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Harry Potter and the League of the Phoenix: The Rise of the Sorceror by jasper21
Chapter 3 : Chapter Three: The Five Houses of Hogwarts
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Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters

Chapter Three: The Fifth House of Hogwarts

Bart was choking on his turkey, while everyone stared at Harry in complete shock.

“Harry, what did you just say?” Ron asked.

Bart was frantically waving at George who was still staring at Harry and Jasper.

“Harry, Jasper can’t possibly be your grandfather,” Hermione whispered.

No, Hermione. It is true. I am Harry’s grandfather, Jasper Brian Potter, Jasper

Hermione held her chest and took several steps back. George finally saw Bart and punched the turkey out of him.

“How is this possible?” Cho asked.

Follow me, , Jasper replied.

Everyone left the Dining Room, and followed Jasper into the Pensieve Room. Once the doors closed, Jasper stood in front of one of the mirrors and turned his eyes into light blue color. As his eye brightened at the mirror, a man appeared in the mirror. All the girls in the room blushed. The man was very handsome. He was at least six feet tall, with a chiseled face, brown eyes, and messy black and grey hair. Harry swallowed and looked into the dark brown eyes of his grandfather.

“To answer your question, Miss Chang, it was Dumbledore’s doing. We both feared that Voldemort will be attempting to release a group of demonic creatures from the Veil of Azkaban. We knew that I was the only one who had enough knowledge to help Harry stop these phantoms from escaping,” Jasper said.

“What are these phantoms you’re talking about,” Neville asked.

“They are neither dead nor living. They’re neither human nor creature. When a person has their soul sucked away from their bodies, they’re souls enter the veil in the Department of Mysteries. There in the veil, they begin to change into these phantoms with no limits when they are released,” Jasper replied as he paced from mirror to mirror.

“What do you mean no limits?” Arthur asked.

“They can possess a witch or wizard no matter how powerful they are. But on top of that, they can defy gravity like the dementors,” Jasper said.
Harry sighed.

“What about Gryffindor’s Dagger?”

“The dagger has unspeakable properties. It is the phantoms only weakness. If you stab them with the dagger, they are sent back into the veil. Also in order to open the other side of the veil you need to draw the last blood of the last heir of Gryffindor. Just as a small cut, and you place the blood on the archway of the veil,” Jasper said.

“So you’re saying that the phantoms will only not possess the person who holds the dagger?” Ron asked.

“And anyone connected to him or her. Why do you think that Voldemort has the Dark Mark, and Harry the symbol of the phoenix?” Jasper replied.

“We need to find that dagger,” Fred said.

Harry nodded.

“The question is where to start.”

“The sword of course,” Jasper said.

Everyone looked at Jasper in the mirror.

“How can the sword help?” Harry asked.

“I don’t know. But it must have a link with the dagger. I mean they were both together in one time, and in the hands of our ancestor. He had to have placed a spell on the weapons so they can be magically linked,” Jasper thought aloud.

“Well than how are we suppose to find this link?” Bart asked.

“Oh, let me guess! The answer’s in some ancient book,” Ron said sarcastically.

“No actually, it was written on a cave wall in Africa. There was a dozen muggle archeologists studying the cave writings when I was last there,” Jasper replied.

“The let’s go to Africa!” Ron said.

“Alright, then it will be Ron, Dean, and Arthur that will go to Africa. Jasper will accompany you since he knows the location of the cave,” Harry said.

Everyone left the Pensieve with Jasper on their heels. Ron, Dean, and Arthur packed quickly while Fred and George extracted muggle technology from the laboratory.

Everyone met in the in the barn located in the back of the mansion.

With a loud roar, Arthur drove his Ford Shelby out of barn.

“Good luck gentlemen,” Harry said.

Jasper jumped into the back seat with Dean while Ron occupied the front with Arthur.

With one more roar, the Ford Shelby sped out and into the night sky.


“Come now, Albus. We cannot be overshadowed by our father’s mistakes. The man was insane and a criminal!” Aberforth yelled.

Both men (around their thirties) were sitting in the Three Broomsticks, arguing over several shots of firewhiskey.

“But he was a brilliant man, and he knew that he had to sacrifice his sanity for the good of our world,” Albus replied.

“He must’ve been mad before he became more mad,” Aberforth interjected.

“Didn’t one of your favorite Elizabethan poets said ‘Twas truth and madness lies but only in a slither of sting’” Albus said.

“Why would he sacrifice himself to keep this artifact safe. The old fool,” Aberforth whispered, looking down at the Daily Prophet:



“Harry wake up!” came a voice.

Harry slowly opened his eyes to find Lavender, Hermione, and Cho kneeling over him.
He lifted his head to find that he was lying on the floor of the Living Room.

