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Lost Memories by GryffindorGirl153
Chapter 6 : Date
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Lost Memories Chapter 5
By: Gryffindorgirl153

It was Friday and Hermione had taken the day off. She stood over her sink washing the dishes that she had used for breakfast and lunch while she was still in her pajamas. The water swirled around the bowl as she scrubbed it with a yellow sponge. The hot water felt searing hot against her milky skin since she didn’t bother to put her rubber gloves on but she liked the feeling. It was a cold winter’s day and her flat felt freezing.

A week passed, and Hermione had been assisting Malfoy as he took rehabilitation programs. There was something utterly wrong with his body but no one knew what it was. His strength was draining every day and he constantly had panic attacks that questioned the Healers who were now assigned to help him and Hermione was one of them. She observed Draco everyday as a medi-witch helped him walk, and help calm him down when he got into one of his common hysterics.

She slowly came to the conclusion that something was inside his brain, causing his brain to get severely damaged. Each day, he was getting worse and worse and every time she saw an improvement in his behavior, he’d start screaming hysterically and wriggling in pain on the floor. Hermione was still able to communicate with him properly but she didn’t know how long that will last.

The order was informed with everything that was happening with Draco. Remus believes that someone is controlling him and they all knew who it would be. The order started investigating what could've happened, and they desperately tried to find out if Remus' guess was correct. Was Voldemort really doing this to Draco Malfoy? Was he the one controlling him so nothing would slip past his lips anymore? These questions have been left unanswered for the past week and the order was beginning to get desperate.

Hermione turned the faucet off and wiped her hands on the towel hanging by the sink. She walked over into the other room which was her living room and fell down onto the couch while grabbing for the remote control and turning the TV on. It was the muggle news and she listened as the news reporter began telling people about a man in his late 30's committing suicide last night. He jumped off a 6 story building, not even bothering to listen to the men who were trying to get him back down, nor did he listen to his wife and children who were begging him to stop the non-sense and come back down. Soon, a new reporter came on and she was in front of a burned down building near St. Mungos. Hermione remembered the building very well and remembered that it was the building that had burned down when Death Eaters were after Draco along with many other witches and wizards.

"We have found many dead bodies buried under bricks or walls and the fire fighters had just found them recently," The news reporter said in her very serious voice. The wind blew through her hair and the sun kissed her hair. She held the mic steadily and firmly in her had as she held another piece of paper in her other. "They had either died from the excessive smoke, or the weight that buried them down to the ground," Hermione sat up in a straight positioned as she started listening and watching more attentively. "Some civilians say they witnessed this fire to start out of no where as a few men and women rushed into the alley on the left side. On the other hand, there were only a few survivors namely, Jason Kendly, Mariah and Peter Johnson, Scarlett Snow and Draco Malfoy. These few people were brought to a nearby hospital and has been taken care of," The woman said as she was reading off the paper in her hand. "I'm Francine Kohl, and back to you John,"

"Why run into a muggle town Malfoy?" Hermione asked quietly to herself. "Of all places to get rid of Death Eaters," she continued. "You run into an alley perfectly seen by muggles," Hermione was interrupted by her telephone next to the couch ringing loudly. She leaned forward to grab the cordless phone, pressed the orange button and placed it on her ear. "Hello?" She answered. Hermione heard a distorted voice on the other end and her eye browns knitted together. "Hello?" She asked again. She heard the distorted voice once again, but was followed by more scratching and crunching sounds, and then it stopped all of a sudden.

"Hermione?" She heard Ron's voice through the telephone. "Hermione, it's me Ron," He said. Remembering the date she had today, she looked up at the clock above her TV set and noticed that it was 6:00. She swore under her breath as she grabbed the remote control from beside her and shut the TV off before running through the hallway of her flat and into her room.

