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Time Again by merlinsaprentice1
Chapter 19 : Chapter ninteen
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Disclaimer The characters, or at least most of them do not belong to me, if they did I would be typing this on a sunny beach somewhere, as it is they belong to J.K.Rowlins

Time again chapter nineteen

Harry woke up on the thirty first day of the month feeling wonderfully refreshed, he had slept like a baby, it had been the best nights sleep he could remember.
Rolling over he looked at his wife, Hermione, she was the most beautiful creature on the earth, especially when she was asleep, and he could study her delicate features as much as he wanted, with out making her feel uncomfortable.

“Did you have your fill yet?” she asked without opening her eyes.

“How do you do that?” he wanted to know.

“How do I do what?” she replied chuckling.

“You know very well what, Mrs Potter.” he laughed.

“I can feel when you are awake, and when you are looking at me, you try to keep quite still. It’s no great secret Mr Potter.”

Hermione opened her eyes then reached over and pulled him to her, she gave him a quick kiss, “Happy Birthday lover boy.” She grinned as she rolled from the bed.

Harry watched her get up and walk to the bathroom, ‘this just has to be the best time of the day’ he thought as his totally naked, nearly seventeen year old wife entered the bathroom.

“You coming for a shower,” she called just before the bathroom door shut.

Harry reached the bathroom almost before the echo of the closing door had died.

An hour later as they entered the kitchen for breakfast, they were met by Glanry “It would seem sir, that all your guests have departed, some have gone for a walk, some are in the stable and yet more are even now collecting their belongings to bring here.”

“So breakfast for two, what a wonderful idea,” Harry said trying but failing to be funny.

‘Actually lover boy I think it’s just a little romantic, just you and me and the sunshine’ she thought.

‘Hermione sweetheart, the sun is not shining, if I remember those are clouds up in the sky’ Harry laughed.

He was definitely in a good mood, no packing to do, no waiting to be rescued from the Dursleys, and a beautiful woman sitting opposite him. Could his life get any better?

They had just finished their breakfast when the main gate bell rang. Glanry answered and opened the gates for Mr and Mrs Granger.

‘Hermione love how is it that your mum and dad seem able to find us yet all the other Muggles can’t see the place?’ Harry asked

Suddenly thinking about the fact that the Grangers were indeed Muggle’s he’d forgotten that small fact.

‘Oh I just charmed a little bell to tinkle when they were outside the gates, dad has it hanging from his mirror’ she replied.

Moments later they were joined by the two people who were definitely Harry’s favourite Muggles. Hugs were exchanged Mrs Granger kissed Harry on both cheeks and his forehead wishing him a happy birthday.
Within half an hour of the arrival of his in-laws Harry’s kitchen was full once again as most of the guests all arrived back at roughly the same time, Harry smelt a plot afoot.

It was Ginny who started things off, “Pressie time,” she said bouncing up and down “my pressie is outside,” she told him

Mr Granger winked at Hermione “Our present is out side in the car.”

“Mine is too Harry, seems they are all out there, love.” shall we go have a look.

Neville led the way out onto the drive, where an assortment of things were all standing, all covered over by various coloured sheets. Again Neville took the lead he pointed at a small green sheet, I thought maybe this year I would get you something from the Muggle world, I mean we had such fun in the winter. Harry pulled off Neville’s cover and found a football and a pair of football boots.

“Hey Nev, what a brilliant idea,” Harry said as he took a kick at the ball. A loud sound of breaking glass reached them. “Perhaps I should use that away from the house.” Glanry appeared at the door “your soccer ball I believe sir,” he said handing the ball to Harry.

Harry stepped forward to uncover the next gift when Ginny stopped him, “Sorry Harry but you don’t get to see that one until you see Hermione’s.”

“I think you should open our gift next,” Mrs Granger said nodding toward the car.

Mr Granger stood by the rear door of the car and waited for Harry to come over. There on the back seat was a large rather tatty old box with several holes in it, “Well go on then,” Mr Granger encouraged.

