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Seven Deadly Sins by Fields Of Innocence09
Chapter 1 : Lust
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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters except the plot.
A/N: This is written in response to the challenge by dragonlovesh2o4eva.
I hope you all enjoy this and please review when you're finished. You're feedback mean so much to me. =] 

I want to thank Janice (jyyl94) for helping me edit this, she has helped me improve as a writer so much with my grammar.

Lovely chapter image is by Kate at TDA! =D

                                                           Chapter 1: Lust

The smell of victory is sometimes so sweet you can taste it on your tongue. The sensation almost makes you cry out in complete and utter pleasure. You can hear the victory in the screams of those you heartlessly murder, it becomes an addiction.

People try to understand but they can’t because they are weak. They’ve never experienced it and they never will. They may find joy in feeling the snap of someone’s neck between their fingers, but not like I do. They may think they are important because of their wealth and status, but they will never be as wealthy or of the same high status as me. 

Really they are just nothing. Pawns in my game, if you like. If they die I can just as easily replace them. Weak people are not rare. They are merely deceived by the seeds of lies I implant within their naïve minds. 

If they honestly think I’ll share my power with them, they are gravely mistaken. But they have signed a contract with the devil. Once they sign the only way to escape is death.

Most are afraid of death. I welcome it; I welcome anything that is thrown in my direction because I know I can defeat it. I am unstoppable.

In my twenty-nine years I have come to learn that only one thing is important. That is power. Power can get you anything you want, power can make you live forever, and power can eliminate and destroy the foul, unclean creatures that walk this earth. Power is something only designed for the strong; it’s something the weak cannot handle.

I have a lust for power, you may have guessed. Sure I contain some already, but it’s never enough. I’m not sure it will ever be enough but I continue fighting for it anyway.

Here I sit in my black leather chair with more aspirations than most forty-five year olds. I have high hopes for the future which lies ahead of me. One day everyone will be under my command, one day there will be no scum, and one day I will have more power than Merlin himself.

My thoughts are interrupted by a light tap at the door. People know not to disturb me, unless it is completely necessary so I take this as something urgent. Yet I don’t seem to care.

“Yes.” I state in a bored, unimpressed tone.

The burgundy timber door creaks open carefully and my eyes are drawn to focus on a nervous woman. I could practically smell the fear on her but she had an air about her which made it attractive.

Her soft blonde hair trailed down the silky pale skin of her shoulders, which were exposed by the tight elegant black dress that hugged her amazing figure.
She looked at me timidly through her light blue eyes which sparkled as the candle light reflected off them.

“What is it that you want, Narcissa? I thought I made myself clear that I wanted no interruptions unless it was urgent.” I stood up and made my way swiftly towards her.

“Lucius sent me to inform you that everything is in order with your secret business, My Lord” She bowed gracefully before me.

“And he couldn’t tell me that himself?” I gazed at her with an intensity that made her look away. This didn’t surprise me. Many cowered before me. Most didn’t even dare speak my name.

“H-he is busy entertaining our guests which have arrived at the manor. We are having a ball you see.” A soft pink colour rose in her cheeks and she shamefully brushed a piece of loose hair from her face. This gesture affected me in such a way, adding to my thoughts of wanting to seduce her.

“So that explains why you look so incredibly ravishing tonight.” My eyes trailed over her small frame longingly as I reached out and traced a finger softly over her jaw line, which continued to move its way towards her luscious blood red lips.

I felt her shiver under my touch and she opened her mouth to protest but I gave her a stern gaze and pulled her harshly by the waist towards me. She was mine for the taking.

Slowly my hands moved up her waist, making her sigh and close her eyes. I looked at her with a desperate desire and longing and she saw this in my eyes as her own fluttered open once again.

“Lucius never looks at me in that way.” She whispered almost to the point where I couldn’t hear her and I just watched motionlessly as her lips collided with my neck in the desperate need to feel loved.

“Well he should.” I took her by the waist and guided her towards my desk, lowering her gently while standing over her.

I brushed my cold fingers up and down her lean torso while pressing my lower body against hers, slowly grinding through the thin material of her dress. This was so unlike me but ever since she aimlessly wandered into my web like prey, I just had a hunger to devour her completely. She couldn’t escape me now.

Losing all softness, I dove towards her lips rubbing my own lips ferociously against hers as my hand made its way innocently up her dress, trailing against her thigh.

Narcissa’s thin fingers worked on pulling off my robes, while my other hand unzipped the back of her dress, exposing more of her creamy pale skin. My eyes lit up as they wandered slowly over her body and my hands took complete control as if they weren't even connected to my brain.

All clothing fell to the floor and the shadows of two bodies that screamed for the touch of each other flooded the walls, the flickering candles still continuing to burn on like the flames of lust being exchanged between us.

I cried out while biting down onto the sensitive skin of her collarbone. I relished in the sound of the whimper that escaped her lips as she arched her back and dug her French tipped nails into my back. I let my head fall lazily into the crook of her neck and kissed it tenderly, just letting myself be affectionate for just a second, but that was a very rare side of me that I never showed.

Yes, I could be romantic and loving if I tried but it would all be an act because I never have and never will contain such weak emotions for anyone or anything. I don’t see the point in it. 

In this case of affection I just liked the smell of her perfume which was a lure to drive men crazy. But her cheap perfume was now mixed with the scent of me. She now smelt of me and tasted like me. I wondered if Lucius would be smart enough to ever suspect anything.

Well, even if he did, he would be too afraid to do anything about it because I can proudly say I have power over him. I’ve got everything he ever wanted, including a one night stand with his wife.

I stood up and put my clothes back on. Narcissa just watched me as she lit herself a cigarette. I really didn’t care to stick around anymore, I had my fun, I got what I wanted, and I fulfilled my lustful desires. And without a word I left the room with a smirk on my face.

I bet Narcissa has never felt so used in her life. That’s what she gets for expecting more. That’s what they all get for expecting more. But I, Lord Voldemort, will never give them more. I will never share. 

Thank you for reading, please tell me your opinions. =]

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