"Ron?" She answered. "Are you there?" Hermione opened her extremely large closet and started picking out things to wear. She had completely forgotten the date she had promised Ron tonight and was now rushing to get ready. Not even bothering to wait for Ron to answer her, she quickly said. "Ron, I’ll see you later, I have to get ready," Although she didn't want to go to this date that her misfortunes brought upon her, it'd be rude to not stick to her commitment. Hermione picked a pastel polo shirt along with dark faded jeans. She rushed to take a shower, grabbing her white fluffy towel along the way. She quickly shampooed her hair, rinsed it out and then applied conditioner. Then she took body wash and squirted it all over a loofa then started scrubbing her entire body quickly.

Hermione combed her hair, and then dried it with her wand and it came out with soft curls coming down her back. It was now 6:58 and Ron would be here in 2 minutes. She was still in her undergarments so she ran to her bed and slipped on the jeans followed by her polo shirt. Hermione heard a distant pop and soon, Ron’s voice could be heard throughout her whole flat. "Hermione?" He called when he looked around the living room and kitchen to check if his date was there. "Hermione?" He asked again. She quickly buttoned her shirt up; leaving the first 3 unbuttoned then walked over to the door and poked her head out.

"Ron, just wait a moment," She said loud enough for him to hear her. Hermione didn't even bother waiting for a reply as she walked over to her table and sat down on the chair as she stared down at the mounds of make up that was piled on her desk. "You just had to ask me didn't you?" She muttered under her breath. "You'd think he would've gotten to idea when I never answered his letters," She added. "And since when did I have this much make up?" She asked herself in frustration.

Hermione was not one to apply so much make up, that her whole face was covered in it and you would not be able to see any sign of natural beauty. Ginny, Luna, Fleur, Mrs. Weasley and Angelina had gotten her all different kinds of make-up during her birthday or any holiday where one is to exchange gifts. Some were even from Fred and George from their joke shop- but Hermione didn't even want to see what would happen if she'd put it on.

Quickly, she scanned through the eye shadows and picked a dark shade of blue and slowly applied it to her eye-lid making it perfect. Next came her mascara and she carefully brushed her eye lashes with the black liquid and once she was done, she was satisfied with her appearance. Taking some eye liner, she outlined the bottom of her eye and it immediately got darker. As she was putting her finishing touches, she took clear lip-gloss and brushed it against her soft pink lips, the blotting it on a piece of tissue. "Why did you have to ask me?" she muttered again. Taking a last look of herself in the mirror, grabbed her brown purse, threw her wand in, a mirror, some cash and lip-gloss inside. Hermione walked out of her room and into the living room where she saw Ron who was waiting patiently. When he saw her enter the room, his eye averted away from the picture’s he was looking at that were placed on top of a shelf and stared at Hermione. “Hermione,” He said staring at her form.

“Hello Ron,” Hermione replied in a normal tone. She didn’t understand why her best friend was looking at her that way, but then again, she never really dressed like this in public. Normally, she would just have to slip on a normal shirt and a pair of jeans to work. “Ready to leave?” She asked him. Ron came out of his daze and nodded holding out his hand for Hermione to hold in order to apparate out of her flat. The sound of her heals could be heard as it met with the brown wooden floor. She took his hand in hers and Ron apparated them out with a pop.

They appeared in front of a large bright restaurant that was filled with people. “C’mon,” Ron said grabbing a hold of her hand as they walked pass the people who were walking by. “Lets’ go,” Ron held out the door for Hermione with a bright smile on his face and Hermione entered before him laughing at Ron’s antiques. The restaurant was filled with many people who were having dinner with friends, or having dinner with their boyfriend or husband. Waiters were dressed in black and white carrying trays, holding them up high in their hands. The food looked and smelled delicious along with the desserts that looked sweet and tasty.

Ron led her to a podium where a man in a tux was standing behind it. There was a big fat book on top of the podium as well as a lamp with a gold shell and a pen holder that was gold as well. The man had square glasses on and his golden name tag read ‘Clark Black’. “Hello,” Clark said once Ron and Hermione were standing in front of his podium. “Welcome, how may I help you?” He asked politely. Clark looked no more that 30 years old and was quite tall.

