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Harry Potters New Babysitter by Bubblecharms
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2
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* Hey I finally got the next chapter up. I am truely sorry to the people who kept on checking this story for the next chapter(if there was any) I was really busy with my other stories. But any how here is chapter 2 please R&R.*


“EMILY LILY POTTER BLACK!” a voice rang through to house like a very loud alarm clock. Harry awoke instantly. He cautiously opened his bedroom door and headed toward Em’s room, and knocked on the door.

“You can come in!” said Em laughing.

Harry opened the door to find Em rolling around on the floor in fits of giggles.

“Uhh…. Are we in trouble?” asked Harry timidly.

“No I always do that. Come on lets go see if Sirius got the shaving cream out of his hair.” Em said still laughing as she crossed the room and opened the door and went down the hall to the bathroom. When they got there they found Sirius trying to get the shaving cream out of his hair.

“Oh, I see. Now I have two marauders on my hands.” said Sirius laughing as he got the last bit of shaving cream out of his hair. “Great joke, though its not very surprising anymore, mostly because Em has pulled it so many times. Em if youre going to prank me you need something more original.” said Sirius smiling. “We’re leaving at 8 o’clock, go get around then come down to for breakfast.” he said heading towards the stairs and then proceeding down them.

“See, I told you we wouldn’t get in trouble.” said Em giving Harry a playful punch, though hitting him harder than intended.

“Okay so we didn’t get in trouble.” said Harry rubbing his aching arm. “So what exactly IS a Marauder?”

“Its basically a prankster. Our dad was one in school so well he must have passed it on to me. Either that or its just because I have been living with Sirius too long.” said Em with a snort of laughter. “I wonder how he is going to get us back. He is right I need a more original joke than that.” said Em thoughtfully.

“We better get around like Sirius told us to.” said Harry heading to his room. Harry picked out Dudleys smallest clothes and put them on and then headed back to the bathroom to do the rest of his morning things. When he was done, he walked to Ems bed room door and knocked.

“Yes?” said Em.

“Are you soon finished?” asked Harry through the door.

“Yeah I’ll be right out.” said Em. Harry waited about three minutes and her door swung open and revealed Em wearing what looked like a blue robe and a pink t-shirt and jeans underneath.

“Uhhh…. What are you wearing?” asked Harry

“This is what people in our world wear.” said Em looking down at her out fit.

“Oh, well shall we go down and have some breakfast?” asked Harry slowly as he stared at Em’s out fit.

“Yes I’m starved!” said Em hungrily.

They went down the steps and headed towards the kitchen. As they entered an aroma of bacon and eggs filled their noses.

“Something smells good.” said Em.

“Yeah, yeah what ever you say you’re a brown noser. Your just afraid that I’ll do something drastic to get back at you for the shaving cream.” said Sirius.

As Sirius turned back to the stove Em stuck her tongue out at his back.

“Okay breakfast is ready.” said Sirius

They all sat down at the table and Sirius served the eggs and bacon onto the plates sitting in front of them. They ate breakfast in silence . Harry didn’t doubt that Em and Sirius were planning to prank each other.

Suddenly Sirius broke the silence. “Em, what are you thinking about?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know.” said Em as a devilish grin floated across her face.

“Oh I see. You’re planning a new way to prank me. Hope its more original than the prank you pulled last night.”

“Don’t worry it is.” said Em giving an evil laugh.

“Good because I was getting really bored with that joke.” said Sirius with a bark of laughter. They ate the rest of breakfast in silence. After they ate they all went over to the fire place and Sirius grabbed a dish off the mantle.

“Okay, Harry, what you do is grab a pinch of powder and walk into the fireplace and very clearly speak of where you want to go and throw the powder down at the same time. In this case we want to go to Diagon Alley.” said Sirius. “I’ll go first and wait for you. Em, you go after Harry has gone to make sure nothing goes wrong.”

Sirius walked into the fire place and threw the grayish powder down then said very clearly “Diagon Alley”.

“Okay Harry, your turn.” said Em offering the dish to Harry. “Just do what Sirius did and you’ll be fine, but you might want to take your glasses off so that they don’t break.”

Harry took off his glasses and took a pinch of powder and id the same as Sirius. He was surprised to see almost a million fire places go by as he traveled to diagon alley. When he arrived at his fireplace he was hurled out of the fireplace . Sirius came over to where Harry lay sprawled out.

