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Time Again by merlinsaprentice1
Chapter 20 : Chapter twenty
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Disclaimer The characters, or at least most of them do not belong to me, if they did I would be typing this on a sunny beach somewhere, as it is they belong to J.K.Rowlins, on a second thought I would be on a beach with someone typing for me.

Time again chapter Twenty

The remainder of their holidays were split half and half. Half their time spent studying Godric Gryffindor’s book, but Harry insisted that Hermione spent half of each day with him, just having fun and being teenagers, visions of how Hermione had so often over worked her self were vivid in Harry’s memories, that and he was now, he had decided, old enough to begin to let his hormones have a little more freedom. There was of course the fact that Hermione had become a very attractive and desirable woman, gone was any girlishness, she had become curvy and remarkably sexy, and was, as far as Harry was concerned perfectly shaped and exceedingly beautiful.

Two nights a week Harry spent working on Godric Gryffindor’s book with Dumbledore, over the weeks the professor had become a very close, almost grandfather like friend. Harry was asked to call him Albus “So much shorter than professor, don’t you think,” Albus had said one Wednesday.
It had been a little strange at first, but they both became fond of using first name terms.

In the second week of august, Hermione followed a rather worried Harry to bed, there was something serious on her mind and Harry knew she was having trouble coming to a conclusion about something. She seemed to be in deep thought all day, their afternoon of fun and relaxation had gone down as well as a badly brewed potion he thought, he was really beginning to worry about her.

‘Ok Mrs Potter, out with it, what ever is bothering you, I want to know all about it’ he sent to her as they undressed.

‘I’ve found something in the book, I’m not sure if we should allow anymore study of it till we are sure it would be safe’ she replied a little cryptically.

‘Hermione love, what did you find, is it dangerous or something?’ Harry asked alarmed by her uncertainty.

Hermione finished removing her knickers then stood facing him in all her naked glory, ‘I found a hidden spell, a very powerful one’

Harry found he was having great difficulty thinking, as most of his blood seemed to rush to just the one part of his anatomy, a part that stood begging for attention.

‘Er what? A spell, a powerful, blimey Hermione if we are going to have a serious discussion can you put your house coat or something on, I’m really having a problem here’ he begged.

Hermione looked at his not so small problem ‘Hmm I can see just what you mean’ she chuckled as she pulled on a white terry towel bath robe.

‘Is that any better Mr Potter?’ she asked in a sexy way.

Harry let out a very long and very slow breath ‘Sheesh woman you are so sexy’ he croaked.

‘Now this spell I found, it’s a spell for increasing magical power, I don’t mean like the earth magic, this one just increases the magic already in a person. It would be the perfect thing for a squib or someone like that, but if someone like Ron, or Sirius or Dumbledore used it, I hate to think what they could do’ Hermione told him as she sat on the bed.

‘Now that really is one for some thought, help the squibs, so they aren’t shamed anymore, or hide the knowledge and never use it.’ Harry thought.

‘I know, I was so excited at first, I thought of the difference it would make to Mr Filch if he could do magic, but then I thought of someone like Malfoy getting his hands on it’ she shuddered at the thought.

‘Think what it would be like with someone like Voldemort using it’ Harry thought and he too shuddered.

Harry and Hermione sat in silence for a while, contemplating their next possible move. Harry’s previous problem was reduced almost instantly by these thoughts.
Somewhere in Harry’s head a small light switched on, he sat up straight and thought his idea through.

‘I think I have an answer’ he sent to Hermione as she sat deep in thought. ‘Suppose we could modify the spell so that it would give the squib just an increase in power sufficient to allow them to do simple things, I don’t know maybe cleaning spells and stuff’

‘I already thought about that, someone would no doubt come along and modify the spell again and then we are back with the wrong people getting their hands on it, maybe that’s why Godric hid the spell in the book’
Hermione replied

‘I’m just working the details out, all you have to do is work out the spell’ Harry said his old teaching abilities coming through.

‘Yeah we open a school for squibs, there’s never been one before, then we use the spell on them, silently of course, we teach them a few spells and then they can hold their heads up when they are in wizarding company. We can hire some trustworthy people to do the spell and to teach, and we can put them under a sort of Fidelius charm to keep the spell secret’ Harry sent to her as he pictured the things happening.

Hermione looked at him with mingled pride and shock, and Harry wondered just what he had said that deserved the odd look. When she said nothing he thought maybe she thought him crazy but didn’t want to say it.

“Well what do you think?’ he asked

‘Harry, I saw it,’ Hermione said in a hushed voice.

‘Saw it, what do you mean, you could picture it happening?’ he was relieved by her answer.

‘No Harry, I saw your thoughts, I saw the class of people with Remus teaching them, I saw what you saw in your head’ Hermione thought to him.

Harry sat in stunned silence, this new development was quite a shock, he thought of several ways it could be useful, but as with everything else it could be a little awkward too, especially with some of the things he had been thinking lately. He thought back to earlier that day when Hermione had been standing in front of him and then bent over to stroke Canis, he remembered the sight vividly and he had thought some not exactly decent things, like just what he could do to her in that position.

