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A Phoenix Overhead by _Emma_
Chapter 1 : A Phoenix Overhead.
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A Phoenix Overhead
By _Emma_


A raven-haired boy was standing behind some trees talking to a small group of people, these were all people who were members of the order of the Phoenix or were part of Dumbledore’s Army, these were the only people that would help. There was a meeting of Death Eaters just beyond the trees

“Right, this is it, it’s all going to end tonight. If you want to go leave now so I know how many people are staying here to fight.” No one moved. “Alright, Susan, Ernie and you are going to go with over there.” He pointed over to a group of death eaters standing close to each other, talking. “Go when I give the signal, we want to surprise them. Justin, Colin, Dennis and are going with Mundungus and Emmeline to them by the far trees. Hannah, Michael and Zacharias you go with Hesita and Sturgis to the group in the far corner. Everyone else is coming with me in to the middle. Hermione and Ron you stay there and help, I’m going after Voldemort on my own.” He finished.

“But Harry, it would be better if we all went together, he won’t be alone you know, he’ll have Malfoy and Pettigrew at least. We’re coming with you; we can get them while you get Voldemort.” Hermione said as Harry contemplated this.
“No, I don’t even want you here taking part in this battle.” Harry said.
“Harry, we wanted to be here and we’re coming with you Harry.” Ron said bravely.
“Fine,” Harry knew that he couldn’t changer their minds. “But if I say go you need to.”
“Fine,” Hermione said, knowing that it was the best that they were going to get.

The group left the enclosed area behind the trees and everyone went to the place where they were told, attacking the Death Eaters. Harry and the people that were not named made their way into the centre where most of the Death Eaters were standing. Harry stopped and surveyed the place, looking for Voldemort when he saw some familiar flaming red hair go past him but he shook his head, ‘it couldn’t of been her, she’s at the school, she stayed there.’ She thought to himself and continued to look around the grounds. He glimpsed the red hair again but passed it off to be Ron’s. He instead turned his attention to the outskirts of the battle. He looked round. He could hear shouts, spells being cast, thumps as people hit the ground, screams as people got hit. One shout in particular made him listen more intently, he knew this voice but she wasn’t supposed to be there, she promised that she wouldn’t leave the school. He looked around, his face full of worry and fear for her. He saw Dolohov pointing his wand at a red headed girl, she pointing her wand at him. He sent the cruciatus curse at her but she dodged it. The red head sent a jelly legs hex at him but missed. Dolohov sent the curse at her again, this time, hitting her directly in the chest. She went rigid and started screaming as her limbs were flailing in weird positions. Her fiery red hair was covered with mud and leaves with twigs sticking out everywhere. He couldn’t take seeing her like this so he sprinted over to Dolohov and gave him a swift punch in the face, sending him flying, he tried to get back up off from the ground but Harry was too fast for him, a kick in the stomach kept him down long enough to get his wand away from him and to knock him out. The red head girl had stopped screaming, she looked up to see why the curse had ended, glad that it had. She saw who it was and took a sharp breath in,
“Harry,” She said.
“Ginny,” Harry said. “Why are you here?”
“Why do you think? I’m here for you! I wasn’t gonna just sit and wait for you to come back! I decided to come with you!” She exclaimed.
“Gin’ you promised me that you would stay at the school, where it’s safe,” Harry said as he helped her up.
“I never promised that, I just said that I would, I couldn’t just sit there.” She told him. Harry sighed inwardly. He knew how stubborn Ginny was but she shouldn’t have come, it was too dangerous for her.
“Gin’ I thought that you would stay there, it was for the best, I need to keep you safe from all of…” he motioned at the fighting around them “This. I came here to do this for you, to keep you safe, to end this so we can be together.” Harry looked into Ginny’s chocolate brown eyes. He felt as though he could melt in them.
“I’m sorry Harry but you know that I can’t just sit there while something big is happening, especially when it has something to do with me, Merlin it has something to do with everyone!” She shouted.

Ron and Hermione heard a familiar voice and looked over to where it was coming from, seeing Harry and Ginny standing together, both Ron and Hermione knew what they were talking about, Ginny was supposed to be in the school. They decided to leave them alone for now, to talk it out.
“Gin’ please, go back to the school,” Harry pleaded.
“No Harry, I’m staying here and I’m going to fight!”
Harry sighed and turned around, trying to figure out how to make her see past her stubbornness and listen.

Ron and Hermione fought off some death eaters and continued to watch Harry and Ginny. They were attacked from behind and turned to curse them.