“Interesting experience isn’t it?” said Sirius helping Harry up.

“Yeah.” said Harry breathlessly, surprised by his recent experience. Harry put his glasses on, just in time to see Em arrive.

Em, who obviously had more experience at this type of travel, gracefully came out of the fireplace instead of being hurled out.

“Hey, how come you didn’t fall on your face?!” said Harry brushing soot off his clothes.

“Because, I have had more experience with using floo powder.” said Em, “ and this was your first time using it.”

“Hey, Em, when we get through to Diagon Alley, take Harry to the clothes shop. I have to go look at a book for the seventh years.” said Sirius leading the way to the door that lead them into an alley. Sirius took out what looked like a wooden stick and tapped a number of bricks with it. The wall, made an arch way and revield a street full of people wearing robes just like Sirius and Em had on. They went through the arch way and the arch went bak into a wall. Harry gasped with astonishment.

“Is that wooden thing…. A wand?” asked Harry as Sirius walked away heading towards the nearest book store called ‘Flurish and Blotts’.

“Yes Harry, now lets go get you some robes and out fits that actually fit you.” said Em leading him down the street into a clothing shop.

There were three red headed boys in the shop and one that looked just like…..

“Ron?” said Em

“Yeah, what do you want?” said Ron as he turned around. As he saw Em and Harry a smile came over his face. “So you came to Diagon Alley?” said Ron to the twins.

“Yeah.” they said at the same time.

“Hey I want you to meet my twin brothers. I think you’ll have a lot in common. OY FRED GEORGE COME OVER HERE.” shouted Ron.

The other red headed boys came over and stood by Ron.

“Fred ,George, this is Em, and Harry.” said Ron pointing to Em and Harry in turn. “Em, Harry, this is Fred and George.”

“Nice to meet you. Ron, I didn’t know you belonged to the magical world!” said Em looking at Ron.

“Well its not exactly like you go up to muggles and say ‘hi I am from the magical world so you can just burn me at the stake now.’” said Ron sarcastically.

“Yes well, I know you recognized us after I introduced Harry.” said Em.

“How do you know?” asked Ron raising his eyebrows.

“Well, Ron, I think Fred and I are going to the joke shop.” said George as the other pair of twins left.

“I know because of the look on your face when I said Harry Potter.” said Em.

“Oh well, I’m suppose to be watching Fred and George so see ya.” said Ron heading towards the door.

“Wait a second.” said Harry. “Aren’t you younger than those two?”

“Yeah but they get in a lot of trouble here so its my job to make sure they don’t make too much trouble.” said Ron turning back to the door and opening it. “Well see ya around.”


“Now lets get you some clothes.” said Em.

Harry got eight out fits that actually fit him. Em had picked out stuff that she thought would look good on himand had him try it on for size. When they were finished they ate Ice cream and Harry asked loads of questions.

“What did Sirius mean by go look at a book for he seventh years.” asked Harry.

“Oh, Sirius teaches and advanced Defense against the Dark Arts class at Hogwarts, which is the school that Dumbledore teaches at.” said Em.

“But where will we go when Sirius is teaching.” asked Harry.

“You see Harry. Dumbledore’s school is an all year round school, meaning,” said holding up her hand up stopping Harry from asking his question, “that they only have summers and holidays off to see their parents and family. So we will go to school with Sirius but we will stay with Hagrid most of the day except hours when Sirius doesn’t have any classes some times we can just roam around the school or take a school broom and play Quidditch.” said Em

“Well what is Quidditch?” asked Harry

“You know you ask a lot of questions.” said Em with a chuckle. “Quidditch is a sport played on brooms, I’ll explain more when we play. We better go find Sirius.” said Em standing up and throwing away her empty ice cream dish.

After Harry threw his away. They went in search of Sirius. They found him in Flourish and Blotts looking at a book labeled, ‘Advanced Dark Arts’

“Hey Sirius are you ready to go?” asked Em.

“Yeah. What all did you get Harry?” asked Sirius.

“I got seven pairs of jeans, one green robe, two black robes, one blue, and one cloak. I got a few shirts just one or two because some of Dudley’s actually fit. I really feel greedy with you buying all of this stuff for me and I thank you very much.” said Harry in embarrassed sort of tone.

“Your very welcome and don’t worry about it I will get you just about any thing as long as it is within reason.” said Sirius.

