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Trouble Comes In Three by tragicYETmagic
Chapter 1 : Different
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 Lady Asphodel @ TDA

Draco Malfoy walked down the hall of the train, heading straight for the last carriage. No one would look him in the eye, no one dared; his reputation of being a Death Eater still remained after last year’s battle that saw Voldemort defeated at last. Draco didn't want to come back to Hogwarts, but after months of thought, he said what the hell and gave into his parents’ wishes. He had nothing better to do anyway.

Sliding the door behind him, to keep the unwanted out of site, he looked around the compartment. Many of his fellow Slytherin's hadn't come back to repeat their final year but he still managed to find some familiar faces.

“Parkinson” he said lazily as he pulled out the Daily Prophet, taking a seat opposite her.

Her eyes widened for a second, and then she fixed her hair and sighed, “How are you Draco?” he shrugged her question off and continued to read, while Blaise took a seat next to him, roughly shoving his feet aside.

“You’re not getting a foot rest this time mate” Blaise grinned, Draco returned the smile.

“That’s what you think” resetting his feet on top of Blaise’s who kept pushing them off until Draco finally let his friend have his foot rest.

Suddenly the compartment door was pushed open with a loud bang, hitting the side of the wall. Hermione Granger rushed in, shut it behind her and sat against it, squeezing her eyes closed in anticipation.

“Mudblood? What the Merlin ar..” Draco started to question before two voices he knew all too well cut him off.

“Hermione come out this instant” yelled Ron his face all flustered.

“Don’t pretend you’re not in there, we saw you” added Harry, while trying to force the door open himself.

She contemplated jumping out the window but instead opened the door and smiled widely at them, “Why hello boys, what brings you here? Did Draco invite you for some tea?” she grinned mischievously at Draco who glared back.

“That was very nice of you Draco, it’s a real shame I didn’t get invited though” she moved closer to him, who seemed confused but ready, as if this was some attack. He and Potter both nodded at each other but still held onto their wands just in case.

“Don’t play dumb Mione, we know you’re the one who put the portable swamp in Ron’s suitcase” Harry said confusingly, he had no idea what was going on with her these days.

But Hermione played them well. “Me? Portable swamp? Of all the nonsense I’ve heard from you both, blaming me was something I never believed you'd do” she put on a shocked look and pretended to be hurt.

“ But. We.” Ron tried to explain, but she cut him off.

“No Ronald! I’m too devastated to even look at you, just go” she turned her back on them, giving a small “Hmph” as she cross her arms.

Harry and Ron knew it was Hermione; she had been up to no good all summer with Fred and George. Many people thought she had gone mad after the murder of her parents; the truth was that Hermione had in fact gone a little crazy but mostly she wanted to change herself into someone new. The boys just didn’t seem to understand.

Harry and Ron held ashamed looks on their faces; Ron’s was more of a confused one, as they murmured some apologies and left the compartment.

Hermione turned around to the recent company and said frustratingly “Men! can’t live with them, can’t live without them?” you know what that’s like” in fact the Slytherin’s didn’t know what that was like, they instead glared at her.

“The thing you must do is train them while their still young, Pansy take notes, you’re gonna need as much help as you can get”

Pansy looked shocked as even a few of her fellow Slytherins snickered, she mentally stabbed Hermione over and over “You little Mudblood, how dare you say..” she was cut off.

“Now, now Parkinson, no need to get nasty, it’s not your fault you look like that, it must be all the inter-breeding” Hermione smiled sweetly. Pansy looked quite ill now.

Draco on the other hand raised his wand at Hermione; he couldn’t let her get away with that one. He was about to mutter a Hex in her direction, when two tall redheaded walked in. 

“What’s with you Gryffindor’s and not taking the hint that this compartment is for Slytherins only?” Blaise said raising an eyebrow.

The boys ignored the huffs and grinned at Hermione who had now tried to push Blaise’s feet off a chair so she could sit down.

“Have we ever told you how awesome you are?” They said in complete unison, (It’s quite a wonder how they actually do that, I mean it’s like they plan exactly what they are about to say before they say it. It’s really amazing and weird.)

"Yes but by all means please tell me again, I like hearing it” she grinned in a sly way that you wouldn’t normally see Hermione smile, but she isn't normal you see, so anything is possible.

“That was gold, pure gold” George exclaimed as Hermione took a quick curtsy.

“As are the people who made the product” she smiled.

“Did you hear that Fred?, Miss Hermione Granger gave us a compliment” George raised an eyebrow

“I never thought this day would come” He pretended to wipe away non-existent tears.

“It’s like a dream come true,” They both cried.

“Well as much as I love having you two around, don’t you have other people to see?” she gave them both a knowing look

They nodded in agreement and smirked.

“We know how much you love us hanging around” Fred said with a wink looking over at the Slytherin’s and shrugging his shoulders with a smile.

Hermione playing the part said, “Now boys don’t give away my Sunday activities”

Fred replied “Oh yeah we get it, what happens in the common room stays in the common room”

“Okay this is all too much for me, it’s kind of freaking me out now.. Well even more if possible” Draco looked sick to the stomach and slightly agitated.

Hermione turned around to face him “Not jealous are we?”

He made a face that said “Hell no”

“Well anyway it's nice to see you all again, how was your summer?” The room was filled with shocked faces.

“Well you’re a cheery bunch,” she said sarcastically as she sat beside Blaise.

Looking over at the peculiar Mudblood they had all thought they knew, Draco commented “Why are you still here exactly?” and the Malfoy glare evident on his face.

Hermione smiled at this “I thought we were friends” Draco’s complexion faded to a slight colour of green.

“Don’t worry it’s okay, I’m more Blaise’s friend anyway” She winked at the confused and shocked Blaise, moving a little closer to him. He was stuck between her and the window. If only he could jump. “Don’t you remember our little pen pal session over the summer, the poem you wrote me was..” she put a hand on her heart and sighed in a girlish romantic way “Beautiful”

“Have you fallen on your head or something? I never have nor ever will send you anything” He was appalled, Hermione had just suggested he actually wrote poetry, in public, in front of all his friends. They would call him a pansy for decades. 

 “And I don’t write poetry!” he added to defend his manly dignity or whatever he had left of it.

Draco had to crack a smile at this.

Hermione on the other hand shook her head and patted his shoulder reassuringly, “Don’t worry darling, I don’t think of you any less”

She then promptly glanced at her arm where a watch should have been,“is that the time, well I better go see a man about a dragon, Ginny’s not going to believe what she’s gonna find under her bed tonight” she smiled evilly. “Lets not wait for the next train ride to catch up alright?” Not waiting for an answer she got up and walked out of their compartment.

Blaise opened and closed his mouth a couple of times before crossing his arms and facing the window glaring murderously at it, a reddish colour rising to his cheeks.

No one spoke, still absorbing the unnatural character of the very different girl that had walked out of their compartment. Everyone had the same question on their minds. What in Merlin’s furry under garments has taken Hermione Granger’s sanity?

Magic: Hey guys we are so sorry about deleting this story and re- writing it. It came to the point where we realized that we loved the plot but we weren't doing it justice.

Tragic: Hopefully this renewed story is just as funny as before.

Magic: We know we take ages to update but it's Tragics fault.

Tragic: I disagree, we are fashionably late.

Magic: Yeah....Anyway we'd love some feedback on how we are doing.


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