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All Hail The Heartbreaker by define_normal
Chapter 5 : Two possibilities.
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Like that past few days, I sat silently on my bed, books sprawled all out on top of the covers. I was reading like a manaic, trying to take in every last detail I could find. I had found out a lot of interesting things, as vampires reach their 18th birthdays, they can recieve different types of powers. Yet, not all vampires recieve powers, it depends on your breed, or who you were changed by. Lower branches recieve none, as higher can recieve all or certain abilities.

It was possible to end up with something like super strength, to mindreading. Some vampires successfully master shape shifting even (though wizards and just use transfiguration). The most common ability acheived is flying. With wings and everything, though to me that sounds more like a fairy.

With my original bloodline, mixed with my tainted blood, its unsure of what my results could be. Although something like flying or mindreading sounds interesting, I sort of wish I don't recieve any. Its less to hide, less to be ashamed of.

"Harmony hun, what are you doing? Reading again?" I shrugged, not bothering to respond to Sky. She was never around anymore anyways, always of with Remus or Lily. I don't even like Lily, to be honest. Shes a bit stuck up, and I hate how perfect she is. Though no ones perfect, its hard to discover her flaws.

One by one the books flew off my bed and to the other side of the room. The book in my hands, was pulled at such speed, it took me a few moments ro realise what had happened. "What the hell Sky," I yelled, standing up off my bed, glaring at Sky who pocketed her wand. All the books that I had borrowed, were now locked up in her trunk.

"You're going to come with me down to dinner." She sternly said, her hands resting on her hips. I growled, my eyes darkening, my fangs beginning to grow. Yet, facing my wrath many times, Sky didn't even flinch at the site. But someone else did, and they let a long ear shattering scream.

Then, she ran.

I cursed silently to myself, grabbing my hoodie and sunglasses before taking after the frightened Lily Evans.

* * *

It hadn't even been twenty minutes, before I found myself in the Headmasters office, awaiting for him to speak, for anyone to speak. Sky was sitting in between myself and Lily, as Professor McGonagall stood behind us. Professor Dumbledore was looking between the three of us, the twinkle never leaving his eyes.

"I do believe Miss Evans you have found out about Harmonys 'condition'" I had only seen Lily Evans happy or angry with Potter, I could almost taste the fear radiating off of her. I bet she has sweet blood. I mentally slapped myself for even thinking that. I don't feed off humans. I don't. I cannot, will not, EVER feed off another living being.

I licked my lips, trying to understand the words that flowed out of Professor Dumbledores mouth. I knew he'd be telling her that she couldn't tell anyone, that it was up to me to break the news. Though I'm not sure parents would approve their children going to school with a vampire. I'm almost pretty sure theres a werewolf here too. I can always sense him at the full moons time, but I can never figure out who.

Before I knew it, Lily had gotten up and followed Professor McGonagall out of the Headmasters office. I brushed the bangs from my now brown eyes, as I looked up at Dumbledore and smiled. "Have you been doing your research?" He asked, his eyes still twinkling. "Yes sir, and I found out some pretty interesting things, though I don't believe I will possess any of them."

"And why is that?" I shrugged, "I'm not a natural breed, besides I wasn't turned by someone from a higher branch, only they achieve most of those abilities." He nodded, "Ah yes, but Harmony, do you know the true identity of the man who turned you?" What in the world did he mean, I wasn't bitten by Dracula himself.

Not that Dracula actually existed. You know what? He could've existed, I just don't actually know. But if he did exist, I bet he was nothing like those muggles described him. Crap, what did he just say?

"Have a good night Harmony, Sky." We both bid our goodbyes, before leaving his office. "Were you paying attention?" I whispered, as we walked down the steps. "Me? It was your life he was talking about!" She laughed, and nudged me lightly. "Riiight, so I take that as you weren't paying attention." She snorted, and took off down the hall. "Race yah!"

That little cheat.

I ran after her, catching up with her within seconds. I grinned as I ran right past her, almost crashing into the fat lady portrait. I shouted the password, disturbing her conversation between another painting. She let out a huff, but opened the door nevertheless. I darted in, but was stopped when I collided with another body.

