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Look at me by DarknessIsMyOnlyFriend
Chapter 7 : The final End
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Look at me...

Part 7

The final end

Huddled underneath her cloak she moved quickly across the grounds. Quicker then she had ever gone. Knowing she would not be able to apperate within the boundaries.

As soon as she crossed those borders however she apperated and thought of where to go, who to go too. She knew and had known all along. Her visit two weeks earlier had been seen for the people around her had been far to kind ever since. She knew it was only a matter of time before she would be cornered and still she did not regret warning the order. They had a right to live. They had a right to fight. And she hoped they would win!

Again the familiar knocked tune on the door and she was let in, this time he was not alone and she looked at all the faces around her.

“I..” she began but as Dumbledor looked upon her she cowered and wanted to leave again. His eyes shone with an emotion she could not quite place but she counted on it to be disappointment. After all she could have chosen to stay with Sirius and leave behind the darkness she choose to marry in.

“Stay” Dumbledor said softly and she looked back into his eyes only to see compassion shining through them now.

“What’s going on?” Lily asked a little bewildered. Though she did not really like the girl before her, she had not hateful feelings either. After all she warned them, risking her own life several times before.

“He’s dead” Rosabella whispered and Sirius pulled her close. His brother had finally stood up for himself. He smiled and held the crying figure of the woman he loved as Lily gasped.

“Did they...?” Lily began and Rosabella looked up.

“I don’t know, but I knew I could not stay. They saw me leaving here two weeks ago...we need to leave now” she said as realisation dawned upon her. She endangered all those around her at this moment. She quickly pulled back from Sirius.

“I ...go quickly! Go! At this point they just want me” she exclaimed at the figures before her and they looked at her taken aback while some left ass he said.
She was left standing with the Potters, Lupin, Pettigrew, Dumbledor and Sirius.

“Go please go!” she screamed tears streaming down her face and as she looked at Sirius he have a slight nod and her world turned dark.

A month had passed since then and Rosabella had learned that they did not want to leave her behind for the death eaters to find. Now she was hidden away from prying eyes and only Lily Potter knew the location. She was the secret keeper. Sure James, Remus and Sirius had visited but further then that Rosabella had been all alone.

Her free time she spent mourning the deaths that hit her and the others every day. But mostly did she mourn for Romana, her mother, and Regulus.

Her only happiness came from the times she spent with Sirius but they were short and rare. She soon learned her goal in life was to be lonely and alone, from now until the end of the war. She just hoped the war ended soon enough.

But as the little boy of the Potters grew to be a year old they were sent in hiding and the war seemed far from over and she became less hopeful with the day.

But it wasn’t until after the news of the potter’s death had reached her ears that her life seemed hopelessly over. They had been betrayed and not just by someone they trusted but by the one person they trusted most. The one person Rosabella loved the most. Sirius.

Though she tried not to believe she was awoken to the harsh reality when he was responsible of yet another murder. That of his best friend. Peter Pettigrew.

It was then that Rosabella lost all hope for a good life. All hope for a happy ending.

Voldemort was said to be dead and she was supposed to be free again but her heart was broken beyond repair and she saw no way out anymore.

Sirius was arrested under loud screaming and as she looked from a small distance she was accompanied by Remus Lupin. The last survivor of the Marauders and she pulled him into a hug. A hug in which they both lay all their grief and broken trust.

Rosabella tried to pull herself together in the following weeks but found herself unable to do just that. In Remus she found no companion as much as either one tried to be for each other. And soon the thirst for life Rosabella had always felt was lost in her grief and pain.

She no longer saw the point in life and was forced to keep her heart beating only for all the financial business she had forced upon her. She needed to take care of all the Black finances and then for the Rosier’s and for the Caprice family. She visited her family in Italy once only to find, those whom she had known had died as well. She truly had nothing left to live for at that point.

She pulled back from society and wished to see nobody from that moment on. She saw no point in talking, in grieving, in feeling, in living. Her life was gone, over and done with. All those she had known and loved were dead or in prison. There was nothing for her on this earth anymore. Her destiny had come to an end. Had she fulfilled all faith had asked of her? Was there truly nothing left anymore?

And as she laid her head to rest one last time late one night, all images of her youth slipped through her mind. A youth in which she had known both happiness and pain. A youth in which she learned to hate and love. A youth in which she learned that there was no greater good to protect form men’s harm. A short life in which she learned so much but still knew so little. That short life full of many things had ended. For as she laid her head to rest all power left her body and would finally find rest. She could finally be at peace with everything that had happened in her life. For now her life was of no importance anymore. It was truly over.

And as the news of her death reached the wizarding world, an agonizing scream filled with a indescribable pain could be heard in Askaban and in the land that surrounded the prison.

Sirius had learned of the absence of his big love, her absence from this realm. She was truly gone. Left him behind and she took his heart with her in her grave. He could never love like that again. He was not even sure he ever would want to love like that again. Though it did not matter at the time. After all his life was over as well.

He still had his body and soul. His heart was still beating. But nobody knew the truth and he would never be free again. Yet his will to live, lived on and he could not follow Rosabella’s footsteps.

He knew Harry Potter was out there and he needed the son of James to know the truth, someday. He could not leave, he still had a mission.

But someday he would see his love again. Someday he would be reunited with the part of his heart she took with her. Someday he would hold her in his arms again. Until then he was sure that Regulus would keep her close and protect her from any harm that could possibly come her way in the realm of the dead.

But as Sirius tried not to think of it, he was devastated over it still. Rosabella would never know the truth.
She would never look into his eyes again.
She would never see Harry grow up.
She would never see Voldemorts return and the fights Harry had with him.
She would never see how everything ended.
And she would never again know true happiness.

Happiness as she had experienced only in the first nine years of her life. Happiness she never got back. Not in her marriage. Not in her forbidden relationship with Sirius. Not in anything she did in her life. Never did she get it back and now there was no chance that ever would again.
And not only did she leave Sirius behind, behind bars. She left Remus Lupin. All alone with all his friends gone from the world. Sirius could not bare to think of what his only living best friend could be feeling. The loneliness and pain.
Rosabella left everything behind and Sirius hoped she had found peace!

The end

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Look at me: The final End


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