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Starting Over by Lily_James4ever
Chapter 17 : Surprising Talents
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Chapter 17: Surprising Talents 

Hermione slept in late on Sunday morning because it was the first night in four days when she could sleep through the entire night. Sunday was one of the best days of the week because it was free day all day, and Hermione didn’t have to work. She woke up at about 10 o’clock the next morning to find the girls cleaning up around the cabin. They were scrubbing the walls and they had gotten the vacuum out. Hermione smiled and realized that cabin wars had started last night. They always started after a trip to the village, because that’s where everyone got their supplies for the nights of sabotage of each others cabins. 

Cabin wars were when the campers would prank each other in the middle of the night. She got out of bed and looked around to see what damage the boys had done. Toilet paper covered the floor and shaving cream was all over the walls. The smell was horrible. Some of the girls had faint marker lines on their faces, and others had faces that were bright red from trying to wash off the marker and most likely paint. Hermione rushed into the bathroom to see if the boys had gotten to her as well. 

The mirror in the bathroom had something weird smudged all over it. She cleaned off as much of it as she could and looked at her reflection. She let out a sigh of relief when she saw her face was clean. Sarah had saved her from the boys. When it came to the pranks, at least one counselor from the cabin knew about the pranks beforehand so that they could let the campers doing the pranking into the cabin. She was glad Sarah had decided to tell them to leave her be. 

She got dressed after helping up with the clean-up operation and headed to find everyone else. She decided to check by the lake first. Most people normally lay around the lake all day being lazy. When she reached the lake, she saw Mark, Josh, Sarah, and Jessie sitting on the bank watching the campers and just lazing about. She noticed that Draco was nowhere to be seen. She walked over to them. 

“Hey guys, Have you seen Daniel?” she asked holding back her smile. They all knew he was Draco. They grinned as well when she called him Daniel.

“He was in the office on the phone last time I saw him. He’s probably still in there at the moment.” Mark told her. 

“Thanks. I’m going to go and find him. I’ll see you all later.” She said waving before turning to run across the camp to Draco’s office. When she reached the office, she opened the door and silently stepped inside. He was still talking on the phone. 

“That would be great. She’ll love seeing you all… Okay, see you soon. Bye.” She walked over and sat right in his lap after he hung up the phone. 

“Who was that?” Hermione asked. 

“It was no one really. It was just the food delivery people.” He replied. 

“Okay. Well then. What are we going to do today?” she asked wrapping her arms around his neck. 

“I’m stuck in here sorting out all of this talent show stuff.” He told her while flipping through a huge stack of papers that had the acts on them. 

“I will help you so we can get done faster. Then we can go and do whatever we want.” Hermione told him kissing him lightly on the lips. She hopped off of his lap and pulled a chair up next to him. He took the papers and set them in front him himself and Hermione. 

“Whoa.” Hermione exclaimed. 

“I know. I think we need to have some kind of auditions. We won’t have time for all of these acts on Friday night.” Draco said flipping through the stack of papers. 

“We can sort them into groups of similar acts, and then we can make an audition list from there.” Hermione suggested. Draco handed her half of the stack of papers and they began to sort through the many potential acts. 

Before Hermione knew it, it was Friday morning. Her brain flooded with all of the things that she needed to do. She had to help set up in the CLC for the show, help set up and area for the families on Saturday, and she still had yet to call Harry and Ginny at the Burrow. She forced herself out of bed at seven so she could take a shower. After she was ready she had to wake up all of the campers and Sarah. She lay down on her bed and waited while everyone else got ready. 

At 7:55 everyone was ready to head down to breakfast in the Mess Hall. They walked down to the basketball court with the other groups of campers who were just leaving as well. Everyone was down at the court by eight, and they were just waiting for Draco. 10 minutes later, Draco was seen hurrying from his office. 

“Sorry I’m late everyone. Go ahead in.” Draco said, apologizing to everyone. Hermione walked over to him. 

“What’s up? You’re never late for anything.” She stated. 

“It’s a surprise.” He said as a slight smirk flashed across his face. Together they both began walking over to the Mess Hall where everyone was waiting. Hermione froze when she heard a small voice call out from behind them. 


Hermione turned around and saw Ron running as fast as his little legs would carry him. She looked at Draco with wide eyes. “Surprise.” Draco said. He pointed toward his office and Hermione saw Harry, Ginny, and James just outside of the office. Ron had reached Draco and Hermione. Hermione picked Ron up off of the ground and gave him a kiss on the forehead with tears in her eyes. She turned to Draco and gave him a smile. 