“Yes, erm,” Ron started. “I made a reservation under the name Weasley,” Clark nodded and flipped through the large book that was placed on top of his podium until he got to a page where the top was marked with a ‘W’. His fore-finger fell on the first name then slid down until he found Ron’s name. Clark looked up and smiled at Ron then took two menu’s from his podium then led Hermione and Ron to their table.

“Here’s your table,” Clark said. He handed Hermione the menu first then followed by Ron. “A waiter will be here momentarily to take your order,” With a last smile, Clark then walked back to the front of his restaurant to assist the next couple who was standing by his podium waiting for him. Hermione flipped through the 3 pages that was the menu, and couldn’t decide with all the delicious sounding names. She glanced up at her date and he looked like he had the same problem.

“Can’t choose?” She asked him as she was scanning through the appetizer section. Ron laughed a little then nodded his head. “Me neither,” Hermione replied. “It all sounds good to me,”

“Well,” Ron said. “Get anything you like, it’s on me,” Ron sent a wink her way and looked back at his menu. They sat in silence for a while until a waiter came to take their order. Hermione ordered first then Ron had the same. The waiter collected their menus and that left the couple to socialize with each other. “So,” Ron started after an awkward silence fell upon them. “How’s work?” Hermione laughed in her head for his poor skill in making up a conversation.

“It’s fine,” She answered. “Everything’s just getting piled up though,”

“And how’s Malfoy?” He asked. Hermione was surprised that he even asked this in the beginning of their date. She knew Ron to hate Malfoy and that never seemed to change.

“Malfoys-“ She was trying to find the right words to describe what’s been happening to him. There were many people that misunderstood her and though him crazy, but that wasn’t it. He was being tortured, which deforms his mind worse and worse each day. “Not so well,” Hermione said. “He’s getting worse each day,”`

“What’s going to be of him?” He asked her. A deep sigh escaped Hermione’s mouth as she took some time to think.

“If this keeps continuing, He’ll eventually loose brain activity, and might die,” She answered. “If not well, his brain is already distorted,” After seeing the look on Ron’s face after saying the last word, Hermione quickly added. “Mentally, not physically,” Ron nodded. “If he doesn’t get better, then he’ll go insane,”

The minute the last word tumbled out of her mouth, the memory that escaped from the locket that night came into her mind. She started wondering what else that locket could’ve held. It was like some sort of pensive that miniature sized, but instead of storing memories in, to revive them, it’s taking memories away. This thought scared her severely. If it took memories away, then that short memory with Malfoy and herself was real.

Moments later, a waiter came by with a large black tray held up high in his hands, and that large tray held their meal. Hermione had ordered steak well done with mashed potatoes on the side and so had Ron. “Thank you,” Hermione said softly to their waiter.

“Enjoy your meal guys,” He said before leaving with a smile. Hermione took a glance at Ron then picked up the fork and knife that was placed on their table. Another waiter came buy carrying two glasses of red wine and placed them on the right side of each of their plates.

“Thank You,” Hermione said again. She poked the well done steak and cut a piece off using her knife and brought her fork up to her mouth, and tasted her food.

“Good?” Ron asked before eating one himself. Hermione nodded and smiled without showing her teeth.

“Oh, and Ron?” She said. He looked up from his plate. “You really have to work on your ice breakers,” Hermione told him with a smile. After seeing the look on Ron’s face, she started laughing softly and eventually, a smile formed on her best friends face while watching her laugh.


Hermione’s date with Ron turned out better than she had expected. She expected Ron to act obnoxious since that how he usually acted when he dated girls back then in Hogwarts. When they had finished dinner, Ron brought her to a park filled with beautiful lights, and they had a long walk with a nice little chat. She soon wasn’t regretting saying yes to Ron, and when he asked her out for another date, she accepted. Unfortunately, her date was cut short when an owl swooped by holding a letter for Hermione from her co-worker Drew Husker.

Hermione rushed through the doors of the hospital she worked in and saw many people lined up at the front desk or waiting in the waiting area. Most had bleeding body parts, and others were turned into something else by magic.

