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Along Came Sirius by HPsmartone32
Chapter 1 : Chapter One: Back To School
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A/N: Welcome to one of my two new stories! I'm glad that you decided to read this. The amazing banner probably pulled you in. Tomfollery129 made it for me, and i FREAKING LOVE IT. You should read their stuff, too. It's pretty much amazing.

BUT i didn't make the A/N to tell you that. I made it to tell you that this chapter is just getting the gang to Hogwarts and bascially the fill-in chapter. The next chapter is more action-y. Please read and review. I have another story coming soon, too. It's called As Stupid As Me. So look for that. Okay, that's enough.

READ! =]

Oh, i almost forgot:

Disclaimer: I, most unfortunately, own nothing of the Harry Potter canon book stuff. Just the original characters. I'm just saying this once, becaue it kind of makes me sad.



Chapter One: Back to School

It was a late August afternoon and the hot sun was just beginning to set. Adara Moore, a medium-height, slim girl of sixteen, could be found lying on her back, her long brown hair tossed every which way, her dazzling blue eyes staring at the ceiling. She was relaxing after packing most of her possessions into her school trunk.

“Addie!” came her mother’s voice. Adelle Moore, or Elle as many called her, was not only Adara’s mom, she was also her best friend. Elle had gotten pregnant with Adara late into her seventh year at Hogwarts and given birth shortly after graduating. Adara’s dad, Bryce Hayden, and her mother were never married but Adara knew her father and loved him very much. Elle’s job at the ministry let her and her daughter lived happily in a nice-sized apartment and paid for the necessities of school and living.

Adara sat up and looked around her room, she stood up and walked out of her room, giving her trunk a little kick as she left, “Mum?” Adara called, “Mum, where are you?”

“In the kitchen.”


“I’m cooking!” came an excited call.

“Mum!” Addie sighed, “I thought we discussed this!” Adara walked into the kitchen and saw her mother standing over a smoking stove.

“Well, I thought I’d give the muggle way one more try,” Elle replied poking whatever was in the pan with her spatula, “you know, for Jay.” Jayden Boot, her boyfriend of three years, was flooing over to stay the night so that Adara and her mom, could take him to King’s Cross tomorrow for the start of their sixth year at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. Jayden was tall, had silky brown hair and soft brown eyes.

“I thought I told you,” Adara said taking the spatula, “that I actually like this boy and don’t want him poisoned.”

“I wasn’t going to poison him,” Elle explained as she watched Adara dump the contents of the pan into the sink. Whatever was in the pan made a loud “clunk” as it hit the bottom of the sink.

“Was it supposed to do that?” Adara cried watching the thing in the sink.

“It wasn’t solid when I started,” Elle admitted

“Mum!” Adara laughed.

“Fine, move and let me get rid of this thing,” Adara moved away from the sink while her mother magicked away whatever it was she had attempted to cook.

“What was that?” Adara asked.

“Soup,” Elle said quietly.

“Soup! Mum, that’s disgusting,” Adara gaped at her mother, “No more muggle cooking.”

“Ever?” Elle repeated.

“Promise me.”


“Promise me!” Adara repeated sternly.

“I promise, no more muggle cooking.” Elle said gloomily.


“So, what time is Jay getting here?”

“About six,” Adara replied, “So about an hour.”

“Are you completely packed?”

“No, but mostly,” Adara said, “What are we going to have for dinner?”

“I could run out and pick something up from that muggle place around the corner,” Elle suggested.

“That sound’s nice, and while your gone I can finish packing.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Elle said grabbing her cloak, “I’ll be back.” She said and headed towards the door.

When her mother had left, Adara headed back to her room and pulled her trunk onto her bed. Being the studious Ravenclaw she was, her summer work had been packed neatly at the bottom with her books and quills for weeks.

She picked a photo-frame off her bedside table and looked at it, it contained two pictures of Adara and her mother. In the top one, they were hugging each other and jumping up and down, up and down. It was taken after Adara got her Hogwarts acceptance letter. The picture below it was of Adara, Elle, and Jayden. Jayden was on Adara’s left side and was much taller than both of the girls his arm was around his girlfriend’s shoulders. Elle was at Adara’s right and the two had linked arms. All three were laughing at some joke that was lost in the picture. Adara loved this frame. She wrapped it one of her school kilts and laid it softly on top of her books.