“Harry, are you alright?” Cho asked.

He shook his head and was in a state of dazed shock.

“Harry what’s wrong?” Hermione asked worriedly.

He looked up at her.

“I just went back in time.”


2 days later

“Dean, what are you doing?” Arthur asked.

“I’m teaching myself how to make a muggle bomb. You-Know-Who won’t see this coming.”

“And you decide to do this around us! In a village full of huts, are you nuts!” Ron exclaimed.

The three of them had made a hut identical to the ones in the Malian Village, so they wouldn’t draw attention. Jasper poked his head out of the hut and looked around.

This place seems deserted. Odd,

“Why is it odd?” Ron asked.

“Because Mali is one of the greatest market places in Africa. The businesses are always thriving around this time of year,” Dean said picking up a screwdriver.

“So what happened?” Arthur asked.

“My best guess is Voldemort had something to do with it,” Dean replied.

After several minutes…

“Got it.”

Everyone including Jasper looked at Dean with shock who was holding a small explosive.

“You’re insane, Dean,” Ron said.

“HELP ME!” a blood girdling yell echoed through the vacant village.

The boys ran out and froze at the sight before them.

The was an angry mob that seem to be crowding over what appeared to be a man having his flesh being eaten.

“Cannibals,” Dean whispered.

Several of the villagers turned and at the sight of the boys, ran straight at them.

“Any ideas,” Dean asked slipping his wand from his pocket.

“Well killing is out of the question,” Ron said looking at his surroundings.

“But killing is on their mind,” Dean retorted.

“LUMOS MAXIMA!” Arthur yelled.

They all covered their eyes just in time before the a large blast of white blasted from Arthur’s wand. The villagers were yelling in pain, running blindly around one another.

The boys ran around them and out of the village.

“What the hell was that!?!” Dean yelled.

We have something else to worry about, Jasper said.

Everyone turned to find the path that lead to the cave was covered in dead bodies.

Without a word they all ran, careful not to tread on the bodies.

As soon as they caught sight of the cave, spells came firing their way.

“We were expecting you,” came a voice.

Ducard appeared from the shadows.

“Your fearless leader sent you to do his dirty work?” he chuckled.

“Where’s yours?” Arthur replied.

Ducard’s face contorted into rage.

“You think that I take direction from Riddle? How dare you-”

Jasper had a look of confusion.

There was a loud blast and a large cloud of debris came billowing from the cave and covered everybody.

“We have to get inside!” everyone heard Arthur said.

They all ran inside the cave and started shooting blindly at anything in front of them.

“There’s no point, they’re gone,” Ron yelled.

As the dust cleared, Arthur’s cell phone rang.

“Curry,” he answered.

“What’s your status?” Harry asked through the end.

When the dust cleared everyone stared in shock.

“Arthur, are you there?”


“Arthur, are you alright? Talk to me!” Harry yelled.

“It’s gone,” Arthur whispered.

“What do you mean gone?”

“The cave painting. They took it.”

There where the cave painting should have been, was a large gaping hole.


“You have to run that by me again,” Ducard whispered threateningly to Draco.

Draco looked fearfully down at the floor and spoke to Ducard again. When the conversation was over, Ducard balled his fists in rage, and walked into the conference chamber where the other six warlords and Voldemort were waiting. The Death Eaters were standing against the wall.

Ducard sat down across of Voldemort.

“We have a problem.”

Voldemort gritted his teeth.

“You didn’t decipher the message on the wall?”

“No, actually we couldn’t.”

“It was Potter, wasn’t it?” Voldemort seethed.

“No, actually it wasn’t. Three of his men arrived in Mali shortly after I cast the Cannibal Curse on the village,” Ducard said.

“So what is the problem?”

“It appears that someone else is searching for the dagger, and they are not in league with us or Potter. When Malfoy and the others arrived, the entire painting was removed from the cave.”

For the first time, Voldemort was bemused.

“There was another player? But who would remove an entire wall?” Bellatrix asked.


Shanghai, China…

In an underground facility, several men and women in white lab coats were going over their tests results. In the center of the lab was the piece of the cave that was removed from Africa.

The leading archeologist ran up to a man overlooking the project.

“We have deciphered the painting, sir.”

Oliver Queen took the results from him and read it over.

“I’ll be in contact with Harry Potter, so I can share the results with him. I want you to make sure that this facility never exists.”

“And what about the painting, sir?” the archeologist asked.

Oliver looked at the painting. At the far right side of it was the crests of Hogwarts, however there was a fifth. The crest had a crown on the top, and a bear holding green arrows in its mouth in the center. At the bottom of the crest read: QUEEN.

