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Harry Potter and the Final Countdown by Lopie
Chapter 21 : Not So Little Things
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Chapter Twenty One
Not So Little Things

“So Harry, why is it you want to shop with me today?” Rena asked. “It wouldn’t have anything to do with keeping me from asking Ginny about your date would it?”

“A bit.” Harry said with a smile. “I also realized that we haven’t been hanging out so I know you’ve had to be getting bored.”

“Very true.” Rena said with a laugh. “What did you need?”

“I’m looking for a present for Ginny.” Harry said honestly. “Since you have that uncanny skill for shopping I figured you’d be the best person to ask.”

Rena smiled so much it looked as if he’d just given her an award. “You don’t know what that means to hear you say that.” She said before she hugged him. “Now, what are you looking for? Engagement ring? Jewelry? Clothes? What?”

“I’m not looking to get married just yet.” Harry said. “I want to get something she’d love. I just don’t know what it would be. I keep seeing things and thinking they’d be good but I want perfect. You know what I mean?”

“Aw, our little Harry’s in love.” Rena said with a laugh.

“God I should have just kept looking on my own.” Harry said.

“Nonsense.” Rena said. “I’m just teasing you a bit. Let’s look around the normal shops she likes. Something might just hit me and I’ll know what you should get her.”

“Thanks Rena.” Harry said.

“No problem.” Rena said as they started walking. “You know, I’m proud of you Harry.”

“What?” Harry asked.

“I worried about you after what happened with Katie.” Rena said. “I thought you might just give up on trying to live your life altogether. But then you go on and start dating Ginny. She’s good for you, you know? Ginny isn’t the type to be jealous of your strength. She’s perfect for you.”

“I know.” Harry said. “I wanted to ask her out last year. I just figured she’d say no immediately. But Katie seemed like she’d say yes. That’s what started it all.”

“I see.” Rena said. “You, who has faced Voldemort and lived, were scared that Ginny was going to turn you down.”

“Hey, don’t make me feel worse about it.” Harry said.

“Its sweet really.” Rena said. “Hmm… maybe a nice set of earrings? No, it needs to be something better. What I mean is its just shocking that you wouldn’t be sure of yourself with Ginny. She seemed so eager to listen to your every word and would blush just because you spoke to her. I just meant you should have known.”

“I’m not the all knowing wizard.” Harry said. “I’m just a guardian.”

Rena smiled. “I know Harry.” She said and her smile widened. “Wait. Didn’t you have a lot of family heirlooms?”

“Yeah.” Harry said.

“We need to check them out.” Rena said with a smile. “I think if you have the right thing it could mean more to Ginny than anything else.”

“What’s the right thing?” Harry asked.

“I don’t know yet.” Rena said with a thoughtful look. “I guess we’ll both find out together.”

“So we’re not shopping?” Harry asked.

“Sometimes, Harry, the perfect gift isn’t in the buying. It’s in the giving.” Rena said with a proud smile.

“Let’s do it then.” Harry said.


“Bloody hell!” Harry exclaimed for the front hall. Kei and Ron ran in quickly and laughed as they saw Harry surrounded by boxes.

“What the hell is all that?” Kei asked.

“Presents.” Rena said as she peaked her head around the pile surrounding Harry. “I had to do some light shopping.”

“This is not light!” Harry exclaimed. “It’s about two hundred pounds of presents. Help!”

“Fine.” Rena said and waved her wand and smiled as the presents went to the tree. “Whiner. I’m going to talk with Ginny. I simply must find the details that you never give.”

“Whatever.” Harry said and shrugged. “I should never have went shopping with her.”

“I could have told you that.” Kei said. “Planning to go with her on her Christmas eve ritual?”

“Yeah.” Harry said. “She makes a good point about it all.”

“You are insane.” Kei said.

“You might be right.” Harry said. “I think that’s what worries me the most.”


“Ginny.” Rena called in a sing song voice. “Oh Ginny.”

“Bugger!” Ginny said. “She wants to know about the date.”

“So tell her.” Hermione said.

