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Psycho Path, Cho Chang by Samhria
Chapter 17 : The Wedding
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The sun was shining brightly through the outside window, casting a shimmer around the lovely couple in the bed. They were wrapped in each other’s arms; eyes closed. The bed sheet covered their naked bodies from their passionate scene from the night before. Even though the sun was reaching high, the couple didn’t move or awake.

Hermione sighed against Harry’s naked chest, wrapping her arms tighter around him. Even though her eyes were closed, she could still remember the romance from the night before. She didn’t want to ever leave this moment. She felt Harry’s hand slowly brush her hair behind her ear. When all she heard was light breathing, she figured he must have still been asleep, too.

“Ahem.” Someone said on the other side of the room. It was obvious to the tone of the voice, whoever it was, was uncomfortable seeing the couple together like that.

Hermione squinted her eyes open. It was a man’s gruff voice. She slightly lifted her head from Harry’s chest to get a better look. With one hand, she rubbed her eyes and looked over at the door. Well enough, there stood Remus Lupin, with his eyes wandering the room, instead of their bed. From the look on his face, he was quite embarrassed by what he was seeing.

Hermione’s eyes widened in shock. She quickly gave Harry a shake on the shoulder. He merely smiled, his eyes still closed.

He turned over on his side, toward Hermione when she continued poking him. “Harry. Wake up.” She whispered nervously, but Harry wandered his hands around the side of her face, touching her lips. He kissed them; gently at first, but then heatedly. Hermione’s face flushed with embarrassment. “Harry!” She whispered harshly, trying to make him stop.

“What? What is it?” He asked whiningly.

“Wake up. Someone’s here.”

At this point, Remus turned away and started to leave. “I just came to see if you were awake yet. I’ll see you two downstairs. Breakfast is on me.” With that, he grabbed the knob and closed the door. Hermione could have sworn she saw Remus grin on his way out.


Hermione was the first one to come downstairs after taking a nice warm shower. She finally succeeded in waking up Harry since he was alone in the bed. She told him what had happened and he turned red himself. He quickly ran for the shower, too.

Remus was flipping pancakes onto plates on the table. Surprisingly, Tonks was already seated at the table. For a second, Hermione thought that she might have spent the night after what happened, but Tonks quickly noticed the look on Hermione’s face and reassured her. “I just arrived right now.”

Hermione smiled and nodded her head, sitting next to her. Remus had flipped a pancake onto her plate. When she took a bite, she smiled. She didn’t know Remus could cook this wonderfully. Tonks was certainly a lucky woman.

They ate their pancakes and drank their juices, talking about random stuff. Hermione would bring up the sudden ‘pop’ question up from the night before, but Tonks and Remus would merely blush.

About ten minutes later, Harry was skipping down the stairs, grinning mischievously. Hermione already knew the reason for his ‘cheery behavior’ and unfortunately…so did Remus. But Tonks was the only one who remained puzzled.

“Why are you so cheerful this morning, Harry?” She asked.

“Let’s just say I had an amazing night.”

Hermione blushed and smiled that matched Harry’s, while Remus just shook his head and placed some dishes in the sink.


The months went by quite fast; faster than Hermione realized. She spent most of her time with Harry; whether it was at work or at his place, they were becoming a real couple. And she loved every minute of it. She didn’t pay attention to the time passing by so quickly. By this time, it was already five months since Harry and Hermione started dating. That was a long time for Hermione, especially since the time flew by.

The best thing about that the time flowing by was that Hermione didn’t even see Cho around. In these last two months, Hermione didn’t even think once about Cho since she didn’t even see her anywhere, spying on anyone. Hermione was with her boyfriend, Harry Potter and they were enjoying their lives together, with Cho Chang nowhere to be seen.

Hermione woke up in Harry’s bed, at his flat. She had spent the night since it was they didn’t have work Friday morning. They decided to spend their Thursday night at Harry’s place, watch movies, and munch on popcorn.

