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Lily's Secret by AshHa
Chapter 10 : Picture Perfect
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Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter. JKR does, and always will.

Lily sat high in the oak tree by the lake. She wanted some time alone to read, but had soon discarded her book to admire the grounds and think. The sun was reflecting beautifully off the lake, which waves were rippling from the constant movement of creatures below its surface. The leaves of the trees in the Forbidden Forest were swaying in the breeze as birds flew gracefully through the air. She drank in the sight, wanting never to forget it.

Her topic of thought? James Potter, of course. She let herself admit that he was a good possibility as a boyfriend; he had both the looks and personality for it. But, how could she go out with him when all she’s ever done was make fun of him and turn him down. Besides, she couldn’t go out with someone who would end the relationship in a week. She loved the idea of being James’ girlfriend, but hated it at the same time. She came out of her thoughts by a clicking sound below her.

“Perfect picture.” James said, holding a camera. Lily stuck her tongue out at him, and he swiftly took another picture, “That’s a rare sight.” James smirked, and Lily rolled her eyes, but smiled. She climbed swiftly down the tree.

“Where’re your fellow Marauders?” Lily asked a little surprised to see him without them. James sniffed and stuck his chin in the air.

“I suppose I’m too low to walk around without them?” James pouted. Lily laughed and smacked his arm.

“You know what I meant!” She said, seriously. She was slightly concerned; what if they had gotten hurt last night? That night had been a full moon, a month since the Quidditch match. It was almost Halloween, but the weather managed to be mostly summer-like.

“Remus is off somewhere, reading, Sirius is snogging some girl, and Peter is Merlin knows where.” James explained, and Lily relaxed. She suddenly reached forward and took his camera away.

“Give it back!” James whined, but Lily refused. James lunged for it, but Lily sped off around the lake. James chased her, and was surprised how fast she was. She stayed a few feet in front of him, until she stopped and turned around. Just as she mashed the button, James ran into her, managing to capture them both in the picture. The two went rolling down the bank, and James barely managed to stop them from hurtling into the lake. Lily’s’ face was only inches from James’ when they stopped.

Lily wanted so badly to kiss him just then, and James wanted to kiss her as well. Both of their breathing became fast and shallow, and they snuck quick glances at the others’ lips. They began to move towards each other, slowly closing the gap between their lips. James slowly snaked his arm around Lily’s waist, and Lily closed her eyes. Their lips were less than a millimeter apart…

“Hey, guys!” Sirius shouted, barely spotting Lily's red-head and James’ messy hair. His smile faltered as he glimpsed how close their bodies were, and James’ angry glare. Upon hearing this, Lily quickly jumped to her feet, blushing. James pulled himself to a standing position, still glaring at his best mate.

“Err, well, here’s your camera.” Lily handed it to him, and turned to head up to the castle.

“Wait!” Sirius grabbed Lily from behind and pulled her back. He took hold of her hands, and began to spin. Lily squealed when her feet lifted off the ground.

“Quick, take a pic!” Sirius smiled towards James, who held up the camera. When the picture was actually taken, all three of them were laughing, with a small squeal from Lily as Sirius spun her exceptionally high.

“Throw her here!” A voice called. The boys saw Tyler and Lindsey laughing by the oak tree. Sirius took an extra fast spin, and chucked her towards them. Lily screamed as she flew five feet off the ground for almost ten feet. James also took a picture of this, just as Lily screamed. Tyler easily caught her, and began to spin her as well. Needless to say, by now, Lily was completely dizzy.

“James, she’s coming your way!” Tyler announced, and managed to throw Lily just as well as Sirius had. James had tossed the camera to Sirius, before he easily caught Lily. Sirius snapped a picture of the two, and caught the laughing Tyler and Lindsey in the background.

“Oh, oh! Take my picture!” Kara said, appearing with Kyle, Remus, Alice, and Frank. Sirius took a picture of her as she struck a pose.

“I know!” Lily threw her hands in the air, “Let’s take a picture of all of us!” The others agreed that was a good idea. All 10 of them grouped up. Alice stood in the front with Frank behind her, his hand on her shoulder and her hand on top oh his. Nest was Kara in Kyle’s arms protests were made by her, but he ignored them. Bedside them, Lindsey stood with Tyler’s arms around her waist and his head on top of hers. The shortest of all, Lily stood in the very front, not blocking anyone from view. Alice had hold of one of Kara’s hands, and Lindsey had the other. Lily placed a hand of tip of both connections. In the back, James, Remus, and Sirius stood, arms on each others shoulders. James was in the center, the tallest of the three.