“Its embarrassing.” Ginny said.

“If you don’t tell her she’ll annoy Harry till one of you does.” Jen told her.

“Why do I have to do it?” Ginny asked.

“Because you’re the girl.” Jen said. “The guys would just ask Harry if he scored except Kei’s too honorable and Ron’s your big brother.”

“Scored?” Ginny asked.

“Think about it.” Jen said.

Ginny’s eyes widened. “I’m not some quaffle he could make a goal with!” She said.

“So he didn’t then.” Jen said with a laugh.

“He didn’t even try.” Ginny replied.

“Wow, a sweet one.” Jen said. “Better than the guys in New York.”

“There you are!” Rena said with a large smile. “You know what I want and I better get it.”

“You look fabulous today Rena.” Ginny said with a large smile.

“Spill.” Rena said as she sat down.

“I don’t want to.” Ginny said.

“I didn’t ask.” Rena said. “You’re a girl. Its in your gender description.”

“But-“ Ginny began.

“No buts!” Rena exclaimed. “Unless you saw one that word shouldn’t come into play.”

“Rena!” Ginny exclaimed.

“Nope.” Rena said. “What happened?”

“He took me to the Eiffel tower, said I was perfect, kissed me, and told me he loved me.” Ginny said. “Then he left.”

“Left?” Rena asked curiously. “He left you there?”

“No, he brought me back here then walked away.” Ginny said.

Jen was smiling. “Just like she did to him after the train ride before summer.” She said.

Rena started laughing at that. “Its not funny!” Ginny said.

“Maybe not, but it does seem much like something Harry would do.” Rena said. “You did it to him so he paid you back.”

“I know!” Ginny said. “It was so cruel!”

Jen laughed. “At least he loves you.” She said.

Ginny smiled brightly. “I know.” She said.

“Now that sounded like a date.” Rena said.

“That was the end of it actually.” Ginny said. “Before that we went to… Phantom of the Opera.”

“Phantom of the Opera?!” Jen and Rena exclaimed.

“I didn’t know Harry liked cultured things.” Jen said.

“I’m beginning to loose some of my respect for him.” Rena said.

“Don’t.” Hermione said. “I don’t think he was a big fan. He spent most of the time watching Ginny.”

Ginny blushed. “Don’t lie like that!”

“Who’s lying?” Hermione said. “Even Ron noticed and you know how thick he is about things.”

“Oh god.” Ginny said as she flushed a deeper red.

“And just think.” Rena said as her smile grew broadly. “He spent all day shopping for Christmas and he still hasn’t shopped for everybody.”

Ginny’s eyes went wide. “You know what I got for Christmas!” She exclaimed.

“And I promised Harry I wouldn’t say a word.” Rena said. “I won’t spoil it for him. Or for you.”

“That is not fair.” Ginny said.

“Why not?” Rena asked. “He refused to tell me what he got me last year and it was a great present. Trust me Ginny, you’ll love it if it’s a surprise. If I tell you it won’t be the same.”

“Fine.” Ginny said with a sad sigh.

“Now, back to business.” Rena said as she turned to Hermione. “How was your date?”

“Fine.” Hermione said. “Nothing as extravagant as Ginny’s at the end, but fun anyway.”

“God I’ve got to find a guy.” Rena said. “Think Tonks will give me a week off to find one?” She asked Jen.

“I doubt it.” Jen replied. “You’re going to have to do it while working and going to school just like Harry and Kei did.”

“What about you?” Rena asked. “Don’t you want someone?”

“I figure it’ll happen when it happens.” Jen said.

“Pathetic.” Rena said. “I’m embarrassed to call you a friend.”

Jen laughed. “I had my share of dates in New York.” She said. “I just don’t know a lot of people here.”

“How about Ginny’s brothers?” Rena asked with a wink.

“Not Bill.” Ginny said. “He’s got someone.”

“That still leaves a dragon tamer and the Minister’s assistant.” Rena said.

“Charlie is nearly twelve years older than you!” Ginny exclaimed.

