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Through Her Eyes... by American Ginny
Chapter 2 : The Memories
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Chapter 2: Memories

That day I went home and told my parents the good news…

“Ginny that is wonderful!”

My mother squealed, like a piglet trying to be caught, with excitement. My father congratulated me to but had to rush off to the ministry. My mother said, “We are going to have a celebration this is wonderful news. Everyone will come and celebrate with you.”

I just rolled my eyes at how much my mother was making a big deal of this. I should have known she would do this. I can’t imagine what my 17th birthday is going to be like (it is in 2 weeks) (If you are wondering why I am not going back to Hogwarts it is because no one has rebuilt it). Anyways… I said, “Mum, nobody is going to want to come home just so they can celebrate…”

However, before I could finish she cut me off and said, “Nonsense! Ron and Hermione were coming anyways, and they were inviting Harry. George and Fred would never turn down a reason to come home and get free meals. Bill and Fleur would love to come, and Charlie is going to be home anyways.” She paused for a brief moment, probably thinking about Percy who was still not forgiven, and continued, “The whole family will be here!”

 I heard her voice crack with the last sentence, but I chose to ignore it. I also decided not to argue and went upstairs to my room. I sat down at my desk and stared out the window.

 My mum had said Ron and Hermione were inviting Harry. Oh, NO! Not again!

 I always made a fool of myself around Harry. He always just smiled at it, and we both barely talked when the other was around. I swear they just like to torture us. Every time I see him my heart skips some beats, and I stop breathing.

 I got up from my seat and went over to my nightstand. From it, I withdrew a scrapbook. I took it to my desk and sat down. I looked at the front cover it said, ‘My Years At Hogwarts.’

 I opened it to the first page where there was a picture of Hermione and I laughing and then hugging. Underneath the picture was a caption that read, ‘Best Friends Forever.’ I smiled now as I remember the moment Harry had taken the picture in my 4th year. Never had I been so happy in that year.

 I turned the page to a page with a picture of Harry and Ron with a caption that read, ‘My Heroes.’ I laughed as in the picture they would flex to show that they were “macho.” Never would I get rid of that picture.

 I turned the page to a page with Luna and Hermione laughing together. It read, ‘My Best Buds.’ In the picture, they would charge at the camera, and Luna would trip as she ran.

 I turned the page to a picture of Bill and Fleur. It read, ‘My Brother and His Devil of a Fiancé.’ I never did like her, and I never will.

 I turned the page to a section with a bunch of newspaper clippings. They were all about Harry or Hogwarts. Some read, ‘The chosen ones appearance’, ‘He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named’s return’, ‘The Chamber’s defeater’, ‘The Chosen One; The Champion’, ‘The Prisoner’s Escape to Finish His Master’s Job’, and many more.

 I turned the page with sadness as I remembered my second year and fifth year. My second year Sirius had managed to escape Azkaban. My fifth year is what grieved me though. The year Sirius….Sirius….Sirius had d…d…d-d-died.

 I came to the page with Harry standing at the top of the Gryffindor steps holding me as we were locked at the lips. He would raise his head and it would start all over. Underneath it read, ‘Our first kiss’ and to the side it read, ‘Love, Harry’.

 I felt tears start to build up in my eyes, but I held them in and turned the page. There was a picture of Harry and me dancing, and he dips me and kisses me. I felt the tears pushed harder and I turned the page.

 There was another picture of Harry and me; I turned page after page and repeatedly there was a picture of Harry and me. I flipped through the pages faster and faster trying to avoid how much I missed him.

 Finally, I slammed the book close and let the tears stream down my face. I let my tears fall until they were covering my face. I looked out the window at the orchard, and then there was a knock on my door….

A/N: hey like i said in the summary. i want to have 15 reviews before i post the next chapter. i know it does sound like i am being mean, but me being an author likes to know what is going on in the readers head. i also like to know if i am doing a good job. i thank everyone who reviewed last time and this chapter is dedicated to you! ;)

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Through Her Eyes...: The Memories


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