She threw her white left trainer into her trunk and set out on a quest to look for the right one. She got on the floor and looked under her bed and aha! She bravely stuck her hand into the mess and pulled out her trainer; standing up and holding it at arm-length, she saw that it had a piece of parchment attached to it. She shook her trainer to rid it of the paper, but it wouldn’t release it’s grip. Admitting defeat, Adara pried the parchment from the shoe with her free hand and looked at it.

Adara Leigh Moore has achieved:

Astronomy                                      O
Ancient Runes                               O
Care of Magical Creatures          O
Charms                                           O
Defense Against Dark Arts          O
Divination                                       E
Herbology                                      O
History of Magic                            O
Muggle Studies                             O
Potions                                           O
Transfiguration                             O

She scowled and walked over to slam the evil parchment on the desk. She would never forget the day that she had gotten her scores.

“Mum! Merlin, they’re here! MUM!” Adara screamed holding a think envelope in her shaking hands.

“Addie! Bloody Hell, open it!” Elle cried running into the kitchen.

“I… I can’t!” Adara looked up, “You do it.” She held the letter out to her mother.

“Fine, fine,” Elle said as she ripped open the envelope with equally shaky hands. She threw the envelope on the floor and fumbled with unfolding the sheet of parchment.

Adara desperately watched her mother’s eyes as they scanned her O.W.L. results, looking for any sign of emotion. She finished and looked up. Adara was biting her nails.

“You are my hero,” Elle said as she broke into a huge grin.

“Let me see!” Adara cried as she snatched the results. She was grinning, grinning, grinning… no. Her face fell.

“What’s wrong?” Elle asked.

“I got an E!” Adara said looking up at her mother.

“In divination! That’s not even a subject!” Elle told her. She had been scared this would happen.

“Mum, I studied for this for ages!”

“You took two more classes than everyone else, and you got O’s!” Elle tried to calm her down.

“Yeah, you’re right, I should be happy. I’m not going to worry.” Adara lied. She didn’t want her mother to worry. But she had studied all night for the Divination O.W.L. Who could’ve beat her?

“Okay, I’ll get a cake to celebrate!” Elle smiled, knowing that her daughter was not okay.

“Great.” Adara said as she walked to her room and threw the parchment with the results on the floor and kicked it, “Damn evil teacher.” She cursed.

She slammed the parchment down so hard it hurt her hand. Rubbing the palm of that hand with the other, she made her way back over to her bed. Seeing that there was not much room left at the top of the trunk for Adara to pile the rest of her robes, clothes, and undergarments into, she did her best she could then sat on the top of the trunk and managed to clamp it shut.

Raising her hands in triumph, she jumped to the floor. Now, she needed to take a shower before Jayden arrived.


“Jay!” Adara cried as she jumped off her seat on the couch and ran to hug the coughing figure emerging from the fireplace.

“Hey, Addie,” he coughed as he wrapped his girlfriend in a tight embrace.

“Seems like its been forever,” Addie said pulling back and helping Jayden to dust himself off.

“Almost two months,” Jayden smiled. Setting his trunk, empty cage, and broom down on the floor, he walked over to Elle.

“Hullo, Jay!” Elle greeted standing up.

“Oh, sorry,” Jayden grinned and walked over to hug Elle, “Thank you for the floo thing and taking me to the station. The ‘disappearing behind a wall’ thing still freaks the parents out a little.” Jayden was muggleborn, Elle had to get special permission to hook up his fireplace to the floo network for the day.

“Any time, Jay. Dinner’s on the table, you haven’t eaten have you?”

“No m’am,” Jay replied hesitantly.

“Don’t worry, Mum didn’t cook it.” Adara reassured him.

“And don’t call me m’am, it makes me sound old.” Elle called.

The couple followed Elle into the kitchen and sat down at the table.

Helping herself to the potatoes, Elle asked, “So, Addie tells me that you got captain!”

“I did,” Jayden replied happily, “I’m really excited. And the team should be good this year, all we need is a new chaser but that’s all. Everyone else is a returnee.”

“You better not work my baby too hard,” Elle warned.

“I won’t,” Jayden smiled.

“I can’t wait to get back on the pitch,” Adara said.

