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'Til Death Do Us Part: The 2nd Installment by LucyintheSkywithDiamonds
Chapter 1 : TB's
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*the plot and the OCs are mine, the rest belongs to J.K.

"This place is brilliant!" Sirius said as the realtor showed the house. 

He and Shay were looking for a house for them and the baby. They asked Lily to come along because the realtor was a muggle, and Lily brought along James. 

"Shay look at the back yard. It's huge! We can put a quidditch pitch back there!" Sirius said with excitement and James, who was standing behind him, gave a yes. 

"What's quidditch?" the realtor asked. 

"Oh, it's this game they made up. They're obsessed," Lily said nervously. 

"What's this thing?" Shay asked James and Sirius while they were in the kitchen. 

"Maybe it's one of those T.B.s Lily is always talking about. I wonder what these buttons are for." James said as he started pushing random buttons. 

The three of them jumped back when the machine started. 

"What did you do?" Sirius asked. 

"I just pressed the button and it started. How do you stop it?" James asked, looking a little frightened. 

"Sirius, pull on that handle" Shay said. 

"Why me?" Sirius asked, just as afraid as James. 

"Cause I'm a girl and Lily will kill me if something happens to James." 

"Oh, well in that case" Sirius said and rolled his eyes. 

He slowly reached his hand forward and then quickly pulled the handle on the machine. A door came open and the machine stop suddenly. 

"Nice job Sirius. You made it stop" James said and patted him on the back. 

"I can feel heat coming from it. One of you look in there and see where the heat is coming from," Shay ordered as she was eyeing the machine carefully. 

"Ok" James said and put his head into the opening. 

"I can't really see anything. There's not a lot of room in here. Hold on a second…" James said as he started to push his head in farther. 

"What's going on here?" the realtor asked suddenly. 

All three jumped again and James banged his head inside the machine. 

"Well, this machine started and we stopped it and then we wanted to see where the heat was coming from. Lily is this a T.B.?" Shay asked. 

Lily was frozen in her place, trying to think of a way to explain this to the realtor. 

"You'll have to excuse them. They all grew up in an Amish community. They've never seen a microwave before" Lily said quickly. 

The realtor looked confused but she went a long with the story. 

"So, do you like the house?" the realtor asked. 

"We love it. We'll take it," Shay said. 

"Are you sure that you'll be able to afford it?" the realtor asked. 

Shay gave Sirius a questioning look. 

"Well…I think. Lily will we be able to afford it?" Sirius asked. 

He didn't know how his wizarding money would pan out in muggle money. 

"Yes Sirius. You can afford it," Lily stated with frustration in her voice. 

"Well, you heard the lady" Sirius said and then gave Shay a kiss. 

"Lily, I still don't know what a T.B. is and what the hell is a microwave?" James asked, oblivious that two of his best friends just bought a house. 

"So, are you two coming for dinner at the Potter's tomorrow?" Lily asked Shay as they were looking out the back window of the new house. 

They were watching Sirius and James map out a quidditch pitch. 

"Yes, do the Potter's know about the engagement?" Shay asked. 

"Of course. It's one of the first things James and I did after school. They're really happy for us" Lily and laughed as she saw Sirius trip James. 

"What about your parents?" Shay asked after she shook her head at James and Sirius's stupidity. 

"I still have to tell them." 

"Well when are you going to do it?" 

"I don't know" Lily said and she suddenly become very interested in the curtains. 

"Lily. You know that they'll be happy for you," Shay said and put a hand on her shoulder. 

"I know it's just…Petunia" Lily said and Shay could see the tears forming in her eyes. 

"Oh, Lily don't worry about her. This is your time right now." 

"I know Shay but when she finds out that I'm going to marry a wizard, it'll really be over. She has that new fiancé of hers and I don't know what she told him about me, but I guess he doesn't even want to meet me." 

"It will all turn out ok Lily. But you have to tell your parents. They'll love James. Even if he is an idiot," Shay said while they heard yelling from James and Sirius's wrestling match. 

"Yea, he is. At least he's cute," Lily said with a smile and they went outside to stop the boys from getting too dirty. 

"Aw, look at James. What a little cutie pie" Shay said while she, along with Lily, Niki, and Mrs. Potter, were looking at old pictures. 

James had warned Shay that his mom would go a little baby crazy when she got there. And he was right. Right away Mrs. Potter was asking how Shay was, getting food for her, she even bought the baby a present. Then she brought out the pictures. She was a picture freak and had an album for every year of James's life. The girls were getting a kick out of the baby pictures. 

"Mom, why do you insist on showing everybody those pictures?" James whined, his cheeks flushing a little from embarrassment. 

"James, I carried you in my body for nine months. I have the right to show these pictures to anyone I please" Mrs. Potter said and got out another album. 

"Yea James have a little respect. It's hard having this job" Shay said and took the new album. 

She flipped it open and found a picture that made her smile. It was a picture taken on the first day of kindergarten. James, Sirius, Shay, Benjy, and Marlene, were all midget forms of themselves and all had excited looks on their faces. 

"I remember taking this picture. We all felt so grown up" Sirius said and laughed at his former self, who still had the same mischievous look. 

"I never wanted to go back after this day," Shay said. 

"Why not?" Niki asked while skimming the other pictures on the page. 

"This girl was making fun of me and my family, so I pushed her off the monkey bars. Later that day she put gum in my hair, and my mom cut all my hair off" Shay said and absentmindedly stroked her hair. 

"I remember that. We all thought it was funny when you kicked your chair at the girl," James said with a nostalgic grin. 

"It wasn't funny. It was very traumatic. I can't even chew gum now. Brings back bad memories." 

"It was so nice having you all over. Remus and Niki, if you two ever get lonely in that big house feel free to come over and make yourself at home" Mrs. Potter said and gave the two a hug. 

"Peter Pettigrew, tell you mother to owl me. We haven't had tea in forever" she said and hugged Peter. 

"Lily dear, owl me when you tell your parents. I would love to meet them" Mrs. Potter said and gave Lily a hug and I kiss on the cheek. 

"Sirius, you really need to visit more. It's not the same without you living here. Nobody tells a joke like you," Mrs. Potter said and hugged Sirius like the rest. 

Sirius had a smile on his face from the compliment and the others rolled their eyes. They hated Sirius's corny jokes. 

"And Shay if you need anything, let me know" she said and awkwardly hugged Shay. 

It was hard to get over the baby bump. 

"Mrs. Potter, I wouldn't impose" Shay said. 

"No, I'm being serious. I know that you two don't have a lot of support. Shay, I have known you since you were five and Sirius is like a son to me. John and I will be happy to help. It feels like we're getting a grandchild," Mrs. Potter said with a smile. 

"Thank you" Shay said and embraced her. 

Shay almost started crying at her kindness. 

"Well don't let me hold you all up. Come back soon" Mrs. Potter said finally before they all left.

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