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.You.Don't.Know.Us. by 33hesta333
Chapter 1 : Arriving at Howarts.
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"Zara!" I opened my eyes, and found myself looking into my twin brother's irritated face.

"I hate apparating." I grumbled.  We had just apparated away from the Riddle mansion, away from our father and the rest of the deatheaters. It was the start of October, and we had spent the whole summer doing tasks and missions for our newly risen "father" also known as the Dark Lord, or Voldemort.  

We had decided to come to the place we would be least expected to hide, Hogwarts school, led by our fathers enemy, Albus Dumbledore, and also containing hundreds of people who would wish us dead if they knew the truth.

"Yeah well... What year did you say we'd be in?" Seth looked at me, black fringe covering half of his face, but one penetrating green eye showing.

"5th... The same as Malfoy's kid." I said in a cold bored tone. I had told him about a hundred times.

"Right, come on then." He led the way up to the gates, and walked through, hesitating slightly. This was it, there was no going back now. We didn't have our father's permission to come, neither did he know we were here. We had finally become fed up of being his perfect little followers, or slaves as we called it, and left him. Well not permanently left, just for a while to come to school, and try to be normal. Just to see what its like i guess...

It was silent as we walked up the grounds towards the castle, and as we entered through the large front door, we still met nobody. I tugged Seth's arm, and pulled him along the corridor. The noise of chearful chatting and clinking of plates could be heard through a big door at the side. Me and Seth looked at each other, I gulped slightly, and Seth ran a hand through his hair like he does on the rare occasions when he is nervous.

I pushed the doors open, and the large hall within fell silent. The room was full of people eating their dinner, but every single person was frozen, staring at us with curiosity, confusion or shock.

I recognised Snape, one of my father’s deatheaters, sat at the staff table. He wouldn't know who we were, however, as we always wore masks when the Deatheaters where there.

An old man who I recognised as Albus Dumbledore seemed to regain from the surprise first, and spoke. "Hello, and who may you be?"

Realising Seth wasn't going to answer, I did. "I'm Zara, and this is my twin Seth. We are 15, and would like to request a place at your school."

"You are, I presume, magical?"

"Yes!" Seth said indignantly.

"And what is your surname?" Dumbledore surveyed us over his glasses, as everybody else watched in silence.

I ignored his question, and instead asked him "Are you going to let us join?"

He looked at us for a moment, then a look of interest flickered in his eyes, and he nodded. "Minerva, would you please fetch the sorting hat?"

A witch stood up and swiftly strode from the room. Meanwhile, both me and Seth had seen a boy. But not just any boy. It was Harry Potter. I smirked slightly as I looked at him, and could tell that Seth would be doing the same.

"What?" Potter said, sounding slightly worried as well as confused.

"Potter I presume?" Seth was leaning against the wall, arms crossed over his chest.

"Yes, what is it to you?" He was glaring at me now.

"Really, there's no need to glare at us. Not everybody is trying to kill you. We're not all Voldemort you know..." A gasp ran through the hall, and Potter stood up, but was interrupted by a small "ah hem."

I looked up to the staff table again, and saw a small fat woman dressed in an ugly woolly cardigan. "I am Professor Dorulus Umbridge, ministry official. While you are new to the school, and will be forgiven for not knowing the rules, I would like to remind you now, that any lies that a certain dark wizard is back, are just that. Lies."

"I dunno... Why would Potter lie?" I asked smiling fakely at Umbridge.

"Why Potter continu-" Potter cut her off, almost shouting now. "I'm NOT lying!"

"We believe you Potter." Seth said calmly.

Dumbledore was giving us both a calculating look. Just then McGonagall strode back in with a tattered old wizarding hat.

She beckoned for Seth to come up, and as soon as he got three metres from the hat, before he had even sat down, or had the hat touch him, it screamed "SLYTHERIN!"

There were dark whispers as Seth went to sit down at the green and silver table.

McGonagall looked unsettled, as she called me up.

This time the hat didn't shout anything out, and i sat on the stool as McGonagall placed the hat on my head

'Ahh another Riddle... We haven't had one of you for over 50 years, and now two of you... I still remember your father, now he was an easy one to sort... As was your brother... You however are slightly different... Yes I see you have done evil, but your mind is purer than your brothers... However there is still only one place for you while you continue to follow others. Therefore I will have to place you in.. SLYTHERIN!" I heard the hat shout the last word out to the rest of the hall. 

I felt confused by what the hat had said, I had always thought me and Seth were identical in our thoughts.

People were wispering, sounding confused as to why the hat had taken almost 10 seconds to choose my house.

I turned round, and walked to the end of the Slytherin table and sat down by Seth. As I sat down, Dumbledore stood up again. "Would the new students please stay behind after the feast, and I would like to talk to Mr Potter too."

Everyone slowly turned their attention away from us, but we could hear conversations about us. We didn't eat much. We never do, especially not me.

After about 15 minutes of total boredom, sat unable to talk to Seth as people were sat all around and would be able to listen in, the feast finally came to an end. People slowly trailed out, until it was just Me, Seth and Potter left.

Dumbledore walked over to us, and asked us to follow him to his office. Potter walked ahead with Dumbledore, as me and Seth lagged behind, quietly whispering in parsletounge, so that even if somebody did overhear they wouldn't be able to understand us.

"Are you SURE we should have come here?" I asked Seth, seeking some sort of reassurance.

"What would you rather we did? It's either come here, stay at home or run away and get caught by the ministry. Unless you think they WOULDN'T put us in Azkaban?"

Potter turned round and looked at us with hatred and distrust. "Why would they put you in Azkaban?"

"WHAT?! How did you hear that?!" We both shouted.

"Well you weren't exactly whispering it were you?" He said giving us a weird look.

"You're a-a Parslemouth?" I managed to choke out.

"Yes..." Harry answered sounding confused, he obviously couldn't tell the difference between Parsle and human language. Dumbledore was looking at us both with scrutiny.

He quickly walked through a gargoyle after saying "Sugar Quills." and led us up a long spiral stair case. We came out in an office, where Dumbledore sat down in a chair, motioning to a red sofa for us to sit on.

Potter sat down, but me and Seth remained standing, glaring at Dumbledore with mistrust. He spoke first.

"Is there anything you would like to tell me?"

I looked at Seth, indicating that he would answer the questions. "No."

"Do you know where Lord Voldemort is?"


"Are your parents Deatheaters?"


"Are you orphans?"

"No. For gods sake, is the interrogation finished yet?!"

Potter stood up. "Seth. That’s your name, right?" Seth nodded. "Why did you say that you believed me about Voldemort in the hall?"

"Because we do, isn't that why you told people? so we'd believe you?"


I interupted him. "If you've finished interrogating us, can we go now?"

Dumbledore quietly nodded, and we left the room. Potter mumbled something about our common room being in the dungeons, then left. We set off in the direction of the front doors, and once we were outside, lay down against some rocks, quietly talking. It was dark by now, and there was a sinister reflection of the ghostly moon on the lake. What would we do now?

Thanks for reading, I wrote this first about a year ago, and am going to carry it on now, but will edit the first few chapters slightly. Any reveiws are greatly appriciated. x

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