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Time Again by merlinsaprentice1
Chapter 18 : Chapter eighteen
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Disclaimer……….. All characters are the copyright of JK Rowling

Time again chapter eighteen.

Harry sat by the river for a while, looking toward the place his father had disappeared.
He was wondering just how many more things would these Time Masters come up with for him to do before they left him to live his life in peace.
He had no complaints about the things they had asked him to do; it just seemed that the fates were placing quite a lot on the shoulders of just one man.

‘And one woman’ a strange new voice echoed in his head ‘your young wife has a great destiny ahead of her, and you will be the one by her side’

Harry asked aloud “Who is that.”

‘The writer of destiny’ came the answer ‘the one who makes it all work’

‘Oh,’ was all he could think.

‘I chose you and Hermione Jane Potter, many, many centuries ago, she will unite all magical beings, you will be by her side as she does so, she will be known as the greatest witch of all time, that is why you came back, that is the reason you need to know’

After a few more things were told to him the voice fell silent. Harry waited a while before he asked several other questions but they were all met with silence. Harry looked at his watch, two forty five, was that all, he watched as the second finger ticked around the dial.
It felt like hours since he had arrived at the river.

‘Time to go tell Hermione what happened and what dad said, I suppose’ he thought as he slowly rose to his feet, ‘So I’m not the only one marked by the fates’.

Harry found Hermione in the kitchen with Ginny and Mrs Weasley, a large amount of cakes were spread out on the kitchen table, the women were busy decorating or trimming various pastries.

“Oh Harry I am really enjoying learning how to bake, I made you a treacle tart, and well, we just made a few other things,” Hermione said as she tried to indicate to Ginny that she should try to hide some of the cakes.

Harry though was not paying any attention; his mind was full of the words he had heard and of the possibilities for his former professor and friend Remus Lupin, for Tonks, and Teddy, the boy who would be his godson. He thought of Neville and the happiness he was about to receive.
For all the attention he was paying to his surroundings the women could have had a naked wizard on the table and he may well have not noticed.

“Could I talk to you in the living room love?” he mumbled as he kissed her cheek before heading for the door.

“Oh thank you Hermione, Oh I would love to try some of that delightful treacle tart Hermione. Ooooh men,” Hermione said annoyed with him.

Harry never noticed her annoyance which made Hermione even more annoyed, ‘and he’s ignoring me, hold on, something has happened’ she thought as she made to follow him, Ginny followed as well, they found Harry standing in front of the fire the book of Gryffindor in his hands.

“Harry what is it? Has something happened?” Hermione asked as she saw the colour had drained from his face.

“Well if you would call the ‘big guy in the sky’ talking to me in person ‘something’, then yes I think we can safely say something happened.”

Both girls could tell from the look on his face that he was telling the truth. Hermione gasped and sat down on the couch; Ginny gasped and exclaimed “Bloody hell.”

“No I don’t think so Gin,” Harry said seriously. “Oh, and I just had a chat with my dead dad down by the river.”

Harry was flipping delicately through the pages of the book he held, “This book, this ancient old book holds the cure for the Longbottom’s, and even more astonishing it holds within these pages the cure for Remus Lupin among other things,” he said as he stared at the parchment sheet of the last page. ‘Teddy will have a father’ he thought.

Harry was suddenly overloaded with realisations and emotions, thousands of people for generations to come would benefit from Hermione’s intelligence and his love and support for her. Coming back had certainly been the correct choice to make. Tears began to run down his cheeks as the emotions overwhelmed him and broke free, seventy years of unhappiness had been replaced by a life full of happiness and all the things he had never had before.

Hermione was up and hugging him tightly before Ginny had been able to move. Harry took Hermione’s face in his hands, gently he cupped her cheeks “I love you so much,” he whispered “and so will thousands upon thousands of people for centuries to come, according to the big guy in the sky, I am married to the greatest witch ever born.”

They stood there holding each other, Ginny left them in their embrace and went into the kitchen where she sat at the table and wept. It was the sadness of seeing Harry cry mixed with the joy at the words she had heard that caused her tears.
Through her tears Ginny told her mother what she had just witnessed.