Em and Harry waited by the doors of the book shop while Sirius paid for the book. Then they went back into Pub that they had come out of to get into Diagon Alley. They went home and had lunch. After lunch Em said;

“Sirius can we go see if Ron’s home yet?” asked Em.

“Yes you can.” said Sirius.

“What do you think about going over and seeing if Ron can come over and do some thing with us, Harry?” asked Em.

“Sounds like a plan to me!” said Harry as he started to clear the dishes off the table causing Sirius to say;

“Just go, I’ll clean up. I dare say you probably had enough of clearing dishes off the table at the Dursley’s to last a life time.”

At that statement they both headed out the front door and went down the street to house number 58. Em rung the door bell and a man a little older than Sirius answered the door. The man had red hair and a bald spot right in the middle of his head. This no doubt was Ron’s father.

“Hello can I help you?” asked the man.

“We’re friends of Ron’s we were just wandering if he was home.”

“Oh yes, he is. I am Arthur Weasley.” said Mr. Weasley extending his hand to Harry.

“Harry, Harry Potter.” said Harry shaking Mr. Weasley’s hand.

“I suppose you are now staying with your God father instead of those muggles?” said Mr. Weasley moving aside to let them in.

“Yes sir.” answered Harry as he stepped over the thresh hold. “This is my twin Em.”

“Yes of course she looks just like your mother except she has your fathers eyes and you,” said Mr. Weasley, “have your mothers eyes. Wait here and I will go get Ron for you.” Mr. Weasley then went up the flight of stairs, and returned with Ron at his heels.

“Hi.” said Ron.

“Hi.” the twins said at once.

“Hey, do you want to come over to our house and throw golf balls and see if we can catch them? Its good practice for if you plan to try out for the Quidditch team at Hogwarts.” said Em.

“Yeah hang on I’ll go get my broom. Uhh.. Can Fred and George come too?”

“Of course they can!” said Em as Ron yelled up the stairs for his brothers. All three boys went over to the closet and each appeared with a shooting star broom stick.

“You lead the way and we’ll follow. But how are the muggles not going to see us flying Em?” asked Ron.

“Well Sirius put and enchantment on the back yard so that no one can see us when we are out side.” stated Em leading the way out the door.

“And where do you think you three are going?” shrieked Mrs. Weasley.

“We were uhh…” stuttered the three boys.

“THEY were just coming over to our house to ride broom.” said Em standing in front of the boys who eagerly cowered behind her.

“Oh well then have fun boys, excuse me, but are you Emily Potter?” asked Mrs. Weasley.

“Yes, and over there is my brother.” said Em pointing at Harry who was watching the strange looking clock above Mrs. Weasley’s head.

“If you don’t mind me asking Mrs. Weasley, what kind of clock is that?” asked Harry pointing at the clock.

“Oh that dear, is a Peril Clock, it tells me where every one is.” said Mrs. Weasley kindly. “Oh by the way Harry, Em say hello to your godfather for me. Now run along and play.”

Em and Harry lead the way back to the house and opened the door.

“Sirius!?” said Em.

“Yeah, I’m up stairs.” said Sirius.

“Is it okay if Harry and some friends and I fly our brooms in the back yard?” yelled Em.

“Yeah just don’t break any thing!” said Sirius.

Em went to the closet and withdrew two brooms with the label comet 260 on the handle. She handed one to Harry and said;

“You’ll just have to Sirius’ till you get your own broom.” then led the way out the back door.

“Wait here I forgot the golf balls.” she said going back into the house and later coming back out with a bucket of golf balls.

“What are we going to do?” asked Harry cautiously “ I don’t even know how to fly!”

“Don’t worry you’ll catch on quickly. Our dad was a good flyer from what Sirius has said he was seeker for the Griffindor team.” said Em in a matter of fact tone. “You guys can start I’m going to teach Harry how to fly before we join in.”

So the other three boys started. One would mount their broom and another would throw a golf ball.

“Okay first Harry, mount your broom.” said Em and Harry did as she said. Then she herself mounted hers. “Now kick off hard from the ground.” as soon as she kicked off from the ground she soared into the air. Harry did as Em had and found that flying was quite simple. “To make the broom go faster depends on your grip on it. Then to turn left or right all you have to do is shift your weight in that direction.” she said as she demonstrated.

“Look out Em! Its coming your way.” yelled Fred.