Harry turned back to try again to persuade Ginny but she was gone. ‘Something’s wrong’ he thought and scanned the surroundings for the fiery red head.
Hermione knocked out the death eater whom she was battling with and span around to watch Harry and Ginny again. Harry was looking around at the trees frantically and Ginny was nowhere in sight. She grabbed Ron’s arm and pulled him to face Harry.
“Look,” She hissed, “Harry’s by himself and he’s looking for something, or someone.”
“Yeah, wait, wasn’t Ginny just with him?” Ron asked.
”Yes she was. Where could she be?” Hermione replied.
“Wait, so my little sister is missing?” Ron said loudly.
“No, she’s probably angry at Harry and walked off.” Hermione tried to calm Ron down and headed for Harry.
“Hermione, did you see where Ginny went?” Harry asked worriedly.
“No Harry,” Hermione answered.

A man was watching the three teenagers look for the red head that one of his servants was holding. Her personality matched her hair; fiery.
“Now, we can’t have you getting away from us now can we?” He asked the girl. She spat at him. “Do we have to teach you some manners?” He grabbed her hair and pulled on it, hard. She stifled a scream. “It’s okay to show pain,” he pulled again even harder. Ginny screamed. “There, you can scream,” he pulled again. This time she didn’t just scream but at the same time she called out for Harry.
“Idiot girl!” Voldemort shouted and lifted his wand.

Harry heard Ginny scream for him and ran, following the voice of the one person that caused all of this to happen.
“Idiot girl!” Voldemort shouted and Harry saw Ginny lying on the ground while Voldemort raised his wand at her.
“Foolish child! I’ll make you wish you hadn’t done that!” He opened his mouth and started a curse, “Crucio!” Ginny writhed on the ground screaming in pain.

Harry stood and watched as Voldemort sent a curse at Ginny, making her scream. That was it, Voldemort had done enough to Harry, his family and everyone that he had ever loved in his life, he had killed his parents and left him with the Dursleys who had treated him worse than the Malfoy’s had treated Dobby. Next Harry went to Hogwarts and met the Weasley’s who had taken him in as part of the family. In his second year Harry had to save Ginny from Voldemort himself in the Chamber of Secrets when Voldemort used his diary from his school days and attempted to come back to power through Ginny. In his third year Harry met his godfather and also one of Voldemort’s servants; Peter Pettigrew or as most people had called him Wormtail. In Harry’s fourth year Voldemort returned and caused the death of Harry’s fellow student at Hogwarts, Cedric Diggory. At the end of fifth year for the trio, Voldemort made another attempt on Harry’s life after the prophecy was destroyed, a number of pupils were hurt in the department of mysteries, like Ginny, Ron and Hermione. Last summer after Harry returned from a mission with Dumbledore, Voldemort sent Malfoy to kill Dumbledore but the ferret couldn’t do it so instead Snape killed the elderly Professor who had trusted the wizard so much that he gave Snape a job in the school. Now this year, Snape was helping the order, Ron, Hermione and Harry were almost finished with this war, one more piece of Voldemort to destroy. The had already destroyed the Diary, The body that Voldemort was using when he killed Lily and James, Dumbledore had destroyed the ring, R.A.B. had taken care of the locket, the trio destroyed Ravenclaw’s cup, Gryffindor’s sword that had once stood in Dumbledore’s office and Hufflepuff’s tiara. Ginny had helped to track down a lot of these horcruxes but Harry had down right refused to let her go along to destroy them. There was only one piece of him left to destroy, the body that he was using as he tortured Ginny.

Voldemort continued to point his wand at Ginny and she continued screaming. He lifted the wand and the curse stopped.
“Do you see what your mistake was?” He asked sarcastically.
“There was no mistake, it was deliberate!” She shouted through gritted teeth, knowing what was going to happen. Ginny was a stubborn girl and she wasn’t going to change her opinions because of a Cruciatus Curse, no matter how much pain she had to go through.
“Oh well, let’s see if this helps to clear up that problem,” Voldemort smirked and flicked his wand, repeating the curse. Ginny, who had just got up to her feet, screamed but refused to fall down.

This was all too much for Harry. Ginny was suffering for shouting for him. He met her eyes and she looked into his eyes, she was telling him to stay there until the next time that she screamed. Harry’s ears were filled with the laughter that was emitting from Voldemort. He didn’t want to wait and watch Ginny go through so much pain but he had to, he trusted her too much to go and do his own thing.

Voldemort was laughing so hard as he watched the girl that Harry loved so much go through do much pain for him. He kept his wand pointed at the red head who was trying to stand as she was tortured. His laugh was merciless and cold. When he tortured people it was one of the only times that he was truly happy, as he caused pain. He heard a twig snapping or something of that sort behind him.
Harry moved slightly closer to Voldemort and Ginny. As he did he stood on something, causing it to snap. He took a sharp breath in as he watched to see what Voldemort was going to do.

