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Time Again by merlinsaprentice1
Chapter 21 : Chapter Twenty One
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Disclaimer JK Rowlins owns Harry and friends, I just sit here and wish I did.

Time again chapter Twenty one

Sirius woke to find a note from Harry asking if he would look after his new pup, he was of course more than happy to play with Canis, who appeared to be rather intelligent. After a day spent down by the river with his old friends, he was feeling better than he had in a while. Remus had not transformed at the last full moon and seemed to be completely cured; he had even mentioned that his sense of smell had dwindled so that he could no longer catch the scent of people as he once had.

Now he was taking the pup for another walk, he was lost deep in thought about his godson.
As the sun set Sirius walked slowly back into the house the pup at his heels, he was still deep in thought when he bumped in to Ginny, and knocked her forward.

“Oops, sorry Ginny I was just thinking about Harry and Hermione,” he said as he grabbed her waist to stop her falling.

“Why has something happened to them?” she asked quickly.

“No, no I was just thinking, through out this holiday, I don’t think they have had one single day without someone here visiting. I was just wondering how I would feel if I were a young married guy,” he said smiling.

“I’m not sure I… Oh that, I think you might be right, they never get any privacy do they,” Ginny began to think the same thing Sirius was thinking.
After a quick conversation they decided the Potter’s needed some space, so they rounded all the guests up into the kitchen.

“Sirius has something to say,” Ginny told them with a grin on her face.

“Yes well thanks for the support Ginny,” he commented a little sarcastically.

“You’re quite welcome, Sirius,” she giggled.

“Right, thing is Ginny and I have had a talk and we thought it was about time we gave the young Potter’s time together, some privacy and peace, so all of you pack your stuff and head off to the Burrow.” Sirius said with a small laugh caused by the looks he was getting.

Half an hour later and the house was quiet, all their guests had gone.

Arriving home Hermione found the note left by Ginny, inviting them to the Burrow, but this was what she had wanted, what she had been trying to figure out all the way home, now she did not have to get rid of them, they were gone of their own accord, it was just Her, Harry, and the Elves, and she knew they would only appear if called for.

Harry made them a few sandwiches for supper, as Hermione relaxed on the couch in front of the fire.

“Harry, have you ever given having a family any thought?” she suddenly asked.

Harry wondered if she was just trying to find out if the idea scared him. “I have actually.”

“I was thinking about it today, how many children do you want me to give you,” Hermione asked still sounding serious.

Harry realised she was not testing his reactions or trying to find out if the idea frightened him. She wanted a serious talk on the subject, ‘typical Hermione’ he thought ‘work out all the pros and cons then make a decision’.

“I don’t really know, I mean I always wanted a family, but how many, I never thought that far,” He answered truthfully.

“When do you want to start?” she looked at him smiling.

“I have no idea, I thought we would wait till you are ready, and I thought you might want a career or something,” Harry replied, he had never thought she would want to be a stop at home mum.

“Well I have my career now, I’m your wife, and our family comes first in my life.” She told him. “I want to be like Mrs Weasley.”

“Well what ever you want love, I mean we will never want for money, we have enough for several generations yet to come,” he said wondering how far the talk was going to go.

“I’m going to be seventeen in a few weeks, my body is ready Harry, and I think I am,” she looked to see his reaction.

“Are you sure about this Hermione, it’s a huge step, and there’s school to think about as well,” Harry asked, having a child with Hermione would mean the world to Harry and he knew it.

“I’ve thought of all that, if I get pregnant around Christmas I will only miss the seventh year and I could ask Dumbledore if I can do my NEWTs with out having to take the classes. I think it will be ok if we still live in the school quarters till the summer break.”

Harry knew she had thought it all through but he did not want his first child born at the school, “Hermione love, I think we should wait, we can start to try as soon as we finish school, I don’t want the first little Potter born in the middle of a school year, if you get pregnant in December the little one will arrive around September, it wont be fair on you, it wont be fair on the baby and I don’t want you to ever have reason to hate me for anything.” Harry said hoping she would see reason, even though he wanted a family.

“Harry I could never hate you for anything, I just wanted to make you happy, to be a part of what you always wanted, a real family,” Hermione told him truthfully.

Harry moved to kneel in front of her, taking her hands in his, he looked into her eyes “Hermione, we are a family you and me. You’re my wife that makes us a family; we even have a family dog already. Don’t you know by now, just how much I love you, you are my world, my family, my friend, and my lover, we have about fifty years to have our children, little babies with black bushy hair and lovely brown eye’s, we can fill this entire house with them if you want. But you love school, and I can’t let you waste all you have done so far. A marriage is a partnership, so finish school with me, let that be my contribution to the partnership for the next year.”

Hermione smiled, she knew how much he loved her and she loved him just as much, that was why she wanted his baby, but she knew he was right, they could finish school and then start a family. A small tear fell from her eye as she looked at him kneeling in front of her, he really did love her just as much as he said. She could feel his emotions.

They went to bed early that night Harry wrapped his arms around her and cupped her breast in his hands and he was in that position when they fell asleep.