Hermione slept on Harry’s bed, with him, but Harry was up bright and early, getting ready to meet his best mate. He had to help Ron finish writing his wedding vows.

Hermione was going to be busy, too. She had to leave over to the Burrow to meet Luna, Ginny and other women to finish the rest of the arrangements of the wedding. Being Friday, the wedding was the following day, outside the Burrow. Only one day away, everyone had final preparations to make.

After taking a steaming shower, Harry and Hermione shared a sensual kiss outside the flat, apparating to their destinations.

Hermione arrived at the Burrow to see all the decorations set in place. There was a spell on the area to prevent from anything being damaged. Hermione admired the colorful tulips placed on the center of every table in the area. There were boutiques floating in mid-air like candles at Hogwarts. It looked absolutely marvelous. With the guests and the wedding taking place, Hermione figured the place would have brought up even more of a happy place to be.

She entered the Burrow to be greeted happily by Ginny, who was chatting with someone beside the doorway.

“Hermione!” She exclaimed at the presence of her brown haired friend. “About time you came!”

Hermione gave a friendly smile, peering over at the other women in the room that she never seen before; hoping that one woman in particular wouldn’t be there.

In the further part of the room, Hermione could see Mrs. Weasley and Fleur Delacour arguing about something that made some women giggle knowingly.

When Mrs. Weasley spotted Hermione, she waved her hand, making her way over to her, glad to finally be leaving her obnoxious daughter-in-law.

She greeted Hermione with a bear hug. “Hello, Hermione dear. How are you?”

“I’m doing fine Mrs. Weasley. How about yourself?”

“Well, take a look around dear.” Mrs. Weasley replied, gesturing to everyone in the room. “It’s quite busy. We’re all trying to agree on certain items and placements.” She said with a bit of anger in her voice, but she quickly smiled graciously. “Let me introduce you to some friends of mine.” She grabbed Hermione’s hand and pulled her over to the other side of the room, where 4 elder women were standing, chatting among each other.

When they saw Mrs. Weasley arrive with Hermione. They all stopped chatting and peered up at her. One of them, with pure white hair tied in a bun smiled at Hermione. “Why Molly, who’s this young lady?”

“This is Hermione Granger. You remember me telling you about her, don’t you?”

“Oh! Of course! Nice to finally meet you, dear.” The elderly woman said, holding out a hand to Hermione who shook it softly.

“Hermione, this is Marie Mary-worth. She worked as an auror in the Marauder times.”

“Thank you. It’s a pleasure meeting you, too.” Hermione replied, smiling graciously.

“My, my. What manners!” Another old woman whispered to Molly.

“Thank you.” Hermione said, blushing slightly.

The other two women looked at Molly for an introduction. One of them had black hair with white hairs becoming visible. The other one had blonde hair that looked white on the front side and blondish from behind. They looked only a slightly older than Molly, but their excessive make-up was covering much of their natural looks.

“This here is Willa Quibbler, the great grand-daughter of----“

“Quincy Quibbler I, the creator of The Quibbler.” Hermione finished, astonished by meeting the first and only living child of the famous Quibbler newspaper writer.

“Yes. You truly are as smart as Molly says you are.” The woman replied, raising her eyebrow in amazement. Hermione blushed.

“And this is Heather Pollock.” Mrs. Weasley indicated, pointing to the blacked haired woman standing at the end. “She was the one of the secret keeper of the Marauders’ time.”

“Nice to meet you, Ms. Pollock.” Hermione said, shaking the woman’s hand. She didn’t say anything, but nodded her and smiled a crooked grin.

“Well, shall we finish up ladies?” Molly asked after the introductions. Every woman in the room nodded their heads, leaving to fulfill their duties. Hermione was the only one who was left confused.