“Thank you.” She mouthed before giving him a light kiss on the lips. 

“Go on. I have to go to breakfast, but you can spend some time with them. I’ll bring you some food later.” He said. She reached over and squeezed his hand, and then he left to go to the Mess Hall. 

After he had gone inside, Hermione ran over to Ginny, Harry, and James with Ron in her arms. When she reached Harry and Ginny she turned to Ron. “I’m going to set you down with your brother so I can talk to mum and dad okay?” He gave her a little lopsided grin and he didn’t struggle as she set him down. She turned around and gave Ginny a hug before turning to Harry and wrapping her arms around him in a nearly bone-crushing hug. 

“I’m so glad you guys are here! How long are you staying?” Hermione asked after releasing Harry from her death grip.

“We’re staying the night and then leaving tomorrow afternoon with the other families.” Ginny told her. 

“Great! You guys get to stay for the talent show! It’s going to be really awesome.” Hermione said not trying to hide her enthusiasm. 

“Yeah. Malfoy mentioned that.” Harry said. Hermione noticed there was still a slightly irritated tone to his voice. She ignored it. 

“Well, why don’t we go into Draco’s cabin and hang out for a bit before I have to start getting ready for the many things we have planned. You guys can wander around all day. I have a lot of stuff to do for tonight and tomorrow, but you will be fine without me. There’s a lake and lots of other things to do.” Hermione informed them. 

“Lake?” James said with a slightly inquisitive tone to his little voice. 

“Yes. You can go swimming and everything!” Hermione said to James while she picked him up and planted a kiss on his forehead as well. 

“Jamie’s gonna get wet!” Ron said giggling and pointing at James. 

“Ron is too!” James said sticking his tongue out at Ron. The adults laughed a little at this comical exchange between brothers. Hermione checked her watch and noticed that breakfast was almost over. 

“Let’s head inside before we’re trampled by the campers leaving the Mess Hall.” Hermione told them a smile making its way onto her face. Together they walked into the cabin so they could catch up with each other, like old times. 

Unknown to the wizards and witches at camp, three pairs of eyes were watching their every movement from the woods. 

“Bloody Potter. He’s always getting in the way. We can’t do anything while he’s here. We need to have a clean getaway. If he sees us, there will be aurors everywhere.” Lucius said to his companions, the anger evident in his voice. 

“Why don’t we just get Draco and the mudblood tonight when everyone is asleep? We could use a Disillusionment charm, and that way no one would see us. I mean not that they would notice anyway. Muggles are too damn stupid for their own good.” Bellatrix suggested. 

“We can’t use any magic. They have traces on it like the traces on underage wizard’s magic. It was such a pain to find Draco because we couldn’t use magic.” Rodolphus reminded them. 

“Well, we can always kill them the muggle way.” Lucius suggested. Bellatrix turned and gave him a look that could kill. 

“The MUGGLE WAY? You are a complete moron Lucius! One, we are purebloods, and we do NOT go as low as to anything as the muggles do. Where is your pride? Second, if you had one brain cell left, you would know that if you kill the muggle way, it would lead a trail that would most likely lead straight to us. I have a better idea. Lucius, do you have Cissy’s old wand with you?” Bellatrix asked. Lucius took a minute to respond. He was still shocked by her scolding. 

“Yes, Why?” he asked. 

“It’s almost the exact same wand Draco has, correct?” He nodded. “She’s also dead. That means they aren’t tracing the magic from that wand, and if they were, they probably just think it was your traitor of a son and think nothing of it because the wands are the same.” Bellatrix told them with a sinister smile on her face. 

“Brilliant.” Rodolphus replied. 

“I know.” Bellatrix smirked at her two companions who she knew would be completely incapable of doing anything without her. 

Harry and Ginny were sitting on the makeshift beach on the bank of the lake while they were watching the boys play in the sand. Harry was sitting up and Ginny was leaning back against Harry and his arms were wrapped around her waist. Harry suddenly felt a chill run down his spine. Ginny felt him shudder. 

“What’s the matter?” she asked turning her head around to face him. 

“Nothing. I just had one of those weird feeling that I used to get.” Ginny moved from her spot and turned around to face him completely. 

“If I remember, you only got those feelings back in the days of the war and they were never good.” Ginny reminded him; her voice betrayed the fact that she was getting worried. 

“It’s probably nothing.” He reiterated. 

