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Against all odds by Sano
Chapter 11 : Bright Side of Life
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The next morning I woke up to find myself lying next to Hermione. At first I started freaking out, what was this girl doing in my bed? For the record I’m not always the brightest when I wake up in the morning. Then memories from last night came flooding back to me. Her caressing my face, and laughing, as if we had been together for the longest time, and maybe in our hearts, although unknowing by us, we had. I slipped my arm out from under her softly slumbering body, gently so as not to wake her. As soon as it was free from underneath her it started getting pins and needles from having pressure on it for so long. I ignored it, then quickly got dressed and went out for my morning run. 

The wind rushed against me, only making my adrenalin run faster. I stepped up my pace; this was one of the things I discovered took my mind off of everything, it was just me and the wind, racing each other. But, even though I was running, my mind kept drifting back to Hermione, still asleep up in my bed. 

I stopped running abruptly. “Damn it Draco!” I said smacking myself in the face, trying to wake up, all it did was sting, and badly at that, “Stop thinking about her!” 

“About who?” I jumped, my arms coming up defensively. Blaise had popped out of thin air from behind me. 

“No one,” I looked away aggravated at myself. “Just random thoughts that won’t go away, that’s all.” That damn dog was back in my head again. 

“Oh I know,” Blaise skipped around to my other side so that he was in my face again, “Draco has a lady fair! Draco has a lady fair!” he jeered in a sing-song manner. 

“What?” I jumped back from him. 

“Told you I knew!” Blaise started jumping up and down and shaking his arms in the air like a champion. 

“Blaise,” I said growling, I grabbed his arms and pulled him down to the ground, “Shut up, we don’t need to publicize this now do we?” 

“Fine,” he said pulling his arms out of my grasp, “God, Mister Touchy, lighten up for once.” 

“Sorry buddy,” I threw back my head and started at the blue sky tinged with orange and pink from the early morning sunrise, “I’m just kinda stressed out.” 

“Completely understandable,” Blaise rolled his eyes, “I mean what is with all the seventh year classes?” Blaise put on an annoyed face, “Blaise, you have to get at least 5 N.E.W.T.’s otherwise who knows what will happen to your future”. I mean I’m not even worrying about that yet, and they are making it seem like it’s a week away!” 

“I know what you mean,” I looked at my feet, knowing that if I made eye contact with Blaise I would give something away. 

“Hey perk up bud! We’re almost completely done with classes!” Blaise burst into a chorous of school's out for summer, then abruptly stopped. He punched me in the arm, grinned and said provokingly “Race you to the breakfast hall slow poke," he changed his grin into a taunt. 

“You’re on,” I said, we raced neck and neck up the hill toward the castle.

* * *

I woke up to find I was not in my room. I turned to find the empty hallow in the bed where Malfoy had been, I rolled into the imprint he left. Still warm, he hadn’t been gone that long.
I rubbed the sleep from my eyes; “I’m in love,” I thought to myself, “I’m really and truly in love!” it was a crazy thing to think about. Just then I heard a knock on my door, I went to answer, my hand was on the knob when I realized that I was in Malfoy’s room not my own. Luckily I came to myself, if I had answered the door that would have been it, the gig would have been up and all our careful foot placements would have gone to waste. I quickly searched for my pants, finding them I grabbed an extendable ear from my pocket (always keep one in there, they come in handy quite a lot) and quickly put it under the door. 

“Hello Hermione?” Ron’s voice came through to me. He huffed, annoyed. 

“I don’t think she’s awake yet,” Harry voice said. 

“I can go look in on her,” Ginny suggested gently. 

“No, we’ll wait outside the portrait hole for her,” Harry sounded confident, “She never sleeps much past nine, and it’s nine fifteen now so we shouldn’t have to wait long, common guys.” 

I waited until I heard the portrait slam behind them, then I quickly scrambled across to my room, almost falling flat on my face along the way. I threw on some clothes, making sure that they were clean and didn’t look rumpled and quickly thrown on. I ran toward the portrait hole only when I was about to open it and dash out did I remember to slacken my pace. 

I stepped out into the hall and found Harry and Ron standing there with an arrangement of white lilies and red roses, my favorite kind of flowers. 

As soon as the portrait hole swung shut Ron held out the flowers, “We’re sorry,” he and Harry said in perfect unison. It was practiced, but I appreciated the effort. I looked at them each in turn, yep, they were sincere alright. 

“Oh thanks you guys!” I said accepting the out held flowers. 

“Hey, we really are sorry about all that. I mean we were being total jerks,” Ron scuffed his shoes on the floor, he stared at his feet. 

“It’s alright guys,” I said dragging them both into a hug, but being careful not to crush the flowers, “I understand I really haven’t been around lately but hey we all still here.” I turned around opened the portrait hole and quickly put the bouquet in a vase full of water. I pulled one lily out and tucked it behind my ear; I put a spell on the flower to make it stay fresh all day. Then I ran back out to join my friends. 

“Sorry I’m kinda slow this morning guys. I had a late night,” I said as I exited the heads common room. The mermaid behind me glared, I ignored her. 

Ginny raised her eyebrows at me. 

“What?” I asked her. 

“Nothing,” she still had a look of suspicion on her face, I was able to guess what she was thinking about. I smirked and nodded my head at her. Her eyes began to twinkle at me and she shook her head, hair falling over her face to hide her grin.
“Ahh!” Ron put his head in his hands, “They have their own fucking invisable language! Now we’ll never know what the bloody hell is going on around here!” 

“Look on the Brightside,” I called back to him as Ginny and I started to run down the hall, “You’ve got me back!” 

“And that’s supposed to comfort me?” Ron rolled his eyes at Harry as they started to run after me and Ginny

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