Em turned around to find one of the golf balls soaring towards her she flew right at it and caught it in her right hand and threw it for George to catch.

“Hey your pretty good, you would make a good seeker.” said Fred complimenting her flying skills.

“Thanks but I want to be a chaser when I actually go to Hogwarts.” said Em then turning back to face Harry who was staring at her in awe. “Okay Harry you try flying around the yard and join us when your ready.

Harry flew around the yard three times then landed next to Em.

“Are you ready to join us Harry?” said Fred holding up the golf ball that he just caught.

“Yeah I guess.” said Harry kicking off the ground once more and readying him self to chase the small golf ball. Fred threw the ball to the left of him and he saw it as if it was moving in slow motion. He chased it into a dive and caught it.

“Nice one Harry. You have the same potential of becoming a seeker as Em does.” said George.

“I wouldn’t have been able to catch that on my first try.” said Em “In fact I couldn’t even catch any thing when I first learned to fly.”

All afternoon they threw golf balls for each other to catch until they couldn’t see through the darkness.

Fred George, and Ron took some Floo Powder and went home after thanking Sirius Em and Harry for inviting them to fly with them.

“Well how does left over pizza sound to you for supper?” asked Sirius.

“Alright with me.” said Em “How about you Harry?”

“Fine by me.” said Harry as his stomach gave off a loud rumble that the other two could hear.

“I think Harry’s hungry.” said Sirius laughing “I’ll call you two in after its warmed up. Go ahead and watch T.V.”

Em pushed the door open and a bucket of water splashed on her head. She turned around and pulled the wet hair away from her face to see Harry and Sirius laughing hysterically

“Oh ha ha how did I know you wouldn’t let just one little joke slip by?” said Em sarcastically. “ I wonder what prank you’re going to play on Harry.”

“I’m not going to prank Harry, yet, until he settles in more.” said Sirius who was still laughing. “You know your lucky, I was going to use chocolate syrup. But I thought that would be too mean.” said Sirius

“Yeah I would still be getting chocolate syrup out of my hair this time next week.” said Em grimacing at the thought. “well I’m going to go blow dry my hair and change into some dry clothes.” she said heading up the stairs and disappearing.

“So what are you going to tell the Dursleys when they come to pick me up?” asked Harry apprehensively.

“I am going to tell them to get the hell off my property. And that I am going to turn them into the hogs that they truly are if they don’t get off.” said Sirius. “I’m not going to let you go back to those horrible muggles and lose you yet again!” said Sirius sternly. “ I’m taking over my duty of guardian which I should have been in the first place.”

“Why weren’t you?” asked Harry.

“I was convicted of murdering someone I didn’t and not to mention betraying your parents. But they found the scumbag who pretended to be dead and his name was Peter Pettigrew.” said Sirius.

“He betrayed my parents? How did he do that ? My parents died in a car crash.” said Harry who was very confused now.

“Harry your parents didn’t die in a car crash. They were murdered by the most evil wizard of all time, Lord Voldemort.” said Sirius. “And the piece of vermin sitting in Azkaban killed them, he told Voldemort where to find your parents. He was their secret keeper.” said Sirius fiercely

Harry stared in astonishment. So the dursleys had been lying to him, they didn’t want him to know that he was a wizard. Were they afraid that he would turn them into termites?

“When I see that aunt and uncle of yours they are going to get it.” said Sirius as he slammed the plate of pizza into the microwave at the moment Em arrived in the kitchen dry this time.

“Uh…. What did the poor pizza ever do to you?” asked Em looking at her godfather then realizing that he was angry at something. “Are you mad at us for some reason?”

“No Em, sorry if I sounded like I was mad at you Harry, it just upsets me when I talk about that piece of vermin rotting in Azkaban.” said Sirius as his expression softened.

“Yeah I noticed.” said Harry sarcastically.

“Apparently, Harry is finally settling in he’s being sarcastic.” said Em “So what prank are you going to pull on him Sirius?”

“Now it wouldn’t be any fun if you knew. Now would it.” said Sirius mischievously as the buzzer on the microwave went off. Sirius got it out and put it on the table saying “Eat up.”

They ate supper then watched TV till 10 o’clock then they went up to bed. Harry thought as he climbed into bed, “I’m going to love living here.” along with the many worrying thoughts of the pranks that Sirius could play on him.


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