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Populars by The Phantom
Chapter 1 : Hogwarts: The Next Generation
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“Ok, you’re lucky you’re my sister because in order to survive Hogwarts, you’ll need to know the basics.” Said the assertive voice of a seventh year boy who was guiding his sister around Hogwarts to prepare her for the new school year.

The little sister nodded eagerly, obediently clinging on to whatever her brother said.

“Now, the main thing to know is that Hogwarts is like a huge social pyramid divided into a multitude of cliques.” The brother went on. “Everything is based on popularity and social status.”

The sister gave a look of disbelief. “But I thought that after the death of Voldemort everything was peaceful.”

“Yes, peaceful in the real world, but in high school sis, nothing is ever peaceful. Where you socially stand will affect you during your time here.”

“Okay, so Hogwarts is very cliquey,” the girl repeated. “Got that.”

“Next thing to know is never to piss of the Populars.” He advised.


“They’re the privileged students at the top of the social pyramid. Basically, the Populars are a category which consists of a number of cliques classified in that arena.” He explained.

Judging by her widening eyes, you could tell that the future Hogwarts-bound sister was absorbing all of this information faster than a sponge absorbs water.

“Don’t even think about it sis, being accepted as a Popular is a difficult task to accomplish,” he advised her, basically saying that she didn’t have a chance in the world. “You must have looks, wealth, popularity, influence, and have a well-known reputation. First years definitely could never accomplish that.”

She frowned. “Well, what if the Populars like you and want to adopt you.”

He laughed out loud at that one. “A-Are you k-kidding me?! Populars don’t adopt easily, especially to first years. Please, don’t get your hopes up, thing like that never happen to incoming first years. You’d need to really impress them to get them to notice you.”

The suddenly determined glint in her eye showed that she wanted to become a Popular even though her chances were slim to none.

Walking along the lake, the brother and sister were enjoying their little stroll until he suddenly blanched, started to sweat, and became extremely nervous.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, confused.

He shook his head to assure her that he was fine, but she was not convinced. Just because she was 11 didn’t mean she was stupid.

She turned around to face what her clammy brother was staring and finally knew what got her brother all worked up.

“Oh,” she grinned. “That’s why.”

“SHH!!” he hissed, feeling embarrassment. “They might hear you.”

She gave a dismissive wave at that comment as she stared back at the group which consisted of what may be the most stunningly beautiful girls she had ever seen before in her life. Each girl was equally ravishing, but only one dominated them all: the obvious leader of the pack.

“So, who are they?”

The brother sighed thoughtfully. “The Vs.”

“I bet they’re Populars, huh.” She inquired.

“You’re correct,” he replied. “Top of the social food chain, those girls are. Unlike anybody you’ve ever seen.”

The girl smiled, knowing that her brother had an obvious crush on these radiating girls.

“They’ve got everything going for them,” he added. “Gorgeous looks, money, popularity, the fact that every girl wants to be one of them and that every boy wants them. Basically, if you’re in with the Vs, you’re set for life.”

With her eyes glassy and full of admiration, she looked determined and felt that it was her destiny to become one of them. Who wouldn’t want a fabulous life like that during your years at Hogwarts?

“Don’t even think about it, sis.” The brother remarked observantly. “Why would they want a little first year?”

She flushed. “I wasn’t thinking that. I was thinking, why are they called Vs?”

“All of their names begin with the letter V.”


“Yeah. You see the girl with dark hair and pretty smile? That’s Vivian Reyes; Slytherin 6th year. Her family has been in the music business for years. She’s the pop star princess, born from the greatest musical legends: Celestina Warbeck, the Weird Sister, DJ Mystix, Dragon Flare, and so on… ”

They were observing a girl who had dark, glossy hair, smooth tanned skin, grey smoky eyes, and a sparkling smile.

“Next to her, the one with the amazing eyes, is Violet Montague. She’s a 6th year in Ravenclaw. Her dad is the owner of the sports gear store Quidditch&Fitch and her mom is the president of the International Quidditch League. Great Quidditch player.”

Violet Montague, who was also inhumanly gorgeous like the rest of her friends, had curly, auburn hair that bounced freely, creamy skin, and dazzling violet eyes.

