”

Harry shook his head. Then stood and saw the Minister standing near Kei. “Since you’re here, take the injured to the Ministry hideout with this portkey.” Harry said as he waved his wand over a fallen hat. “I’ll have a healer there within the hour. Everyone who isn’t hurt, you’re to portkey to Hogwarts immediately. I’ve got a bad feeling about today.” Then he turned to his team. “Anyone hurt?”

“I’m fine.” Rena said. “Your potions are perfect.”

“I agree.” Kei said. “Lets get to Hogwarts.”

“I’ll meet you there.” Harry said and apparated immediately. As soon as he was in front of the doors to the Entrance Hall he knew something was wrong. The doors no longer stood on their hinges and looked as if someone had released a giant upon them, but that wasn’t what attracted his attention. The school felt wrong. It didn’t feel safe anymore. Upon walking in Harry saw the reason.

The school had fallen. He could see bodies sprawled everywhere. He knew at once that these were the others Voldemort spoke of earlier. He kept looking for faces he recognized and realized instantly how few students he truly knew. As he came to the Great Hall he saw a sight that stopped him dead in his tracks.

Dumbledore was laying on the ground at a bizarrely odd angle and Harry saw blood in his hair. Near him was Colin and his brother Dennis, both looking rather odd in their own positions. Trying to assist them was McGonagall, Snape, and Flitwick. Harry rushed to them quickly and knelt beside Colin and Dennis. He noticed Dennis’ body didn’t move at all and tears filled his eyes. Colin looked much the same but he was still breathing, though shallowly.

“What happened Colin?” Harry asked.

“I couldn’t protect him Harry.” Colin gasped. “I tried to protect him but they got me.”

“What did they hit you with Colin?” Harry asked weakly.

“The slashing curse.” Colin said and tears flew quicker from Harry’s eyes. “I don’t want to die Harry. I’m afraid.”

As the tears came from his eyes he told Colin the words he always prayed were true and that Dumbledore hadn’t lied to him. “Don’t be afraid Colin. Death isn’t the end. It’s just the beginning of the next big adventure.”

“Does it hurt Harry?” Colin asked. “The killing curse? Does it hurt?”

“No Colin.” Harry said. “It really doesn’t feel like anything.”

“Good.” Colin said. “At least Dennis didn’t have to suffer.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t protect you Colin.” Harry said.

“You did your best.” Colin said. “Thank you for teaching me Harry.” And with one final breath Colin’s body lay still.

Harry wanted to stop then. To let all the deaths of those he’d seen already be enough and just fall to the ground completely and cry till he had no more tears left. But he knew he had to protect anyone left alive, regardless of if this place was free from death eaters now he knew they’d return since their attack at the Ministry was wholly unsuccessful. Instead of breaking down he closed Colin’s eyes and walked over to where Dumbledore lay.

“Please tell me he isn’t dead.” Harry said with a pleading look at McGonagall.

“No, he isn’t Potter.” Snape told him. “But if you have one of those potions to fix him up he’d be much better off.”

Harry took one look at Dumbledore and his eyes widened. “What happened to him?”

“He was hit with eight bludgeoning curses.” McGonagall told him. “Students did this Harry. His own students.”

“I can’t fix this.” Harry said softly. “The damage isn’t solely internal. He’s got bones through the skin. I can’t fix that with my potions. We need Madam Pomfrey.”

“I think she’s barricaded herself in the infirmary with a few students.” McGonagall said. The doors wouldn’t open and they won’t open them for any reason.”

That was all Harry needed to know as he apparated immediately into the center of the infirmary. He instantly shielded himself from spells. “It’s only me!” He yelled.

“Mr. Potter?” Madam Pomfrey asked quickly. “How do I know it is you?”

“You’ve treated me every year for the most bizarre happenings.” Harry said. “In second year you made me drink skele-grow because of that twit Lockhart if that means anything. Last year you checked me and the rest of my team for potions that were resistant to bezoars. Please, Professor Dumbledore needs your help and my potions can’t fix him. You have to believe me.” He added with a scared tone in his voice.

“Children, help me move the beds.” Madam Pomfrey said before staring shocked as Harry sent a spell that seemed to destroy every bed barring the door as well obliterate the doors themselves. “That is some quite effective magic Potter.”

Harry nodded. “Be careful.” Harry said. “I haven’t checked the school yet. I’m going to see if any students were smart enough to hide in the dorms, or if that would even help.” Then he grabbed a small remnant of a sheet and used the portkey charm on it. “Have Snape and McGonagall touch that to activate it. It will take you to a safe place. Get every to touch it to get them out.”

“All right Mr. Potter.” Madam Pomfrey said as her and the students made their way out into the hall.

Harry watched after them a moment before realizing that if there were any death eaters still in the school the large group would have been dead long before they made it down two flights of stairs. Harry took this as a good sign and made his way to Gryffindor tower, being the only place he knew the password to.