Harry having managed to bring everything under control again, popped his head around the kitchen door “Got a Minute Gin?” he asked indicating the living room then vanishing.

Ginny looked at her mother then shrugged her shoulders “Looks like cooking has been postponed mum,” she sighed as she walked toward the door, “will you manage this lot, or do you want me to send in cook.”

“No, I’ll manage, I don’t need that darn elf telling me about being in her kitchen,” Molly chuckled.

Harry led the girls upstairs to his favourite study as soon as Ginny joined them. Once in the study Harry prepared his pensieve and then pulled out his wand, slowly pointing it at his temple he withdrew a long silver thread from his head and placed it carefully into the pensieve.

“I think you should see this. While you are looking at it, I have to nip out, I shouldn’t be too long, I just need to fetch Poppy and Dumbledore from Hogwarts. I’ll nip back up for you if you are still here when I get back,” Harry told them.

Albus Dumbledore was sitting at his desk, deep in thought about the amazing Godric Gryffindor book, which just happened to be in the possession of his favourite student, the student he one day, had hoped might become his apprentice. Though this prospect looked less likely as the years passed, indeed if Harry Potter kept up with the pace his magic was developing, Albus might end up asking to be Harry’s apprentice, the thought made him chuckle.

It was not often Albus was surprised but today seemed to be one of those days; Harry had turned up in his office from the floo, he had asked for himself and Poppy to return to Potter House with him as soon as possible, without giving a reason for the request.
Albus was further surprised when upon arrival at Harry’s house. Harry’s wife Hermione had begged to be taken to St Mungo’s immediately to see the Longbottom’s, asking Poppy to go in with her. But by far the biggest surprise was now standing in front of him and smiling after having shaken his hand.

Poppy had taken Hermione into the permanent spell damage ward just fifteen minutes before; they had walked back out accompanied by Frank and Alice Longbottom.
Hermione then promised that there were more surprises waiting for them back at Potter House.

Harry floo called his godfather and asked him if he could find Moony and bring him to Potter house as soon as possible. The three men were now waiting in the living room, quietly awaiting the return of Hermione.

Ron, Neville, and Ginny, were over at the stable with Dig.
Mrs Weasley was now working frantically in the kitchen, having accepted she would need help, she was actually working with cook, who had begrudgingly agreed to do as the master ordered, and though Harry did not actually order it cook had set to work.

Hermione was the first to arrive back in the Potter living room, closely followed by Poppy Pomfrey, they both made a bee line for Remus, making the ex professor back up a little with their quick approach.

“Right Remus lie down on that couch, I wish to try out a spell on you,” Hermione said without preamble.

“You want to try a spell on me?” Remus gaped as though Hermione had gone quite insane.

“Yes well you are the only werewolf I know, so it has to be you, now lie down, I think it may hurt a little and we don’t want you falling over,” Hermione said in her no nonsense voice.

Surprisingly Remus did as she told him and lay down, watching Hermione rather apprehensively. Hermione pointed her wand at Remus and began a long and complicated spell, occasionally giving her wand a twist or moving it in a small circle, as the spell was finished Remus began to writhe and scream in pain.

“Ah good it seems to be working,” Hermione said to Poppy as a tear fell down her cheek and she cringed along with Remus.

The pain lasted a full two minutes before Remus gave a huge shudder and then took a large gulp of air.

“Hermione what the hell are you playing at,” he shouted at her “that was nearly as bad as the cruciatus.”

“Well was it as painful as your transformations every month,” Hermione said tears running freely now, it was obvious she had not enjoyed doing the spell.

Poppy stepped up to Remus and took a blood sample while he glared at Hermione. Having checked the sample Poppy called Albus over and asked him to check it as well,

“Well I’ll be,” Albus said as he looked at Remus’s blood.

“Remus you should check this out before you upset Hermione any more,” he said stepping back.

“Upset her, did you see what she did to me?” Remus asked.

“I did indeed, and I think you should too,” Dumbledore told him pointing at the blood sample.