The Wedding Day…

Hermione admired her bridesmaid dress in the mirror. It was lovely. It was a beige colored dress all the way down slightly above her ankles, with an O-shaped neck, the ends tied up behind her neck. Her collar bones behind were revealed all the way up to her neck, where her hair was tied in a clip above her head, a few curls hanging out elegantly. Her make-up was done lightly, due to her frustration with looks. She didn’t like to cover up her face with bright colors; she’d rather have no make-up than to be covered in it, so Ginny was nice enough to go easy on her with the powder and eye-shadow and lipstick.

She walked over to the other side of the bathroom, knocking lightly on Ron’s door.

“Come in.” A woman’s voice said behind the door.

Hermione entered and closed the door behind her, admiring the almond-gowned bride standing before her. Luna was dressed in a gown that reached a little pass her high-heels, but it looked amazingly proper. It was a beautiful dress for an almond color. The dress was a V-shape that was sleeveless. She had a diamond necklace hanging from her neck, which Hermione guessed Ron must have given her before the wedding. There was a red rose in her bun, sticking out on the side, giving her more of a ‘pretty girl’ look. That had to be Fleur’s idea. Luna looked more mystifying than she ever did. Her make-up was done by a professional to match her dress perfectly.

“How do I look?” Luna asked Hermione, waiting anxiously as her friend eyed her carefully.

“Beautiful.” Hermione whispered reaching her. She really meant it. Luna looked magnificent; and not just because it was her wedding, too.

Luna gave Hermione a smile that said ‘thank you, but are you sure?’. Hermione grinned and tried to help Luna relax. Of course she had butterflies in her stomach…she was getting married after all!

There was a soft knock on the door. “I’m here to get the bride.” Mr. Weasley’s voice rang from behind the door. “Are you ready my dear?”

Luna sighed deeply and smiled sweetly. “Yes, Mr. Weasley. I’m coming.” Hermione walked over to the door, opening it for Luna, who grabbed her rose boutique in one hand and slipped her arm through her soon to be father-in-law.

“You look amazingly lovely.” Mr. Weasley commented as they both descended the stairs behind Hermione.

“Thank you.” Was all Luna could manage to say; even that was a mere whisper.

Hermione went outside, leaving Mr. Weasley and Luna to chat away while she joined Ginny on the bridesmaid stand. Harry and the Weasley twins were already standing across from them at the best-man stand.

Hermione gave Harry a shy smile, which he returned immediately.

The music started playing, ‘Here comes the bride’. It was Hermione’s idea to play this. She said this is what muggles always played on every wedding. It was way better than Fred and George’s choice of ‘Raise the roof’.

Mr. Weasley and Luna were barely in sight when Fleur started bawling like a crazy mother about to give her daughter away. She blew her nose nosily.

Mrs. Weasley shook her head disapprovingly at her while Bill wrapped a soothing arm around his wife.

Ron looked pale; paler than pale. He looked like he was in a trance and would never wake up. Twice, Harry had to nudge his best mate in the rib to get his attention. His eyes were transfixed on his bride. He, too, was admiring her never before seen beauty.

When Mr. Weasley had released his arm from Luna’s, he took his seat as the wedding started.

Hermione wasn’t in the present moment at all. Her eyes were fixed on her boyfriend, who was looking between the bride and the groom, like everyone else. Hermione might have been the only one who wasn’t paying attention. She knew this moment was going to come for her two friends. They were madly in love and this wedding coming could be seen from a long distance. They were destined to be married and to be together forever.

Hermione couldn’t help but to think if she and Harry were meant to be together forever. After all, they were together for a while just dating. Would their fate together be forever or was there a point they were going to break apart? She hated to think of her life without Harry. Of course her life was horribly miserable without him before, when he was dating Cho Cha---

‘Cho.’ Hermione thought. She quickly glanced around the seats where the guests sat. She spotted a lot of unusual people that she didn’t notice before those were probably related to someone here, but she didn’t spot Cho Chang or anyone that could possibly be compared to her.

She sighed and watched the remaining part of the wedding, which was practically already done. Luna had read her vows and now, Ron was done with his. The pastor was announcing them husband and wife, when she finally paid attention. It was long enough to see Ron and Luna embrace in a loving kiss. Everyone clapped and the twins whistled like crazy.