“Still cute.” Rena said.

“Ew.” Ginny replied.


“Harry.” Bill said as Harry was talking with Ron.

“Yes?” Harry asked.

“I’m sorry for the other day.” Bill said. “I didn’t realize you were as good as you were. I’ve got to look after Ginny, you know?”

Harry just smiled. “It’s already been forgiven.” He said. “I knew what you were doing. Just please don’t make me use magic on people I’m fond of again.”

“Okay Harry.” Bill said with a smile. “Thanks for the vacation.”

“Anytime.” Harry said. “My house is your house.”

“Or in this case,” Fred said with a grin. “Your manor is his manor.”

“And our manor as well.” George said with his own grin. “In a manner of speaking.”

Harry laughed. “Can either of you say that five times fast?” He asked.

“We can try.” They answered together.


“Bloody hell mate!” Ron exclaimed. “I don’t know what to buy for Hermione. Any ideas Harry?”

Harry grinned. “Yourself with a ribbon on.” He said.

“What’s so special about that?” Ron asked.

“I meant only a ribbon.” Harry said with a laugh.

“I couldn’t do that!” Ron exclaimed.

“I’m just joking Ron.” Harry said. “Whatever you get her she’ll love as long as you think about what she likes. Even if it’s another copy of Hogwarts: A History.”

“What are you getting Hermione?” Ron asked.

“Got.” Harry replied. “And I got her a decent sized book. I don’t think that’s the proper present to buy for a girlfriend though.”

“What’s a good gift then?” Ron asked.

“Ron, think about Hermione.” Harry said with a sigh. “You’ve known her since first year. Now think about how much you care about her and think of what would compliment both her and your feelings for her.”

Ron looked thoughtful for a moment and then his eyes brightened up. “I’ve got it!” He said.

“Good, now go and get it.” Harry said. “I’ve got to shop for you and I’d rather you not see what it is.”

“Okay Harry.” Ron said and ran off to buy Hermione’s gift as Harry shook his head and turned to Takeshi and Ryo.

“It’s a good thing I found your presents yesterday.” Harry said. “Otherwise you’d have had to go with Rena and then you really would have had trouble.”

Ryo laughed. “Is she really that bad to shop with?” He asked.

“Worse.” Harry said. “Do you have any ideas on what you’re looking for?”

“We have one for you and Kei but we’ve asked Remus to help us with that.” Takeshi said. “We need help shopping for all the girls.”

“Yeah, we’ve got no idea what to buy them.” Ryo said.

Harry smiled. “That’s easy enough.” He said. “Ginny and Rena do well with clothes, Jen and Hermione are obsessed with books and such. Tonks is kind of random so just guess at something and she’ll be happy.”

“Thanks Harry.” Ryo said. “Now what would you suggest for Ron?”

Harry grinned again. “Hermione wearing a ribbon.” He answered.

“Something that there was a chance we could get.” Ryo replied with a laugh.

“Anything related to the Chudley Cannons.” Harry said.

“What did you get for everyone?” Takeshi asked.

Harry smiled. “No offense Takeshi, but you will learn that its dangerous to know what anyone bought anyone for Christmas around here.” He said. “Rena nearly hexed Kei cause he wouldn’t tell her what I got her, Ron was storming around demanding to know what his presents were, and Ginny almost used her Bat Bogey hex on Jen when she wouldn’t tell her what I got her for Christmas. Sometimes, its safer not knowing.”

“Understood.” Takeshi said. “Keep your gift information to yourself Harry.”

Harry laughed. “I won’t tell what you buy today and you know nothing of anything I buy.”

“Deal.” The younger two said with a nod before all three began their shopping.


Harry smiled as he approached the centaur village with two fair sized boxes and three fairly large boxes floating an inch off the ground and following behind him. The centaurs saw him and nodded while some offered soft smiles as well. Harry approached Bane’s home and requested entrance. When he was permitted he respectfully bowed to Bane.

“Chief Bane, an honor to meet with you.” Harry said respectfully.