Remus leant over the sample and looked through Poppy’s instrument “That’s not possible,” he gasped as his legs buckled and he sat down on the floor with a thump.

Hermione was looking at Poppy “Oh will someone tell me it worked,” she pleaded.

Poppy Pomfrey walked over and held Hermione in a hug “Yes dear it worked.”

Remus was taking a blood sample himself “there is no cure, there never has been, can’t be right,” he said as his hopes rose within him. After doing the complete check for himself Remus rushed across to Hermione and grabbed her in a fierce hug “I love you Hermione Potter,” he said as he let her go.

“Oy Moony,” Harry said not knowing whether to laugh or cry, “That brilliant witch is my wife.”

“Right now we have that sorted, and it’s a little later than I’d hoped, I want every one in the dining room including Mr and Mrs Longbottom.” Harry told the gathering.

Hermione led them into the dining room and showed them all to their seats, she still had a few tears running down her cheeks, it had taken her three hours to work out the changes to the unicorn spell, the mind release had required no changes other than the subjects used. She had hoped to be finished just a little sooner, and with good reason.

Five minutes later Ginny arrived followed by Ron, Neville, and Dig, Hermione sat them in their seats placing Neville at the head of the table. She then walked over to the living room door popped her head out and said ready.

Neville had been surprised but he knew when he was placed at the head of the table that they knew it was his birthday, so he watched the door as the expected birthday cake arrived, Glanry walked very slowly and deliberately across the room toward Neville, who eyes wide stared at the huge cake.

A strange female voice to his left told him to make a wish as he was about to blow out the candles, he turned to see his mother sitting next to his father, both of them with huge smiles on their faces. Neville was so shocked he collapsed into his chair and almost fainted. Mr Longbottom handed Harry his invisibility cloak with a quiet “thanks.”

Every one left the room for a few minutes, to give the Longbottom’s some time together.
As soon as they all re-entered the room Neville grabbed Hermione in a bone crushing hug “You are the best.” he sniffled as he let her go.

As Neville’s birthday party progressed Harry led Dumbledore aside, “I have something to show you in my study.”

Dumbledore followed Harry to the study, and then on Harry’s instruction he entered the pensieve and Harry’s memory.

When Dumbledore came out of Harry’s memory Harry was sitting in his armchair, a glass of mead in his hand, he indicated the chair opposite him and Dumbledore took the seat.

Harry did not speak he just sat staring at the fire, twirling his glass and occasionally taking a sip. He was waiting for Albus to work it all out.

“So you did come from the future then?” Albus asked.

“Yes, it was you that sent me back.”

“I suppose I was dead then, like your mother and father?”

“Yes, Snape killed you toward the end of my sixth year, on your orders, you left me with a very hard job to do, but with Hermione’s help it was done.”



“So I’m to die this year then?”

“No I don’t think so, there is a lot that needs to be done, there are many things in that ancient book,”

“I take it Hermione knows?”

“Yes, she was there when my mother visited.”

“Why now Harry? The discovery of the book changed my previous belief that you had come from the future.”

“I need you to help us; I don’t want to waste time trying to keep this from you, though you must swear never to reveal the truth.”

“You have my word on that,” Dumbledore said sipping the mead Harry had conjured for him “Madam Rosemerta’s I think.” he smiled as Harry nodded.

There would be no more questions from Albus he knew enough; he did not on this occasion require the details. He would help Harry find the answers about the ancient magik and it’s power.

Poppy Pomfrey was enlisted by Hermione to help finding the different cures that lay hidden in the book, she had been asked and agreed to take a room at Potter house for the remainder of the holidays, so that they could get started straight away.

That night as they changed for bed Harry placed the pensieve on his bedside table, he did not know if it would work but he withdrew the memory of his conversation with the writer of destiny, then together he and Hermione listened to it carefully.

They both slept well that night, together they had done some wonderful things, Neville was now reunited with his parents, Remus Lupin was no longer a werewolf, and Dumbledore finally knew the truth. It had been a good day.

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