“Victoria,” Hermione called to the lady who was sitting in a desk that was planted right in front of Drew office. She was scribbling furiously on a piece of parchment that was half done. “Is Drew in there?” She asked her pointing to the door behind her desk.

“Yes,” Victoria, his secretary answered. “He’ll be leaving soon though,” Hermione nodded and thanked the kind woman then proceeded into her co-workers office. She walked in when he was busy filling out forms that were piled on his desk. His office looked even messier than hers since there were a billion letters lying all over the place, release forms scattered everywhere, and each patients file stacked messily on a bookshelf.

“You called?” She asked him. He looked up from the paper on his table and up at Hermione.

“Yes,” He said. Follow me. Hermione followed him to the next floor and to a route that she remembered so well. She walked by this hallway everyday to visit a very special patient of hers. “I came to check on him about an hour ago,” Drew said. “Under Haufmans orders, and well it surprised me,” Kerry Haufman was their boss who ran meetings, assigned projects and gave out orders. Drew opened the door of room 3447 and Hermione found Malfoy sitting up strait on a chair and staring blankly out the window. “I don’t know if this is normal for him, but after what I’ve heard, it’s not normal for any patient to recover this quickly.

Hermione walked towards Malfoy and sat on another chair next to him and she faced him. His face was as pale as ever, his hair was tousled and his eyes were gloomy. Hermione just sat there for a moment, seeing if he would respond to her presence, but he just sat there sitting and staring blankly out at the night sky. Hermione heard the door shut behind her and knew that Drew had left. “Malfoy?” She croaked in almost a whisper. He didn’t respond, nor did his eyes avert to her. “Malfoy,” She repeated in the same tone. She got the same results as the last. “Draco?” She said a bit louder. Slowly, Hermione watched him turn his head towards her, his grey eyes locked into her own, and she found herself staring at those once life filled eyes. “Feeling okay?” She asked him. His head turned back to face the window, and she noticed that he wasn’t staring at the scene before him now. He was staring at his own reflection on the window. “Talk to me Draco,” She said, calling him by the name he seemed to respond only to. “Feeling alright?” She asked once more.

“Weak,” He whispered in a hoarse voice. “Just weak,” Hermione nodded. She planned on continuing talking with him, just to see if he’ll get into one of his famous fits again- just like how he always does.

“How weak?” Hermione asked softly. She watched Draco stare down at the people once more, his eyes showed no sign of feelings nor did his body. He looked strong, but it seems like he was breaking down in the inside.

“He has a plan,” Draco rasped out. “He stopped the torturing,” he said. Hermione looked at him intently, urging for him to go on. “He’s not one to stop in the middle of killing someone,” Draco said. “He has a plan for me,” She suddenly felt scared for him, seeing as though he knew exactly what’s about to happen. “And he won’t stop,” A slight cough escaped his mouth. “until I’m dead,” Hermione placed a friendly hand on his shoulder and looked up at him with sympathetic eyes.

“You have to order on your side,” She said. “You’ll be fine,” Draco turned his head to face Hermione, and their eyes locked for the second time that night. “He won’t be able to kill you,” He turned back towards the window and let out a sneer at her comment. The hand on his shoulder slipped away, and Hermione folded her hands back onto her lap.

“He just tortured me from a million miles away,” Draco retorted. “What makes you think he can’t kill me?” Hermione dropped her head in her hands trying to think of a way to fix this problem. “He was going to kill me,” Draco said. “He was going to drain my strength, give me attacks, and kill my brain,”

“Well you’re alright now,” Hermione pointed out. “Stop thinking about the future,” She stood up and walked towards the door of his room. “I’ll talk to Ron and Harry about it,” Draco heard the knob of his door turn. “And you’re not going to die,” Hermione walked out of his room, down the hallway and into the lift. Tomorrow, she’d have a talk with her two best friends.

A/N: FINALlY! finished the 6th chapter. took me a while and i'm sorry about that. hope you like this one.
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