Harry climbed in to the car and opened the box, inside it fast asleep lay a large black pup. “He doesn’t have a name yet Harry,” Mrs Granger told him.

Hermione intrigued followed Harry into the car and peered into the box “Oh he’s magnificent,” she said as she placed her arm over Harry’s shoulder, Harry had not said a word. The pup reminded him so much of his godfather, the godfather he had ignored as of late, this pup would serve to remind him of Sirius, and he determined to spend more time with him.

Harry climbed out of the car and Gave Mrs Granger a fierce hug, a small tear was in his eye when he said thank you. Hermione woke the sleeping animal and lifted him from the box, she handed him to Harry who held him close for a while before setting him down, the pup then snuggled up to Harry’s leg and sat contented with his new master. “Hello there little fella, how about I call you Canis, it’s the star system where Sirius is found.” The pup licked Harry’s hand “Canis it is then.”

Ron and Dig stood next to a rather bulky yet oddly shaped cover, Harry pulled it off and found a chair, the craftsmanship was quite good and Harry marvelled at the amazing carving, impressive vines and rather large oak leaves adorned the chair; it had another carving on the back that said ‘Harry Gryffindor Potter’.

“We made it Dig and me, you should try it,” Ron said enthusiastically.

Harry sat in the chair and found it extremely comfortable, “It’s like a broom Harry, just say up, but be careful it takes a little getting used to, best keep it low at first,”

“You just have to be joking,” Hermione said shocked.

Harry said “up,” and sure enough the chair rose gently into the air “how do I get it to move,” asked Harry as he examined the arms.

“Grab the arms and steer it like a broom,” Dig told him just as Harry had figured it out.

Harry shot off around the house whooping as he went. When he returned he was told in no uncertain terms by Hermione that she was not having it in the house, she had visions of him flying around getting ever fatter as he used the chair to fetch his food and drinks and never getting out of the darn thing.

Mrs Weasley appeared from the depths of the house with a large box of chocolate frogs, and some assorted bits and bobs from Fred and George’s shop.
That just left Hermione and Ginny, the two girls moved to the trailer behind Mr Granger’s car. Mr Granger was already waiting.

Harry walked over with Canis at his heels. Helped by Mr Granger Harry pulled away the large sheet. He could not believe his eyes as he looked at a Gryffindor red quad bike, the Gryffindor emblem proudly displayed back and front.

“For when you need to go to the village,” Hermione whispered in his ear.

Harry turned and kissed her. “I love you Mrs Potter, this is brilliant,”

“You should thank dad it was his idea,” she told him.

‘Well I don’t intend kissing your dad, so you will have to pass it on’ he sent before kissing her again.

Ginny stepped up and gestured toward another smaller sheet the one he had gone to move before, Harry pulled it away, there were two crash helmets two pairs of leather gloves and two pairs of boots also a fuel can, that was full of fuel.

Harry gave Ginny a hug and a quick little kiss on each cheek, “thanks sis,” he said without thinking. It had been his pet name for her in his other life. Ginny was over the moon.

“You’re welcome bro’” she said grinning like she just won a jackpot.

With help from several pairs of hands Harry got the quad bike off the trailer, after checking the manual and the fuel tank Harry turned the key and laughed as the bike roared into life, with a crash helmet on, he gingerly pulled away from the house, Canis jumped up and sat behind Harry as he taught himself how the machine worked.

“Hoi Potter,” Hermione yelled “don’t go far, I want a go of it.”

Harry roared off to the stables and back, Canis balancing behind him, Jumping off the quad, Harry gave Hermione another kiss before offering her the crash helmet,

Hermione held up the other Helmet “Why do you think Ginny got two,” she said as she climbed on the quad.

“It’s a lot like Becky’s princess,” Mr Granger told her as she roared off like a lunatic, Hermione put the quad through several sliding turns in the deep grass behind the stables, before roaring past everyone toward the main gate, she turned around at the gate and came racing back.