The last Wednesday of the month Harry was working on Godric’s book as usual with Dumbledore when he had an idea. “Albus, you know it is Hermione’s birthday on the 19th next month, well it falls on a Thursday, I wondered if we could have your permission to take a short break, from Wednesday after noon which we have free, till Sunday evening, we only have charms double lesson on Thursday and we have double potions on Friday, we don’t really need either, and I think Hermione really needs a proper break, she has been working on this book all summer, I could take her somewhere nice.”

Dumbledore carried on reading and studying, had it been anyone else talking to him they might have thought he had not heard a word, but Harry knew the headmaster as well as anyone could so he waited for his reply.

Some minutes past before Albus finally answered “I think you are correct in your assumption, your wife has done some amazing things this summer and a break from it all will be beneficial I think, yes Harry you can take the time you asked for.”

“Thank you sir, now there is one more small matter, Hermione would like to talk to you before you leave if that would be alright.” Harry said a huge smile on his face.

An hour later Harry and Albus joined Hermione and Poppy in the living room. “Harry tells me you wish to talk to me dear” Dumbledore said to Hermione as he took his usual seat near the fire.

“Yes sir I would like your advice on opening a small school, it may take some time before the small number of students begin to attend. I already have two people in mind as the teachers, it is the set up and running of such an enterprise that I will need your help with,” Hermione finished grinning.

“Might I ask who will be the pupils at this small school?” Albus asked politely.

“What I intend to do is to teach some simple spells and charms to squibs,” Hermione said again grinning

“Hermione dear, you can not teach magic to squibs, they may be from magical families but they just don’t have enough magic in them to do anything with it,” Albus said as though Hermione had lost touch with reality.

“I found a way to increase a squibs magic, so they can do simple spells and charms, Harry and I would like to come with you to Hogwarts and see if Mr Filch would be interested in being our first trial.” Hermione looked triumphant when she saw the quick flash of amazement in the headmasters’ eyes. She was proposing the impossible and she knew she could deliver.

Dumbledore agreed to take them to Hogwarts and to ask Filch, he was eager to see what these amazing youngsters had managed to discover, Hermione was indeed the greatest witch he had ever met. Her magical power seemed to now be greater than his own, and yet she had not changed. She was still the same person she had been on her first day at Hogwarts. And Harry her husband was more powerful by far than even Merlin had been, there may never again be two more powerful magical beings. And they remained two of his most likeable students, ever willing to help those worse off than they.

They had arrived at Hogwarts and sent for Mr Filch as soon as they arrived, Filch gave Hermione permission to try out her spell on him. Once she had done the spell Harry loaned his wand to Filch, placing a feather on Dumbledore’s desk, Harry instructed Filch, showing him how to do a Wingardium leviosa charm.

A Rather sceptical and still grumpy Mr Filch waved Harry’s wand and recited the charm, his eyes began to bulge in disbelief as the feather began to float gently upward.

“Mrs Potter you truly are a great witch Filch yelled as he hobbled around the room as fast as he could, directing the feather floating above them. He had tears falling when he finally said finite incantatem and the feather settled on the desk.

“Headmaster sir I did magic, I made it work, after all these years I did magic,” Mr Filch almost danced in front of the headmaster’s desk.

“Yes now Mr Filch if you would like to return Mr Potters wand, we will see Ollivander about getting you your own quite soon. If you would like to take a seat, Mrs Potter would like a word or two.” Dumbledore said to the excited old caretaker.

Filch took a seat and looked at Hermione with such deep admiration Harry wondered if he was going to get down on his knees and begin to worship her, that would really tick her off.

“Right Mr Filch there are two things we need to address, first professor Dumbledore will be casting an Obliviate charm on you, now we know the spell actually works, this is just to erase the actual spell I used from your memories, for obvious reasons we can not allowed the spell to fall into the wrong hands, after that we need to discuss some training for you, I intend to open a small school for squibs who undergo this, shall we call it treatment, would you be interested in such a school. The lessons will cover basic magic and spells.”

Filch was a little worried about loosing his new ability when he was obliviated but after assurance from Hermione, he allowed the erasure of that part of his memory, he was only to happy to enrol in any new school for squibs, and wanted to be the first squib ever to get lessons in magic.

Once again Dumbledore was amazed with Hermione’s intelligence, and for some one so young, her wisdom that was way beyond her years, he silently agreed with Harry she did indeed deserve a break from working to help others, time to spend with her husband and simply be a teenage girl for a while, he decided he would give them the full week off all school duties, and not just the long week end Harry had asked for. He also intended they have somewhere to go that would be safe, though he wasn’t to sure if the safety was required by the Potter’s or any Death Eaters that might have the misfortune to stumble up on them.

Harry and Hermione had not seen any of their friends for more than a week when they arrived on platform 9 ¾ for their trip to Hogwarts, Neville and Ginny were sharing a compartment, Ginny was sitting in Neville’s lap when Harry found them, he called silently to tell Hermione who was looking further along the train, that he had found them.
By the time she joined them Harry had stowed their trunks and had sat down opposite his friends, Hermione entered the compartment just as Ginny decided to sit properly, Ron was right behind her bouncing up and down as though he was fit to burst.

Ron almost pushed Hermione into the compartment in his rush to tell every one that he and Luna were official boy and girlfriend, though Hermione wondered what Luna could see in the red headed Ron.

It was not long before the train left the platform and began making its way north to their destination, a place they all looked on as a kind of home from home.

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