“Harry, I have known you now for what seems long and long though it has been only a few moons past.” Bane said. “I requested of you once to call me Bane and my request stands still.”

“I thank you Bane.” Harry said as he stood up and the boxes rested on the floor. “I come with gifts for the human tradition of the giving time.”

Bane nodded. “I am honored to be thought of as worthy for the gift and gladly accept.” He said as Harry laid the box in front of him. Bane opened the box and looked at Harry in shock. “How did you find something such as this?”

“To find it would be impossible.” Harry said. “Nor would it contain the importance of self. I learned the ways of long and long ago and used the knowledge to craft this for you in friendship, loyalty, and trust so as to please you with my gift.”

Bane pulled a regal looking broadsword with the customary decorations of a centaur chief on the finely polished and shining steel blade. As he pulled the sheath from the box he saw that it, too, was decorated with the same designs as the blade. He sheathed the sword appreciatively and closed the box before strapping the sword to his side.

“I am honored to receive such a gift Harry.” Bane said. “It means much that you thought of me and much more that you crafted this yourself with a heart of friendship.”

“You are most welcome.” Harry said.

“I see you also carry other boxes with you.” Bane said. “Might I inquire?”

Harry nodded. “One is a gift for the Warrior Ronan. The others are for the rest of the villagers here. I have come to think of you all as friends and wish to share in the giving time with them as well, though I ask your blessing as well as wished to present your gift in private.”

Bane nodded. “I see that you are still kind of heart Harry.” He said. “Come. We proceed to the stand.” Harry followed Bane to the stand and stood there with the boxes to his side. “Centaurs! Come, we have news.” Bane said with much of Magorian’s authority in his voice. As the centaurs gathered around the stage Bane continued. “Harry the Noble has come to us this solstice to share in a human tradition of friendship with us. Though I know many might wish to shun human traditions from our race I feel that to enter a bond of friendship with Harry the Noble and those of the Noble’s stock we must be willing to accept their traditions as they do and try to learn ours. Do any object?” None made a move against Bane and he nodded again. “Good. Now we will join in the giving time. Please allow Harry to present these items to you all.”

Harry bowed respectfully and rose slowly. Then he looked at the centaurs now watching him curiously. “I mean no offense by bringing human traditions to the noble and wise race, but only wish to share with you the friendship I feel for you all in a human way. I know that this time was not easily come to. We all worked hard beside each other to see this town come to pass. Happiness came to me upon hearing Magorian’s blessing of this new tribe and I knew not how to express such congratulations except to offer the gifts of the giving time. I offer you more tools for the hunt as well as those to protect yourselves in the time of unwelcome ones coming to this noble village. Each was crafted in the ways of long and long ago with friendship, loyalty, and trust. It would allow me the greatest joy and honor for you all to accept such things from myself.”

Harry remembered the time nearly a thousand years ago when he managed to learn how to make such things for centaurs and smiled brightly as they came and each of the males collected a bow, a quiver filled with arrows, and a sword. Harry knew the females were unable to receive gifts from any male, be it human or centaur, unless that male was their other. When Ronan stood he motioned for him to wait after collecting the basic gifts and grabbed the other box that was shaped much as Bane’s was.

“Ronan, my friend, our bond of friendship was formed in battle.” Harry said. “It was then that I saw your skill was amazing with the bow. It is as such that I offer you this gift. Though not common to the wise ones in these times there was once a time when all warriors carried these and I would be honored to present you with this now.”

“I am most honored to accept Harry.” Ronan said before opening the box and stared shocked at Harry immediately after. “I’ve never seen anything like this before. I thank you Harry.” He finished before removing a warrior’s bow from the case made of the same type of shining steel as the sword that was made for Bane with the decorations of a warrior etched into it. With it came a quiver of arrows made from wood with silver tips. “This is a most valuable gift, and something only heard of in the times of long and long ago. I can never show enough appreciation.”

Harry shook his head. “Your wise words have given me more than enough thanks and worth. I only wish that I was more skilled that these gifts might be even more strongly made.” He said.