When he got to the dorm he was shocked at first. Instead of what he expected he saw something very shocking. Instead of finding students sprawled everywhere and the portrait destroyed he saw a large group of death eaters sprawled everywhere. He counted ten before deciding it might be best to avoid the portrait.

He took his route from the hospital wing and apparated to his dorm. Then he walked to the stairs and called down to whoever was in the common room. “How many death eaters have you taken?” He called down.

“Show your face and we’ll add another!” Brianna growled angrily.

“Take me down and you’ll only make Voldemort happy.” Harry said as he revealed himself.

“Harry!” Ginny exclaimed and ran to him. “What happened?” She asked as she threw her arms around him.

“So many people are gone.” Harry said in a broken voice.

“We tried Harry.” Ron said in a raspy voice. “There were too many.”

Harry turned to Ron and looked at him curiously. “Anything poking through the skin?” He asked.

“No.” Ron said.

“He’s broken three ribs.” Hermione told Harry. “I think I dislocated my shoulder. Mostly just bumps and bruises for Ginny and Brianna though. They might have broken something after hitting that wall like they did but I haven’t been the best magically just yet.”

Harry nodded and pulled out four potions and handed them out. “Drink up and get well.” He said, then he paid attention to the large group gathered. “Who are all these people?”

“Survivors.” Ron said. “Padma and Parvati have some in Ravenclaw tower, Hannah and Susan have some in Hufflepuff. If they made it to them that is.”

“Slytherins?” Harry asked.

“Those that survived or didn’t turn on us are here.” Brianna said. “Ron looked to be doing badly after that wall exploded so Ginny and I diverted everyone we could here.”

“Good work.” Harry said. Then he made yet another portkey. “I want you all to touch that and get out of there. The basement is now a medical center. Tell Madam Pomfrey that when you get there. Anyone hurt should go there immediately.”

“What are you going to do?” Ginny asked nervously.

“My job.” Harry said. “I have to check on the survivors. Go and wait on me. I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

“Is it dangerous out there?” Ginny asked. “Do you need help?”

Harry shook his head. “We’ve got aurors coming. Probably already here. I’m going to apparate to the outside and wait for everyone else before checking the place thoroughly. I can’t go about this the right way without help.”

“We’ll help.” Ron said as he stood strongly.

“No.” Harry said with a firm tone. “Help me by helping Madam Pomfrey any way you can. Dumbledore was hurt. Now go, do what I said. No more arguments.”

“Harry, is it safe for you to do this?” Hermione asked.

“Was it safe for you all to risk your lives protecting everyone you could?” Harry asked. “It’ll be safer for me. I think the place is empty except for the dead and the survivors. I haven’t come across a death eater yet. Just go. I’ll be fine.” And with that he apparated to the Entrance Hall.

“What took you so long?” Rena asked.

“Its not pretty in there.” Harry said. “I’ve got to check the forest. I want everyone in teams of three. There are survivors reported in the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff dorms. Sweep the castle to make sure no death eaters are hiding, check for survivors anywhere else, and make damn sure not to get hurt. I’ll help you all as soon as I return.”

“What should we expect?” Kingsley asked him.

“Death.” Harry answered hollowly. “And a lot of it.” Then he walked to the forest slowly, hoping that the centaurs had been spared in the attack.

He stopped a short way from the centaur village and knew the truth already. He knew as soon as he saw the body of Magorian what had happened. Without looking further he turned and walked out of the forest before falling to the ground and surrendering to his tears for a moment. He realized he had to let them out or he’d be no good in a matter of minutes anyway.

Once he’d gotten his emotions under control he stood up again and tried to help with the search, but every face with their dead eyes and body splayed in a way that assured him they were dead seemed to tear away at his soul till he couldn’t take it any longer. He found himself walking aimlessly through the school till he found a balcony that overlooked the grounds. He sat on the railing with his back resting against the wall and just stared blankly for the longest time.

Harry sat there letting the days events play through his mind over and over. I failed them. I failed them all. The students, the parents, the Minister, Dumbledore, the founders, all of them. He thought over and over. He saw nothing good came from the day. All the students who’d died had died for nothing. Voldemort was still alive and he had just made his strongest move ever. Harry didn’t think he’d be able to handle the results of the day as long as he lived.

“It’s all clear now Harry.” Jen said as she walked up to him.

“Okay.” Harry said while lost in thought. “Go ahead back. I’ll meet you all there.”

Jen nodded. “Be careful Harry.” She said.

“Too late for that.” Harry said sadly. “I already screwed this up.”

Jen sighed. “We’ll see you at the manor.” She said as she turned and left.

Harry walked back to Gryffindor tower slowly. When he got there he grabbed his invisibility cloak from the trunk. Then he looked at everything once more. All the people who gave up their lives just because Voldemort wanted to prove a point. Anger flared up in him once again.

“I will make you pay Voldemort.” Harry swore through gritted teeth. “I will rip you apart for this. I swear I will.”

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