“Heck Hermione that was bloody brilliant.” Ron said looking at her like she had just caught the snitch for the Chuddley Cannons.

Harry offered the helmet to Ginny next; Hermione told Ginny what to do.

‘Where did you learn to ride one of those’ Harry asked his wife, as Ginny set off slowly toward the main gate.

‘My friend Becky had one when she was ten, we spent hours on it right up to the beginning of fourth year, some one stole it from their garage while we were all away at school. It was a shame really she was so upset, they moved not long after that, but I never forgot how to ride one. I just knew you would love it, and we can go out together down to the village or where ever’ Hermione told him enthusiastically.

‘Another thing we have in common’ Harry thought as he watched Neville trying to do the same thing Hermione had done. It was obvious to Harry it was going to take a while to get used to the machine.

The adults disappeared in to the house while the five younger people spent the next three hours on the quad bike taking it in turns to have a ride.
Canis lay against the door way when it was Harry’s turn to take a ride, returning to Harry’s side as soon as he climbed from the quad.

The morning was over before any of them had realised it. Hermione and Ginny were examining the intricate carving on the chair that Ron and Dig had given Harry.

“Did you do all the carving,” Hermione asked Dig as Ron took off on the quad.

“No, I just collected the wood and cut out the rough shapes, Ron’s the artistic one, he has a way with wood, a real feel for it,” Dig told a pair of surprised witches.

“Our Ron, my brother Ron, artistic, are you sure you are ok Dig, you didn’t bang your head or something,” Ginny asked in surprise.

“Well the chair is your proof, Ron built, carved, and polished it, I just collected the wood then helped put the charms on it to make it fly, it was even Ron’s idea to begin with, I think it might have had something to do with food,” Dig answered.

“Food?” Hermione said raising her eyebrows.

“Yes something about getting around the table easier.” Dig laughed.

“Now that’s more like Ron.” Ginny giggled.

Glanry came out to announce that lunch was ready, Harry put the quad away in one of the stables empty stalls then with Canis at his heels once more, he joined every one else in the dining room.

‘Harry love, I know it’s your birthday but would you mind if I helped Poppy this afternoon with Gryffindor’s book’ Hermione asked as they ate. Being able to communicate while eating was one of the little bonus’s that came with their telepathy.

‘Actually sweetheart I’d rather like to do the same thing, I mean the sooner we get started the better, Ron, Neville and Ginny are off riding I think. Ron said something about a pool in the woods’ Harry replied.

They were nearly finished with lunch when Sirius and Remus arrived in the living room, then joined them for some food. Harry introduced Canis to Sirius who immediately asked if he could take the pup for a walk after lunch. Harry had known that Sirius would love the pup, and it seemed that the pup liked Sirius.
Harry agreed that perhaps a play about in one of the fields would be good training for the young dog. Sirius could teach him not too bother the other animals.

They had all finished eating when Poppy Pomfrey arrived from Hogwarts. Glanry offered to have cook arrange something for her, but she refused explaining that she had eaten before leaving the school.

Ginny, Ron, and Neville, did decide to go riding, and they headed out with the intention of going through the wood. Mrs Weasley had to pop home to the Burrow for something.
Remus cornered Harry and Hermione out in the foyer as they set off for the library.

“Hermione, can I just have a word, I just want to tell you that last night absolutely nothing happened, I slept well all night, I want to thank you again for what you did, and I want to apologise for getting a little angry.” Remus said as they both wondered what was so especially good about sleeping well.

They must have looked as confused as they felt. “It was a full moon last night,” Remus told them “and I slept like a baby. I locked my self up of course, and Sirius watched over me, but I slept all night, absolutely nothing happened.”

Hermione gave the gentle professor a hug, “I’m so glad it worked Remus, you must start to convince others now, tell them that they are curable.
Spread the word, I’ll see to it that Poppy takes the spell to St Mungo’s.”

Reaching the library the Potters mood changed to one of fierce determination to find other useful things in Godric’s work. They set to work with Poppy after relating Remus’s report of having slept well.

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