Adara played Seeker for the Ravenclaw team, while Jayden played Keeper. Adara had been on the team for two years, and each year they had been barely beaten by the Gryffindor team.

“I heard that Potter got captain, though,” Jayden announced, “and you know that he’ll have them working hard.”

“Potter? The one that is in love with some Evans girl and is always pulling pranks with the Black bloke?” Adara asked.

“Mmm-hmm.” Jayden nodded, his mouth full.

“Well, with him and you as captains, this year’s Quidditch Cup should be interesting.” Adara said.

The next morning could have gone smoother, but the Moores and Jayden reached Platform 9 ¾ with ten minutes to spare. “I’m going to find us a compartment, bye Elle,” Jayden kissed Elle on the cheek and disappeared into the crowd with his luggage.

Elle turned to her daughter, “You’ll write?” she asked. To Adara, saying goodbye to her mother was the worst part of Hogwarts.

“Everyday,” Adara answered, “No muggle cooking while I’m gone?”

“No muggle cooking.” Elle nodded.

“Don’t study too hard.”

“You know I will.” Adara laughed.

“Kick arse at Quidditch for Mummy.” Elle smiled, her eyes starting to tear up.

Adara fought back tears, “See you at Christmas?”

“You better,” Elle answered and wrapped her daughter in a hug.

“Love you, Mum.”

“Love you, Addie.”

After minutes that seemed like seconds, they pulled apart and Adara grabbed her stuff and was quickly swallowed by the crowd. She looked back and gave her mother a last wave with the hand that held her broom before turning back in time to see that she was about to – “Oof!”

About to run head-on into a tall, hard person. She fell backwards onto her trunk, dropped her empty owl cage and broom.

“Sorry!” The – she looked up and saw that it was a man—said.

“It’s okay,” She said as she took his hand and he pulled her back on her feet.

He helped her gather her things, “I’m Sirius.”

“Really, it’s okay.” Adara reassured him as he handed her her broom.

The man laughed, “No, I’m Sirius Black. That’s my name.”

Adara blushed, “Sorry! Adara Moore.” She told him now that she had all her possessions back.

“Well, Adara Moore, you’d better get into your compartment, the train is about to leave.”

Damn,” Adara cursed, “I have a Prefects meeting!” Adara sprinted yet she barely made it onto the train with her trunk, broom, and cage, when it gave a starting lunge that threw her into the hallway.

Several heads poked out of compartments to see what the noise was, but upon seeing that it was only a clumsy sixteen year old went back to their own business.

She jumped up and began to gather her stuff, again, Jayden saw her and walked down from his compartment.

“Jay! I have to go, Prefects meeting, I’m late!” Adara cried.

“Hey, don’t worry, I’ll get your stuff, you go.” He told her.

“Thanks,” Adara breathed, pecked him on the lips then sped down the hallway in the opposite direction of Jay.

When she reached the right compartment, she took a deep breath and slowly slid open the door.

“ – everyone will share nightshifts equally along with the me and the Head Girl – nice of you to join us, Miss Moore.” The new Head Boy, from Gryffindor, announced.

“I’m so sorry, really, I was running late then I tripped and –” Adara tried to explain as she sat next to her friend and fellow sixth year Ravenclaw Prefect, David.

“Anyways,” the Head Girl, from Hufflepuff, interrupted, “here, in these three stacks are the passwords for your Common Rooms. Take the one that belongs to your house and your house only!” she glared at the Slytherin Prefects, “And Ravenclaws, well, I’ve been told you don’t need a password?”

The rest of the meeting was exactly like the year before, the Heads lectured the Prefects on the duty’s and responsibilities that they had.

Finally they were dismissed and after much searching, Adara and David found the compartment their friends were in.

“Hey, Addie, David,” greeted their spacey friend Laila.

“I hope your summer was nargle-free,” added Laila’s boyfriend, Xeno… – well, everyone called him Xeno.

“Erm – it was,” Adara told him as she sat next to Jay.

“Christine went to the loo,” Jayden answered Adara’s questioning look. Christine was the last member of their ‘group.’

“So this year’s the beginning of N.E.W.T.’s,” David sighed.

“I know, I really have to study this year. What?” She asked indignantly when the others rolled their eyes, “I do, if I want to get a job in the Department of Mysteries.”

