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Scarlet Lady by cutie_katie
Chapter 2 : The Sorting
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When the Hogwarts Express pulled up in Hogsmeade, Brooke got out on to the platform with her luggage. She didn't know where to go, but seeing that everybody was all heading in one direction, she followed them to where a long line of carriages stood. Brooke saw others climbing into them, and follwing this example, she did the same.

Brooke got in the nearest empty one, and thankfully for her, it stayed empty. She was usually bubbly and confident, but starting at a new school was a very daunting business.

The carriages pulled up at Hogwarts, and Brooke stepped out, looking around in awe. It was a beautiful castle, she hadn't expected it to look as magical as this.

Just then a woman bustled up to her.

"Mrs Scarlet?" She asked Brooke.
"Yes, professor," she replied.

"Welcome to Hogwarts, I am Professor McGonagall, transfiguration teacher and head of Gryffindor House. Will you please accompany me to the Great Hall where you will try on the sorting hat, as it will decide which house you will be in for the remainder of your next two years at Hogwarts. You will have the privilege of trying the hat on at the first, before the our newest students," professor McGonagall concluded, with a tight lipped smile

"Yes, professor," said Brooke again.

Everybody was already in the great Hall as Brooke and Professor McGonagall walked in. All eyes were on them as they walked towards a rickety stool with and old worn looking hat sat upon it. A group of very nervous looking children were standing here aswell, and Brooke assumed that these were the first years also being sorted too.

"Place yourself upon the stool and put the hat on," said Professor McGonagall, as she stepped back to watch what would happen. Brooke sat down and immediately the hat started talking to her.

"Very intelligent, as I can see. Ravenclaw would do well to accept you. But wait, beyond the knowledge I have to take your personality into consideration also. Yes...I see that you are not afraid to speak your mind, quite the challenger. A final desicion has to be made, therefore I choose...GRYFFINDOR!!"

The hat bellowed this final word, and the whole Hall heard it too, for the table nearest the very left errupted into loud claps and cheers. Brooke went of to join them. Placing herself at the end of the table, she looked up the length of it and spotted the four boys that helped her on the train; James, Peter, Remus and lastly, Sirius, who gave her a wink at which Brooke blushed a little at.

After a Violet Wickers was sorted into Hufflepuff, everybody settled down to enjoy a fantastic meal of their choice. Brooke chose roast chicken, gravy, stuffing, apple sauce with fresh, warm bread and a dessert of apple crumble. When eventually everybody had finished eating, Brooke noticed an old looking wizard with a kindly expression getting to his feet. This must be Dumbledore, she thought.

"Good evening students and teachers, one and all! I welcome our new students in hope that they will work hard and benefit from everything they will ever learn. To our old students, welcome back, and maintain the high standard at which you do so well. Please note that the Forbidden Forest is exactly that, Forbidden! Any aspiring quidditch players will write down their name on the list for tryouts which is on the Common Room notice board. Finally, may we all welcome our new Defence Against The Dark Arts techer, Professor Wentworth! But now, i'm sure you would rather be snuggling down to you warm, comfy beds than listen to me speak of the rules and regulations. So let me say goodnight, and enjoy your lessons! Pip pip!"
With that final word, everyone got to their feet. Brooke was feeling very lost and confused, but somebody came and spoke to her.

"Hi, Brooke? I'm Lily Evans," said a girl with thick red hair and startlingly green eyes.

"Professor McGonagall said that I had to help you around Hogwarts," she continued with a smile.

"Nice to meet you," said Brooke also smiling, and they set off to Gryffindor common room, Lily chatting about Hogwarts, everything from the ghosts to the greenhouses. With Lily's warm-hearted personality, and Brookes bubbly attitude, the two were firm friends by the time they finally stopped in front of a portrait of a rather large woman.

"Password?" Said the Fat Lady.

"Mallowsweet," replied Lily, and the portrait swung forwards to reveal a cosy round room complete with many sofas, chairs, cushions and portraits, and full of chattering students.

"Welcome to Gryffindor Common room!" Announced Lily to Brooke, introducing her to the grand room.

"The stairs over their lead to our dorms" Lily pointed to a spiral staircase at the back of the room.

"I think that's where everyone should be, come on," said Lily with a beckon, and Brooke followed in persuit.

"Who's everyone?" Asked Brooke, interested.

"Your fellow sixth years. Only the girls though, boys can't get into our dorms, but we can get into theirs," concluded Lily with a giggle. Lily opened the door leading to the 6th year dormitory.

"Hello everyone, meet Brooke, she's going to be in our year from now on" Lily introduced Brooke to two girls already in the room.

"Brooke, this is Alice Frost," said Lily, pointing to a small girl with short dark hair lying on her bed reading Witch Weekly. Alice smiled friendly up at Brooke, and she returned the gesture.

"That's Sarah Roberts," continued Lily, showing Brooke a blonde-haired, blue eyed girl, who was searching frantically for something.

"Oh no, my mum is going to kill me!" Sarah was whining, more to herself than anyone.

"What's up now Sarah?" Asked Alice lazily as she turned another page in her magazine.

"My new dress robes, I can't find them! They were just there on my bed, and now they're not!" Sarah was checking under all the beds now, searching.

"She always loosing things, I dont know how she does it!" Lily said to Brooke, amused.

"Um, is these them Sarah?" Brooke asked, as she had just looked under lid of Sarah's trunk in which Sarah had flung back to begin unpacking her things.

"Yes! yes, thanks!" exclaimed Sarah, genuinely thankful. "Who are you again?"

"Brooke Scarlet"

"Welcome to Hogwarts Brooke, if you need any help just come to see me!" Said Sarah, a beaming smile upon her face.

"Thanks, I will." said Brooke.

"Where's Mary? I thought she would have been here." said Lily flopping down on her bed and opening her trunk.

"Bathroom," replied a now calmer Sarah.

And with that the last Gryffindor sixth year girl walked out of from the bathroom, her light brown hair tied back in a pony tail and soft brown eyes sweeping the room until her eyes found Brooke's.

"Are you new?" She asked Brooke.

"Just starting today. I'm called Brooke. Brooke Scarlet," she said, introducing herself.

"I'm Mary MacDonald," she said and smiled warmly.

That night when they all had settled down to get to sleep, Brooke lied awake, staring up at the hangings on her bed.

"I think i'm going to like it here" she thought, and with that final thought, she fell into a peaceful sleep.

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