“Whoa, you realise this could be awkward don’t you?” he asked as she got up to go to the bathroom.

Hermione walked across the room swaying her hips provocatively as she walked, “Why Mr Potter what ever are you saying,” she laughed, “I’m off for a long relaxing bath, I wont stop you if you want to wash my back for me.”

Hermione filled the bath then sank slowly in to the bubbles she had added, she decided to experiment with this new addition to their communication abilities. She looked down at her breast that were just visible above the bubbles ‘Harry love, how would you like to come and help me bathe’

In the bedroom Harry had a rapid return of his previous problem as he saw what Hermione was seeing, the blood rushed south as Harry rushed to the bathroom.

The next morning at eight when Harry woke up, Hermione had already gone, he found her in the library reading several books and writing copious notes on several sheets of parchment.

“Morning sweetheart, how long have you been at work?” Harry enquired as he kissed her cheek.

“I started about six, I think I have it worked out, the charm and the school idea I mean,” Hermione answered without looking up from the notes she was writing.

“You have? Good, did you know you are amazing?” Harry asked as he examined some of her notes.

“I have an idea I have to look at myself,” Harry told her.

“What would that be love?” she wanted to know.

Harry answered her a little hesitantly “You know the marauders map, how the writing is invisible unless the correct words are used to reveal its contents. Well I thought of using the same idea but we could place the charm using earth magic, it would too powerful for a normal wizard to reveal anything we hid, and I know how to give you the same control of earth magic.”

“So how do we go about getting it all started?” she asked

“We need to talk to Remus, Sirius, and Dumbledore, about it, hopefully they will be willing to help us,” was Harry’s reply.

An hour later they were both happy with their work, and the plan they had developed, Harry had Hermione put all her books and notes away, then they placed Godric’s book on the table, Harry held Hermione’s left hand willing all his magic to travel through his hand and into his wife, after just five minutes Hermione began to feel a tingle, a feeling that rapidly grew to a hot and power filled tremor as her magic increased with earth magic. Ten minutes after they had started Hermione was able to find and tap into the magic on her own. She was absolutely amazed at the amount of power she felt, she cast the hiding charm over the page they wanted hidden in the book, while she still felt so strong.

As soon as their work on the book was complete Harry asked Hermione to change into something suitable for the quad bike, and as soon as she was ready, Harry with Hermione sitting behind him, her head against his shoulder and her arms tightly around his waist drove away from Potter House and their friends and family.

At Potter house, Sirius woke to find a note from Harry asking if he would look after Canis while he and Hermione were sharing some private time together, Sirius was more than pleased with the idea, mainly because he thought the young couple needed and deserved a little space, a little time together away from all the distractions.

Ron spent most of the day with Dig, together they collected a quantity of wood, Ron had plenty of good ideas for things he could make, they drew sketches of flying chairs, rotating tables, and massaging stools.
Ginny and Neville went riding, making their way to a rather secluded little valley they had found. Ginny was now positive about her feelings for Neville and would quite happily have allowed him to make love to her, but Neville was a real gentleman and would not consider it until she had finished school. Their day was spent kissing cuddling and talking. Nearly all of it done with Ginny sat on his lap. Their horses freely wandering around the secluded spot.

Sirius, Remus, and the Longbottoms, took Canis with them, and spent the day down by the river reliving old times and happy days; Remus spent quite some time updating the Longbottoms on what had happened to various people while they were incapacitated in St Mungo’s.
He told them all the stories about Harry Potter and his various encounters with Voldemort how Harry had defeated Voldemort and escaped his continual attempts to kill him and he told them of the final out come.

At ten forty five, Harry parked the quad at the bottom of the cliffs on a private stretch of beach, a quick strip down to their underwear, and they were ready to take a dip in the rather cold sea. Hand in hand they walked slowly across the sand, Hermione lay her head on his shoulder as they walked. Frolicking about in the surf with the woman he loved Harry decided that next year they would only have their friends visit for one week, the rest of the holiday they would spend alone practising as often as possible how to make babies.

Harry conjured them a large bath towel each and spread them on the sand, the sun was shining and a wet Hermione seemed to glisten as the sun caught the water droplets, they removed their wet underwear before lying down on the towels. Once again a naked Hermione closed down the thinking part of Harry’s brain, they made love till the sun began to sink to the horizon.

Hermione also made a decision as they kissed stroked and fondled each other, she was going to figure a way to get rid of all their visitors, there were just two weeks of the holiday left and she wanted to spend the whole two weeks with Harry with no interruptions, ‘we may even stay in bed the whole time’ she thought as she looked at his lean but muscular body. ‘Just for once I want my husband all to myself’.
Her thoughts were interrupted when Harry reluctantly told her it was time to go home.

Standing there naked on the beach silhouetted by the sun going down behind her, Harry thought she looked like a goddess, then he kissed her one last time before they dressed and headed home for a hot meal and a really long bath together.

They arrived home to find Canis lying by the fire, all their guests had gone to stay at the Burrow, leaving them an invitation to join them. Together they chose not to go to the Burrow, in fact they would be going nowhere but bed.

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