Oliver stared at the ancient painting.

“Destroy it.”


“So we’re back to step one,” Bart said in disappointment.

“We need to find Voldemort’s hideout and-

“Infiltrate it? Are you mad? Don’t you think Voldemort will learn from last time?” George interrupted.

“So what do you suggest?”

“Harry Potter?”

Everyone in the Living Room looked at the fireplace. A young Chinese man was looking at Harry through the fire.

“Yes?” Harry responded.

“My employer wishes to have a private meeting with you.”

“And how did you come to use the floo network? Doesn’t the Dark Side have control over it?” Harry asked.

“We have our methods. Will you except the invitation?” the man asked.

“Who is your employer?” Hermione interjected.

The man’s head disappeared. Several minutes later, a green arrow was shot out of the fire and landed in front of Harry. The man’s head reappeared and waited.

Harry turned to everyone.

“I’ll be back.”

“Harry, you can’t trust him!” Hermione yelled.

Harry turned.

“I didn’t know you started to care about me again.”

Hermione only stared after Harry as he disappeared through the fire.


When Harry stood up, he gazed at his surrounding of rooftops. He was in a large muggle city that he has not seen before.

“You’re in China. Shanghai to be exact,” came a deep voice.

Harry turned with his wand at the ready. There in front of him stood the Green Arrow.

“Why are we here?” Harry asked.

“Because this is the only country Voldemort hadn’t touched…yet.”

“Why am I here?”

“The same reason your boys were in Mali, Africa,” the Green Arrow replied.

Harry stared.

“You know something about the dagger?”

The Green Arrow held a file up and tossed it to Harry. Harry opened the envelope and read the contents.


“A clue will be found in that region until we reach the dagger. Gryffindor is sending your boys on a crusade,” the Green Arrow said.

Harry looked up.

“What boys?”

“Gryffindor christened some members of your league as the Crusaders of Gryffindor. This is their task. To find a retrieve the dagger. You can’t help them.”

“How do you know about the Crusaders?” Harry demanded.


Harry froze.

“But as long as you don’t reveal that you were in contact with the founders, then he will never know of the Crusaders,” the Green Arrow assured.

“And Ducard told you this how?”

The Green Arrow sighed.

He waved his wand at himself, and slowly, his battle gear disappeared.

Harry’s eyes widened with shock as he stared at the true identity of the Green Arrow wearing an expensive white suit.

“Ducard told me this because when I was at a very young age. He told me about the Legend of the Crusaders as bed time stories until my parents saw his true colors and forbade him from ever seeing me,” Oliver Queen replied.

“How do you know him?” Harry asked.

But the look on Oliver’s face gave Harry the answer before Oliver said it.

“Ducard is my uncle.”


“I didn’t know if I could trust you. Which will lead to the second reason why we’re here. Whatever you hear tonight stays between you and me until it is safe to tell the others,” Oliver said.

“WHY? They can be trusted!” Harry retorted.


“What, you’re going to shoot me?” Harry asked.

“If you leave me with no choice,” Oliver whispered.

Harry thought for several minutes before lowering his wand.

“What is the second discovery?”

“In my research, I learned that one of the descendants of Gryffindor
had entrusted a man who has the gift of cleverness to help keep the dagger safe. The reason why they chose this man was because his ancestor was entrusted by Gryffindor himself to help guard the dagger. It took me a while to trace the man’s ancestor before finding something interesting.”

“What would that be?” Harry asked.

“That the man’s name was Ian A. Dumbledore. Albus Dumbledore’s father,” Oliver said looking down in the street and seeing a man attempting to rape a woman.

“But why wouldn’t Dumbledore tell me about the dagger? I mean his dad had to have told him,” Harry said.

Oliver pulled out an arrow and took careful aim.

“Ian Dumbledore died before he could tell Albus anything. But Ian did give us a start on where exactly to find the next clue to finding the dagger.”

“What do you mean?” Harry asked watching the commotion from below.

“Well don’t you find it a bit odd that the dagger of Gryffindor can open the Veil of Azkaban? The dagger is the key. My guess is that wherever Ian A. Dumbledore is buried, we will find the dagger,” Oliver replied.

“So you’re saying that Ian Dumbledore took the dagger with him to his grave?” Harry asked.

“Yes. I’m absolutely positive,” Oliver replied.

“Why?” Harry asked.

Oliver opened fire. The arrow flew through the air and went through the robber’s leg. The man yelled in pain as his victim ran away. Several officers of the Chinese police came several minutes later with the victim, and took him into custody. Oliver turned to Harry.

“Because the answer is right in front of you Harry. Ian’s middle initial stands for Azkaban.”

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