“Need I remind you of the last time you had a ‘weird feeling’? Oh yeah, the last time was the day we decided to leave the boys with mum when we went into Diagon Alley. Remember what happened? Of course you do. That was the day Yaxley and Macnair attacked us. That weird feeling pretty much saved the boy’s lives. What do you think it is this time?” 

“I dunno… I think it might have something to do with Death Eaters again. Maybe we should floo Fred or Charlie to see if there’s been anything in the Prophet.” Harry suggested. Ginny shook her head. 

“No, I just think that we should be on the watch for anything odd. We’re in the middle of nowhere at a muggle camp. I really don’t think that anything is going to happen.” Harry gave her a disbelieving look. “Don’t you dare say anything about Draco. Hermione has good judgment. There obviously is a good reason that she trusts him. I know you’ve noticed how much better she is, so don’t even think that. You also were at that trial. You know he’s innocent.” Ginny told him in a very serious tone of voice. 

“I know it’s not Malfoy, but what if his father comes looking for him or something?” 

“You’ll know. The ministry will contact you if the trace on his magic is set off. Just relax and try not to think about it until we get home.” Ginny said. Harry nodded. 

“All right, fine.” Harry answered in defeat. “On a lighter note, how about we go get some lunch?” he suggested. 

“You boys and your stomachs. Let’s go to the Mess Hall. Hermione will help find us some food. Let’s go James and Ron.” Ginny called. She noticed that the twins weren’t on the beach. They were way out in the deeper part of the lake, where Ginny knew the water was too deep for them. 

“JAMES, RON!” Ginny screamed. Harry jumped into the water and rushed over to where the boys were. He reached them and noticed that they weren’t drowning, or even having any trouble. They were happily splashing each other and laughing. The water was somewhat deep, even for Harry. The twins appeared to be floating on the surface on the water, but they were more standing up then actually floating. It was impossible, and almost like magic. Harry smiled. 

“Gin, are you seeing this?” Harry called back to the shore, the excitement in his voice plainly obvious. 

“Oh Merlin! They’re wiz-“ 

“GINNY!” Harry scolded. 

“Right, sorry. This is so great! My boys are wizards!” she whispered the last word. Harry smiled before he lifted the twins out of the water and carried them to the shore. 

It was 7:30 the night of the talent show, and everyone -Draco, Hermione, Mark, Josh, Jessie, Sarah, Harry, Ginny, and the twins- was in Draco’s cabin. They were all waiting while Ginny gave the twins another bath. They had decided to go and play in a mud puddle about 30 minutes before it was time to leave to go to the CLC. 

“Hey, Hermione, they know about you-know-what right?” Harry asked referring to her muggle friends. 

“Magic? Yeah, they know about it. Why?” she asked. 

“You will never guess what the boys did today.” Harry said smiling. 

“What?” Hermione asked curiously. 

“Well, let’s just say that the twins will be getting their Hogwarts letters in a little less than 8 years.” Harry told her beaming with pride. 

“Oh, Harry, that’s wonderful!” Hermione said before crushing him in a hug. 

“Congrats.” Draco said from the chair. Just then Ginny walked out of the bedroom with a twin holding each of her hands. 

“We’re all ready.” She said. 

“Let’s head out. We’ve only got 10 minutes.” Draco said leading the way. They got into the CLC and began to help seat the arriving campers. There was a small section of the floor where everyone was seated, and the acts would be performing on the free portion of the floor. The stereo equipment was set up off to the side of the empty space. By 8 o’clock everyone had arrived and was seated on the floor. 

“Welcome to the talent show everyone! I hope you enjoy all of the acts that have been put together for you all. Immediately following the show, we’ll have our dance and all that fun stuff. Our first act is Corey and Maddy singing ‘When the Stars Go Blue’.” Maddy and Corey stood up and went up in front of the audience. They were a great first act, and the duet was beautiful. The audience roared with applause. 

As the show continued, there were a few singing numbers and dance routines. There was even a magic act. Out of all of the acts, there were two that were clearly the most popular. Olivia’s gymnastics routine and the set of skits by two older campers, Jeremy and Luke, were by far the favorites. 

For Olivia’s routine, the campers and staff all moved to sit along the wall so that she could use most of the floor. One thing that shocked Hermione was that Olivia was doing her routine on carpeted floor. It was harder to tumble on any surface other that a spring floor. The background music she used was the song “Hold On” by the Jonas Brothers. 

