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Daddy's Little Girl by fizzing wizbee
Chapter 1 : Daddy's Little Girl
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   When Ginny was born she was instantly daddy’s little girl. Ginerva Molly Weasley, red hair, brown eyes, fair skin, August 11th 1981all these things I remember when Ginny was born, but mostly I thing that I remember most was that she was the first girl born a Weasley for many generations. As the healer put Ginny in my arms for the first time I looked into those big brown eyes and immediately knew that I would love and protect her forever, but most of all she would be my little girl… Daddy’s little girl. This little girl into a toddler in what seemed a matter of days, but really three years had passed since I held that infant in my arms. 
    Ginny had grown she now reached my knees, her hair had come down to her midback, and her eyes were brighter than ever. She was currently eating chocolate chip cookies and milk with me dressed in one of Molly’s old ball dresses that was too long, heels that were too large for her feet, and fake pearl necklaces that fell to her stomach. To anyone else she would have looked like any normal silly little could, but she wasn’t normal to me, because she was daddy’s little, girl and would always be. I smiled at her shining eyes as she told me how she had played with the garden gnomes, and blamed Fred and George when the candy had gone missing; though I thought I may have seen a chocolate frog wrapper under her bed. She was three she was young and innocent, anytime she fell a quick kiss and some wand work would make it all better, but I wouldn’t always be able to make everything all better. 
   Now we skip ahead seven years to a now very mischievous ten year old with long red ponytails and captivating eyes. Ginny had gone with Molly to the train station to drop Ron off for his first year olf Hogwarts. When they arrived home Ginny immediately asked me to tell her the tale of Harry Potter. She had become fascinated with the boy over some time and I was afraid that my worries of her having a crush on the boy were true. She told me she had seen him at the train station and she hoped that she would get to meet him again. Now my ten year old daughter was beginning to know about the War that would begin again soon and the one that had ended or so we thought. As I read her a bedtime story that I night I was hoping with all my heart that my daughter would not become part of this war, I kissed her goodnight. She was daddy’s little girl still and I hoped I could keep her this way by protecting her always. 

    Five years later my once little Ginny had now grown up. She was fifteen years old, had gone on dates, and had first kisses, but nothing would prepare for the trouble I would have when she came home from her fifth year. For most of the summer Ginny had been broken hearted about some guy that she refused to tell Molly or I about. She was devastated and I saw it everyday that I couldn’t protect from this kind of hurt. Then Harry Potter came for the summer and a little changed. I noticed the longing looks they shared for each other when the other wasn’t looking. I slowly pieced the puzzles together Harry Potter and my daughter had fallen in love with each other.  I couldn’t stand to see my girl like this, but I didn’t know what to do I just knew that this was beyond my repair. 

   The war was over and Harry had defeated Voldemort. Harry and Ginny had begun to see each other agin. They spent every moment with each other… and then time passed and Harry proposed. When he asked me for her hand in marriage I almost bawled and yelled in anger and my heart refusing to giver her up to some stranger, but Harry wasn’t some stranger, he was a close friend of the family. So I said yes. The minute I said yes I had given up my little girl forever to someone who would love her like I do. 

   After a while I became content with Harry and Ginny’s marriage, but it still took time. One day I went to visit Ginny and I watched as she rocked her daughter Lily in her arms and the two little boys playing at her feet. I realized then that Ginny was all grown up. She had seen war, broken hearts, fear, happiness, sorrow, and love, she could no longer be my girl forever. She turned to look at me and I didn’t know that she knew I was there, because I was standing a few feet behind her she said, “ I may not always be your little girl dad, but you will always be my daddy and I will always be your girl that loves you,” I couldn’t have been more proud cause she now knew how I felt and I knew how she did and we had come to an understanding.

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