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Through Her Eyes... by American Ginny
Chapter 1 : The Letter...
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 I sit here writing this unknowing what will come of this. I write out of pure emotions and confusion. I don’t know why I write either, but my heart feels that you should know more than the end of the war. After the war ended, families were reunited, but some friendships and relationships were destroyed. Many of my own friends were killed during the war, and others were injured very badly. I miss those that died, and I still care for those that are still injured.


Hermione and Ron got together after the war. They have fought less now that they are together. Now, Harry and I….Well, I guess that is where all this begins. We haven’t really talked since the night he fought Voldemort. Well….Actually we kind of fell apart. Harry went and trained to be an aurora while I went to study teaching.


I deeply miss him. I still wonder what would have become of us if we stayed together, but I don’t think I will ever know. My heart still melts when I see him (he comes over for dinner often). I still am in love with him. In fact, I was never over him. I wish he would come back. I really hate that we ignore each other when the other is around.

Well, any ways my story starts on the first month after the war. I went to St. Mongo to go and visit Katie who had been injured in the war. I walked in to her room shutting the door behind me, and I said, “Hello Katie. How are you?”


She set down the magazine she had been reading and said, “Well…..Hello Ginny. I wasn’t expecting to see you.”

I quietly said, “Yeah, well….It was this, or helping mum clean the house because Harry is staying a few weeks with us.” I sarcastically added, “Yeah, us!”


The smile left Katie’s face, and she sadly said, “I take it that nothing has changed between you and Harry?”


Depressed that the subject was already on me and Harry, I shoke my head and said, “No.”

“I am sorry, Ginny.”


“It is nothing.” After let out a loud sigh, and I sadly said, “I guess we were just not meant to be.”


“Ginny, you know that is not true. You know that he will always love you. You two were the school sweet hearts in your 5th year.”

“Yeah, well our year was over a year ago, and things can change.” I said kind of upset with my ex and I being brought up again.


there was a knock on the door, and a nurse walked in with two envelopes in her hand. “Mornin’ Miss Bell.” she said cheerfully and continued, “There is a letter for you, but there is another for a Miss Weasley?”


Katie took hers and said, “That is Miss Weasley.”


Katie pointed at me causing the nurse to turn and look me over. She walked over, handed me the letter and walked out of the room mumbling something about a post office and her job. I gave Katie a questioning look, and she just giggled.


She opened her letter and said, “Oh not again. You would think that they could wait until I am better.”


I said, “Chuddle Cannons trying to get you again.”


“Yep! I am out in a week. You think they could just leave me alone for a week!”

I let out a little laugh. She continued, “Alright Miss I-Am-To-Bad-Of-A-Player-That-I-Can’t-Even-Keep-My-Boyfriend, what does yours say?”


I gave her a you-are-so-dead glare and opened my letter. I read it quickly. After I had finished reading it, it fell out of my hands. Katie knowing it would take me forever to snap out of the state I was in summoned my letter to her.


She squealed out of excited ness, “They are asking you to join! Are you going to?”


I thought for a moment then answered, “ I don’t know…”

She interrupted me and said, “You should than we can be teammates.”


I looked at her with a undecided look, but she pulled her puppy dog eyes on me. I couldn’t resist and decided it would be fun for old time’s sake. I shook my head at her method of conversion and said, “Why not!”


She squealed again and opened her arms up for a hug. I hugged her and said goodbye. I left the hospital in a happy mood…

A/N: I hope you enjoyed this chapter, which is the first of many. If you are wondering why it is named “No Name,” it is because I don’t have a name for it…. so if you have any ideas tell me please!!! Please review.

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