She started her routine with a round off back handspring, and she landed it perfectly. She did a straddle jump, a pike jump, and a few other position jumps. She kept her toes pointed and she was gracefully dancing across the floor. She did a round off back handspring back tuck, followed by a front tuck step out round off back handspring full. This earned a huge cheer from the audience. 

She slid down into a middle split, and then she did two back walkovers. For her big finale, she did a front handspring step out round off back handspring one and a half. She finished with a huge smile on her face as the applause boomed from all around her. 

The last act of the night was Jeremy and Luke doing their skits. Olivia was hard to follow, but they turned out to be hilarious. They started off by doing some spoofs of things that had happened over their years at camp. Near the end of their act, Draco was pretty annoyed with them. Most of their skits had been about pranks that had been pulled on him over the years. By the time of their next skit, Draco was at the end of his patience. Their last skit was about a candy store. 

“Can we get two staff volunteers for our last skit?” Jeremy asked. No one stood up, because they knew what to expect from Jeremy and Luke. 

“Okay, how about we get Hermione and Mr. M up here. All we need is for the two of you to hold the ends of this stick that makes up our candy booth.” Luke told them. 

Hermione and Draco stood up and picked up the stick much like you would a limbo pole, one of them on each end. A sign was attached to the front of the large stick that read “Candy Store”. Luke stood behind the booth, as he was the man selling candy. Jeremy walked up to the booth. 

“Do you sell any snickers here?” 

“Nope.” Luke replied. 

“How about Twix?” 


“M & Ms?” 

“No, sorry.” 


“Um, no.” 

“Then what the heck do you sell here?” Jeremy asked in an angry voice. 

“All I have Here is two dumb dumbs on a stick.” Luke told him. The whole room burst into laughter as Draco scowled and dropped his end of the stick. Hermione laughed and went to sit down. 

“Okay, that concludes our-“ 

“Wait, we just got one more thing!” Luke said. 

“No it’s time for the dance. Mark start the music.” Draco told him, the annoyance somewhat obvious in his tone. 

“All right, Mr. M, that’s cool.” Jeremy said patting him on the back. Draco didn’t realize that Jeremy had just slapped a sign on his back that read, “Pancakes here” with arrows on it pointing to his bum. No one bothered to tell him, and they just snickered behind his back. He went over to Hermione and sat down next to her with a scowl on his face. She took his hand. 

“Relax it was just a joke.” She reminded him. 

“I know.” He replied in a softer voice. She laid her head on his shoulder and he wrapped an arm around her waist and watched the campers enjoy their night. 

Outside, Olivia and Cody were walking around the camp together. They had snuck out of the CLC so they could have some alone time together. They were holding hands and walking along a path by the side of the woods. 

Olivia seemed at peace on the outside, but in her mind her thoughts were moving a mile a minute. There was more to her than anyone knew. She wasn’t just a normal camper. She knew her camp director was Draco Malfoy, former Death Eater. She knew that Harry Potter was in the CLC at that very moment with his wife and kids, and that Hermione Granger, Harry Potter’s best friend, was at camp as well. She wasn’t a muggle, she was a witch. She was going into her Fifth Year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and she wanted to know why she was no longer the only magical person at camp. Her thoughts were interrupted by Cody. 

“Did you hear that?” he asked. 

“Hear what?” 

“I thought I heard someone talking in the woods.” He told her. 

“Okay, Cody, stop trying to freak me out!” she told him in a stern voice. 

“I’m not! I seriously heard-“ 

“STUPEFY!” yelled a voice from the woods. The spell hit Cody and he fell to the ground. Olivia saw Lucius Malfoy emerge from the woods. She screamed and ran as fast as she could toward the CLC, where Harry Potter was along with the other witches and wizards. She pulled out her wand just in case there was a need to defend herself, but he didn’t follow her. 

Everything in the CLC had stopped, because they all heard the scream from outside. Everyone stared when Olivia ran through the doors with a terrified look on her face, and fear in her eyes. She ran over to Draco and said something that was inaudible to everyone. Well, everyone except Draco. He heard her words as if she had yelled them in his ear. 

“Lucius Malfoy.” 

Those were the last words she said before she fainted. Draco caught her, but her wand of maple with a core of unicorn hair slipped from her fingers and fell to the floor. 

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"When the Stars Go Blue" has been redone a lot, but for the song Maddy and Corey sing, I was thinking of Bethany Joy Lenz and Tyler Hilton singing it. And for "Hold On" It is clearly by the awesome Jonas Brothers :]

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