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Scarlet Lady by cutie_katie
Chapter 1 : My mother said never to go off with strangers...
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Brooke Scarlet was dancing around her bedroom, music blasting out of her wireless, her long dark brown hair dancing as she moved. She was trying to get all of her things together and packed in her trunk in time for starting at her new school tomorrow. She would be joining Hogwarts in the sixth year. The reason for this was that she used to be home tutored by her mother, however with her teaching her child all day at home, Joanne had no time for a real job. The family were getting poorer and poorer, so Brooke's parents finally made up their minds; Joanne would have to get a job, and Brooke would have to go to Hogwarts.

There was a knock at the door but Brooke, still with the music on max, was oblivious to this.

"Brooke? Brooke! BROOKE!!"

Mrs Scarlet had resolved to shouting to get the attention of her daughter. She pointed her wand at the wireless and the volume immediately went down, and it was only then when Brooke span around to see who did it.

"How can you concentrate with that thing playing so loud?" Said Joanne, half amused.

"Mum, its not exactly hard to pack a trunk," replied Brooke, but not coldly.

"Well as long as it gets done love. It's going to be fine tommorow, and Hogwarts is a really great school."

"Why did you teach me at home, at not send me there?"

"Oh darling. Looking back, it would have been wise to send you there in the first place. It's just that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, we'd heard lot of rumours about the things he has supposedly done. Me and your father thought it best to keep the family together, I couldn't bare the thought of you so far away if You-Know-Who came out in to the open."

"But aren't you worried about me going now?" Asked Brooke, a little confused.

"Of course I am. But me and your dad talked it over, we think that it will be fine for you. Hogwarts is the best place to stay safe, the magical protection is outstanding, and your headmaster, Professor Dumbledore, is the best wizard alive today. And of course, you're practically a grown woman now, I know you keep yourself safe and out of trouble" concluded Mrs. Scarlet, smiling at her daughter.

She knew her fiesty daughter well, and that she loved to be the centre of attention now and again.

"Stay safe, I can do that, but I wouldn't fully bet on me staying out of trouble," said Brooke, with a twinkle in her eye.

"Brooke" said her mum, looking warning.

"Just joking mum," replied Brooke getting to her feet, as they had both sat down on her bed.

"Have you seen my broomstick by the way? I'm sure i put it under my bed"

"Um, Brooke?" Said Mrs. Scarlett, pointing to behind the door, where her Bonus Candeo stood propped up against her cauldron.

"Oh yeah, thanks mum," said Brooke, rushing forwards to get it.

"You know" said Joanne, stopping Brooke and placing her back down on the bed, where they both sat together again.

"It's going to be fine. You'll make loads of friends, maybe even get a boyfriend. Just remember to have a good time and behave yourself. The lessons should be fine too. Apparently you're very advanced seeing as we had so much spare time to train at home. Me and your father are so proud of you, do your best, because that's all you can do."

The two women sat there, hugging one another


It was 10:50am the next day. Brooke, her mum and her dad Jonathan were all stood on Platform nine and three quarters. Brooke was looking around in awe, still slighty surprised at how they had entered this Platform. The Scarlet family were surrounded by other families coming to see their children of to Hogwarts. Owls hooted happily - including Brookes brown and white screech owl named Noctis. Friends reunited after a summer apart. Smaller siblings were crying at not being old enough to go to Hogwarts yet.

Families were bidding farewell to their children departing for the school of witchcraft and wizardy, and the Scarlet's were no different.

"Bye-bye darling" said Brooke's father, kissing her on her forehead and giving her a big hug.

"Take care of yourself and stay out of trouble," he concluded.

"We'll write every week, I promise," said her mother, also kissing her and giving her a hug.

"See you at chirstmas! Bye mum, bye dad, love you both!" Said Brooke, blowing them a kiss while she climbed into the train amongst the last of the students to board the Hogwarts Express.

As the train set of, she waved until her parents were out of sight, then turned and set of down the narrow corridor, trying to find an empty compartment.

At last, she found one with no-body in it and entered, placed down her stuff and sat on down, looking out of the window.

About half way into the journey, Brooke heard something out in the corridor, the sound of raised voices having an argument. She moved closer to the door to hear what they were saying.

"You're pathetic, Sirius Black, charming every witch who looks your way! Who the hell do you think you are!" Spat a girl, who had long black curly hair, her dark eyes staring menacingly, and there was a look of deepest disgust on her face as she addressed her contender.

"Oh, please, save it for someone else. Do you think I actually care what you think about me? Or any of our family for that matter," retorted the boy.
Now that Brooke had a good look at him, she saw that he had dark hair which fell into his grey piercing eyes. He was very good-looking, as was the girl, allthough there was something about her that gave a bad impression about herself.

"So you'd rather belong to some filthy mudblood family?"

"If they're anyhere away from you, then definitely! One of the many things we don't have in commn, Bellatrix, is how we treat blood status!"

Whilst they were fighting, more and more people were coming out of their compartments to watch the agrument. It had now developed, as the two relatives called Bellatrix and Sirius were now firing spells at each other. Brooke decided to go out and join the other spectators too.

As Brooke came out, Bellatrix fired a spell at Sirius, but it missed him and hit a surprised Brooke squarely in the chest....


Brooke opened her eyes slowly. She was lying down across several seats in a compartment that was not hers. She could here people talking, but not like before with the two Blacks. These people sounded friendly to each other.

"What flavour's that Moony?"

"Tastes like butterbear, but I could be mistaken"

"What about you Wormtail?" There was a sound of somebody spitting something out.

"Yuck! That was disgusting! I don't know what that was!"

"Hey Padfoot, she's waking up," whispered one of the boys and their talking ceased. Brooke felt like she had no energy to sit up. Whatever that spell was that Bellatrix hit her with, it obviously was still having an effect on Brooke.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, steady there," said the boy called Sirius, kneeling down beside Brooke and smiling into her face. As if reading her thoughts, he answered the question in her mind.

"Energy Draining Spell. Should wear off in about half an hour."

"How long have I been sleeping?"

"20 minutes or so. Are you new?"

"Yes, sixth year."

"It's your lucky day! We're all sixth years aswell. What's your name?"

"Brooke. Brooke Scarlet."

"I'm Sirius. Sirius Black. Friends call me Padfoot. This is James, or Prongs." He pointed to a bespectacled boy, with a slightly proud expression.

"This is Remus aka Moony." He pointed to a rather shabby boy with a friendly appearence.

"And this is Peter, more commonly known as Wormtail." The last of the boys looked as if he shouldn't have belonged to the same group of friends as the others. Brooke thought that he resembled the look of a rat, he was also small and plumb, whereas the others were taller than he was and also much better looking.

"Well, I think i'd better go now. Thanks for the help." She got up and made to leave quickly, yet the spell prevented her from doing so.

"Wait! Let me come with you, incase you faint again," said the most handsome of them all, Sirius.

"OK," was all that could slip out of Brooke's mouth.

"Well this is my compartment," said a less-tired Brooke as they finally reached it, with her Bonus Candeo perched on a seat and Noctis hooting happily at the sight of her.

"Thanks for, well, everything," Brooke continued, feeling akward.

"No problem," spoke Sirius.

"So i suppose you're going to invite me inside?" Asked Sirius hopefully, a playful smile appearing on his face.

"My mother said never to go off with strangers." Replied Brooke in her sweetest, most innocent voice. Then she gave him a flirty smile and went in to join her luggage, leaving Sirius hoping to see more of this incredible yet mysterious girl at Hogwarts this year.

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