Bane took a few steps forward. “With this we have opened the first true bond of friendship with wizards since Harry the Noble was in the time of long and long ago.” He said. “This is a bond that we shall all remember to the end.” When the others nodded and bowed to Bane then Harry they began to go back to their work while Bane turned to Harry. “We should talk of things while we have the opportune time.”

Harry nodded and followed Harry back to his home with Ronan following behind. Harry noticed this but said nothing. When they entered Bane sat across from Harry while Ronan sat to one side.

“I thank you for those gifts.” Bane said. “Our own arms were in need of repair and even our bows were getting weak. But that is not why I called you here. First, I wish to apologize for not asking this earlier but I felt a letter was impolite to make such a request. Since Chief Magorian has given his blessing for this clan I wanted to ask if we would be able to agree upon your earlier arrangement? If it is proper to do so.”

Harry smiled. “Bane, you did not need to ask.” He said. “But I fear this may be a worse arrangement for you than when we first agreed to this.”

“Why do you say this?” Bane asked curiously.

“Because the number of humans grows in my home, and I don’t know if any of them travel through these woods unknown to me.” Harry said. “I must admit that with so many it is hard at times to keep track of them all.”

Bane nodded. “Your second seems to handle it well.” He said. “The Wolf seems to protect our lands on the outer edge as we protect it on the inner. There is no one we have not met that has yet to make it past his watchful eye save two young foals who have the blood of your brother of blood.”

Harry nodded. “Might I be permitted to bring them to see you?” He asked. “They are now my family as I am their’s. Kei and I have the task of raising them to be good men and I believe they could do well to have the experience of meeting the wise race.”

Bane nodded. “The foals may be brought.” He said. “On other news, you and your other, Kei Mori, as well as Remus the Wolf and his other, have now been formally invited to our feast on the eve after your giving day. This is to celebrate that we are a clan of our own making now, that we have a land to call home, that we have such noble friends, and that we now have a Chief in waiting should I fall.”

Harry nodded. “Congratulations Ronan.” Harry said.

“How do you know such things Harry?” Bane asked.

“Angierian taught me that when you are directed to meet the Chief in private that it is either of importance or formality and only the Chief in waiting may be present aside from the party and the Chief.” Harry said.

Bane laughed then. “Forgive me Harry.” He said. “I many times forget that you were trained by Angierian the White.”

“I take no offense.” Harry said. “Many find it difficult to remember that I was in the time of long and long ago. I accept your invitation on behalf of those mentioned, but I wonder to ask permission that Kei be permitted to bring his other to such a feast.”

Bane looked at Ronan who only nodded shortly. “If the other is trusted by Kei and the Noble than I hold no ill will towards her and the invitation stands for her as well. However, she must come with Kei Mori and be introduced to myself and Ronan first. She must also adhere to the rules of no weapons as the other of Remus the Wolf.” He said.

“We apologize Harry.” Ronan said. “We are working to trust humans but it is a slow thing. We permit you, Kei, Remus, and even Ginny to use wands because we know that the men would not harm us and Ginny is your other so she is respected above all but you. You understand, of course.”

“Of course.” Harry said. “It will be no problem.”

“The final thing we wish to speak of is the alliance spoke of during the time of summer.” Bane said. “I wish to formally offer assistance to watch over your lands and keep my people from the area of the Wolf. In return we ask that you and yours help to protect our lands and handle all problems that should occur with your Ministry.”

“I accept.” Harry said. “And I agree. To the laws of the Ministry this will be seen as my land, but it is not. This land will be yours and your clans for long and long. As long as a Potter owns this house it will be known. As I have already made it so this house is not able to be sold upon my death or any other time after it will always be held by a Potter or friend of your clan.”

Bane nodded respectfully and Harry returned it. “Harry, you are honored above all your race for nobility by mine and my father’s clan. When others speak to us we will speak so your honor raises to all our kind.” He said. “Maybe this could accomplish what the snake wished for long and long ago.”