“Smelly cheese!” James randomly shouted, and the group was laughing was the picture was taken. A laugh had joined them at the last second as two hands came down on the boys’ shoulders. Luckily, Hagrid managed to get his whole body in the picture.

“Hey, Hagrid!” Everyone greeted him, and he beamed at his favorite group of kids.

“Hey, Where’s Peter; he milled a good picture.” Hagrid asked. Everyone shrugged, not having seen him all ay. He had left the dorm before the boys were even up.

“He’s been missing a lot, lately.’ Remus said, sounding thoughtful. The other boys nodded thinking about the pranks they pulled without him.

“Maydbe he’s hiding something.” Sirius suggested. And the others agreed.

“But what could Peter be hiding?’ James asked. That was a good question; what would he hide from his best friends?

“Maybe he finally got a girlfriend.” Lily thought out loud. The group stared at her blankly as they processed the possibility.

“No, that can’t be it. He’d tell us if he had a girl.” Sirius threw that to the side. The made sense; he’s brag if he finally had a girlfriends.

“So, Hagrid, what brings you to us?” Remus asked, putting the Peter thing behind them. Hagrid had a lost look on his face; obviously, he had forgotten the reason for coming.

“He doesn’t need a reason to talk to us!” James defended Hagrid, and the others agreed. Turning on Remus.

“Hey! I was just wondering if there might’ve been something important he was supposed to tell us. I mean, he doesn’t stop his duties just to say hi.” Remus gestured to the huge pumpkin Hagrid was halfway through gutting.

“Yes, there is a reason for that.” Hagrid said, remembering, “Professor Dumbledore wanted me to tell the Heads to meet him in his office.” Remus wore a smug look as Lily and Tyler headed off for the castle.

“What do you think he wants?” Lily asked as they walked through the double doors. They passed relaxing students and floating ghosts as they walked.

“Umm, well, maybe he wants us to start interfering with the Marauders pranks?” Tyler guessed. An apprehensive look crossed Lily’s face as she thought of actually trying that.

“I was just joking, Lils!” Tyler laughed, “He probably wants to talk to us about Head duties.” They came upon the gargoyle, and they realized neither of them was told the password.

“How ‘bout, Chocolate Frog?” Lily tried, but the gargoyle didn’t budge.

“I know! Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans!” Tyler guessed, all excited about being right. Well, he was excited until the gargoyle refused to move. Lily sighed, and they continued guessing for the next fifteen minutes.

“Try Snicker doodle.” A voice announced, and they gargoyle moved. The brain-tired Heads turned to see their savior, who was Dumbledore himself. They smiled sheepishly, and followed him up the swirling stairs. Like always, his office was filled with many unnamable objects, which were actually entertaining to watch. The small silver pole that had balls spinning up and down it was especially intriguing to the two, who ended up staring at it with such interest as to not hear Dumbledore begin his explaining for them being there.

“Lily, Tyler? I know it is very interesting, but wouldn’t you like to know why you are here?” Dumbledore chuckled, and the Heads came back to reality. They sat in the seats in front of Dumbledore’s desk, and awaited the explanation.

“Well, as I was saying, I have called you here for a little change in this year’s festivity. You know how we always have a nice Halloween banquet?” At this point, they both nodded, “Well, I want to change that into something more interesting. It is your choice what it will be. You may ask two people from each house to help you, and do not let what you are planning leak out. I want this to be a surprise for everyone to enjoy themselves, especially with Voldemort gaining power.” As Dumbledore told them this, a huge reality check came for them both. They had completely forgotten about Voldemort, being so busy with Head duties, relationships, and homework.

“You can count on us, Professor.” Lily said, and she and Tyler rose to leave. They left with their brains running wild, thinking of their new duty, and Voldemort.

Author’s Note: Yay, it’s finally up! I’ve been typing this thing for what seems to be forever, and it’s finally done! Yippee! Ok, now that I have that out of my system, I hope you all like it. Please leave a review! Love all my reviewers!

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