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How To Save A Life by goodbyetoyou
Chapter 25 : Chapter 25:Epilogue.
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Chapter 25: Epilogue. 

Last banner by Overdose x3, thank you so much Courtney, for not only all my amazing banners but for pushing me to write, and just keeping me company during those 1 am mornings.

“Well, I think they are more magical than you, Daddy,” a four year old Rory Black said leaning back in her rocking chair.

“Really now,” Sirius Black raised his eyebrow at his daughter. She was currently in her green princess night gown, but still looked like Sirius. Her dark black hair cascaded down her shoulders and her grey eyes sparkled every time she spoke. “Do you think they are more magical than…this!” He lunged forward and began to tickle his daughter all over. Rory began to laugh and cried for him to stop. After a moment of tickling each other Sirius stopped and pulled Rory onto his lap. Leaning back into his rocking chair he hooked his arms around his daughter’s stomach. “So, Rory, why are the stars more magical than me?”

“Well, not you, par se.” She grinned slightly showing that she had two teeth missing, “Because you are pretty magical. I guess they are just more magical than your wand.”

“How so,” Sirius grinned down at Rory. They were sitting on their around the house porch right before Rory’s bedtime.

“Well they shin on their own, and they are beautiful on their own. While your wand needs you to make it work, or a spell.” Rory’s eyes glistened with her passion for the stars, “Its hard to explain.”

“I think you explained it quite well, little lady,” Sirius pushed Rory higher up on his lap. “Are you excited for Halloween?

“Yes! I want to be a pumpkin…or a ghost. But a nice ghost,” Rory said, “Will Uncle James, Aunt Lily, and Harry come with us?”

“I don’t think so, honey,” Sirius smiled, “Harry is only a couple months old.”

“He is a cute baby,” Rory grinned, “Was I cute when I was his age?”

“I don’t know, love,” Sirius sighed, “I didn’t meet you until you were almost two.”

“Oh, I forgot,” Rory looked sad for a moment.

“You were adorable when you were Harry’s age,” A voice said from the doorway. Sirius and Rory both turned their heads to see Jamie leaning against the frame smiling happily. Her hair was longer and her bangs fell into her blue eyes. She was slimmer than three years ago, and a little taller.

“Hi, mommy,” Rory smiled. Jamie sat down across from them on their swing that held three people.

“Hi there,” Jamie answered giving Rory a smile of her own.

“Can I go to work with you tomorrow,” Rory stared at her mother while leaning backwards into her father.

“It depends if Daddy is taking tomorrow off,” Jamie smiled while glancing at her husband. Her wedding band and engagement ring shined on her left hand.

It was a small wedding with Jamie’s family, The Potters, The Evans, and several friends from school. Jamie looked gorgeous in her white dress. They would laugh and say that Sirius was never as nervous as the day he married Jamie. Rory was the flower girl while James was the best man, Lily the maid of honor, and Professor Dumbledore the priest. Tyler was another usher.

“I’m taking tomorrow off,” Sirius said, “Tomorrow’s Wednesday, right?”

“Yes, which means Rory shall be staying with Uncle Tyler, Aunt Emily, and Kylie.” Tyler had finally won Emily’s heart. Once he had gotten out of school he went to find her. They dated for a year before getting married. Kylie was 8 months.

Tyler had gotten his record contract just like he had always said he would. He was currently working on his first album which would be released some time in the next year.

Sirius had gone to work in the ministry in the sports department. He was lucky enough to work the same hours as Jamie so they spent the nights together.

Jamie had worked her way up from being a waitress to being the manager. She was working out a deal to buy the restaurant from her boss. They still lived in that white house with blue shutters and a around the house porch.

The three of them remained outside for quite some time before Jamie tucked Rory into bed. When she returned outside Sirius was now in her seat on the three person swing. She sat next to him and he wrapped an arm around her shoulder.

“What are you thinking about,” Jamie whispered quietly as Sirius stared up at the stars.

“Just the stars,” He answered back, “I want you to look up at the stars if I’m ever not with you.”

“Why wouldn’t you be with me,” Jamie’s head shot up, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, love,” Sirius chuckled slightly, “Nothing. Times are getting dark, though. I’m just saying if anything ever happens and we aren’t together I want you to look up at the stars. Look at them and think of me and know that I’m looking up at the stars, thinking of you.”

“You can’t leave me, Sirius,” Jamie whispered clinging to his shirt, “I would fall apart.”

“I would die without you too, Jamie,” Sirius kissed the top of her head, “Don’t worry. I’m not going anywhere.” They sat silently knowing they weren’t the same as they were in Hogwarts. Sirius was right, times were getting darker. Jamie’s dad had been killed by Death Eaters only three weeks after Hogwarts graduation. Regulus had been missing for months. Lily’s parents died in a car crash, and James’s parents were in hiding. The worst part was there was belief that there was a traitor in their mist. Remus had been distant for about a month and there was reason to believe that it was him.