“It is a great hope.” Harry said before looking at his watch. “I fear I must leave quickly. I gave my word to everyone back at the manor I’d have dinner with them.”

Bane nodded. “Go well Harry.” He said.

“Thank you Bane.” Harry said.


“Harry, can I talk to you a minute?” Remus asked.

“Sure Remus.” Harry said. “Come on to my room. It’s private.”

They sat in the chairs Harry had there and Remus shook his head a moment before they began. “I’m sorry I acted that way at the train station.” He said.

“What happened?” Harry asked.

“Eileen is just not the right sort.” Remus said. “She’s very mischievous.”

“So were Dad and Sirius.” Harry replied.

Remus shook his head. “No Harry.” He said. “They liked to be mischievous but fun. Eileen had a tendency to just be mean and cruel about it. Even when James and Sirius were picking on Snape it still had an air of fun to it.”

“What did she do to make you hate her so much Remus?” Harry asked.

“She almost got me to kill someone.” Remus answered.

Harry grew grim. “I think you might need to tell me the whole story on this one Remus.” He said.

Remus nodded. “As you know, Eileen knew Lily well.” He said. “She managed to overhear a few talks that James was having with Lily explaining why he couldn’t be around with her during the full moon. Then one day she locked me in a room with a girl and wouldn’t let us out.”

“What do you mean?” Harry asked. “A first year can get out of a locked room.”

“Not when there’s no door to get out of.” Remus said. “If not for Sirius and James hearing my screams to be released from there before the full moon I don’t know what would have happened to that girl.”

“But Dad and Sirius did something similar.” Harry said.

Remus shook his head again. “Not really.” He said. “Neither of them forced Snape to go into the tunnel with me. They just piqued his curiosity. Sirius just figured that if he was dumb enough to go in then he deserved what he got. But your father was always keeping an eye on the entrance from that day forward. He figured he’d let Snape see enough of the beginning of the transformation to get scared then push him out to face the Whomping Willow. When they confronted Eileen about locking me in the room with that girl her excuse was that she just figured if she knew what I was maybe she would understand why I wouldn’t date her. James said after that she just grinned and said ‘If she survived the encounter.’ That is not the type of thing you forget.”

Harry nodded. “So I’m to be careful around her.” He said.

“I would prefer if you avoided her at all costs.” Remus said. “But I know you want to know about Lily. Do be careful though. I just want you to be safe Harry.”

“I will Remus.” Harry said. “I promise.”

After he said this he stood up and left the room. He began searching his house for Eileen. He finally found her in the library with Hermione and Jen. With a nod to them the two girls left and Harry sat down across from the woman and eyed her curiously.

“I see you’ve talked to Remus.” Eileen said.

Harry nodded. “I have. He’s never lied to me yet and the story he told me disturbs me quite a bit. I believe you need to start explaining yourself quickly before I decide I might be better off not knowing about my mother from you.” He said.

Eileen sighed. “Locked in the room?” She asked. Harry nodded. “It was childish and stupid. It was also a fair amount of ignorance on my part. It’s a long story if you want to hear it.”

“I want nothing more than to hear it immediately.” Harry said. “Patience is not one of my strong points anymore.”

Eileen nodded. “The ignorance I talked about was not knowing much about the Wolfsbane potion. I heard that Remus took the potion but he still felt awful and that was why James and Sirius went to join him. I did not know that they were animagi. I also didn’t know it only gave werewolves their human mind. I thought it kept them from changing.” She said.

“And his screaming to be let out didn’t warn you?” Harry asked.

“I only stayed near there long enough to hear him say he wanted out once.” Eileen said. “I thought he was just angry that he got caught in a prank and that James and Sirius would give him hell if they found out. The worst that I thought would happen was he’d howl at the moon or something and then that little twit would stay away from him.”

“What?” Harry asked, now clearly confused.

Eileen shook her head. “I had something of a crush on Remus back then and that little twit I locked him in the room with wouldn’t stop hanging around him, practically throwing herself at him at every turn. It was disgusting.” She replied.