Harry had a large grin on his face that matched Ron’s. They were probably thrilled to be over the ‘hard’ part.

Ginny yanked Hermione’s hand, pulling her with the other excited women, waiting for Luna to toss the bouquet. When she did, Hermione almost had it when a brown-haired woman shoved Hermione and caught the bouquet. She jumped up and down in excitement. Hermione wasn’t really worried. She never believed in the ‘catching the bouquet’ stuff. It was just obvious that Luna wanted her to catch the bouquet because she was wishing the best for her and Harry, but no sweat. What was destined to happen between them would happen.


The party started immediately after. Everyone either took their seats at their assigned tables and was greeted with plates of delicious foods or attacked the dance floor with some dancing.

Ron and Luna were the first ones on the dance floor who were dancing before other couples joined them. Fred and George were among those couples. They would twirl each other and pass the random couples acting like a couple themselves, making people laugh and giggle.

Harry and Hermione also joined them. They had a slice of cake and some wine and decided to swing. The first few songs were a bit slow, just made for the newlyweds, but when Fred and George couldn’t take it anymore, they took over the music station and started the upbeat party at the Burrow.

Remus and Tonks were swinging and having fun like everyone else. Ginny stole Hermione away from Harry awhile to have her meet some new friends of hers.

They were all standing beside the large oak tree, near the forest. They were about 4 giggly ladies standing in pink, purple and red outfits. They were all drinking wine. Hermione thought maybe that could explain their giggly behavior.

“Hey, girls.” Ginny said, as she approached them. “I’d like you all to meet someone.”

The girls looked up quickly; eying Hermione in the way a schoolgirl would eye a new girl to see if she was ‘cool enough’.

“This is Hermione Granger.” Ginny continued. She pointed to the closest one beside her. “Hermione, this here is Missy Millwood. I met her at the café place you and I used to go to.”

Missy was an elegant type of lady; the kind you would expect to find at a café. She had a light purple flowery blouse that attached with her purple skirt. She had a regular purple hat on with a bluish-purplish flower hanging on the side. She sure loved purple.

“This is Tory Holiday. She’s training as an auror, like me.” Ginny said proudly; gesturing her hand to the black-haired woman standing beside Missy.

Her dress was red, and unlike Missy, Tory looked more like a tom-boy kind of girl. Her dress was a spaghetti-strap that barely passed the knees and her slim legs looked as if she could kick open a steal door.

Hermione smiled, almost too big, but it went unnoticeable by the girls.

“Teresa Garcia. She’s a foreign muggle-born that I’m teaching English. She’s a witch, but not a very good due to her first language.” Ginny whispered to Hermione, who nodded her head knowingly.

“Hi, Teresa.” Hermione said, not too slowly, but nice and loud.

The dark, native woman looked at Hermione was a big smile and replied, “Hello.” But that was all she wanted to say. Her accent explained it all. It was heavy and could barely be understood, but she could definitely improve and Ginny were there to help her.

“And finally,” Ginny said, pointing impressing to her last friend with brownish hair and a smudge look on her face, “Selena Singer.”

Selena was the woman who forcefully shoved Hermione aside just to retrieve the wedding bouquet earlier. She smiled lightly now, her face slightly blushing. Hermione smiled back, but it was forced.

Selena looked up and down from her wine glass and finally she found her courage to speak. “Sorry about her earlier.” She said, almost whispered to Hermione.

“Oh, it’s okay. I can understand that you just wanted to get the bouquet because you believe in the tradition.” Hermione replied, confidence in her voice. “I won’t be the one to stop someone from something they want”, she said with a chuckle that every other lady agreed with.

“Yeah.” Selena merely whispered, her eyes focused on her wine glass again. “I guess I’m always used to getting what I want.” Her eyes flickered up to meet Hermione’s. Her eyes were widening with darkness; the look on her face plain. “When I want something…I’ll do anything to have it.”

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