"Harmony, I'm so sorry." I heard Remus's voice, as he gathered his books. "No, I'm sorry." I smiled, as I handed him his Transfiguration. He smiled back, and helped me to my feet. "Wheres Sky?" I couldn't help it as my smile turned into a smirk. "Probably leaning against a wall, trying to catch her breath."

"Actually, I'm right behind you." Panted Sky, as she nudged my shoulder again. She gave Remus a quick hug, before whispering something into his ear. He nodded, and walked off, waving to us both. "What was that about?" I asked, furrowing my eyebrows. "Oh? Nothing. I'mma go shower." With that she walked off, leaving me on my own.

"'Lo Harm." James greeted, as he emerged from the boys staircase. "Sirius is looking for you, something about potions." I nodded in thanks, "Hes upstairs, third door on your right." He flashed me a quick smile, before disappearing out the entrance. I sighed, and quickly ran upstairs to grab my potions book.

Seeing as Sirius and I were partners, it was only natural that we had to do assignments together. I hate you Slughorn. I spotted my book laying on the floor, and I quickly snatched it up. Taking a doubletake around the room, I walked slowly down the hallway and stairs. Third door on your right. Rang through my mind, as I climbed the boys stairs.

I kind of always thought it was ironic that they didn't let the boys in the girls dormitrys, but the let the girls in the guys. I guess they don't trust guys as much as girls. But if they were allowed in ours, they'd probably abuse it way more than the girls abuse their rights.

Stopping outside the third door, I knocked loudly. "Its open." I heard Peter shout from the other side. I knocked again, this time twice as loud. "I said its open." Peter shouted again. I groaned, and kicked the door with my foot. "What the hell?" Sirius yelled, as he opened the door. "Oh, its you." He gave me a sheepish grin.

At times like this, I wish we were at the train station so I could push him in front of the oncoming train. "James said you were looking for me." I muttered uselessly, as I rubbed the back of my neck. This was a long night, first Sky and I have a bit of a fight, then Lily finds out about my 'condition' and now I have to spend the last bit of my night helping Black. Just fricken peachy.

He stepped back, waiting for me to walk into the room, but I stood my ground. "Aren't you coming in?" He asked, raising his eyebrows. Remus looked up from his book, staring at me and Sirius as Peter went back to his homework. "I- uh.."

"Sirius, don't be rude, invite her in." Remus said, giving me a questioning look. Don't tell me that hes figured it out too, two people in one night, that could be highly dangerous. Especially with the full moon coming up. Don't get me wrong, I'm not particularely dangerous that night, its just without the proper treatment, my blood thirst can get a little out of control.

"Come on in Harm," He said, obviously forcing not to add a rude comment or something along those lines. I stepped into the room, giving him a false smile. For a second wish, I wish that vampires didn't have to be invited in, to enter a place. I think people have always wondered why Professor McGonagall invites me into the castle every year. Probably thought I was a teachers pet or something.

I smiled at Remus, taking a seat on the floor near his bed. Sirius took a seat on the bed across from his, pushing his potions book in my face. This night, was just about to get longer.

* * *

Finally, just finally I was able to leave. Sirius and I had finished our assignment, in the time span of two hours. It was late now, close to eleven PM. "Uh, hey Harmony? Can we talk?" Remus asked, catching me before I left the room for life. "Sure," I said unsurely. He grabbed my arm lightly, and led me down to the end of the hall.

"With.. when you came to see Sirius.. why didn't you just come in when Peter said you could?" He asked his voice slightly wavering. I let out a sigh of relief, luckily Remus just saw it as a frustrated sigh. "Um.. I was trying to piss of Sirius?" It came out more of a question then an answer. "Harmony are you a-"

I covered his mouth, "Whatever you think I am, I'm not. Okay?" I felt my anger boil. My emotions were highly out of control today, weren't they? "Just stay out of it." With that said, I walked off, not even noticing I had left my potions book, or my sweated lying on their rooms floor. If I hadn't of rushed out of there, I would have noticed.

That way I wouldn't have to face one of them again.

Authors Note: Sorry for the delay.

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