“But what about what you said to my Dad and Sirius?” Harry asked.

“I thought they would see it as the joke I thought it was and laugh.” Eileen said. “I can’t tell you how surprised I was when they stormed off and especially when Lily just walked up and slapped me across the face. Albus came to speak with me about it as soon as he heard. It wasn’t until then that I knew the truth about the Wolfsbane potion and by then the damage was done. Remus, Sirius, and James wouldn’t speak to me. James would even leave the house when I would visit Lily after they were married.”

Harry looked thoughtful and then shook his head. “So a stupid prank caused all this?” He asked.

“Pretty much.” Eileen said.

Harry smiled. “I swear that adults make no sense to me. Snape is the same way.” He said. “So did you ever see me before they… before they died?”

Eileen smiled as she looked thoughtful. “Of course I did!” She exclaimed. “Why, I’ll have you know I gave you your very first broom.”

“You did?” Harry asked.

Eileen nodded. “Yes, though it did infuriate Sirius.” She said. “I sent Lily a letter begging her to get you to open my present first. She showed me a memory of it later.”

“What do you mean showed you a memory?” Harry asked.

“Lily said there was only one thing James refused her, and that was me being allowed to visit on Christmas and your birthday. In all honesty the only time all five of us were ever in the same room again was when I became your godmother.”

“You’re WHAT?!” Harry bellowed and soon the library was filled with every magical person in the house including the house elves. Remus saw who Harry was talking to and his head fell.

“I guess you told him.” Remus said and his eyes still held a fury in them. “That’s good. Now you can tell him the rest. Like why you never bothered to find him. Why you never helped me to look for him. Maybe even why NO ONE EVER HEARD FROM YOU UNTIL YOU CAME TO HOGWARTS!”

“Is that why you’re angry with me now Remus?” Eileen asked curiously. “Of course I didn’t help you look for Harry! I knew exactly where he was and that it was safer for you and Lily’s pathetic excuse for a sister that you didn’t find out! It was only because of me constantly threatening to curse them to oblivion that they didn’t drown him in a bathtub when they found him!”

Harry stood and turned to Dumbledore and fury lit his eyes. “Why wasn’t I told?” He asked.

Dumbledore sighed. “No one knew where Eileen was.” He said. “I honestly assumed she was dead. She was more reckless than your father and Sirius were when they were in school. I only knew she was alive upon hearing her apply for a job in the Ministry.”

Harry looked thoughtful and turned to Eileen. “Where were you?” He asked.

Eileen sighed. “I had hoped to tell you all of this slowly Harry.” She said with a glare at Remus. “When your parents died they left Sirius and I a large portion of the Potter fortune to look out for you. You weren’t supposed to go to the Dursley’s, but then Albus told me about the blood magic that Lily had to have performed.

“Everybody kept running around to parties to celebrate that you-know-who was dead but no one thought of the friends that we all lost. James and Lily were dead and you were taken from all those who wanted desperately to love and care for you. I began to take a very strong stance against Petunia and that git of a husband of her’s. I watched them when they found you and discussed what to do with you. I was shocked that they’d speak of drowning you on their steps. I went to them immediately.

“Petunia knew who I was because I’d visited Lily a few times while we were in school.” Eileen continued. “I told them that just because I wasn’t allowed to take custody of you didn’t mean I’d let them kill you. I warned them year after year that you had better be fine. I couldn’t bring myself to visit you because I saw how you looked every year. I couldn’t do enough to keep you as safe as I wanted. They just kept torturing you. The only comfort I could find was that they hadn’t killed you. I’m sorry Harry.”

“Why didn’t you tell Remus?” Harry asked.

“Are you kidding?” Eileen asked. “Remus would not have handled this near as well as myself. He’d have run in and beat them senseless, then taken you regardless of anything. He’d have become a kidnapper and, being a werewolf, would have been killed on sight. The best scenario, as I saw it, was him being forced to hide in the same place as you during his transformation without Wolfsbane potion. That could have at least turned you to a werewolf. At worst it would kill you. But Remus would never be able to live with either option. I just trusted that if Lily used something as strong as blood magic than you would be safe from anything that I couldn’t handle so long as you were there. It didn’t stop me from watching you though.”