“I’m scared, Sirius,” Jamie turned to him, “No child should have to grow up in a place like this.”

“I know, Jamie. I know,” Sirius held her close, “There’s nothing more we can do. I am in the Order trying to do whatever I can. Until it’s over all we can do is hold on to the people we love.”

“I love you,” Jamie said.

“And I love you,” Sirius pulled Jamie into his lap. Jamie grinned as she kissed him.

“So,” Sirius wrapped his arms around Jamie’s stomach, “When shall we have another little one running around the house?”

“Next time Lily and James come over,” Jamie laughed, “Would you like to have another baby?”

“Yes,” Sirius threw his back in laughter, “Yes I would.”

“Well than,” Jamie stood up and grabbed Sirius’s arm, “Let’s go.”


A much older Jamie Smith came out of her memory. She glanced up at the stars that she had been staring at. Thirty-four years old, and still a kid at heart. She remembered that day like it was yesterday. About a year later her two of her best friends were killed and Sirius to blame. It was a week after he had been arrested when she realized why he had refused to budge on being their secret keeper. She had begged him to change it to someone else, and he had refused. She realized afterwards that it because he had been planning to give them away. So she took off her wedding band and engagement ring, changed her and Rory’s last name back to Smith, and tried so hard to forget Sirius.

“Hey, mum,” Rory called coming out of the white house with blue shutters, and sitting next to Jamie on the porch. “Popcorns done.” Jamie smiled as she looked at her daughter. She still looked exactly like Sirius, even at sixteen. Her hair was still long, black, and curly. Her eyes were still grey and sparkled with every word that she spoke. She was tall and lean and had an amazing bone structure. She was a beautifully gorgeous girl.

Jamie was proud of her daughter. She chose not to go to Hogwarts so she could stay with her mother. They were best friends. Rory told Jamie everything from what she watched on T.V. to what she did with her boyfriend/crushes. She worked as a waitress in Jamie’s restaurant and got straight A’s in high school. She was voted Prom Queen. She learned magic through a little help from her mother and through her mother’s old school books.

“So,” Jamie grinned lying back onto the porch, “What is tonight’s movie?”

“Remember the Titans,” Rory laid next to her mother, “A classic.”

“I love that movie,” Jamie wrapped her arm around Rory’s.

“Well who doesn’t?” Rory laughed along with her mother.

“So is it weird not being in high school anymore?” Jamie glanced at Rory. Rory had just finished her junior year of high school. In two months she would be starting her last year of school. Rory stood up and stretched an arm out to help her mother up.

“It’s weird knowing I’m not going to go back to school for a while. I’m still not sure if I’m going to work in the muggle world or wizarding though, which makes having one more year easier.” Rory sighed pushing a strand of hair behind her ear, “Well let’s go watch our movie. We have to get up early for work tomorrow. Hogwarts students will be there since they just got out of school.” Jamie nodded; her restaurant was in Diagon Ally.

Rory remembered her dad, and missed him. However she knew where he was and what he did. She remembered her Aunt Lily and Uncle James too. She missed them both. She thought that if her dad would do that to someone he called his best friend; he deserved to be where he was. He deserved worse.

“Let’s go,” Jamie held out her arm. Rory noticed that her mom was a little off.

“Mum,” Rory whispered. Jamie tore her gaze from the sky and stars, “It’s going to be OK. Whatever is wrong, it’s going to be okay.” Jamie smiled towards Rory as she repeated the words, “It’s going to be okay.” Jamie looked up at the stairs. Up there was her dad, Lily, James, and every other person she had lost, looking down on her. Up there was her love for Sirius, and her pain about everything that had happened. Up there was the truth about love, lies, hate and passion.

“I know it is.” Jamie said, holding Rory close, “Because I got you.” She paused and brushed a strand of hair out of Rory’s eyes, “Here’s looking at you, kid.” Rory grinned; they had been saying that for so long. Rory took her mother inside for some serious wallowing. She was going to be okay, because Rory knew how to save a life. Rory saved Jamie’s life.

‘How To Save A Life…’

A.N.: It s over! I am sooo sad. Well there we have it folks. How to save a life is complete. This your last chance to say something to me, or to give me your email to update. Everyone do me a favor? READ AND REVIEW LIAR, LIAR!!!! Its my next story. Now I except all four hundred and something of you to leave a review here and there. I don't think I've ever been so sad.

You guys have been great, really. I owe you all so much, your the best. Special thanks to Overdose x3 for all my chapter banners, Radcliffe_Potterfan319 for my banner, and Hibiscus for my first EVER review. Now can you all get up to 2000 reviews?

So I love you all and I wish that there was something else to say. Its over, and you all have been incredible. Its sad to let this go, I'm crying =(. I just wish that it wasn't over. I will see you all soon. Either in Liar, Liar or Hear Me, or in future stories. I may do a prequel of this later or a sequel later. Who knows? 

Soo goodbye to you all. I love you

Thank you

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