Potter’ Voldemort thought and lifted the curse. “Bring the girl to me!” he commanded.
”Yes my lord,” One of the Death Eaters said and pulled Ginny roughly over to his master.
“It’s Potter,” Voldemort said to the death eaters around him and the whispered on anticipation. They all knew that the Final Battle was very close. “Show yourself Potter!” He shouted and pulled Ginny to him by the hair, she let out a yelp in surprise.

Harry stood very still, Voldemort heard him.
“Bring the girl to me!” Voldemort commanded.
“Yes my Lord,” One of the Death Eaters said and pulled Ginny roughly over to his Master.
”It’s Potter,” Voldemort said and the Death Eaters around him muttered things to each other. “Show yourself Potter!” Voldemort pulled Ginny to him by the hair and she let out a yelp in surprise. He had to go, Voldemort knew that he was there and watching, this was when Ginny might get away. Harry walked out and stood at the side, but not to far to the side that Voldemort couldn’t see him.

“Ahh, Potter, here to save her?” Voldemort pulled Ginny by the to make her turn around.
“Let her go Tom,” Harry said calmly.
“Now, why would I go and do that? I want you to suffer!” Voldemort replied coldly.
“Let. Her. Go.” Harry commanded. Voldemort laughed and pointed his wand to Ginny’s throat.

 “No,” Voldemort said simply and pressed his wand into her throat, making it harder for her to breath. Ginny had tears in her eyes, ‘this is the end’ she thought to herself, ‘I don’t think that I’m getting out of this one alive. I should of just listened to Harry when he told me to go back to school, I should of went but no, I’m just too stubborn to do something like that!’ she refused to let the tears fall from her eyes. Harry could see her eyes welling up though. He didn’t want her to cry, he didn’t want her to think what he guessed she was thinking.

“I’m going to make you watch her die and then I’m going to kill you!” Voldemort shouted and started laughing. He threw Ginny to the ground and raised his wand. “Now, you stand over and watch her die!” Voldemort motioned for the Death Eater who was holding Ginny to take Harry and force him to watch. The Death Eater grabbed Harry by the arms and pointed him towards the red head who was lying on the ground with tears running down her face. Voldemort sniggered at the trembling girl. He raised his wand. Harry pulled against the Death Eater’s grip and head butted him in the face, making him let go. Voldemort turned around to see what was going on, giving Ginny enough time to crawl away.
“Potter! What have you done?” Voldemort asked turning around and stepping forwards into Harry’s outstretched wand who was watching Ginny crawl away into the trees.
“Now, I’m going to end this,” Harry said and started firing curses at the snake like wizard. Voldemort started to retaliate and sent a spell straight into the bushes where Ginny was hiding and Harry heard a faint scream as the spell had hit her. While Harry was watching in the bushes Voldemort took this as an opportunity to attack Harry, the spell caused Harry to drop his wand and he fell to the ground. His leg had some rocks sticking out of it but Harry scrambled for his wand and pointing it at Voldemort. He said Avada Kedavra as Voldemort approached him. The wizard fell to the ground lifeless.

Voldemort was defeated. The War was over, Harry had done it. He went straight into the bushes to see Ginny lying on the ground losing a lot of blood from an injury she had on her shoulder, from when Voldemort’s spell missed Harry and hit her instead.
“Hey, Gin, it’s over, I did it, I killed him. We can go back to school now.” Harry said quietly to her.
“Oh Harry that’s great!” Ginny shouted and tried to sit up but winced in pain instead.
“I’ll carry you,” Harry said as he lifted her up.

Harry and Ginny eventually entered the clearing to see Death Eaters’ bodies lying on the ground, surrounded by most of the people that came along to help in the battle. Ron and Hermione came running over to Harry and Ginny,
“You did it, mate!” Ron yelled as he sprinted over to hiss best friend.
“Well done Harry!” Hermione said and gave him a big smile.
“Yeah, come on, we have to get back to school, Madame Pomfrey has to heal Ginny’s shoulder.” Harry told his best friends and they nodded in agreement.
Harry looked into Ginny’s eyes.
“You should have gone back to school.” He said.
“I know, I should of listened to you and this wouldn’t of happened.” Ginny resigned.
“Yeah, that, I was really scared back there.” Harry agreed. He bent his head forwards and kissed Ginny on the lips. “I love you, Ginny Weasley, don’t you ever scare me like that again.”
“I love you too Harry.” Ginny said and tears welled up in her eyes.

The pair heard a soft singing noise overhead and looked up to see a Phoenix flying above them.

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