Harry looked skeptical. “How can I trust you?” He asked.

Eileen looked towards the group of house elves. “Could one of you get the large album from my room?” She asked. They all looked to Harry who nodded. One disappeared from the group and returned a second later holding a large album before passing it to her. Eileen motioned for Harry to sit. “These are pictures I’ve taken of you since you’ve been at the Dursley’s.” She then handed him the photo album.

Harry looked through the first few pages and stopped. He saw pictures of him as young as one year old. Harry was shocked and put the album down. Then he turned to her. “You can stay.” He said before he got up and walked out of the room.

“What happened?” Eileen asked nervously.

“Harry needs to calm himself.” Kei said. “He had too much thrown at him at once. It’s a hard thing to realize that you had a guardian angel looking out for you.”

“Or maybe...” Hermione said as she looked around the room. “Maybe we need to find his aunt and cousin.”


“You were going to kill me?” Harry asked Petunia with a heartbroken look. “I was only one year old and you were going to kill me.”

Petunia’s eyes widened. “You have to understand-” She began.

“Yes or no.” Harry asked. Petunia looked afraid to answer. She clutched Dudley’s arm and whimpered when Mrs. Figg seemed to detach herself from the group immediately. Dudley stood and looked as if about to hit Harry. “If you try anything Dudley I’ll break your damn jaw. Now sit your fat ass back down and maybe I’ll be kind.” Dudley quickly sat with a look of fear at the fact that he didn’t intimidate Harry any more. “Answer me Petunia Dursley, or I’ll find the answer myself.”

“Yes.” Petunia answered softly. Harry’s eyes seemed to dull in that moment and didn’t seem the vibrant green they usually were as everyone found the four people in the living room. When she saw that Harry hadn’t done anything she grew more bold. “Who would want to care for a freak like you? Any sane person would have done what we planned to do.”

“You stupid bitch!” Eileen yelled and sent a curse at Petunia and Harry blocked it. Eileen looked in Harry’s direction shocked but Harry wouldn’t turn. He continued to look at Petunia and Dudley.

“Your very own sister wanted to care for me.” Harry said softly. “My Dad wanted to care for me. I brought you both here to keep you safe so that you wouldn’t die and you would have killed me just because I wasn’t like you?”

“That’s what I would expect you to think.” Petunia said. “Do you know what you did to us?! What you caused my family to miss out on?! You destroyed a perfect family by being a freak and burdening yourself on us! You worry only about yourself, but what about us?!”

Harry nodded. “Then I will burden you no more.” He said softly. “Tinky, Clank, Dobby, Winky!” When they appeared he turned to them. “Dobby and Winky, take the Dursley’s back to their home immediately. Tinky and Clank, see to their things and send them to the Dursley home as well. It appears that to be near me burdens them and I wish them to suffer my presence no longer.”

“Right away Master Potter.” They said in unison.

“You won’t send us back!” Petunia exclaimed. “I’ll tell everyone where you are!”

“No you won’t.” Harry said as he thought of the two founders’ wands and aimed them both at the Dursleys. “Stupefy! Obliviate!” Then he nodded to the house elves. When they took the Dursley’s away he turned to the group behind him. “I’m going out for a while.” He said before he apparated away.

Eileen turned and slapped Remus. “See what you’ve done!” She yelled angrily. “I didn’t want him to know that!”

“Me?!” Remus exclaimed. “You were the one who said it!”

“Why didn’t you just keep it all to yourself?” Eileen said. “I was going to tell him everything in time.”

“I didn’t know.” Remus said. Then he looked at her sadly. “Thank you for looking out for him.” With that he walked away.

A/N: Okay, sorry I took so long. Insomnia can kill you, and I'd been up almost 2 weeks before...wednesday, i think I slept. Yesterday as well. But now I'm well rested and back at the keyboard.I should have another chapter up by tonight.

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