“Then, there are the Brighton twins: Vanessa and Veronica. They’re both in Hufflepuff. They’re the heiresses of all that is fashion. Their parents own the fashion brands Enchantè, Hoodoo Heels, Serpentine, Pixie&Doxy Republic, and other girly crap you like.”

Vanessa and Veronica Brighton weren’t identical twins; they were fraternal twins. Even so, they both possessed the same luscious dark honey-blond waves of hair running down their back. With their backs turned, they looked exactly alike. But their faces were where the similarities stopped.

Vanessa Brighton had a well-defined chin, a cute little nose, high cheekbones, and angelic dark hazel eyes. Her sister Veronica, though resembling her, had a heart shaped face, a nose a little straighter than Vanessa’s, and beatific, light hazel eyes.

The sister’s eyes fell upon the last one, the one she knew was the leader. Expecting to hear the leader’s full description, she heard nothing from her brother. Stealing a quick glance at him, she saw that he was staring at the leader, mesmerized by her hypnotizing looks and grace.

“Earth to brother?” the sister waved her hands in front of his eyes to wake him up from his reverie. “Who is that?”

It took a moment for him to compose himself before he described to his sister who the beautiful leader of the group was.

“That, baby sister, is Victoire Weasley; Gryffindor.” He breathed, dreamily. “Head V of the group.”

His thoughts were lost as he continued to gaze at the enchantingly gorgeous Victoire Weasley of the Vs. She had long, cascading blonde, silky hair, flawless skins, ruby red, full lips, and striking icy blue eyes. Even though each girl was equally stunning, Victoire seemed to stand out a little more, obviously making her the uncontested ruler.

“Isn’t she just…extraordinary? She’s part Veela, you know.”

That explained it.

“She’s the daughter of famous author Bill Weasley, who wrote the bestsellers The Final Downfall of Voldemort, The True Battle at Hogwarts, and The Furry Little Problem. He’s also the CEO of Gringotts Wizarding Bank.”

It finally all processed through the first year’s head: Looks, popularity, money, and power is the ticket to acceptance. Now, if only she had them.

“They look familiar.” She mused, trying to figure out where else she had seen these striking girls. “I swear, I’ve seen them before.”

“Don’t you remember what you read, sis?” the brother playfully asked. “Since they’re born of famous and wealthy parents, they’re basically in most of the magazine that crap you read. They’re always in the social column and they’re in most pictures from VIP parties and social events.” He answered.

“Oh! I remember!!” the girl said. “Aren’t they on billboards near the city and Diagon Alley?”

“That’s them.”

The girl felt chills. She was basically in the presence of celebrities. No, forget celebrities.

She was in the presence of royalty.

These girls had their lives made. Glamorous lives before reaching graduation. It was everyone’s dream to be the talk of the town, to receive invitations to the most exclusive parties, to have their pictures plastered on some of the most prestigious magazines and billboards, and to be thrust into a world of fame and fortune.

And they were just born into it.

The girl’s thoughts were interrupted as a group of ridiculously attractive looking guys passed right by her and her brother. She was suddenly breathless.

“Who are they?” she asked, averting her attention from the Vs to these four roguishly handsome boys.

Once again, all four boys were equivalently charming and good looking, but it was easy to see which of the guys ruled: The bad boy who was eye-catching and had sandy hair which was shifting the colors of his hair to different colors at the boy’s will. A Metamorphmagus?

The brother chuckled lightly to himself. “Dream on, little sis. The Marauders never even look at the incoming new meat of the school.”

The little sister frowned at her brother, but then returned her attention back to the group of guys who were now staring at the Vs with fascination.

The Marauders, she pondered foolishly. I’m already in love.

“Never mess with those guys or else you’ll face extreme social suicide.” He advised strongly.

She didn’t care. She just continued to stare upon each boy thoughtlessly all starry eyed. School had barely started and she was already struck with love at first sight.

The Marauders.

“Welcome to Hogwarts, sis.” He said dramatically. “Where your social status defines who you are and who you hang out with.”

Dear Brilliantly Divine Readers,
I’ve created a new story! Hurrah!!! Do you like it? I hope you do. The only way I’ll know is if you review=) Now, you may be confused about the story but it will all make sense in the next chapter. That means that yes indeed the Marauders are in this story=) Also, I’m putting Teddy and Victoire in the same year so I hope you don’t hate me for that little change.

Read, review, and stay tuned=)

Your Obedient Servant,
The Phantom

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