“Talking of the Department of Mysteries?” came a soft voice as the compartment door slid open, “that means that Adara Moore is here!” Christine closed the door behind her and was greeted by a bear-hug from Adara.


“Addie!” The best friends swayed and hugged each other then pulled apart to examine how much each had changed.

“Your hair got so much longer!” Christine observed grabbing a strand off Adara’s shoulder.

“Like it?”

“Of course,” Christine replied as she and Adara sat back down, “So, what were you saying about the Department of Mysteries? Did you finally find out what classes you have to take?”

“Yeah, one of the names Dumbledore gave me responded and told me what I needed to do. Potions, Charms, Transfiguration, Defense Against Dark Arts, Runes, and Astronomy,” Adara listed, “What are you guys taking?”

Before she knew it, the train stopped and Adara, as a Prefect, was trying to help control the chaos. After ten minutes with no success, she gave up and joined Jayden, Christine, David, Xeno, and Laila in a horseless carriage that began the trudge up to the castle.

The sorting seemed to take forever, but at last, Zinger, William, was sorted into Hufflepuff and Dumbledore stood up, “Welcome, everyone, to a wonderful new year at Hogwarts. I have many important topics to discuss with you but, as all of you are probably as hungry as I am, aforementioned topics can wait until after the wonderful feast that has been prepared.”

A cry of “Hear, hear!” could be heard from somewhere around the Gryffindor table, and Dumbledore smiled and clapped once. Food appeared on the golden platters and the noise level rose as people began to talk.

“Addie, you’re quiet today,” Jay whispered to her.

Addie looked up at her boyfriend, “Just tired, didn’t sleep much last night. Excited and stuff.” She told him.

“I didn’t sleep much either, but it wasn’t because I was excited,” Jay smiled and Adara pushed him playfully.

“You’re lucky my Mum likes you so much,” she told him.

“What’s not to like?” Jay asked.

“Oh, nothing my love.” Adara laughed.


“Oh, how I missed you!” Christine exclaimed as she jumped onto her bed in the girls 6th year’s dorm.

Adara laughed as she sat on her own bed and opened her trunk. She dug around and finally found her PJ’s and the picture frame containing the two pictures she loved so much. She set the picture frame up on her bedside table next to her alarm clock.

“It sure is lovely being back,” Laila agreed absentmindedly as she peeled off her robes and pulled on her night clothes.

“I just like being away from my brother,” said Estelle, one of the other two girls that shared a dorm with Adara, Laila, and Christine, “You have no idea how annoying he is at home, but when we get here, he’s in a whole different House!” Estelle had a twin brother in Gryffindor.

“I can guess,” Christine said, brushing her reddish-blonde hair, “My brother just got a job working for the Daily Prophet, eighteen and he already thinks he’s like Merlin or something.”

“Time’s like these, I’m glad I’m an only child,” Adara yawned as she pulled her PJ’s on.

“Hey, girls!” called Kerri Phelk as she entered the room. Of all her dorm-mates, Kerri probably annoyed Adara most. She was always so cheerful. “Good summer?” she asked as she hopped over to her trunk.

“Mmm,” Adara replied as she brought out her own brush, ran it through her hair a few times, then climbed into bed, “G’night. I’m exhausted. See you all tomorrow.” She told her dorm-mates. She tapped her alarm clock to set it, pulled the curtains around her four-poster shut. As the total darkness surrounded her, she crawled under the warm comforter and was asleep in minutes.


A/N (again): So, what'd you think? Usually, this is where I'll tell you stuff, but as i had an extremely long A/N in the beginning, i'll spare you. hehe. PLEASE reveiw and tell me what you think!

Should i give you a preveiw of what's coming?
Yeah, since i have it...

an except from Chapter Two: And Their Off...

“Do you always talk to yourself like this?” Sirius interrupted, “because I do find it quite odd.”

“What?” Adara asked, looking up through loose strands of hair that had wiggled out of her ponytail.

“If you mutter like that all the time, I should be warned. You know, so next time I can bring ear-plugs or something.” Sirius shrugged, stirring his potion, which was too dark a blue.

“I’m not muttering,” Adara told him, stirring one last rotation then checking the time, “And no one’s making you sit here.”

“You were too, and I think we’d both look pretty stupid sitting at different tables alone.”

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